Best The Witcher Books – The Complete Guide

If you’re a fan of dark fantasy, you’ve probably read or heard of The Witcher series. These books, written by Polish author, Andrzej Sapkowski, have gained immense popularity over the years. With numerous standalone novels, short story collections, and comics, it can be tough to know where to start reading. In this article, we’ll guide you through the origins of the Witcher universe, take a tour of the most popular books, and explore their impact on modern fantasy. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Best The Witcher Books - The Complete Guide

The Origins of the Witcher Series

The Witcher series first started as a series of short stories in the mid-1980s by Andrzej Sapkowski for a Polish science-fiction and fantasy magazine. Initially, his work wasn’t well-received, but as years went by, his stories gained a loyal following. It wasn’t until the release of the first full-length novel in 1993 that Sapkowski took the world by storm. Today, The Witcher has been translated into over 20 different languages, and the series has become a cultural phenomenon.

Andrzej Sapkowski: The Creator of the Witcher Universe

Sapkowski’s writing style is a unique blend of dark fantasy, mythical creatures, and powerful human relationships. He’s known for his antihero, Geralt of Rivia, a mutant monster hunter, and his distinctive sword, two swords fighting style. Sapkowski’s books exemplify a maturity that most novels in the fantasy genre lack, giving the fans a realistic portrayal of human emotions and decisions that sets them apart from the rest of the pack.

But Sapkowski’s work is not just about monsters and battles. His books delve into complex themes such as politics, religion, and the human condition. His characters are not one-dimensional, and their actions are not always black and white. Sapkowski’s writing style is nuanced and thought-provoking, making his work stand out from other books in the genre.

One of the most significant aspects of Sapkowski’s writing is his portrayal of female characters. Unlike many other fantasy novels, where women are often relegated to the role of damsels in distress, Sapkowski’s female characters are strong, complex, and fully fleshed out. They are just as capable as the male characters, and their stories are just as important.

The Witcher’s Impact on Modern Fantasy

The Witcher series has set a benchmark for modern fantasy and has created an enormous impact on the genre as a whole. It’s been said that Sapkowski’s Geralt saga influenced contemporary fantasy writers such as George R. R. Martin and Patrick Rothfuss.

Sapkowski’s work includes tales of political intrigue, religious tension, and complex human relationships, making it stand out from other books in its genre. His writing style has influenced a new generation of fantasy writers, who are now creating their own unique worlds and characters.

But Sapkowski’s impact goes beyond the world of literature. The video game adaptations of The Witcher have become some of the most popular and critically acclaimed games of all time. The games have introduced a new generation of fans to Sapkowski’s world, and have helped to cement The Witcher’s place in popular culture.

And with the recent release of the Netflix adaptation of The Witcher, the series has once again captured the public’s imagination. The show has introduced a whole new audience to Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri, and has reignited interest in Sapkowski’s books.

Overall, The Witcher series has had a profound impact on modern fantasy, and it’s safe to say that Sapkowski’s work will continue to influence writers and creators for years to come.

The Witcher Book Series: A Comprehensive Overview

The Witcher book series is a beloved fantasy series written by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. The series has gained a massive following due to its unique world-building, complex characters, and thrilling action scenes.

The series has been translated into numerous languages and has even been adapted into a successful video game franchise, a Netflix series, and a tabletop RPG game.

The Witcher Saga: The Main Storyline

The main storyline follows the exploits of Geralt of Rivia throughout the Witcher universe. Geralt is a witcher, a monster hunter who possesses supernatural abilities and is feared by many. In this saga, we follow Geralt on his journey as he battles monsters, builds alliances, and navigates his complex relationships with various characters.

The saga is comprised of eight books, starting with The Last Wish and ending with The Lady of the Lake. The books are not necessarily in chronological order, but they all follow Geralt’s journey and his encounters with various characters such as Yennefer, Triss Merigold, and Ciri.

One of the most fascinating aspects of the Geralt saga is the exploration of the human condition and the moral ambiguity of the characters. Sapkowski’s writing is not afraid to explore the dark and gritty side of human nature, and the characters are all flawed in their own way.

Standalone Witcher Novels and Short Story Collections

The standalone novels and short story collections are set in the Witcher world but have distinct plots and characters. These are perfect for those who want to dive deeper into the universe without committing to the main saga.

One of the most popular standalone novels is Blood of Elves, which picks up where the Geralt saga ends and follows the journey of Ciri, Geralt’s adopted daughter. Another popular standalone novel is The Tower of Swallows, which follows the journey of two sorceresses, Yennefer and Fringilla, as they navigate their way through a war-torn world.

The short story collections, such as Sword of Destiny and Season of Storms, provide a glimpse into Geralt’s past and his encounters with various monsters and characters.

The Witcher Comics and Graphic Novels

In recent years, The Witcher has expanded its reach into the comic and graphic novel world. These illustrated stories expand on the already existing Witcher lore and explore new aspects of the universe and characters.

The comics and graphic novels are written and illustrated by various artists, but all stay true to the original source material. They provide a fresh perspective on the Witcher universe and are a great addition to any fan’s collection.

In conclusion, The Witcher book series is a must-read for any fantasy fan. The series is a masterclass in world-building, character development, and storytelling. Whether you choose to read the main saga or the standalone novels and short story collections, you are sure to be drawn into the rich and complex world of The Witcher.

Top 5 Witcher Books to Start With

The Witcher series by Andrzej Sapkowski is a masterpiece of modern fantasy literature. The books have gained immense popularity in recent years, thanks to the success of the video game adaptations. However, the books are far more nuanced and complex than the games, and they offer a much deeper dive into the world of the Witcher. If you’re new to the series and wondering where to start, here are the top 5 Witcher books to begin with.

The Last Wish

The Last Wish: Introducing the Witcher (The Witcher Saga Book 1)

The Last Wish is the first book in the saga and is a perfect introduction to the world of the Witcher. The book is a collection of short stories that follow Geralt of Rivia, a Witcher, as he travels the land in search of his destiny. In this book, we get a glimpse into Geralt’s past and learn how he became a Witcher. We also meet some of the most iconic characters in the series, such as Yennefer and Dandelion. The Last Wish is a must-read for anyone interested in the Witcher series.

Sword of Destiny

Sword of Destiny (The Witcher Book 2)

Sword of Destiny is the second book in the Geralt saga and is a sequel to The Last Wish. This book sees Geralt get embroiled in battles, political intrigues, and mysterious events that all lead to the epic Battle of Brenna. Sword of Destiny explores the darker aspects of Geralt’s character and is an ideal follow-up to The Last Wish. The book also introduces us to some new characters, such as the sorceress Triss Merigold, who becomes a major player in the series.

Blood of Elves

Blood of Elves (The Witcher Book 3 / The Witcher Saga Novels Book 1)

Blood of Elves is the third book in the series and marks the beginning of the main saga. In this book, Geralt delivers Ciri, his ward, to the witchers, and the story follows her training as a witcher and her interactions with some of the main characters we meet earlier. Blood of Elves is the perfect starting point for the main saga and sets the stage for many of the upcoming books. The book also explores the themes of war and politics, which become increasingly important as the series progresses.

Time of Contempt

The Time of Contempt (The Witcher Book 4 / The Witcher Saga Novels Book 2)

Time of Contempt is the fourth book in the Geralt saga and follows Geralt and Yennefer’s search for Ciri, who has been missing for quite some time. As political tensions rise between the Northern Kingdoms and Nilfgaard, Geralt and his companions must navigate a world of deceit, betrayal, and manipulation. Time of Contempt is a great book for anyone who loves political intrigue and dark action. The book also introduces us to some new characters, such as the mage Vilgefortz, who becomes a major antagonist in the series.

Baptism of Fire

Baptism of Fire (The Witcher Book 5 / The Witcher Saga Novels Book 3)

Baptism of Fire is the fifth book in the Geralt saga and is set after Ciri’s escape. In this book, Geralt forms a band of companions and goes on a journey to find Ciri and save her from the clutches of the Wild Hunt. The book explores themes of trust, loyalty, and sacrifice and is perfect for those who love action-packed plotlines. The book also introduces us to some new characters, such as the dwarf Zoltan Chivay, who becomes a fan favorite in the series.

Overall, the Witcher series is a must-read for any fantasy fan. The books offer a rich and complex world, filled with memorable characters, intricate plots, and thought-provoking themes. Whether you’re a fan of the games or new to the series, the Witcher books are sure to captivate you and leave you wanting more.

The Witcher’s Influence on Video Games and Television

The Witcher Video Game Series: A Brief History

The Witcher video game series, developed by CD Projekt Red, has taken the gaming world by storm. The series has sold over 40 million copies worldwide and has won numerous awards for its storytelling, graphics, and gameplay. The games follow the story of Geralt of Rivia and expand on the world Sapkowski created, allowing players to experience a vast and immersive universe.

The Netflix Witcher Series: Bringing the Books to Life

The latest addition to the Witcher universe is the Netflix series. The show follows Geralt of Rivia as he navigates a world filled with magic, monsters, and political conspiracies. The show has been well-received and has been praised for its engaging storytelling and stunning visuals. Although it takes some liberties with the book’s continuity, the show is an excellent representation of the world Sapkowski created.


Whether you’re a fan of books, games, or TV shows, The Witcher series is a cultural phenomenon that’s here to stay. With numerous books, comics, movies, and TV shows being produced, there’s never been a better time to dive into this vast and thrilling universe. Hopefully, this article has been a helpful guide to the best Witcher books to read now so that you can get started on your journey through this fantastic world!


What is The Witcher about?

Witchers hunt monstrous creatures and develop supernatural abilities from a young age. The Witcher follows the Geralt of Rivia, who is one of the most powerful witchers in this universe

Who wrote The Witcher books?

The Polish author, Andrzej Sapkowski, wrote The Witcher books.

What genre are The Witcher books?

The Witcher books are fantasy books that contain graphic action and violence.

In what order should I read The Witcher books?

Start with The Last Wish, followed by Sword of Destiny, and then after that, start the main saga which begins with The Blood of Elves.

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