The 30 Best Star Wars Audiobooks To Listen To

The best Star Wars audiobooks focus predominantly on subplots that act as add-ons to the overriding plot. The Star Wars story is a pretty epic one anyway, encompassing 12 movies and 10 series and there are numerous orders in which you can follow this story. The first order is the publication order which many fans first adopted, watching each one as they were released. 

The 30 Best Star Wars Audiobooks To Listen To

The more common order is chronological order, which goes as follows:

  1. Episode I: The Phantom Menace (movie, 1999)
  2. Episode II: Attack of the Clones (movie, 2002)
  3. Clone Wars (animated series, 2003-2005)
  4. The Clone Wars (movie, 2008)
  5. The Clone Wars (animated series, 2008-2020)
  6. Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (movie, 2005)
  7. The Bad Batch (animated series, 2021-present)
  8. Solo: A Star Wars Story (movie, 2018)
  9. Obi-Wan Kenobi (series, 2022)
  10. Star Wars Rebels (animated series, 2014-2018)
  11. Star Wars: Andor (series, 2022)
  12. Rogue One (movie, 2016)
  13. Episode IV: A New Hope (movie, 1977)
  14. Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (movie, 1980)
  15. Episode VI: Return of the Jedi (movie,1983)
  16. The Mandalorian (series, 2019-present)
  17. The Book of Boba Fett (series, 2021)
  18. Star Wars: Resistance (animated series, 2018-2019)
  19. Episode VII: The Force Awakens (movie, 2015)
  20. Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (movie, 2017)
  21. Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker (movie, 2019)
  22. Star Wars: Visions (anime series, 2021)

The reason why we’ve included this extensive list of movies and series is so that you can understand the full story before you start reading these audiobooks. You’ll get the main gist of the story from the ‘Episode’ movies, which were the original movies created by George Lucas. 

If you’re keen to learn more, the Rogue One movie and The Mandalorian series have been some of the most popular add-ons. The animated and anime series are optional, but if you’re into animation, you may find these fun too. 

After you’ve got a knowledge of the basics, you can start reading the audiobooks which frequently center around specific characters, organizations, or time periods which will help you gain a better understanding of the systems and people that make up this complicated story. 

The 30 Best Star Wars Audiobooks

Queen’s Shadow by E.K. Johnston

Star Wars: Queen's Shadow

This story follows the beloved character, Padmé, as she steps into her new role as Naboo’s representative in the Galactic Senate. Nervous but propelled by duty, Padmé accepts the offer from the former Queen Amidala and must now navigate a whole new role, one overflowing with responsibility.

Queen’s Shadow follows Padmé as she slowly develops into the queen she was meant to be. It follows her identity changes, the turbulent politics that she must learn to control, and hones in on Padmé’s character, allowing insight never-before-seen in the originals.

Dooku: Jedi Lost by Cavan Scott

Dooku: Jedi Lost (Star Wars)

This insightful book delves into the past of one of Star Wars’ most sinister villains. Darth Tyranus was the Leader of the Separatists, armed with a red lightsaber, encompassing the right hand of the sith. 

But who was this master of evil before the dark swept him up? Dooku began as a young, privileged boy until his Jedi capabilities were recognized and he was taken to learn how to use the Force under Yoda’s supervision. Dooku: Jedi Lost sheds new light on this fascinating character and the audiobook is narrated by a full cast who help to bring this Jedi’s development to life.

Master & Apprentice by Claudia Gray

Master & Apprentice (Star Wars)

Everyone knows that one of the power ‘couples’ in Star Wars is the relationship between Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Well, if these two are your favorite characters, you’ll love Master & Apprentice. It goes into depth about the strains put on their bond after the two are forced to explore a new, dangerous planet.

This book makes a fantastic prequel, set before the events of The Phantom Menace, and dives headfirst into the ideological differences, arguments, and priorities of these two friends.

Light of the Jedi by Charles Soule

Star Wars: Light of the Jedi: The High Republic

Set way before the Star Wars story began, Light of the Jedi goes into depth about the golden age, a time where the Republic did everything possible to expand their realms and influence, a time when Jedis were powerful peacekeepers. 

This story tells of some of the first dangers that Jedis were forced to combat. Threat, darkness, and disaster await. These events will divide Jedis, and to survive, they must learn how to harness and trust the Force.

A New Dawn by John Jackson Miller

A New Dawn: Star Wars

It’s the dawn of a new age – the Age of the Empire. Emperor Palpatine has brought his own regulation and ‘peace’ to the galaxy. He maintains a tight grip on the galaxy and everyone within it, maintaining order through oppression and control. 

A New Dawn goes into depth about the new Palpatine system and follows some of those who vigorously oppose it.

Rogue One by Alexander Freed

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

This follows the same storyline as the film of the same name but will go into heaps more detail. The Empire dominates the galaxy and The Rebellion has heard rumors of the new ways authorities will repress their capabilities. A weapon is being made, one of unimaginable power and it will have severe, destructive consequences. 

Rogue One follows a group of unexpected heroes as they strive for a successful rebellion, but to do so, they must learn more about these plans and seize the plans for the Empire’s new weapon.

From a Certain Point of View by Various Authors

From a Certain Point of View (Star Wars)

From a Certain Point of View tells the story of A New Hope, from the perspective of various overlooked characters such as Captain Antilles, Biggs Darklighter, and Moff Tarkin.

Along with some other peculiar perspectives, this collection of short stories will help you sympathize with those you once hated, see the story from a different viewpoint, and help you learn about some of the secondary characters. Voiced by some very talented narrators and written by a plethora of equally talented authors, this isn’t one to miss.

Thrawn by Timothy Zahn

Thrawn (Star Wars)

Thrawn tells the most intriguing story of Grand Admiral Thrawn’s rise to power. He is one of the most iconic villains in this series and his characterization is one of the most compelling in the franchise. 

This story will guide you through the events that led to the development of Thrawn’s evil. Brilliantly told and fantastically narrated, this one is gripping, dark, and complex.

Bloodline by Claudia Gray 

Star Wars: Bloodline - New Republic

Set 6 years before The Force Awakens, Bloodline follows Leia, now an influential senator, who volunteers to investigate the corruption and rebel powers that threaten democracy. 

This story not only develops Leia’s character significantly but has strong political undertones that run throughout. Her position, the democratic system, and peace are in danger, so Leia and a team of recruits must find and solve the root of the problem before the Republic divides further.

Last Shot by Daniel José Older

Last Shot: A Han and Lando Novel

Han Solo last encountered Fyzen Gor 10 years ago and following his successful rebellion, he hasn’t thought about the inventor. But Lando appears on Han’s doorstep, claiming to be running from Fyzen’s assassins and so the two set out on a journey across the galaxy to save life on Cloud City. 

Last Shot will take you through different worlds and across different time periods following these two scoundrels on their new quest.

Tarkin by James Luceno

Tarkin: Star Wars

The great Star Wars writer Luceno dives into the life and experiences of Grand Moff Tarkin as he develops from a soldier and legislator into a dangerous Sith power. 

After climbing the Imperial ranks, Tarkin finds himself advising the Emperor and under his guidance, the almighty Death Star is born. When the Empire comes under attack, Tarkin’s cunning strategies and brutal thinking will maintain the dominance of the Empire.

Dark Disciple by Christie Golden 

Dark Disciple: Star Wars

Dark Disciple is based on the episodes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars that never made the cut. The bounty hunter and former Sith apprentice, Asajj Ventress is at the center of this story.

After Count Dooku’s strategies become more brutal, leading to multiple massacres, the Council decide to take matters into their own hands, pairing Ventress with Jedi Knight Quinlan Vos. These two do not trust each other, considering Ventress’ history on the side of the Sith but they are the only two capable of the job.

Darth Plagueis by James Luceno

Star Wars: Darth Plagueis

Darth Plagueis was a dangerous Dark Lord of the Sith, wise, powerful, and influential, with powers to control the Force like no other. Power is central to this character, he will do anything and everything to gain and maintain power and will find new ways of becoming stronger to rise through the ranks and eventually become Emperor. 

This story dives into his past and development, peeking behind closed doors into the character that would come to bring so much destruction to the galaxy.

Aftermath by Chuck Wendig

Aftermath: Star Wars: Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens

After the destruction of the second Death Star, the death of the Emperor, and the downfall of Vader, the Rebel Alliance has never looked stronger. The alliance must now hunt down enemy forces before they fight back. But many of the enemy groups have culminated on the Akiva, a remote planet.

Aftermath will follow numerous Rebel fighters as they attempt to maintain the control they’ve fought so hard to achieve, but it won’t be easy, especially as enemy forces get stronger every day.

Star Wars: Ahsoka by E.K. Johnston

Star Wars: Ahsoka

After leaving the Jedi Order at the end of Clone Wars, Ahsoka was nowhere to be found until she mysteriously reappeared in Rebels. Star Wars: Ahsoka will finally shed light on what this intriguing character was up to between those appearances.

This story delves into her experiences, her mentality, and her drive to defeat the Empire for good.

Catalyst: A Rogue One Novel by James Luceno

Catalyst (Star Wars): A Rogue One Novel

Catalyst should be read as a prequel to the Rogue One film. It details the technological race between the Republic and the Separatists, who have respectively battled throughout the galaxy, showcasing their advanced technology in an attempt to win the war for good.

The novel will lay the groundwork for major plot lines that are crucial for the Rogue One story. Insightful, gripping, and expansive, this story will certainly not disappoint.

Phasma by Delilah S. Dawson

Phasma: Star Wars: Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Phasma is one of the leading officers of the First Order. Hiding behind her helmet, she has gained influence but remains almost completely unknown. 

A captured Resistance spy inside the Battlecruiser Absolution is being fiercely interrogated by Cardinal. But he does not seek information about the Resistance or its future plans, instead, the stormtrooper seeks information about Phasma’s past, hoping for a scandal to take down his rival.

Journey to Star Wars: The Legends of Luke Skywalker by Ken Liu

Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi: The Legends of Luke Skywalker

Written by award-winning Ken Liu and narrated by notorious narrator January LaVoy, this fantastic set of stories covers the experiences and mysteries of the iconic Jedi Knight, Luke Skywalker. 

Journey to Star Wars: The Legends of Luke Skywalker is set mid-journey across the galaxy, as those onboard share stories about Skywalker. Some think he’s the best in his generation, whereas others think he’s part droid, but what’s actually true?

The Rising Storm by Cavan Scott

Star Wars: The Rising Storm (The High Republic)

Under the great governance of Chancellor Lina Soh, the Republic expands and strengthens, uniting worlds together. To celebrate, the chancellor plans the Republic Fair, a chance to display the achievements and future possibilities of an expanding Republic.

But the Nihil, led by Marchion Ro, is determined to destroy the unity the Republic advocates for and will stop at nothing to exact revenge. The Rising Storm is a politically driven, action-packed story centering around good and evil.

Leia by Claudia Gray 

Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi Leia, Princess of Alderaan

Princess Leia Organa is only 16 years old and must now prove herself as a worthy heir to the Alderaan throne. She undertakes philanthropic tasks and practices politics, but nothing seems to capture the attention of her distant parents. 

Desperate to unearth the secrets her parents seem to be hiding, Leia spirals down a path that will put her in the center of the Empire’s watchful eye. Leia will help you understand more about one of the most beloved characters in the franchise and shed light on her personal life.

Lords of the Sith by Paul S. Kemp

Lords of the Sith: Star Wars

Lords of the Sith concentrates on Anakin’s transition into Darth Vader and hones in on his relationship with the Emperor. As a new Sith Lord with a history with the enemy, Vader must prove himself loyal to the Sith and the Emperor has the perfect opportunity. 

The Emperor has been attempting to take control of the planet Ryloth, which is known for its valuable resources. This story covers the journey made by both Vader and the Emperor as they travel to Ryloth and personally obtain power.

Resistance Reborn by Rebecca Roanhoarse

Resistance Reborn (Star Wars): Journey to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Resistance Reborn covers the slow development of the Resistance group, made up of Poe Dameron, Rey, Finn, and General Leia Organa. It begins portraying the organization in tatters and follows as it strengthens through journeys across the galaxy to find recruits and potential leaders.

Brotherhood by Mike Chen

Star Wars: Brotherhood

Before Anakin was swept up by the Sith, he and Obi-Wan Kenobi were an unstoppable duo. Brotherhood follows their adventures throughout the Clone Wars as they try to regain control and peace throughout the Republic. 

But tensions are high and danger is around every corner. Despite their differences, these two must work and learn together to save Cato Neimoidia. This story dives deeper into this interesting relationship and will set the ground for Anakin’s transformation.

Kenobi by John Jackson Miller

Kenobi: Star Wars Legends

After the Republic falls and Sith Lords take control, Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi heads to Tatooine in search of future hope. Kenobi watches as the beloved character disguises himself as the mysterious robed figure who answers to ‘Ben’ and searches the desert land for a new way to fight back. 

But this isn’t the only thing ‘Ben’ will endure, the Sand People and a group of farmers will begin a dividing conflict, one that Obi-Wan can’t help but involve himself in. When innocent lives are taken or threatened, Obi-Wan cannot sit back and instead must draw upon his powers and seek the Jedi’s wisdom.

Heir to the Empire by Timothy Zahn 

Star Wars: Heir to the Empire: (20th Anniversary Edition), The Thrawn Trilogy, Book 1

Closely following Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Han Solo, Heir to the Empire notes the events that occurred five years after the Emperor and Darth Vader were defeated and the Death Star was destroyed. 

Although things seem to be looking up, Grand Admiral Thrawn has retrained the Imperial fleet and intends to destroy the New Republic. This story reignited many fans’ love for Star Wars and continues to be one of the most loved stories in the series.

Dark Lord: The Rise of Vader by James Luceno

Star Wars: Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader

Beginning at the site where many thought Anakin Skywalker would draw his last breath, Dark Lord: The Rise of Vader follows the rejuvenation of the Jedi and details his transformation into Darth Vader.

Although the films touch on this transition, this book goes into depth and even touches on the young lives of Luke and Leia, who are separated following the death of Padmé.

Shatterpoint by Matthew Stover

Shatterpoint: Star Wars Legends

Jedi Master Mace Windu resides on the jungle planet of Haruun Jal and trained Depa Billaba into the force she is now. Depa is sent to train local tribesmen but disappears following the retreat of the Separatists. 

Mace Windu is the only one who can find her, learn why she changed, and what her motives have become, but he must leave behind everything he knows and loves in order to search for her. Shatterpoint is a novel of dark characterization, complex plot lines, and undertones of brewing conflict at its core –  a must-read!

Crucible by Troy Denning

Crucible: Star Wars Legends

Han and Leia Solo land at Lando Calrissian’s Outer Rim to help calm the hostile situation that resides there. But aliens land soon after with a message, a threat of violence and massacre that will devastate the area. 

Crucible follows the iconic trio as they once again come together to defeat a new threat, one that will spiral and have galaxy-altering consequences. 

Labyrinth of Evil by James Luceno 

Star Wars: Labyrinth of Evil

Labyrinth of Evil lays the groundwork for the conflict that begins in Attack of the Clones. Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker are sent on a journey to Neimoidia alongside a squadron of clones. 

They must use clues to find the location of the Sith Lord responsible for the dangerous Separatist rebellion. But the plan is far bigger than anticipated and the Republic is destined to crumble.

Star Wars: Doctor Aphra by Sarah Kuhn 

Doctor Aphra (Star Wars)

This is an adaptation of the Marvel comic series and is one of the most popular audiobooks in this series. 

Doctor Aphra is miraculously saved by Darth Vader but now lives in his debt, which has devastating consequences.

Final Thoughts 

Depending on which parts of the Star Wars world you enjoy most, there’s something here for everyone. Whether you want to dive deeper into your favorite characters, fill the gaps between your favorite stories, or learn more about military or governmental systems, you’re bound to find the perfect pick on this list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who created Star Wars?

George Lucas was the man who came up with the idea for Star Wars and directed the original movies.

When was the first Star Wars film released?

A New Hope was the first Star Wars film to be released and it came out in 1977.

Why is Star Wars so popular?

Star Wars is one of the most popular fantasy franchises probably because it’s so detailed and thorough. It’s jam-packed with sci-fi details, has its own government and regulations, has numerous different worlds, and some of the best characterizations seen in any sci-fi story.

What’s the best Star Wars audiobook on this list?

It all depends on your preferences, but we recommend the character-driven books like Kenobi or Queen’s Shadow.

How much money has the Star Wars franchise made?

Altogether, the Star Wars franchise has made approximately $65 billion.

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