7 Best Viking Romance Books to Sweep You Away

If you’re looking for stories that transport you to a world of adventure, passion, and danger, look no further than Viking romance books. These novels take readers on a journey through Norse history and mythology, drawing from the rich tapestry of Viking lore to weave tales of love and conquest. In this article, we’ll explore the allure of Viking romance novels and share some of the top authors and series to check out.

7 Best Viking Romance Books to Sweep You Away

The Allure of Viking Romance Novels

There’s something irresistible about the world of Vikings – the fierce warriors, the rugged landscapes, the clash of cultures. Viking romance novels bring this world to life, whisking readers away to a time of duels, intrigue, and star-crossed lovers. But what is it that makes these stories so compelling?

The Appeal of Viking Heroes and Heroines

At the heart of every Viking romance novel is a captivating hero and heroine. Often, the hero is a Viking warrior – strong, brave, and daring – while the heroine may be a Saxon princess, a Viking shieldmaiden, or a healer. These characters are flawed and complex, and their interactions are often charged with tension, desire, and conflict. As readers follow their journey, they become invested in their struggles and triumphs.

For example, in the novel “The Viking’s Captive Bride,” the hero, Leif, is a fierce warrior who has spent his life raiding and pillaging along the coast of England. But when he meets the heroine, Lady Avelyn, he is drawn to her gentle spirit and kind heart. Avelyn, meanwhile, is torn between her loyalty to her people and her growing feelings for Leif. As they navigate the treacherous waters of love and war, they must confront their own fears and prejudices in order to find true happiness.

The Richness of Norse Mythology and History

Another reason for the appeal of Viking romance novels is the rich backdrop of Norse mythology and history. These stories draw from a vibrant culture, filled with gods, goddesses, legends, and rituals. Whether it’s Thor, Odin, or Freya, these mythological figures add depth and dimension to the stories. At the same time, the historical setting offers a window into a time of raids, battles, and political intrigue, where the fate of kingdoms hangs in the balance.

For instance, in “The Viking’s Bride,” the heroine, Gwyneth, is a healer who is kidnapped by the hero, Ragnar, and taken to his homeland in Norway. As she adjusts to life among the Vikings, she learns about their customs and beliefs, including their reverence for the god Odin. Meanwhile, Ragnar must navigate the dangerous waters of Norse politics, as he tries to protect his people from rival clans and ambitious chieftains.

The Timeless Themes of Love and Adventure

Finally, Viking romance novels combine two timeless themes – love and adventure. These stories blend the excitement of epic battles with moments of tenderness and passion. Whether it’s the thrill of a raid or the warmth of a hearth, these novels evoke a sense of adventure and intimacy that keep readers hooked.

One example of this is “The Viking’s Highland Lass,” which tells the story of a Scottish woman, Isla, who is captured by a Viking raiding party. Despite her initial fear and anger, she finds herself drawn to the hero, Eirik, who is unlike any man she has ever met. As they journey through the rugged landscapes of Scotland and Norway, they face danger at every turn but also discover a deep and abiding love for each other.

In conclusion, Viking romance novels offer a unique blend of history, mythology, and romance that captures readers’ imaginations. Whether it’s the fierce heroes, the rich cultural backdrop, or the timeless themes of love and adventure, these stories have something for everyone. So if you’re looking for a thrilling and captivating read, look no further than the world of Viking romance!

Top Viking Romance Authors to Explore

If you’re new to Viking romance novels, there are a few authors you won’t want to miss. Here are some of the top writers in the genre:

Johanna Lindsey

Fires of Winter (Viking Haardrad Family Book 1)

For over four decades, Johanna Lindsey has been a leading voice in romance fiction. Her Viking romance novels, such as “Fires of Winter,” have earned her a devoted following. With her blend of passion, humor, and suspense, you’re in for a treat with any of her books.

One of the reasons Lindsey’s work is so beloved is her ability to transport readers to another time and place. Her attention to detail is impeccable, whether she’s describing the rugged landscape of Norway or the intricate braids in a Viking warrior’s hair. Her characters are equally well-drawn, with complex backstories and motivations that make them feel like real people.

But it’s the romance that really sets Lindsey’s work apart. Her love stories are fiery and intense, with plenty of obstacles for her heroes and heroines to overcome. Whether it’s a clash of cultures or a personal vendetta, Lindsey always finds a way to keep readers on the edge of their seats.

Heather Graham

Vikings Trilogy

Heather Graham is a prolific author with over 200 novels to her name, including the popular “Viking” series. Her writing is known for its vivid descriptions, steamy love scenes, and intricate plots – all of which are on full display in these thrilling tales of Norse warriors and the women they love.

Graham’s books are a great choice for readers who like a little mystery with their romance. Her Viking heroes are often caught up in larger conflicts, whether it’s a battle for power or a fight against supernatural forces. But no matter what’s going on around them, Graham never loses sight of the love story at the heart of her novels.

Another thing that sets Graham’s work apart is her attention to historical accuracy. She clearly does her research, and her books are full of fascinating details about Viking culture and society. From the food they ate to the weapons they wielded, Graham’s books are a great way to learn more about this fascinating period in history.

Hillari DeSchane

Author Hillari DeSchane is a relative newcomer to the Viking romance genre, but she’s made a splash with her “Viking Invader” series. These books feature strong heroines, swoon-worthy heroes, and plenty of action and intrigue. If you’re looking for fresh takes on classic themes, check out her work.

One of the things that makes DeSchane’s books stand out is her focus on female empowerment. Her heroines are never damsels in distress – they’re just as likely to pick up a sword as a Viking warrior. But that doesn’t mean they’re invincible – they still need love and support, and that’s where the heroes come in.

DeSchane also has a gift for creating tension and suspense. Her books are full of twists and turns, and you never know what’s going to happen next. But through it all, you can count on a satisfying love story that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

Sandra Hill

Viking II

A former finalist for the Romance Writers of America RITA award, Sandra Hill is a master of Viking romance. Her popular “Viking” series spans over a dozen novels, each with its own blend of humor, heart, and adventure. If you’re a fan of Viking warriors with a sense of humor, you’ll love her books.

Hill’s books are a great choice for readers who like a little levity in their romance. Her heroes are often larger than life, with personalities that are as big as their muscles. But they also have a softer side, and it’s always a joy to see them fall in love.

Another thing that sets Hill’s work apart is her ability to blend genres. Her Viking novels often have elements of comedy, fantasy, and even science fiction. But no matter what’s going on in the story, Hill always keeps the focus on the romance.

So there you have it – four fantastic authors to add to your reading list. Whether you’re in the mood for passion, intrigue, or humor, these writers have got you covered.

Best Viking Romance Series to Dive Into

Now that you know some of the top authors in the Viking romance genre, it’s time to explore some of the best series out there. Here are a few to start with:

The Viking Series by Heather Graham

This sweeping series chronicles the adventures of a group of Norse warriors and the women they fall for. From the Scottish Highlands to the shores of Ireland, these novels offer a thrilling blend of history, romance, and danger.

The Viking Warriors Series by Asa Maria Bradley

Viking Warriors

Author Asa Maria Bradley’sViking Warriors” series mixes Norse mythology, magic, and romance in a tale of epic proportions. This is a series for readers who love a good blend of fantasy and romance.

The Norsemen Saga by James L. Nelson

The Norsemen Saga

For readers who want to dive deep into Norse history, this series by James L. Nelson is a must-read. Set in the 9th century, these novels follow the adventures of a young Viking warrior named Thorgrim Night Wolf and his fellow raiders.

You can find this book here.

Standalone Viking Romance Novels You Can’t-Miss

Finally, if you’re looking for standalone Viking romance novels that pack a punch, here are a few to consider:

Fires of Winter by Johanna Lindsey

Fires of Winter (Viking Haardrad Family Book 1)

This novel, part of Johanna Lindsey’s Viking Haardrad Family Saga series, tells the story of a Saxon princess who falls in love with the Viking warrior who kidnaps her. With its strong characters and intense romance, this book is a classic in the genre.

You can find this book here.

The Viking’s Bride by Sandra Hill

In this standalone novel, a Norse warrior must marry a Scottish lass for political reasons – but soon discovers that there’s more to her than meets the eye. This book has all the humor, heart, and heat that Sandra Hill fans love.

The Viking’s Captive by Quinn Loftis

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Author Quinn Loftis spins a tale of forbidden love in this Viking romance novel. When a Saxon woman is taken captive by a Viking warrior, she must navigate a treacherous world of politics and passion if she wants to find true love.

You can find this book here.

A World of Adventure and Romance Awaits

Whether you’re a seasoned fan of Viking romance novels or a curious beginner, there’s a world of adventure and romance waiting for you to explore. From the lush landscapes of Norway to the windswept shores of Ireland, these stories take you on a journey through history, mythology, and the human heart. So what are you waiting for? Grab a book and get ready for an unforgettable ride.


When were the Vikings around?

The Vikings traveled around the world from 800 AD to the 11th century searching to expand their influence, take land, and seek fortunes.

Where did the Vikings come from?

Vikings are traditionally from Scandinavia, specifically modern-day Norway, Denmark, and Sweden.

Are all Viking romances historical?

Most Viking romances are written in the time of the Vikings or involve time travel.

What are the best Viking romance books?

Fires of Winter by Johanna Lindsey, Nena by Ann Boelter, Come Back to Me by Josie Litton, and Season of the Sun by Catherine Coulter are all good choices.

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