Discover the Best Warhammer Fantasy Books – Ultimate Guide

Warhammer Fantasy is an incredibly rich and detailed universe, filled with countless epic tales of bravery, sacrifice, and villainy. Delving into its extensive library can be an overwhelming experience, especially for newcomers. In this definitive guide, we will explore the top Warhammer Fantasy series, standalone novels, and the diverse factions that populate this intricate world. Discover your next thrilling read right here!

Discover the 3 Best Warhammer Fantasy Books to Read Now

A Brief Introduction to the Warhammer Fantasy Universe

The Warhammer Fantasy universe has captivated readers, gamers, and hobbyists since its inception in 1983, with the release of the tabletop war game, Warhammer Fantasy Battle. Over the years, the franchise has expanded into novels, board games, video games, and more, cementing its status as an iconic fantasy setting.

At the heart of Warhammer Fantasy is a rich, interconnected narrative filled with complex characters, epic battles, and intricate politics. Spanning multiple continents, countless races, and a deep, often dark history, there’s always something new to discover and explore in this beloved franchise.

The Origins of Warhammer Fantasy

Created by British game developer Games Workshop, Warhammer Fantasy was initially designed as a miniature wargame that combined elements of history and fantasy. It drew inspiration from classic literary sources such as J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and Michael Moorcock’s Eternal Champion series, while also channeling the darker, more brutal aspects of medieval warfare.

Gradually, the Warhammer Fantasy universe grew in depth and complexity, with the creators weaving an intricate lore that would form the backbone of countless novels, video games, and spin-off games. Today, Warhammer Fantasy remains a fan favorite, its rich and immersive world continuing to captivate and inspire readers and gamers alike.

Key Elements of the Warhammer Fantasy World

In Warhammer Fantasy, the world is divided into several distinct regions, each populated with unique factions and isolated by vast oceans, impenetrable ice, or dense forests. The continent of the Old World is home to the Empire, Dwarfs, and the malevolent greenskins known as the Orcs and Goblins.

The neighboring continents of Ulthuan, Naggaroth, and Lustria house the High Elves, Dark Elves, and Lizardmen, respectively, while the harsh wastes of Norsca are dominated by the savage Warriors of Chaos. The sinister Skaven dwell in the vast underground labyrinth known as the Underworld, while the dark, undead armies of the Vampire Counts dominate the lands of Sylvania.

Throughout the Warhammer Fantasy universe, magic plays an essential part in shaping the lives of its inhabitants. Benevolent and destructive forces clash constantly, with extraordinary spells, enchanted weapons, and divine intervention tipping the balance in the relentless battle between good and evil.

The Old World, where much of the Warhammer Fantasy universe is set, is a place of great diversity and conflict. The Empire, a human nation modeled after the Holy Roman Empire, is beset on all sides by enemies, both within and without. The Dwarfs, a proud and ancient race of craftsmen and warriors, fight a never-ending war against the greenskins, who are driven by a savage bloodlust and a desire to destroy everything in their path.

The High Elves, who reside on the island continent of Ulthuan, are a noble and ancient race, steeped in magic and honor. Their dark cousins, the Dark Elves, dwell on the nearby continent of Naggaroth, where they plot and scheme, always seeking to gain the upper hand over their hated kin.

The Lizardmen, who inhabit the jungles of Lustria, are an enigmatic race, with a deep connection to the magic of the world. They are fiercely protective of their homeland and will stop at nothing to defend it from all who would seek to harm it.

The Warriors of Chaos, who hail from the frigid wastes of Norsca, are a brutal and savage race, devoted to the worship of the dark gods of Chaos. They seek to spread their corruption and destruction throughout the world, leaving nothing but death and ruin in their wake.

The Skaven, who dwell in the Underworld, are a race of ratmen, who are known for their cunning and treachery. They are constantly scheming and plotting, seeking to gain power and influence over the other races of the world.

The Vampire Counts, who rule over the lands of Sylvania, are a dark and twisted race, who are sustained by the blood of the living. They are powerful necromancers, capable of raising the dead to fight for them, and are feared and reviled by all who know of their existence.

Despite the many conflicts and rivalries that exist in the Warhammer Fantasy universe, there are also moments of heroism and selflessness. The Empire, for example, is home to many brave and noble knights, who fight to defend their people from all manner of threats. The Dwarfs are renowned for their loyalty and steadfastness, and will never back down from a fight. And the High Elves, while often aloof and distant, are capable of great acts of heroism and sacrifice when the need arises.

Ultimately, it is this rich tapestry of conflict and heroism, magic and intrigue, that has made the Warhammer Fantasy universe such a beloved and enduring part of the fantasy genre. Whether you’re a fan of tabletop games, video games, or novels, there’s always something new to discover and explore in this endlessly fascinating world.

Top Warhammer Fantasy Series and Standalone Novels

Whether you’re new to the universe or a seasoned veteran, the sheer number of Warhammer Fantasy books can be daunting. To help you navigate this literary landscape, we’ve compiled a list of essential series and standalone novels that you won’t want to miss.

The Gotrek & Felix Series

Gotrek and Felix

Written by William King and continued by Nathan Long, the Gotrek & Felix series is arguably the most famous Warhammer Fantasy saga. The series follows the adventures of Gotrek Gurnisson, a doom-seeking Dwarf Slayer, and his human companion, Felix Jaeger. With a perfect blend of humor, drama, and gripping battles, the series provides an excellent introduction to the war-torn world of Warhammer Fantasy.

Starting with the classic novel “Trollslayer,” the series spans multiple volumes and delves into the heroes’ adventures across the Old World, facing greenskins, vampires, Skaven, and even daemonic forces. It’s an unforgettable journey you’ll want to embark on immediately.

The Blackhearts Omnibus

Blackhearts The Omnibus (Warhammer Chronicles)

Nathan Long’s Blackhearts Omnibus is a gritty series following the exploits of a ragtag group of convicted criminals – the titular Blackhearts – who are offered a chance for redemption by the Empire. With their lives on the line, the group faces daunting odds as they undertake dangerous missions across the Warhammer Fantasy universe.

The omnibus contains the novels “Valnir’s Bane,” “The Broken Lance,” and “Tainted Blood,” each one filled with adventure, treachery, and fantastic character development. The Blackhearts Omnibus is a thrilling escape into Warhammer Fantasy’s darker side.

The Malus Darkblade Series

Malus Darkblade

Co-authored by Dan Abnett and Mike Lee, the Malus Darkblade series plunges readers into the sinister world of the Dark Elves. The series follows the ruthless and cunning Malus Darkblade, a high-ranking Dark Elf who must collect five artifacts to regain his soul from the grasp of the evil god Slaanesh.

But Warhammer Fantasy has much more to offer than just these three series. For fans of the Empire, there’s the “Empire Army” book, which provides a comprehensive overview of the Empire’s military forces and tactics. It’s a great resource for anyone interested in the intricacies of Warhammer Fantasy’s battles.

If you’re looking for standalone novels, “Vampire Wars” by Steven Savile is a must-read. Set in the dark and foreboding land of Sylvania, the novel follows the adventures of a group of Vampire Hunters as they try to stop a powerful Vampire Count from unleashing a horde of undead upon the world.

For those who prefer their Warhammer Fantasy with a healthy dose of humor, “Skavenslayer” by William King is a great choice. The novel follows the adventures of Gotrek and Felix as they battle the Skaven, a race of rat-like creatures who are both deadly and comical.

And if you’re interested in the history of Warhammer Fantasy, “The Sundering” by Gav Thorpe is a fantastic read. The novel tells the story of the High Elves’ struggle against the Dark Elves, and the cataclysmic events that led to the creation of the Warhammer Fantasy world as we know it.

No matter what your preference, Warhammer Fantasy has something for everyone. So dive into this rich and fascinating world, and discover the magic and wonder that awaits you.


Is Warhammer high fantasy?

Yes, Warhammer is a high fantasy series. High fantasy is denoted by the epic nature of its setting and the deep layers of lore that construct its characters. It typically includes richly detailed lands that are suffused with the tropes of myth and legend.

What age are Warhammer books suitable for?

The Warhammer books are written for readers aged between 8 and 12 years old.

What is Warhammer Fantasy?

Warhammer originated in the late 1980s as a miniature, tabletop strategy game. Over time, as the game gained popularity, the fantasy universe was expanded to include multiple different games and countless novels.

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