Discover The 41 Best Vampire Romance Books for Adults

Whether you’re a newcomer looking to start with the beloved classics that stole the hearts of millions of people years ago, or an experienced vampire romance reader who’s in search of something new, you will be able to find a thrilling next read in this curated list of captivating novels!

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Discover The 30 Best Vampire Romance Books for Adults

Dark romance, an abundance of steam, plenty of angst, and action-packed scenes that will have your heart racing–you can find it all in this selection! From paranormal romance to urban fantasy, get ready to clench your thirst for immortal love stories with these titles!

About The Best Vampire Romance Books for Adults

Vampires have enthralled us mortal beings for centuries, and vampire romance books have been a well-liked subgenre in fantasy and romance literature, particularly, in the modern day. 

The intensity and complexity of the relationship between vampires and humans and the intriguing aspect of immortal beings have kept readers interested in the supernatural subgenre for decades!

Stories of the forbidden love between two entirely different species, the danger and heartbreak that can come along with the dreamy vampires that we love so much, and the difficulties that tend to burden the swoon-worthy creatures as they try to coexist with humans…

These are the things that make up the fascinating stories that you won’t be able to put down until you make it to the very last page! 

But with hundreds and thousands of vampire romance novels on the market, it can be difficult to know what to sink your fangs into first. So, dig right into this carefully crafted list of the 30 best vampire romance books for adults to find the perfect book for you!

The Best Vampire Romance Books for Adults

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

Twilight (The Twilight Saga)

It wouldn’t be right to create a list of vampire romance books without including this one! Starting with the basics, Twilight is a Young Adult novel that follows protagonist Bella Swan, who moves from Arizona to Washington to live with her dad. 

There, she meets a mysterious boy named Edward Cullen–who she soon finds out is a vampire–and the two fall in love. But their love is often tested by hunter-vampires, morals, and difficult decisions that threaten to change Bella’s life forever.

You can find Twilight here.

Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer

Midnight Sun (The Twilight Saga, 5)

Another novel by Stephenie Meyer, Midnight Sun is a companion novel to Twilight and retells the whole story from Edward’s point of view. 

If you’re interested in taking a deeper look into the beloved character’s psyche, reading about his inner turmoil, and getting a better understanding of his emotions and actions, this is a great story for you!

You can find Midnight Sun here.

The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening by L.J. Smith

The Awakening (The Vampire Diaries, Vol. 1) (Vampire Diaries, 1)

Another classic novel that took the world by storm, The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening is the first book in the series-turned-television show. Elana Gilbert moves to the small town of Mystic Falls and meets fellow high school student, Stefan Salvatore.

It doesn’t take long for a romance to bloom between the two, but they have to overcome several obstacles in order to make it work. 

From Damon–Stefan’s brother, who happens to be just as interested in Elana as Stefan is–to secrets from her traumatic past to other supernatural beings like werewolves and witches, this thrilling romance is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat!

You can find The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening here.

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead 

Vampire Academy

Vampire Academy comes to mind when the topic of well-developed, slow-burn romance comes up.

Rose Hathaway, a half-human and half-vampire hybrid, is attending a boarding school and training to be a guardian. Hybrids attend St. Vladimir’s Academy to train to protect the Moroi–a peaceful race of vampires who usually attend St. Vladimir’s to get educated in magic. 

Rose is assigned to be the guardian of her best friend, Lissa, a vampire princess. 

Together, the two navigate the vampire world and all its dangers and politics, confront immortal vampires, and try to live as normal teenagers while experiencing complex romantic relationships. 

You can find Vampire Academy here.

Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice

Interview with the Vampire (Vampire Chronicles)

This acclaimed gothic horror was Anne Rice’s debut novel! Published in 1976, it details the life of a vampire named Louis as he is interviewed by a journalist named Daniel Molloy. 

Louis tells his life story, from his transformation and his struggle to come to terms with it to his convoluted relationship with Claudia, a girl who was turned into a vampire at a young age. 

You can find Interview with the Vampire here.

The Lost Girls by Sonia Hartl

Lost Girls: A Vampire Revenge Story, The

A longtime fan of vampire romance who’s read all the classics and looking for something more recent? The Lost Girls is a 2021 vampire revenge novel slash queer love story, and the plot summary speaks for itself!

“Getting over Your Vampire Ex is as Easy as Killing Him and Stealing His Girlfriend.

Holly Liddell has been stuck with crimped hair since 1987 when she agreed to let her boyfriend, Elton, turn her into a vampire. 

But when he ditches her at a gas station a few decades into their eternity together, she realizes that being young forever actually means working graveyard shifts at Taco Bell, sleeping in seedy motels, and being supernaturally compelled to follow your ex from town to town—at least until Holly meets Elton’s other exes.

It seems that Holly isn’t the only girl Elton seduced into this wretched existence. He turned Ida in 1921, then Rose in 1954, and he abandoned them both before Holly was even born. 

Now Rose and Ida want to kill him before he can trick another girl into eternal adolescence, and they’ll need Holly’s help to do it. And once Holly starts falling for Elton’s vulnerable new conquest, Parker, she’ll do anything to save her.

To kill Elton for good, Holly and her friends will have to dig up their pasts, rob a bank, and reconcile with the people they’ve hurt in their search for eternal love. And to win the girl, Holly will have to convince Parker that she’s more than just Elton’s crazy ex—even though she is trying to kill him.”

You can find The Lost Girls here.

The Fell of Dark by Caleb Roehrig

Fell of Dark

In this YA paranormal romance slash mystery, 16-year-old August simply wants to go on a first date, have his first kiss with a cute boy, and pass his algebra class. Yet somehow, he ends up at the center of a centuries-old war between vampires, sorcerers, and humans.

After discovering his weird magical powers, he is stuck in the midst of a bunch of supernatural drama and forced to attempt to stop an ancient power from rising and ending the world. 

You can find The Fell of Dark here.

Belle Morte by Bella Higgin

Belle Morte (Belle Morte series, 1)

This 2022 release is a great read for those looking for something a little more unique! Belle Morte is one of only five houses where A-list celebrity vampires reside. Humans are clamoring to become their donors–and Renie’s sister, June, is no different.

But when June suddenly stops sending letters home, Renie applies to become a donor at Belle Morte so she can figure out what happened to her sister. 

Once accepted, she goes to Belle Morte and realizes that the only person who could have the answers that she needs is her mortal enemy, a vampire named Edmond Dantès.

But she can’t resist the magnetic pull that she feels toward him forever and as she unravels more secrets, more danger approaches and suddenly, her life is changed for all eternity. 

And as much as she hates him, Edmond might be her only hope.

You can find Belle Morte here.

Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz

Blue Bloods

Schuyler Van Alen is just a normal teenager attending a prestigious private school in New York City…Or so she thinks, but then her veins begin to turn blue and she starts to crave raw meat. 

Suddenly, she’s thrust into a whole different world.

She learns that she’s a part of an ancient vampire society called the Blue Bloods and soon discovers that her kind’s entire existence is threatened by a centuries-old conspiracy. 

While the novel doesn’t center around romance, there is a developing romance between Schuyler and the most popular guy in school, Jack Force.

You can find Blue Bloods here.

Jessica’s Guide To Dating on the Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey

Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side

Jessica Packwood is a high school senior who happens to be adopted and soon discovers that she is the long-lost princess of a Romanian vampire family when an odd (yet incredibly hot) new exchange student named Lucius Vladescu shows up at her school.

He’s her long-lost fiancé and her senior-year plans are not going to go according to plan because now she has to adjust to life as a vampire princess and prevent a global vampire war from transpiring. 

You can find Jessica’s Guide To Dating on the Dark Side here.

Once Upon a Broken Heart by Stephanie Garber

Once Upon a Broken Heart (Once Upon a Broken Heart, 1)

Looking for a novel with plenty of betrayals, curses, vampires, and mystery?

In this fantasy fiction, Evangeline Fox thinks she’s finally found true love, but then the supposed love of her life proposes to her stepsister. Desperate to stop the wedding, Evangaline strikes a deal with the Prince of Hearts.

Bargaining with a wicked yet charming immortal turns out to be a very dangerous game. He wants much more than he’d originally asked of her–he has plans for her, and those plans could lead to an astounding tragedy or…

The happily ever after that Evangeline had always dreamed of.

You can find Once Upon a Broken Heart here.

The Afterlife of the Party by Marlene Perez

The Afterlife of the Party (Afterlife, 1)

Another relatively recent release, The Afterlife of the Party follows Tansy, who simply wanted to spend a nice night in with her librarian-witch grandmother and her mystical book club, but ends up getting dragged to a party by her best friend, Skylar, instead.

It’s the last party Tansy goes to in her life. She gets bitten by the strange lead singer of the strange band that Skylar has recently become obsessed with, and now Tansy is officially a vampire witch. 

One who has to save her best friend and a bunch of other groupies before they’re sucked dry by the band–and she must battle a long-lasting crush on her other best friend, Vaughn, while she does.

You can find The Afterlife of the Party here.

Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost

Halfway to the Grave

Catherine Crawfield is half-vampire and half-human, yet she’s determined to hunt and kill every vampire possible after learning about the rape of her mother–which was the way she was conceived. 

She’s hoping that one of the vampires she slays will be her deadbeat father, but her hunt is brought to a halt when she is kidnapped by a bounty hunter named Bones.

In exchange for finding her father, Cat agrees to train with Bones until her battle reflexes are up to par. But what she doesn’t expect to learn from the sexy night stalker is the fact that not all vampires are evil, and he’s the proof.

You can find Halfway to the Grave here.

The Coldest Touch by Isabel Sterling

The Coldest Touch

This LGBT Urban Fantasy is sure to tug at your heartstrings! Elise Beaumont is cursed with the gift of being able to experience how someone will die whenever she touches them. After the death of her brother, which she was able to predict but not prevent, she is determined to get rid of her terrible gift.

But soon she meets Claire Montgomery, a vampire who has been assigned to help her master her rare powers and recruit her to the Veil, a secret organization established to protect the paranormal world at all costs.

When Elise predicts one of her teachers’ imminent murders, she agrees to work with Claire and prevent the violent homicide–but she begins to wonder if she can trust Claire after all.

You can find The Coldest Touch here.

Morrigan’s Cross by Nora Roberts

Morrigan's Cross (Circle Trilogy)

There is no better blend than that of romance, fantasy, magic, and travel through both space and time. 

In Morrigan’s Cross, the reader gets to experience a wild adventure containing all of the above while following the story of a 12th-century sorcerer, Hoyt Mac Cionaoith, and his struggle with his feelings for Glenna–a modern-day witch–as well as his duty to save his twin brother from the ancient vampire, Lilith.

While not quite a vampire romance, it’s certainly a worthy recommendation for those who simply want to dive into more fantasy worlds that contain plenty of vampires and vampire hunters nonetheless!

You can find Morrigan’s Cross here.

When Life Gives You Vampires by Gloria Duke

When Life Gives You Vampires (Slaying It)

“Part journey of body positivity, part story about learning how to accept love at face value, and part hysterical rom-com told through a paranormal lens.” When Life Gives You Vampires follows 25-year-old Lily Baines who is a plus-sized, newly-turned vampire searching for a better life.

Tristan is a vampire who hadn’t meant to turn Lily since it’s against vampire law but…Well, it happened, and now that she’s here they need to team up in order to save both their asses. 

So, they make a truce and work together to fend off other vampires and Lily’s work-rival-turned-slayer. 

All the while, Lily confronts her insecurities and comes to terms with the fact that she lives in a diet-obsessed world with a plus-sized body that will never age, never die, and never change–and falls for her upsettingly beautiful sire.

You can find When Life Gives You Vampires here.

Youngbloods by Sasha Laurens


A fan of Vampire Academy? Maybe you’re interested in reading another book with a boarding school setting, but make it lesbian. If that’s the case, you’ll love Youngbloods! Kat Finn and her mother are struggling while living among humans. 

Nearly all of the human species has been infected by a virus that’s fatal to vampires, which means all vampires must drink Hema–an expensive synthetic blood substitute–to survive.

Kat dreads living an immortal life struggling to feed day by day, but she’s been accepted to the Harcote School, a prestigious prep school that’s secretly vampires-only, so it looks like things may change for the better!

Taylor Sanger has grown up in the wealthy vampire world, but it’s not all it’s cracked out to be. The world’s conservative values are grating, especially since she’s an out-and-proud lesbian. 

She only has to suffer through two more years of Harcote before she’s free from the judgmental environment, but when she discovers her new roommate is Kat Finn, she’s horrified because she and Kat used to be best friends a long time ago, and it didn’t end well.

Throw in a dead body, a confusing relationship between the two, and secrets that link them to the powerful figures who are in charge of the synthetic blood they all rely on, and you’ve got a story filled with jaw-dropping drama!

You can find Youngbloods here.

Vampire Girl by Karpov Kinrade

Vampire Girl

This suspenseful romance follows protagonist Arianna Spero, whose mother made a deal with the devil. Arianna’s mother falls into a coma and Arianna is the only one who can save her, but on her 18th birthday, her mother’s end of the deal is sought after. 

Arianna signs her soul away, promising to pick a prince and marry him as well as take a blood oath and become one of the creatures she loathes the most. She will become the princess of hell and her mother will live.

She expects it to be an eternity filled with nothing but pain and misery, but what she doesn’t expect is to find love, experience magic, and see the beauty of the other side.

You can find Vampire Girl here.

Sunshine by Robin McKinley


This atmospheric urban fantasy deemed to be a “pretty much perfect work of magical literature” follows Rae “Sunshine” Seddon, who just wants to be alone with her thoughts for a few minutes. 

She goes out to a familiar lake to relax and ends up chained up and imprisoned in a once-beautiful, now-decaying mansion. She’s completely alone–aside from Constantine, the vampire shackled next to her, who needs her more than either of them knows.

You can find Sunshine here.

Better Off Red by Rebekah Weatherspoon

Better Off Red: Vampire Sorority Sisters Book 1

College freshman Ginger Carmichael is more interested in keeping a perfect GPA than she is in keeping sorority secrets, but there’s something about the girls of Alpha Beta Omega that draws her in. Maybe it’s their confidence, their sexuality, or their overwhelming beauty. 

Whatever it is, Ginger finds herself getting initiated into their clique, but she didn’t realize that a simple pledge to start a strong bond of sisterhood throughout her college years would actually turn out to be a lifelong pact to serve six bloodthirsty demons.

Ginger falls hard for the immortal queen of her sorority and struggles to protect her family from the consequences of her forbidden love.

You can find Better Off Red here.

My Big Fat Bloodsucker Wedding by Bella Jacobs

Bad Blood: A Vampire Romance (Witches of Nightfall)

Vampires. Witches. Fake dating. How can you make those three things even better? By having a vampire and a witch fake date! In order to stop their siblings from getting married, no less.

Blaire’s sister, Annie, is engaged to Darcy’s brother, Colin, and even if she refuses to admit it, Annie does not love Colin as much as she’s letting on. 

She’s just sacrificing herself to a loveless marriage to keep her family in Nightfall and renew the magical shield that keeps the paranormal creatures in the small town safe from human discovery.

The wedding takes place in only ten days and Blaire is determined to find some other way to protect the paranormals so the wedding won’t have to go on. Darcy, as insufferable as he may be, comes to the rescue. 

He has a plan, and it should be simple enough, but when fake feelings turn into the real thing, things get complicated quickly.

You can find My Big Fat Bloodsucker Wedding here.

A Quick Bite by Lynsey Sands

Love Bites: Book Two (ARGENEAU VAMPIRE)

Dr. Gregory Hewitt wakes up in the bedroom–and tied to the bed–of vampire vixen, Lissianna. She’s a gorgeous woman (with an annoying habit of throwing up every time she sees blood despite being a vampire) who’s been searching for Mr. Right for centuries now, but is that really Dr. Greg?

She never thought she’d end up with a mortal, but maybe being with him will help her face her fears and embrace her fate. 

You can find A Quick Bite here.

Blood Countess by Lana Popović

Blood Countess (Lady Slayers)

A historical thriller based on the life of the real-life inspiration for Countess Dracula, a Hungarian noblewoman turned serial killer, Blood Countess follows Anna Darvulia. Anna becomes the chambermaid of Countess Elizabeth Báthory.

At first, it seems like a dream. Anna’s no longer forced to live in the filthy servants’ quarters and now makes enough money to provide for her family, plus the Countess treats Anna as a friend, confidant, and lover.

But Anna soon realizes that this is not a dream, it’s a nightmare. She becomes isolated from her family, friends, and fiance, and the Countess becomes crueler and crueler as time passes. When the Countess goes on a murder spree, Anna knows it’s only a matter of time before she’s next.

If it’s a historical horror with a sprinkle of LGBT romance that you seek, look no further!

You can find Blood Countess here.

In Nightfall by Suzanne Young

In Nightfall

After throwing the biggest party of the year and getting caught, Theo and her brother, Marco, are sent to live in a tiny town in Oregon with their grandmother for the summer. It’s okay–the town is dreary but cute, and it’s only for the summer.

But their grandmother is superstitious and strangely antisocial. Her only rule? Always be home before dark. 

What’s the first rule Theo and Marco break on their first night’s stay?

They go out after dark. 

They meet a charismatic girl named Minnow and her friends but soon discover that they aren’t what they seem. 

You can find In Nightfall here.

Dark Lover by J.R ward

Dark Lover

Another must-read classic, Dark Lover follows Wrath, the last purebred vampire on the planet and leader of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. When his best friend, Darius, is killed, Wrath must protect Darius’ daughter, Beth, and usher her into a whole new world.

Beth is a half-breed who is completely unaware of her heritage. She never knew her father and has no idea about the ‘change’ that she’s about to go through–until Wrath finds her and tells her that she’ll die as she goes through it unless she accepts his blood.

You can find Dark Lover here.

Crave by Tracy Wolff

Crave (Crave, 1)

When Grace’s parents pass, she moves to the outskirts of Alaska and begins attending an academy where she soon finds that she is not like the rest of the students. She is a mere mortal amongst a bunch of Gods…Or monsters.

Jaxon hasn’t felt anything in a hundred years. The walled-off vampire has a bunch of deadly secrets, and it’s best if he doesn’t get involved with anyone because of them. But then Grace walks into his life.

And everything changes.

You can find Crave here.

The Vampire Gift by E. M. Knight

The Vampire Gift 10 Crypts of Dawn: (Vampire Novel Series for Teens)

17-year-old Eleira is suddenly swept into a supernatural world with new forms of magic and betrayal around every corner.

Caught between a trio of stunning vampire brothers who all have a taste for her blood, Eleira tries to escape them but soon finds that they may actually be the key to her salvation.

You can find The Vampire Gift here.

Mere Mortals by Erin Jade Lange

Mere Mortals

A reversal of the usual vampire tale, Mere Mortals tells the story of Charlie, who is turned into a mortal along with her brother after the two previously hundred-year-old vampires get themselves expelled from the vampire community. 

Now she must face something much scarier than what any immortal could ever dream of being: high school!

But she and her brother soon find a group of friends–and Charlie becomes infatuated with a charming and deliciously good-looking boy named Dexter. It turns out that humanity may not be so bad, but Charlie would still take her old life back in a second if she was able to.

When the opportunity arises, she’s ecstatic! Kind of.

All she has to do to have her second shot at immortality is…Betray all her friends and wipe their memories of her. But would it really be worth it?

You can find Mere Mortals here.

A Shade of Vampire by Bella Forrest

A Shade of Vampire by Bella Forrest

On the evening of Sofia Claremont’s seventeenth birthday, she is kidnapped and taken to an island uncharted by any map. The island also happens to be ruled by the most powerful vampire coven in existence.

Sofia wakes in a mystical castle where she meets the vampire prince, Derek Novak. He is taken with her immediately and decides that she will be his. Sofia struggles to adapt to what she is now forced to call her new life as well as fight off her rapidly growing feelings for Derek.

This fast-paced and thrilling romance is totally immersive and sure to keep you turning those pages!

You can find A Shade of Vampire here.

Guilty Pleasures (Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter, #1) by Laurell K. Hamilton

Guilty Pleasures: An Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Novel

In this popular series, we follow Anita, a necromancer and vampire hunter. In the first book, Guilty Pleasures, she’s blackmailed into solving a series of murders in St. Louis. However, one of the vampires she must destroy is the master vampire Jean-Claude — who she can’t deny she’s attracted to. 

In Hamilton’s 1993 part-romance, part-horror, part-detective fiction novel, you’ll dive into an alternative St. Louis that’s full of vampires, werewolves, magic, and seduction. 

Nightfall (Blood Magic, #1) by L.H. Cosway

Nightfall: Blood Magic Book 1

In the first book in the Blood Magic series, paranormal romance melds with urban fantasy. One night, working her job at the grocery store, Tegan encounters a good-looking stranger. After the stranger scares off an armed robber with just a look, he stares into Tegan’s eyes and tells her to forget about him. But the next night, when they meet again at a club, he is surprised to find out that she remembers everything.

Nightfall kicks off as Tegan is swept up in a secret world of supernatural creatures like vampires, dhampirs, and warlocks. 

Night Pleasures (Dark-Hunter, #1) by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Night Pleasures

Kyrian of Thrace is a dark-hunter, an ancient warrior sworn to protect humankind from all sorts of horrors. He’s a vampire-like hero with a tragic past and immense power. One night he wakes up handcuffed to Amanda, an accountant. Amanda doesn’t want anything to do with Kyrian’s dark and supernatural world, but she can’t ignore it while she’s being hunted by one of the city’s most dangerous vampires. 

First published in 2002, Night Pleasures is an exciting adult paranormal romance that blends Greek mythology with urban fantasy. 

Angels’ Blood (Guild Hunter, #1) by Nalini Singh

Angels' Blood

The first book in the Guild Hunter series introduces readers to a New York where angels rule over vampires and human hunters keep the vampires in check. Elena is a vampire hunter hired by the seductive yet dark Archangel Raphael to track her most dangerous target yet. 

Readers say Angels’ Blood is an addictive, fast-paced story that not only delivers on the romance but also provides compelling worldbuilding and a great introduction to the world of the series. 

Dracula by Bram Stoker 

Dracula: Unabridged and Fully Illustrated

We simply couldn’t exclude Dracula, the most famous vampire novel of all time, from our list. Bram Stoker’s classic explores a dark, Victorian world of desire and mystery. The epistolary story starts with solicitor Jonathan Harker making horrifying discoveries about his Transylvanian client. The mystery unfolds as a series of incidents reveals disturbing secrets about the vampire Count Dracula.

Interpretable and grim, this classic Gothic horror novel has touches of romance and sexuality but also investigates themes like death, evil, religion, and fear of the other.

How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire (Love at Stake, #1) by Kerrelyn Sparks

How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire (Love at Stake, Book 1)

Roman is a wealthy vampire who lost one of his fangs. Shanna is a dentist whose life is at stake. After Roman rescues her, he needs her help to fix his teeth. There’s a small problem: Shanna is afraid of blood. And though she’s attracted to him, she has no guarantee that she won’t become Roman’s next target after he has both his fangs back.

With quirky characters and a fun premise, How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire promises a unique, lighthearted, and erotic read. 

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

Holly Black’s The Coldest Girl in Coldtown is a young adult vampire novel featuring Tana. The story begins when Tana wakes up after a party — and she’s surrounded by bodies. She, her bitten ex-boyfriend, and a mysterious vampire boy are the only survivors. When Tania is also bitten, she fears turning into a vampire herself. 

The three venture to the nearest Coldtown, a quarantined city populated by vampires and humans who have been drawn into the world of the undead. However, once you enter a Coldtown, there’s no going back. 

From Blood and Ash (Blood and Ash, #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

From Blood and Ash (Blood And Ash Series)

Poppy is the chosen Maiden. That means she leads a lonely life trapped in a castle, waiting for the day of her Ascension to arrive. She has no choices of her own, but if she could, she would be out there fighting against the forces that killed her family. When she becomes entangled with her alluring guard Hawke, she is tempted by forbidden love and begins to question her role in saving the kingdom. 

Complete with vampires and other fantastical beings, From Blood and Ash is the first installment in a thrilling series perfect for paranormal romance and fantasy fans alike. 

Some Girls Bite (Chicagoland Vampires, #1) by Chloe Neill

Some Girls Bite (Chicagoland Vampires)

Some Girls Bite follows the graduate student Merit, whose life is completely disrupted when she’s bitten by a vampire. Another vampire saves her life by making her one of them. He’s Ethan, master of Cadogan House. Merit now has to navigate her initiation into a society of Chicago vampires, and she knows there’s still someone out there trying to kill her. 

This first novel in the Chicagoland Vampires series follows Merit as she adapts to her growing powers and starts to develop feelings for the vampire who turned her. 

Dead Until Dark (True Blood Series, #1) by Charlaine Harris

Dead Until Dark (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood, Book 1)

Sookie Stackhouse is a telepathic waitress living in a small Louisiana town. In this world, the invention of Tru Blood has made vampires no longer reliant on human blood. Therefore, the undead have recently revealed their existence to the world. Sookie starts dating the dreamy vampire Bill Compton, but a series of murders launches them into a dark and mysterious plot. And Eric, the most powerful vampire around, wants Sookie’s mind-reading abilities for his own purposes.

Dead Until Dark is the first book in the True Blood series (also called the Sookie Stackhouse Novels and the Southern Vampire Mysteries), which was adapted into the hit HBO show True Blood. 

Shades of Wicked (Night Rebel, #1) by Jeaniene Frost 

Shades of Wicked: A Night Rebel Novel

Fans of Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress series will delight in her next saga, the Night Rebel series. The first book is Shades of Wicked, following Ian, the callous vampire from her previous stories. 

In order to escape the demon Dagon’s claim to his soul, Ian must team up with the enticing Law Guardian Veritas. Veritas also has a bone to pick with Dagon, so the two set up a trap for him. As Ian and Veritas work together, they are drawn to each other with intense passion and begin to uncover each other’s secrets. 

Kiss of Midnight (Midnight Breed, #1) by Lara Adrian

[Kiss of Midnight] (By: Lara Adrian) [published: October, 2009]

When Gabrielle witnesses a murder outside a dance club, she is pulled into a secret, shadowy underworld of deadly vampires. In the world of Kiss of Midnight, bloodthirsty Rogue vampires are killing off humans in large numbers, and the world is on the verge of war. 

Lucan Thorne is a vampire and Breed warrior, protecting both vampires and humans from lawless Rogues. He never wanted anything to do with a human woman like Gabrielle, but when her life is at stake, he finds himself fiercely drawn to protect her.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re in search of a thrillingly dark romance that’ll keep your heart racing, a mere glimpse inside the worlds of the supernatural, a classic series to introduce you to the vampire genre, or a newly released novel to satisfy your cravings, I hope you were able to find your next favorite book with the help of this article! 


What is the most famous vampire book ever written?

Possibly, The Vampyre by John William Polidori or Dracula by Bram Stoker.

What was the very first vampire novel?

The first mention of vampires in English literature appears in Robert Southey’s epic poem Thalaba the Destroyer in 1801. The Vampyre, published by John William Polidori in 1819, seems to be the first full-length vampire novel.

Who is the oldest vampire in fiction?

The oldest in written fiction is Lord Ruthuven, who appeared in 1819’s The Vampyre.

Who made vampires popular?

Bram Stoker’s Dracula, published in 1897, seems to be the novel that popularized vampires on a major level.

What was the first vampire romance book?

Carmilla: The Original, published in 1872, is one of the first known vampire romance novels.

Who wrote the best vampire books?

Bram Stoker, Stephen King, Anne Rice, and Sheridan Le Fanu are among the list of names of the (arguably) best authors of vampire novels.

Who is the most famous vampire of all time?

That’s the old-school original: Dracula.

What Is the Best Vampire Romance?

While we’ve compiled a list of 20 above, some of the best-rated vampire romance books include Interview with the Vampire, Vampire Academy, and Dark Lover.

Is There a Love Story in Dracula?

Love is a theme in the original Dracula, but the novel isn’t exactly a love story. Later interpretations, including the 1992 film, include a tragic romance.

Who Was the First Female Vampire?

One of the first female vampire novels is Carmilla by Sheridan Le Fanu, published in 1827. However, there are earlier instances of female vampire stories from different ancient mythologies, including Lamia and Lilith in Greek mythology.

What Should I Read if I Like Vampires?

There are many vampire novels out there, but if you want to start with a modern classic, we recommend Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice.

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