The 13 Best Short Fantasy Books You Should Read

In the world of fantasy literature, lengthy epics often take center stage. However, there’s something to be said for shorter, more concise stories that captivate readers just as profoundly. From beautiful prose to captivating world-building, short fantasy books offer a unique appeal that’s well worth exploring. In this article, we’ll delve into the appeal of short fantasy novels, and present the top 13 titles to discover, as well as a few honorable mentions.

The 10 Best Short Fantasy Books You Should Read

Why Short Fantasy Books Are Worth Your Time

Shorter fantasy books offer several advantages over their longer counterparts. For readers with busy schedules or those who prefer to get lost in a story within a day or two rather than months, a compact fantasy novel can be the perfect solution. Packed with the same amount of adventure, mystery, and vivid imagination, these stories don’t compromise on quality just because they’re shorter in length.

The Benefits of Shorter Reads

The primary advantage of short fantasy books is that they take less time to read, making them perfect for a weekend getaway or a quick escape from reality. It also allows readers to explore more authors, genres, and stories in the same amount of time it would take to read a single lengthy epic.

Furthermore, shorter books are often more accessible to readers who are new to the fantasy genre. They provide a great introduction to the world of magic, mythical creatures, and epic battles without overwhelming readers with complex world-building and a large cast of characters.

Additionally, concise storytelling often encourages authors to focus on essential elements such as character development, world-building, and the central narrative. This results in a tight, well-paced story that keeps readers engaged from start to finish.

The Unique Charm of Short Fantasy Stories

Short fantasy novels often possess a charm that emerges from their brevity. Distilling the essence of a world, its characters, and their stories into a limited space can result in tales that are powerful, enchanting, and deeply satisfying. Furthermore, these stories frequently present new perspectives on established tropes and ideas, pushing the boundaries of fantasy literature in fresh directions.

Short fantasy books can also be an excellent way to discover new authors and explore different sub-genres of fantasy. For example, you might find a short story collection that introduces you to a range of writers, each with their unique voice and style. Alternatively, you might discover a sub-genre of fantasy that you didn’t even know existed, such as magical realism or urban fantasy.

Overall, short fantasy books are well worth your time. Whether you’re a seasoned fantasy reader or new to the genre, there’s something to be gained from exploring the rich and diverse world of short fantasy fiction.

The Top 10 Short Fantasy Books

Now that we’ve discussed the merits of short fantasy books, let’s jump into our list of the top 10 must-reads in this category.

The Emperor’s Soul by Brandon Sanderson

The Emperor's Soul (Elantris Book 2)

Brandon Sanderson’s novella, The Emperor’s Soul, transports readers to a world where art and magic are intertwined. The protagonist, a skilled forger, is tasked with creating a new soul for the emperor after an assassination attempt. The story showcases Sanderson’s trademark intricate magic systems and compelling characters, packing an unforgettable punch.

The Emperor’s Soul is a masterclass in worldbuilding. Sanderson expertly weaves together the political intrigue of the empire with the fascinating magic of soul forging. The novella also explores themes of identity and the power of art, making it a thought-provoking read.

The Last Wish by Andrzej Sapkowski

The Last Wish: Introducing the Witcher (The Witcher Saga Book 1)

The Last Wish by Andrzej Sapkowski is the first book in the Witcher series, which inspired the highly popular video games and a Netflix adaptation. Written as a collection of short stories, this book introduces Geralt of Rivia, a monster hunter navigating a morally complex world. The short format allows for uniquely crafted tales, revealing nuanced layers within familiar fantasy elements.

Sapkowski’s writing is both witty and poignant, with a sharp eye for human nature. The Last Wish is a perfect introduction to the world of the Witcher, showcasing Sapkowski’s skill at crafting memorable characters and intricate plotlines.

The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman

The Ocean at the End of the Lane: A Novel

Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane explores the intersection of childhood memories and the mystical world hidden beneath the surface of everyday life. Through evocative language and a haunting narrative, Gaiman crafts a story that delves deeply into themes of memory, friendship, and the power of stories.

The Ocean at the End of the Lane is a beautifully written tale that captures the magic and wonder of childhood. Gaiman’s prose is both lyrical and deeply affecting, making this a book that will stay with readers long after they finish it.

The Slow Regard of Silent Things by Patrick Rothfuss

The Slow Regard of Silent Things (The Kingkiller Chronicle)

Set in the same world as his Kingkiller Chronicle series, Patrick Rothfuss’s novella, The Slow Regard of Silent Things, tells the story of Auri, a mysterious character from the main series. This beautifully written tale is an introspective, poetic exploration of Auri’s life and the magical world she inhabits.

Rothfuss’s writing is both poetic and deeply emotional. The Slow Regard of Silent Things is a meditation on the power of small moments and the beauty of the everyday. Auri is a fascinating character, and this novella offers a unique glimpse into her world.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist

Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist is a modern classic that follows the journey of a shepherd named Santiago as he pursues his dreams and discovers his own personal legend. With an engaging, fairytale-like narrative, this short fantasy novel delves into themes of self-discovery, perseverance, and spiritual enlightenment.

The Alchemist is a book that has resonated with readers around the world. Coelho’s simple yet profound prose offers a powerful message about the importance of following one’s dreams and listening to the heart.

The Forgotten Beasts of Eld by Patricia A. McKillip

The Forgotten Beasts of Eld

Winner of the World Fantasy Award, The Forgotten Beasts of Eld is a standalone novel in which a young sorceress named Sybel finds herself embroiled in the politics and wars of medieval kingdoms. Patricia A. McKillip’s enchanting prose and well-crafted characters make this novel both enthralling and deeply moving.

The Forgotten Beasts of Eld is a book that defies easy categorization. McKillip’s writing is both poetic and immersive, drawing readers into a world of magic and wonder. Sybel is a complex and compelling character, and her journey is one that will stay with readers long after they finish the book.

The King of Elfland’s Daughter by Lord Dunsany

The King of Elfland's Daughter

A classic work of fantasy literature, The King of Elfland’s Daughter by Lord Dunsany tells the story of a mortal prince who marries the daughter of the king of Elfland. This enchanting tale explores the consequences of merging the human and fairy worlds, with lyrical prose that captures the imagination and transports readers to a magical realm.

The King of Elfland’s Daughter is a book that has inspired countless writers in the fantasy genre. Dunsany’s writing is both beautiful and haunting, with a dreamlike quality that is hard to forget. This is a book that will appeal to readers who love lush, atmospheric writing and tales of magic and wonder.

The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker

The Golem and the Jinni: A Novel (Harper Perennial Olive Editions)

The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker offers a unique blend of historical fiction, fantasy, and folklore. Featuring a golem and a jinni who form an unlikely friendship amidst the bustling streets of 19th-century New York City, this novel explores questions of identity, belonging, and the nature of humanity.

Wecker’s writing is both vivid and immersive, bringing the streets of New York City to life in all their vibrant, bustling glory. The Golem and the Jinni is a book that will appeal to readers who love stories that blend fantasy and history, with a healthy dose of heart and emotion.

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

The Night Circus: A Novel

Erin Morgenstern’s The Night Circus is a spellbinding tale that sweeps readers into the mysterious world of a magical circus where two young magicians are pitted against each other in a competition. With unforgettable characters, breathtaking prose, and a captivating setting, this book is sure to keep readers enthralled from beginning to end.

The Night Circus is a book that is both beautiful and haunting. Morgenstern’s writing is lush and evocative, painting a vivid picture of the circus and its inhabitants. The characters are complex and well-drawn, and the story is both thrilling and emotionally resonant.

The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden

The Bear and the Nightingale: A Novel (Winternight Trilogy Book 1)

Set in the frosty landscapes of medieval Russia, The Bear, and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden is a dark fairy tale that follows Vasya, a young girl with special abilities who must navigate the clash between new Christian beliefs and ancient pagan traditions. Rich with Slavic folklore and atmospheric storytelling, this novel will keep readers gripped until the very last page.

The Bear and the Nightingale is a book that is both haunting and beautiful. Arden’s writing is atmospheric and immersive, transporting readers to a world of magic and wonder. Vasya is a fierce and compelling heroine, and her story is one that will stay with readers long after they finish the book.

Honorable Mentions

The world of short fantasy literature has an abundance of worthy titles beyond our top 10 list. Here are a few honorable mentions we believe deserve recognition:

The Ice Dragon by George R.R. Martin

The Ice Dragon

This illustrated novella by Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin tells the tale of a girl named Adara and her bond with the mythical ice dragon. Employing a lighter tone than his epic series, this book is a delightful read for fans and newcomers alike.

You can find this book here.

The Sleeper and the Spindle by Neil Gaiman

The Sleeper and the Spindle

Another transformative work by Neil Gaiman, The Sleeper, and the Spindle is a blend of Sleeping Beauty and Snow White with a feminist twist. Featuring striking illustrations by Chris Riddell, this dark and mesmerizing tale invites readers to explore the fairy tale genre through a fresh lens.

The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill

The Girl Who Drank the Moon (Winner of the 2017 Newbery Medal)

Kelly Barnhill’s Newbery Medal-winning novel, The Girl Who Drank the Moon, tells the story of a girl named Luna, who gains magical powers after being fed moonlight by a witch. This lyrical and enchanting tale tackles themes of love, sacrifice, and the power of storytelling.

In conclusion, short fantasy novels offer a unique and compelling reading experience that’s well worth exploring. From charming novellas to standalone stories set within larger series, these titles showcase the depth and scope of the fantasy genre. Happy reading!


Why do people enjoy shorter books?

If you’re in a reading ‘slump’, shorter books can help you get back into the habit of reading regularly. The sense of achievement after finishing a shorter book can help you gain reading momentum.

Is The Lord of the Rings a short fantasy novel?

Although The Lord of the Rings trilogy is worth reading, the books are not short. In fact, Tolkien is known for his extensive descriptions.

What are some famous short fantasy novels?

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, The Giver by Lois Lowry, and Fragile Things by Neil Gaiman are all great options.

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