Best Sylvia Day Books – All Her Novels Ranked

Sylvia Day is a New York Times and internationally bestselling romance author who has published over 20 books and won numerous awards. Her most well-known books come from the Crossfire series, which has been translated into dozens of languages and is a worldwide hit. Let’s explore Sylvia Day’s 20 best books, including both standalones and series novels. 

Best Sylvia Day Books - All Her Novels Ranked

The Best Sylvia Day Books — Ranked!

Bared to You (Crossfire series Book 1)

Bared to You (Crossfire, Book 1)

Of course, we have to start with Book 1 of the Crossfire series. The series launched in 2012 and has collectively sold over 12 million copies since! 

Our introduction to Eva and Gideon kicks off in Bared to You, which had an impressive debut hitting the 4th spot on Amazon’s bestsellers the year it was released. It also graced the top five on iTunes’ best books and made Bookscan’s top 10 that year as well. 

Coming from an abusive past, Eva is drawn to Gideon — who may be a billionaire but is also a survivor of abuse. While the series can be tough to read in parts, watching the pair head toward a healthy, happy, and steamy relationship is well worth it!

Grab a copy of Bared to You on Amazon and kick off the Crossfire series today.

Carnal Thirst

Carnal Thirst: Misled & Kiss of the Night

Carnal Thirst is a two-for-one book containing both Misled and Kiss of the Night. It follows an elite vampire Task Force that goes on missions throughout the galaxy. The group works hard, but they may play even harder. 

Misled features Agent Derek Atkinson, a master vampire who is used to getting his way, and bounty hunter Sable Taylor who is not exactly as she seems. When Sable’s avoidance becomes more than he can bear, Derek traps her on his ship and the sparks start to fly. 

In Kiss of the Night, agent Alexei Night can’t seem to get mortal Briana Michaels out of his mind. So when her life is in danger, Alexie jumps at the chance to keep her safe and a hopeless romance is born.

Read both stories with your copy of Carnal Thirst.

A Touch of Crimson (Renegade Angels Series Book 1)

A Touch of Crimson: A Renegade Angels Novel

A Touch of Crimson is the first book in the Renegade Angels series and is a departure from Day’s usual contemporary romance genre. The book follows Adrian, an angel who is tasked with punishing those of his kind that have fallen to vampirism. The book is full of action, romance, and intrigue and is a must-read for fans of paranormal romance.

Originally published in 2011, since then, the book was chosen as the overall winner of the 2012 Winter Rose Contest. Plus, A Touch of Crimson won first place in the Paranormal Category. 

Scandalous Liaisons (Part of The Bad Boys Mini-Series)

Scandalous Liaisons

A collection of three novellas, Scandalous Liaisons was originally published as Bad Boys Ahoy! It won the Aspen Gold Award in 2007 under that name. It contains Stolen Pleasures, Lucien’s Gamble, and Her Mad Grace.

In Stolen Pleasures, we are introduced to the Earl of Merrick, Sebastian, who fled his family and his responsibility to live a pirate’s life under the guise of Captain Phoenix. But when he captures the feisty Olivia from a merchant ship, he finds himself suddenly in possession of a bride — his bride. 

Lucien’s Gamble follows the incorrigible Lucien who doesn’t mind his soiled reputation until it keeps him from Lady Julienne La Coeur, his one desire. But when circumstances place the lady in his path, Lucien is unlikely to suddenly start playing the gentleman. 

Her Mad Grace centers on Earl of Montrose, Hugh La Coeur, who isn’t interested in the responsibility his title brings. However, upon meeting Charlotte, a mad duchess’s companion, Hugh is suddenly ready to start shouldering burdens. 

Read all three!

Pleasures of the Night (Dream Guardian Series Book 1)

Pleasures of the Night (Dream Guardians Book 1)

Humans are unaware of the conflict that happens in the state between sleep and consciousness. The Dream Guardians use the power generated during sleeping, even feeding sexual fantasies to increase its strength. However, the Nightmares are also feeding of those in slumber, but they thrive on distress, fear, and anxiety. The Guardians are charged with keeping people safe. 

Guardian Aidan gives his charges intensely sensual dreams. The erotic power keeps him physically satisfied, but he finds it emotionally hollow since the women only know him as a fantasy — until Lyssa knowingly welcomes him into her bed. But danger looms because Lyssa is more than she seems. 

Delve into the dreams and nightmares here.

Heat of the Night (Dream Guardian Series Book 2) 

Heat of the Night (Dream Guardians Book 2)

Published in 2008, Heat of the Night was a finalist for the Aspen Gold Readers’ Choice Award. The second book in the Dream Guardian series puts Guardian Connor on a quest in the mortal realm.

Wounded, Connor finds himself on Stacey’s doorstep. The mortal woman has a hard time believing he is what he says he is, but the passion between them is certainly real. 

Continue your journey into the realm of the Dream Guardians.


Stepping Stone: A Billionaire Romance (The Stone Series Book 2)

Max and Victoria play a passionate game of cat and mouse in Spellbound.   He is rough and primitive — just the way she likes them. He yearns to tame her. While it may start as a dark game, the passion and the desire are very real. 

Published in 2013, the paranormal romance Spellbound debuted on the USA Today bestseller list. It is available in several forms, including digital and audio. Plus, it is printed in many languages!

Ask For It (Georgian Series Book 1)

Ask For It (Georgian Book 1)

Marcus Ashford has endured cannon fire, bullets, and sword fights. However, he can’t seem to shake his hunger for Elizabeth. Unfortunately, she has no trouble resisting him. In fact, she jilted him for another. But when Elizabeth’s husband is killed, it’s Marcus who comes to her defense. And he’s ready to tend to all her needs. 

Ask For It was published in the historical romance genre in 2006. It was an Aspen Gold Readers’ Choice Award finalist in the erotic category.  

Afterburn / Aftershock

Afterburn / Aftershock

Another mini-collection of novellas, Afterburn / Aftershock chronicles the rocky yet steamy relationship between Gia and Jax. In Afterburn, Gia is having difficulty getting over Jax, despite her commercial success. Things get even more difficult when he shows up as her competition. The rivalry may just reignite the romance. In Aftershock, Gia is trying to come to terms with the direction their love and lives are going.

Afterburn / Aftershock was adapted into a motion picture starring Caitlin Leahy and Tyler Johnson. You can watch it on Amazon or read it here.

Eve Of Darkness (Marked Series Book 1)

Eve of Darkness: A Marked Novel (Marked City Book 1)

The first book in the Marked series, Eve of Darkness follows Evangeline as her one night stand with a sexy stranger leads her down a demon-killing path. Her seductive sexual encounter is now her mentor, and his brother has become her boss.

Eve of Darkness has been printed in countries around the world and translated into multiple languages including German and Portuguese. It was released in 2009 in the urban fantasy genre.

All Revved Up

All Revved Up (The Dangerous Series Book 1)

Miguel may have left his small hometown behind when he left to find his future in New York, but a piece of his heart didn’t make it to the big city. Faith always knew Miguel was destined for bigger things, and she was meant to stay and join the family business. But when Miguel rolls back into town for his 30th birthday, they find the passion between them is still as explosive as it ever was. 

All Revved Up is a standalone novel published in 2011. It is a contemporary romance that has found its way to shelves across the U.S. and abroad. 

Passion for the Game (Georgian Series Book 2)

Passion for the Game (Georgian Book 2)

The ability to create tension between two strong and seductive characters is one of Day’s shining achievements. And Maria and Christopher from the historical romance Passion for the Game definitely carry on this tradition. 

Christopher’s pirating lands him at the end of the hangman’s noose, but he is saved by the beautiful Lady Winter. Yet, the lady has an agenda of her own, and she isn’t afraid to use any means necessary to get what she wants.

Grab a copy of this historical romance today.

On Fire (Shadow Stalkers Series Book 4)

On Fire (Shadow Stalkers Book 4)

Contemporary romance On Fire is book four of the Shadow Stalkers series each of which follows a Deputy U.S. Marshal. In this installment, Marshal Jared is investigating a possible arson, and Darcy just so happens to be the town’s fire inspector. The sparks start to fly almost immediately.

You can also find On Fire in the steamy anthology Hot in Handcuffs. The collection includes Arresting Desire by Shayla Black and The Unwilling by Shiloh Walker.

A Dark Kiss of Rapture (Renegade Angels Series Prequel)

A Dark Kiss of Rapture (Renegade Angels Novel Book 1)

A prequel to the Renegade Angels Series, A Dark Kiss of Rapture focuses on the immortal Raze, who harbors an insatiable hunger. Roaming the planet for eons, he has been hunting rogues while surviving on the blood and erotic favors bestowed upon him by the humans he protects. But a chance encounter with Kimberly opens feelings Raze didn’t know he could feel — and it also opens the door for revenge from his most hateful adversary.

A Dark Kiss of Rapture is available on an audio anthology as well as Day’s bundle titled Love Affairs. It is also printed in various languages, including French and German. 

Seven Years to Sin

Seven Years to Sin

A regency-era standalone, Seven Years to Sin pairs Jessica — a widow who can’t stop fantasizing about an erotic encounter she accidentally witnessed seven years prior — and Alastair. When Jessica boards his ship, Alastair plots to make her his own in this sexy historical romp. 

Released in 2011, the French translation of Seven Years to Sin Seven was Quebec’s bestselling ebook in 2013. It also hit the New York Times, USA Today, and Sunday Times bestseller lists. 

Razor’s Edge (Shadow Stalkers Series Book 1)

Razor's Edge (Shadow Stalkers Book 1)

Another book in the Shadow Stalker series, Razor’s Edge introduces Deputy US Marshal Jack Killigrew, a good man that is looking after his best friend’s widow. Rachel was lucky enough to have a perfect marriage, but her husband’s death has left her a single mother with plenty of desires. Jack has been the strength she needed to get her through the tough times, but now she needs him in a different way.

Published in 2011, Razor’s Edge is a contemporary fiction story that can be found in a standalone digital copy or as part of the anthology The Promise of Love.

The Stranger I Married

The Stranger I Married

Lady Pelham and the Marquess of Grayson have a perfect union — a marriage of convenience. The pair are good friends, have matched wits, and both have a constant stream of paramours. Neither has any plans to ruin a good match with feelings of love. But when the Marquess returns from a long absence as a changed man, the dynamics of their union are suddenly flipped upside down. 

This historical romance novel was published in 2006, but it made the Amazon Best Books list in 2014!

Butterfly In Frost

Butterfly in Frost

Teagan loves her new life in Seattle. She has a home she’s renovated to her specifications, friends she enjoys, and fulfilling work. Everything is peaceful and perfect until Garrett moves in next door. A man as beautiful as he is wounded, Garrett threatens to disrupt the balanced life Teagan has so carefully orchestrated, and she’s afraid she’s too tempted to stop him. 

A page-turning contemporary fiction, Butterfly in Frost made Amazon’s Best Books of the Month in Romance list in September 2019. Plus, it is available in several languages, including Spanish and Portuguese. 

Eve Of Chaos (Marked Series Book 3)

Eve of Chaos: A Marked Novel (Marked City Book 3)

Eve is no stranger to problems, but she didn’t think a bounty on her head from Satan would be something she had to face. Yet, here she is with the denizens of hell hard on her heels. She didn’t think things could get any worse, but then a fanatical Reverend makes her a target as well. 

A 2009 urban fantasy, Eve of Chaos can be purchased in digital form, as an audiobook, in paperback, and as part of the anthology Three Eves

Pride and Pleasure

Pride and Pleasure

As an heiress, Eliza is used to fortune seekers gracing her door or even attempting to trick her to the altar. To unravel the plot against her, Eliza employs Jasper Bond. Her stubbornness intrigues her, and Jasper never leaves his clients unsatisfied. 

A scorching hot historical fiction, Pride and Pleasure was released in 2011. It is a standalone novel, but serious Day fans will be able to spot a few cameos on its pages. 

Honorable Mentions 


Which Sylvia Day book should I read first?

Day has a rather large catalog of books, so it would be easy to start with one of her many series. If the number of novels is overwhelming, however, you could start with the extremely popular Crossfire series. Book one of the series is called Bared to You.

What should I read if I liked Fifty Shades of Grey?

Many people who liked the Fifty Shades of Grey series have found Bared to You and the Crossfire series quite good. You could also try the Day novel Spellbound.

What genre is Sylvia Day?

Day writes in the romance genre. However, many of her books fall into subgenres including paranormal, contemporary, historial, and urban.

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