Untamed Love: 20 Best Shifter Romance Books

Shifter romance books are one of the most popular romance genres, and if you’re looking for some romantic fantasy books that can get a little steamy at times, you’re in the right place. 

20 Best Shifter Romance Books With Untamed Love

This list offers 20 of the top paranormal shifter romance books that will hopefully catch your interest. And a bonus: Most of them are the first of a series, so the story won’t be over when the first book ends! Let’s get into it.

Blitz by M. Sinclair

Blitz (The Storm Dragons' Mate)

Bex lives in the Bronzeheart Estate with The Blitz Clan, her ruling family. But when she gets invited to the Dark Imaginarium Academy, everything changes. 

Somehow, she’s managed to get the attention of all three Storm Dragon Clan heirs: Gage Bronzeheart, Breaker Firespell, and Jagger Silvershade. Bex doesn’t believe any of them should want her, given the fact that she hasn’t even shifted yet and she is far from the most powerful one there. Still, that doesn’t stop her from wanting them as well…

Blitz is book one of The Storm Dragons’ Mate paranormal werewolf series by M. Sinclair. 

Wolf Girl by Leia Stone

Wolf Girl

Before she was born, Demi’s parents were banished from Wolf City and her shifting magic was bound. She was forced to hide her true magic by going to school with witches and doesn’t think she will ever live in a pack again.

That is until she meets Sawyer Hudson, the Alpha’s son. When he sees her, he doesn’t think twice about taking her back to Wolf City and giving her magic back. 

It’s also the Alpha’s son’s selection year, meaning that he needs to pick a mate between the ages of 18-22. As Demi puts it, she’s just landed herself in the middle of Werewolf Bachelor. And she doesn’t know what is awaiting her.

Wolf Girl is part one of the teen and young adult Wolf Girl series by Leia Stone.

Feral Sins by Suzanne Wright

Feral Sins (The Phoenix Pack, 1)

Taryn Warner is a latent wolf shifter, and her father has set her up with a horrible person for arranged mating. She’s run out of options, and she figures that her only way to get out of this situation is to mate with someone else: Trey Coleman.

Trey Coleman doesn’t have many alliances, but he is about to go to war and he needs some strong ones in order to fight. He thinks mating with an influential Alpha would be the perfect way to achieve this. The problem is, he doesn’t want a mate. So he offers Taryn a deal.

Feral Sins by Suzanne Wright is book one of eight in The Phoenix Pack series.

Pride Mates by Jennifer Ashley

Pride Mates A Shifters Unbound Novel 1

Liam Morrissey is a shifter, and he knows that trusting humans can only lead to bad things. But when a human attorney arrives in Shiftertown alone, Liam’s alpha instincts take over and he has to offer his protection.

Kim Fraser is defending another shifter who was accused of murder, and she needs the help of someone on the inside to prove his innocence. When Kim and Liam are threatened, Kim must face the fact that she needs to rely on Liam.

Pride Mates is the first book in the Shifters Unbound series by Jennifer Ashley.

The Mane Event by Shelly Laurenston

The Mane Event (Pride, Book 1)

Desiree MacDermot is an NYPD cop who can’t help but notice that her childhood friend, Mace, has changed. And not just because of his six pack and piercing gold eyes. There’s something animalistic about his demeanor, and she’s determined to find out what it is.

Meanwhile, Ronnie Lee Reed has just moved to NYC and she’s ready to settle down with a mate. But then she meets Brendon Shaw, a gorgeous lion shifter who she is ready to risk everything for.

The Mane Event is the first of nine books in Shelly Laurenston’s The Pride series.

Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh

Slave to Sensation: Book 1 (The Psy-Changeling Series)

Sascha Duncan lives in the Psy world where you are punished for having emotions or desire, and she needs to hide that part of herself. 

Lucas Hunter is a Changeling who is on a mission to find the killer who murdered his packmate. He needs to get into the Psy world, and Sascha is his way in. Soon, he sees that Sascha isn’t completely emotionless, and she is actually capable of passion. He is intrigued and tempted by her, but giving in to temptation means they would both sacrifice everything.

Slave to Sensation by Nalini Singh is the first book in the Psy Changeling series.

Born at Midnight by C.C. Hunter

Born at Midnight (A Shadow Falls Novel)

Kylie Galen’s mother has sent her away to a camp for troubled teens, but it soon becomes clear that these aren’t just any teens. These are magical shifting teens, learning to control their powers. 

There, she meets Derek, a half fae who is determined to be her boyfriend, and Lucas, a werewolf she shares a past with. Though the two are very different, she feels strongly about both of them and doesn’t know what to do next.

C.C. Hunter’s Born at Midnight is the first story in the Shadow Falls series.

Shattered Vow by Eva Chase

Shattered Vow (Shadowblood Souls)

Riva was kept captive with five other people, where they were turned into monsters and tormented. They always vowed to escape together, but she broke that promise.
Now, she has returned to save them. But the five men that she saves aren’t how she remembers them. They’ve changed, and their personalities have hardened. They see her as a traitor and a murderer, but now that they have her back, they don’t want to let her go.

Shattered Vow is book one of the Shadowblood Souls series by Eva Chase.

Taken By Fate by Shannon Mayer

Taken by Fate (The Alpha Territories)

Sienna has allowed herself to be auctioned off by vampires and sold to werewolves in order to save her friend from a horrible fate. She needs to find her way to werewolf territory so that she can get Jordan back.

Her plan is going great until she sees the general of the Vampire Army and his molten, piercing eyes and wonders if she even wants to escape at all…

Taken By Fate is the first book in Shannon Mayer’s The Alpha Territories series.

Psycho Shifters by Jasmine Mas

Psycho Shifters: An enemies-to-lovers romance (Cruel Shifterverse)

Sadie grew up with practically nothing, but now that she’s a shifter, she’s found her path to freedom. What she wasn’t expecting? Three 6’5” roommates covered in tattoos who are also shifters and don’t believe that Sadie is good enough to fight.

As Sadie works to prove them wrong, the tension grows between everyone and threatens to break.

Psycho Shifters is the first of four books in the Cruel Shifterverse series by Jasmine Mas.

Moon Touched by Elizabeth Briggs

Moon Touched (Zodiac Wolves)

Ayla is a half-breed wolf shifter from the Cancer pack. Since she is only half breed, she has always been bullied for not being enough. Then she finds out that her fated mate is the future Alpha of the Leo pack—AKA Cancer’s biggest enemy. He rejects her in front of everyone, then the Leos slaughter her entire pack.

Once she manages to escape, Ayla is captured by the Alpha of a mysterious lost pack. He is holding her captive, but helping her at the same time. Because he is offering her something she wants: Revenge.

Moon Touched is the first of the Zodiac Wolves series by Elizabeth Briggs.

Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews

Clean Sweep (Innkeeper Chronicles)

Dina Demille owns a Victorian bed and breakfast in Texas and appears normal on the outside. However, the inn is actually magical, and the guests who stay there are from all walks of life. 

Now, something with sharp claws and big teeth is hunting at night. Dina sees it as her duty to get involved and protect her neighbors. While doing so, she has to deal with her new, annoyingly attractive werewolf neighbor, Sean Evans. 

The enemy she is facing is unlike anything she has ever fought, and continuing the battle might cost her everything.

Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews is the first in their Innkeeper Chronicles series.

Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison

Dragon Bound

Pia Giovanni is a half human, half Wyr who has spent her life with the Wyrkind, avoiding conflict between their Dark Fae enemies. But after Pia is blackmailed into stealing a coin from a dragon, she is suddenly targeted by very powerful forces. 

Dragos Cuelebre can’t believe that someone has actually stolen from him. When he catches Pia, he spares her life, but only because they have both ignited a desire within one another that they want to explore.

Dragon Bound is book one in the Elder Races series by Thea Harrison.

Moon Called by Patricia Briggs

Moon Called (Mercy Thompson) by Patricia Briggs (2011-06-01)

Mercedes “Mercy” Thompson is a Volkswagen mechanic from Washington. However, that’s not all she is. She is also a walker who is able to shift into a coyote whenever she pleases. She lives around many other magical beings, from werewolves to gremlins to vampires. 

This book is all about Mercy’s life with magical creatures, and it will take you on a crazy ride. While it’s not as big on the romance as the other books on this list, there is still some “will they, won’t they?” going on.

Moon Called is Patricia Brigg’s first book in the very long Mercy Thompson series.

A Hunger Like No Other by Kresley Cole

A Hunger Like No Other (Immortals After Dark, Book 1)

Lachlain MacRieve has spent years being tortured by the vampire horde, so when he finds out that his destined mate is a vampire, you can imagine how enraged he is. Emmaline Troy is a half Valkyrie/half vampire, and she somehow is able to calm the fury inside of him.

Emmaline sets out on a quest to reveal the truth about her dead parents, but a powerful Lykae claims her as his mate and takes her back to his castle. When evil from her past is brought to light, their desire is put to the test.

A Hunger Like No Other is the first book in the Immortals After Dark series by Kresley Cole.

Mate Set by Laurann Dohner

Mate Set (Mating Heat)

It’s Werewolf mating season, which means that werewolves are prowling the streets for one reason and one reason only: To find women to fulfill their desires. When human Mika is walking the streets alone, she is cornered by 4 werewolves and doesn’t know how she will escape.

That is, until Werewolf Grady shows up and saves her from the situation. He wants Mika as his mate, but he is able to fight back his urges. Then, his uncle does something neither of them would expect: he assigns Grady to protect Mika from the other Werewolves 24/7, sleeping just down the hall in her house. 

Mate Set is book number one in Laurann Dohner’s series Mating Heat.

Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews

Magic Bites (Kate Daniels)

In Kate’s world, magic is everywhere. Mages and Monsters threaten to overtake the city as they cast their spells on human technology. Kate is a mercenary, and this means that she is always having to fix the problems that this magic causes.

But when someone close to her is murdered, Kate needs to seek justice. She ends up in the middle of a power struggle between two sides, and realizes that she is way out of her league. But she isn’t ready to give up now.

Magic Bites is the first book in the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews.

Darkest Moon by Linsey Hall

Darkest Moon: Shadow Guild: Wolf Queen

Eve has been destined to be the Alpha’s mate since she was born, which should be every girl’s dream….right? Not for Eve, who doesn’t want it to be revealed that she isn’t a true wolf. She ran away at the age of 15 and has been hiding in plain sight for the past 10 years. 

Until one night, when Eve is caught and accused of murdering someone from her pack, and her destined mate is there, accusing her. Luckily he doesn’t recognize her because she looks different now, but he senses something special and wants to figure out the truth.

Darkest Moon is book number one in the Wolf Queen series by Linsey Hall.

Moon Tortured by McKenzie Hunter

Moon Tortured (Sky Brooks Series)

Skylar just wants to live a simple life, blending in and not letting anyone know that she’s a wolf. But when a vampire attack makes her the center of attention, she is forced to let her true self show. 

Suddenly, Skylar is at the top of the supernaturals’ most wanted list, and she doesn’t know what to do. Follow her journey and see what happens in this supernatural thriller with a hint of romance.

Moon Tortured is McKenzie Hunter’s first book in the Sky Brooks series.

Warrior Fae Trapped by K.F. Breene

Warrior Fae Trapped (Demon Days, Vampire Nights World)

Charity hasn’t had the best life, so when she gets a scholarship to a school in California, she is ready for a change. But when she ends up at a party with vampires and shifters, it definitely wasn’t the change she was expecting.

Suddenly, she is caught between two forces: An elder vampire who wants her for her blood ties, and an alpha shifter who wants to protect her no matter what. All that’s left is to learn how to harness her Fae magic.

Warrior Fae Trapped is book 7 in the Demon Days, Vampire Nights series by K.F. Breene, but you can read it with or without reading the other books. 

Final Thoughts

I know that was a lot to unload on you, but I hope you had fun reading about all of these different stories, and maybe saw a few (or a lot) that caught your eye. Hopefully you are feeling inspired to pick up some new books now and get lost in a story or two. Happy reading!

Bonus: 10 other great series for fans of shifter romance books

1. Alpha & Omega series by Patricia Briggs

2. Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward

3. Dark-Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon

4. Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews

5. The Others series by Anne Bishop

6. Shifters Unbound series by Jennifer Ashley

7. Argeneau Vampires series by Lynsay Sands

8. Sea Haven series by Christine Feehan

9. The Honey Badger Chronicles series by Shelly Laurenston

10. Fever series by Karen Marie Moning


What is a shifter in romance novels?

If you are unfamiliar with the shifter romance book gerne, it is a type of paranormal romance in which either one or both of the lead characters have the ability to change into a different shape or creature, either and animal or a mythical being like a werewolf.

What is a shifter character in books?

The term “shifter” is a shortened version of “shape-shifter” and has become incredibly popular in the romance book genre. This phrase can be used to refer to many popular figures in fantasy novels such as werewolves or mythological and folkloric beings like selkies and lamia. There are a lot of different types of shifter books and many make for incredibly fun reading.

What are the most popular types of shifters?

The two most popular types of shifters in romance books are typically animals and mythical creatures. Animal shifters include werewolves, tigers, and lions – while mythical creatures often are werewolves, selkies, lamia, and phoenixes.

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