The 25 Best Witch Romance Books

If you are a fan of romance books, but you are tired of all the typical genre conventions, then we have the perfect subgenre for you to switch it up.

One of our favorite romance subgenres that has gradually become more and more popular and easy to find are witch romance books.

The 25 Best Witch Romance Books

Part of the magic which makes this genre so fun to read is how much creativity the author has to build the world to be whatever they want it to be.

Combining this open-ended creativity and world building with a central romance also ensures that the stories will be just as engaging for fans of fantasy as well as fans of romance, and a dream come true for fans of both!

However, as mentioned above, this subgenre has gotten much more popular in recent years, and because of this, it has become a little over-saturated.

This makes picking the good witch romances out from the less good can be quite challenging, especially if you have already read some of the more popular stories.

Because of this, we have put this list together to list 25 of our favorite witch romances so you can get all of our best recommendations, whether these are the more popular witch romances, or some of the more obscure ones.

Whatever type of witch romance you are looking for, you are sure to find something that piques your interest on this list!

So, if for whatever reason you are looking for a new witch romance whether you are trying the genre for the first time, or if you are a long time fan who is looking for something new that they want to read, if you read our guide you are sure to find something that you will find interesting!

More About Witch Romance Books

One of the things we love the most about witch romance books is that they are not as caught up in social norms as standard romance novels can be.

As we mentioned in the introduction this leads to much more creative world building, but it also doubles in making witch romance stories even better tools for escapism, so if you are looking to get engrossed in a new story, this is one of the best types of books to look out for!

Because of how unbothered which romance books are by social convention, they are also more likely to contain more unconventional types of romance as well as theming!

Also, if you are reading this list in October, this is the best time to try reading a witch romance story.

This is because the theming of these stories can sometimes match the spooky atmosphere of this time of year, but it is a small trope of the genre that there will usually be some mention of Halloween, or a pivotal event will take place during this time.

So, if you want a time of year when you will be able to get as engrossed as possible into a witch romance, then try reading close to or around Halloween!

Our 25 Favorite Witch Romance Books

We have included 25 of our favorite witch romance books in this list, and these cover a wide variety of different subgenres with different theming and romance types.

So, no matter what type of witch romance you are looking for, whether the book is popular or more obscure, you should be able to find what you are looking for here!

Make sure to closely refer to our descriptions as well as the pros and cons so you are sure you are getting a book recommendation that you will enjoy!

The Ex Hex By Erin Sterling

The Ex Hex: A Novel (The Graves Glen Series Book 1)

One of the most popular modern witch romances and one which has brought more attention to the subgenre in recent years is Sterling’s The Ex Hex.

This witch romance follows the second chance trope that is a popular part of the romance genre.

We follow protagonist Vivienne who 9 years before the story began is dealing with her broken heart in the most healthy way one can imagine, but using magic to curse her.

She initially assumed that this curse would be harmless, however, when Rhys comes back to Graves Glen in Georgia, things quickly start to go wrong around him.

When Vivienne notices that everything going wrong around Rhys is part of her hex, she realizes that she might have made a mistake!

This story by Sterling has been massively successful and if you mention a modern witch romance, this book is very likely to be discussed.

The book was so popular that it was one of the finalists for the GoodReads best romance back in 2021 when it was released, and the premise was enough to get plenty of people to read it.

The idea of a hex gone wrong is a trope of media which has some form of magic, but the twist on it here definitely seems refreshing.

Having the hex only be noticed to be wrong long after it was cast, as well as the romantic angle and the time skip make this time-worn trope fresh and the perfect crux for a fun story like this.

We are also led along with the mystery of why the couple broke up in the first place, and this will make you practically unable to drop this book!


  • If you are looking for one of the most well regarded witch romances of contemporary fiction, this is going to be a top choice for you!


  • Even with all the twists, the spell gone wrong trope can be a bit tired for the genre.

Not The Witch You Wed By April Asher

Not the Witch You Wed (Supernatural Singles Book 1)

This is a witch romance that follows the fake romance trope, and if you are a fan of this set up and all the drama it ensues, and you love a story with a magic twist, then this is definitely worth checking out.

Our hero is Violet who does not have any magic, and she wants to avoid the wolf shifter called Lincoln, partially because he is responsible for having broken her heart when she was just a teenager.

However, the supernatural intervenes in this avoidance when there is an arcane ruling by the magical laws for them to both find mates, and this means that the pair have to fake date, and then fake mate, to find themselves some more time to work with.

However, of course the plan does not play out smoothly as the time spent with each other starts to rekindle old feelings, and add to this Violet’s magic showing up, there is a lot for this pair to deal with!

But this is not all, there are of course threats which will stop the burgeoning happiness Lincoln and Violet are working towards, as well as secrets that are starting to uncover.

This story also has an urban setting taking place in New York making it a refreshing change of pace of a book with magical feeling.

This is a charming rom com and both Lincoln and Violet are fun characters to follow.

If you want something lighthearted that is just as engaging as other witch romances, then this is one you will have to try!


  • Having a lighthearted story with more intense themes is nearly always fun.


  • The character of Lincoln is one you will either love or hate.

The League Of Gentlewomen Witches By India Hoton

The League of Gentlewomen Witches (Dangerous Damsels Book 2)

This is a witch romance with a more historical twist which is plenty of fun to read and one you will not want to miss. This story by Hoton follows Charlotte who is part of a secret league of women who partake in witchcraft.

The group is called the League of Gentlewoman Witches, and they are looking to try to improve the world for people in smaller ways that will not be noticed.

For example, using their magic they can correct, tidy, and even manipulate parts of society which they see as improper. This is in contrast to the group of reprobates they recognize in the Wisteria Society.

However, soon after the story begins the amulet of Black Beryl is discovered which was assumed to be lost, and since Charlotte is likely the next leader of her League, she has to ensure that this charm does not make its way into the hands of someone who will have the wrong intentions.

But, this leads to her meeting with Alex who is a pirate also after the same goal.

Because they are not the only two after the amulet and they have complimentary skills, the pair join up to try to steal it together, but of course this setup leads to the two getting a lot closer with each other than they initially thought they would.

We of course love the witch elements of this romance, this is a list of witch romances of course, however, one other group that usually does not overlap with witches is pirates, so seeing this here is a great change of pace and makes this a great read.

There is of course also the historical aspect which is quite refreshing too.

So many witch romances now are set in a contemporary setting, and while we love this too, having something take place in an earlier time is definitely a factor that helps Hoton’s story stand out.


  • Pirates, witches, and a historical setting make this a refreshing change of pace in the genre.


  • The world building means this story does take a little while to get going.

Go Hex Yourself By Jessica Clare

Go Hex Yourself

Of course, it had to show up at some point, but the enemies to lovers plot line is a common one in witch romances, but this is one of our favorites!

We follow Reggie who has answered a paper ad where she thought she would be working for her favorite magic inspired card game, but instead, she is going to be working as a familiar for a real witch, with real magic.

She eventually gets used to the world of magic, however, the eccentric witch she is paired with proves to cause the issue. This is a warlock called Ben who is the arrogant nephew of her employer.

She of course hates working with him, even if she finds him attractive, but the setup changes when someone with a personal vendetta attacks the magical household, and she is forced to work alongside Ben to help with breaking a curse that could easily be dangerous.

The combination of witches and warlocks make this a fun read, and the set-up is easy to get behind.

Following someone who was unaware of magic into a magical world is a bit of a trope, but the way we experience this with Reggie makes it a lot more refreshing than usual!


  • The combination of Reggie and Ben is fun to follow.


  • Some aspects of the narrative can get a little convoluted

Wolf Gone Wild By Juliette Cross

Wolf Gone Wild: A Steamy, Slow-burn Werewolf Romance (Stay a Spell Book 1)

If you love witches and werewolves then this will be something that should be at the top of your list.

We find Mateo who has been unable to shift forms for 3 months and his wolf side is taunting him all throughout his waking and dreaming life with dangerous primal thoughts.

Because of this he starts to think he has gone fully insane, so he looks for someone to help rid him of this curse.

Then there is Evie, she is known to always obey the strict rules of her coven, and one of these is not dealing with werewolves, mainly because of them being known for their volatile and moody personalities.

But when Mateo enters distempered in the bar and almost strangles one of the customers, Evie almost kicks him out, however, when she sees just how desperate he is and how he begs her to help, he is convinced.

However, what she soon learns is that Mateo and the wolf inside Mateo have a very different personality, and now that wolf has her in his sights.

While you can see from this list, there are plenty of witch romances, however, the list of werewolf romances is a bit more restrained, so the relationship between Evie and Mateo here is much appreciated.

The power dynamic between the two leads being so complex is part of what makes this such a fun read and makes you keep going.

This is also part of an extended series called the Stay A Spell series, so if you like Cross’ writing here, then it is worth checking out her other works in the same universe.


  • The power dynamic between Evie and Mateo is fun to read.


  • Some world building is done better in later entries in the series.

Payback’s A Witch By Lana Harper

Payback's a Witch (The Witches of Thistle Grove Book 1)

Now, if you have gotten this far through this list and you have noticed that we are missing any sapphic witch romances, then this entry fixes this!

We follow Emmy throughout Harper’s story, and she is a witch, however, not a particularly powerful witch, and the main reason for this is that she has not visited her magical hometown of Thistle Grove in years.

The reason she has exiled herself for so long is because of how complex her family history is, as well as Gareth.

Gareth Blackmoore is the heir to the most powerful magic family in the town, and he has been known to break dreams and hearts.

However, the time for a spell casting tournament is getting closer and closer, and Emmy’s family are the arbiters for this tournament, so she has to return to the town to fulfill her place in the tradition.

So, she motivates herself to return to commit to duty for her family, and she will also be able to spend time with her friend from her childhood Lindon.

However, on her first night back in her magical home, she has a chance meeting with Talia who is incredibly talented at dark magic arts as well as having recently ended her relationship with Gareth.

Talia had allowed herself to fall for Gareth’s charm only to end up finding out that he was instead seeing Lindon, and neither of them were aware of this, and now both of them are looking for revenge, so will Emmy get involved?

Emmy does not need too much convincing, but what is taking up most of her brain is the charming and gorgeous Talia.

We love the sapphic romance set up here by Harper, and the revenge plot line is also always engaging to read.

Getting this alongside the more familiar elements of the story, as well as following the development of Emmy is engaging and relatable.

Getting to see the complex relationships between the characters is fun to read, so you will not want to skip this witch romance!


  • This sapphic witch romance is narrated masterfully.


  • Gareth’s character can get very grating.

Hallow’s End By Kristen Proby

Hallows End: A Witchy Paranormal Romance (The Curse of the Blood Moon Book 1)

This is one of our favorite witch romances and the paranormal twist added on top makes it even more fun to read.

We follow Lucy who is plagued by a persistent feeling of anxiety as she is preparing to return to her hometown of Salem.

Her third eye has been consistently urging her that she has a mission that she needs to take, as well as a secret she should be uncovering.

Lucy is actually a green witch, this means that she will feel most at home when she is spending time in nature like the forest.

But, she has a disturbing dream which wakes her, leading to her fleeing to the woods, but when she gets there she is not pleased with what she finds.

What she thought she would find would be an element or a spirit messenger, so when she runs into an incredibly attractive man she is caught off guard.

This is Jonas who lives in Hallow’s End, and he knows all the secrets of his town as well as some of those for Salem too, and it is his job to protect them all.

However, his will is shaken when he runs into a witch at the border of his town. He wants to know if he can save his town while also starting a relationship with her, and there is only one way to find out.

Their union could easily spell danger for all their loved ones, and this is obviously something he wants to avoid.

This is the first story in a series from Proby called The Curse of the Blood Moon series, and this witch romance is the perfect way to start it.

There is plenty of tension between the main couple that makes following them incredibly engaging.


  • A great way to set up a series.


  • The tone takes a while to be properly established.

A Letter To Three Witches By Elizabeth Bass

A Letter to Three Witches: A Spellbinding Magical RomCom (A Cupcake Coven Romance Book 1)

This is another witch romance rom com and it is a very fun read we highly recommend.

We see Gwen’s great-great-grandfather around a century before the story takes place cast a spell that has a disastrous outcome.

The result of this is that the Council of Witches ended up forbidding both him and any of his descendants from ever being able to practice magic.

This council was thorough enough to plant Watchers who would snitch if they noticed any descendants practice magic.

But in Zenobia there is still magic thriving. So, we follow Gwen, alongside her cousins Milo and Trudy as they get a letter from Tannith, Gwen’s adopted sister.

She tells them that she has ended up bewitching one of the cousin’s partners and at the end of the week they will run away with him.

Gwen is unsure if she can trust her boyfriend, and she is also worried that the local grad student Jeremy is a Watcher waiting for her to trip up.

Trudy ends up so stressed by the letter that she accidentally enchants cupcakes which lead to havoc amongst the customers in her bakery and having consequences for her marriage.

The cousins see this as an opportunity to maybe finally gain some control over their forbidden powers.

Also, Gwen needs to work out how genuine her feelings for Jeremy are, or has she just been affected by Trudy’s enchanted cupcakes.

This interesting set up is a perfect rom com read and you will love working your way through it. There is also a bit of a love triangle which will always be fun to read.


  • The relationship between the cousins and their magic is entertaining to read.


  • The male leads fall a little stale.

Witch Please By Ann Aguirre

Witch Please: A Charming Small-Town Paranormal Romantic Comedy (Fix-It Witches Book 1)

This is one of our favorite contemporary witch romances we have included, and once you have read it, you will understand why we enjoy it so much!

We follow Danica who is living a completely modern life and is one of the owners of a witch fix it company to help with magical repairs.

She is also dealing with a pretty messy breakup and she feels she is getting a bit too much feedback from her family about how it went.

Because of this Danica and her cousin make a pact to try to have fun with love without getting their family matriarchs too involved.

And then, three blocks away from the witch repair shop is Sugar Daddy’s Bakery which is run by Titus, and he is also dealing with his share of family drama.

The only family he has left after a tragic accident is his sister and the family bakery.

He has had a terrible history with love leaving him with very little experience with women in his 30s.

But when he and Danica meet, the attraction between them is almost instant. He sees her as his one, however, she sees him as getting in the middle of family affairs.

Can they meet somewhere in the middle with Danica’s modern values and prying family?

This story has a lot more to it than it initially seems to, and our favorite aspect of the story is Titus and his unconventional character for a love interest.

We do not often see bisexual men in romance, especially with male/female relationships, and his dynamic with Danica is incredibly intriguing to read and will leave you not being able to put the book down.

Also, the way this story integrates magic into a modern setting is masterful world building.


  • The setting and characters are amazing.


  • The pacing does suffer a little at a few points.

Phoenix Unbound By Grave Draven

Phoenix Unbound (The Fallen Empire Book 1)

This is one of the more fantasy heavy stories on this list but we love it for that. It also features the classic enemies to lovers romance narrative which we love to see.

We see an empire which requires each village to send a young woman every year to be burned alive at the capital to entertain the masses.

And, for the previous 5 years a certain smaller village has sent the same woman every time.

The woman, Gilene protects all the other women in her village, however, her secret of being able to stay alive using magic has to stay with her.

However, things are a bit different this year, there is Azarion who is one of the most famous gladiators of the empire, and he has been able to see through the illusion that Gilene has set up, and now he wants to blackmail her with this information.

With this he gets her to help him escape the life of slavery he has been bound to, however, what he has not told Gilene is that he also wants to reclaim the birthright his clan has lost.

So to protect herself, her village, and her family, she has to abandon her life to help Azarion.

This is one of our favorite set-ups for a more serious book, and while you would think they would be more common, we unfortunately do not see enough fantasy witch romances nowadays.

This is going to be one of the best witch romances you read if you give it the time it needs to get you invested.


  • The relationship between the two leads in such a harsh world is endearing to follow.


  • The pacing is very slow at the start.

What The Fang By Stacey Kennedy

What the Fang? (Undead Ever After)

Another relatively common trope with witch romances is forbidden romance, and this story capitalizes on this fun convention well.

We follow Willa whose magic has become broken, and this leads to her getting shunned by the coven she is a part of since it stops her from being able to pass the Summer Solstice Rite.

Because of this she instead escapes to a witch where no other witches go, Charleston the city of vampires.

So, she starts a new life here and wanting to fully embrace the opportunity she opens a bookshop named Cauldron Boil Books, and is surprised to find how easily she is able to befriend vampires.

However, on a fateful night she is on the wrong side of some fangs, but just when her captor is about to have their way, the plan is ruined by Killian who is the attractive Warden of the city and he saves her.

She thinks all is well but when she is safe Killian demands to know why she as a witch telepathically called for him, the most feared vampire in the city, to come and save her.

Because of the mystery, the two go on a journey to work out the origin of the conspiracy and why Willa was attacked.

They get closer to the truth which makes them more and more enemies, but also further ignites the growing passion between the two.


  • The relationship and mystery between Willa and Killian’s forbidden romance is fun to follow.


  • The introduction takes its time to set up the rest of the plot.

The Very Secret Society Of Irregular Witches By Sangu Mandanna

The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches

This is one of our favorite contemporary witch romances and it will get you hooked right away! We follow Mika who is one of very few witches in Britain, and she knows that hiding her magic and keeping out of trouble is a priority.

She also needs to ensure that she stays away from other witches to ensure that their powers would not attract any unwanted attention.

She is an orphan who was raised by strangers, so she has grown accustomed to being by herself, however, she has an exception being her online persona where she posts videos of herself ‘pretending’ to act like a witch.

Furthermore, she thinks it is the perfect trick and that no one will catch on, however, she gets a message that begs her to travel all the way to the Nowhere House where there are three younger witches who want to know how to control their burgeoning magic.

She ends up going and quickly gets entangled with the life of these 3 witches, but also Jamie who is the prickly librarian who works at the Nowhere House who is intent on protecting the young witches.

He sees Mika as a threat, and the animosity this creates between them is fun to read through.


  • Mika is an interesting character to follow.


  • Her relationship with Jamie takes a while to pick up.

Dark Witch By Nora Roberts

Dark Witch (The Cousins O'Dwyer Trilogy, Book 1)

This contemporary witch romance follows Iona who has just arrived in Ireland with only her nan’s direction to work with.

She does end up finding her cousins and they welcome her into their lives. She manages to get a job at the local stables where she meets Boyle the owner who is a tribal horseman, cowboy as well as a pirate.

We follow Iona defeating an ancient evil while developing her relationship with Boyle.


  • The setting is described amazingly.


  • Iona as a protagonist can be grating.

A Discovery Of Witches By Deborah Harkness

A Discovery of Witches: A Novel (All Souls Trilogy, Book 1)

This is an amazing paranormal witch story we love reading. We follow young scholar Diana who has ended up calling a bewitched ancient manuscript.

She finds that she is a descendant of witches, however, she wants nothing to do with this.

But when she discovers a fantastical underworld rising, as well as meeting Matthew a vampire geneticist, she realizes she is the only one who can stop the growing threat.


  • The character of Diana is fun to read.


  • The pacing is not the best.

Dawn Unearthed By Carrie Ann Ryan

Dawn Unearthed: A fated mates, bear shifter paranormal romance (Ravenwood Coven Book 1)

We follow Sage Reed who has gotten to Ravenwood, a small town that has mystical lore, but what she did not know going in is that she is actually a witch.

She has just lost her husband, and she needs a new start, so working at her aunt’s bookstore in the town is the perfect opportunity for her.

There is also Rome who lives in the town, and when his life is saved by Sage, he knows that she is the one for him.


  • The town of Ravenwood is a charming setting to spend the story in.


  • Pacing takes a while to pick up.

American Witch By Thea Harrison

American Witch

This fantasy witch romance follows Molly who is enduring the surges of electricity, visions, and unexplainable car breakdowns, however, she is starting to think that she might be the cause.

And after discovering her husband is cheating again, she becomes a witch newly awakened and looking for a new start. There is also Josiah who is the leader of a coven who wants to destroy an ancient evil.

The two characters join up through circumstances, and we follow them in defeating the evil together.


  • The character of Molly is fun to follow.


  • Josiah takes a while to become likeable and easy to read.

The Witch’s Heart By Genevieve Gornichec

The Witch's Heart

This witch romance is also a mythology retelling which is a crossover we did not know we needed more of.

We are following the story of Angrboda whose story starts with a burning from Odin for not telling him the future.

The burning leaves her powerless and severely injured. However, after escaping into a remote forest she runs into Loki and after the initial lack of trust, they develop a deep and intense love spawning 3 children all with a unique destiny.


  • Unique set up for a witch romance makes this one of the most refreshing reads on the list.


  • Some romance fans find this style of storytelling a little too detached.

Wicked Deeds On A Winter’s Night By Kresley Cole

Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night (Immortals After Dark Book 4)

Another addition to the unexpectedly extensive list of witch romances that also feature werewolves is this story.

We follow Bowen who is from the Lykae clan who was destroyed and he lost the woman he thought was meant for him.

However, when he reunites with his sworn enemy Mariketa, his dark desires are reawakened. Following this fated pair makes this book an engaging read!


  • The world building is some of the strongest we have seen in a witch romance.


  • The pacing is not the best in the genre.

Witch Fire By Anya Bast

Witch Fire (Elemental Witches Quartet Book 1)

If you love the bodyguard plot set up and want it in a witch romance, then Witch Fire has what you are after.

We are following Mira who wants stability after a harrowing divorce, and when she meets Jack, she realizes that he is the exact opposite of that.

He is a powerful witch who has the power to control fire and is the head of security for a coven who has been assigned to look after Mira.


  • The use of the bodyguard trope is well intertwined with the witch romance genre.


  • Jack is not the best love interest in the genre.

Serpent And Dove By Shelby Mahurin

Serpent & Dove

If you are looking for a young adult witch romance whether this is for you or for a gift, then our favorite to recommend is Serpent and Dove.

We are following Louise who 2 years before the start fled her coven and went to the city Cesarine.

Witches are hunted by the church by huntsmen like Reid, however, due to circumstances set up by the narrative, the two are forced to get married.


  • If you love YA romances and are looking for a witch romance in the genre, then this will be perfect.


  • The pacing is not perfect.

Charmed By Nora Roberts

Charmed: The Donovan Legacy

Charmed by Roberts is well known for being one of the peak witch romances in a contemporary setting.

We are following Anastasia who has the gift of being a talented healer however, she keeps this power hidden from most people like her new neighbor Boone.

He is a single father however, he takes interest in his neighbor who looks like a princess out of a fairy tale just like the stories which he himself writes.


  • The set-up is charming and the development between the characters is fun to read.


  • The pacing takes a while to get good.

Black Witch Magic By Mila Nicks

Black Witch Magic: A BWWM Paranormal Romance (Paranormal Hunters Book 1)

For another one of our favorite witch romance rom coms we have selected Black Witch Magic by Nicks.

We follow Selene who spends most of her time in the library in her town of Brimrock. The town believes that she is a descendant of witches along with her grandmother Luna who reveals this is true.

Then there is Aiden, a prickly investigator of the paranormal who ends up meeting the fabled family of witches and the pair get to know each other.


  • Aiden is a fun love interest compared to the more stoic offerings common to the genre.


  • Some of the side characters can get grating fast.

And They Lived Happily Ever After By Therese Beharrie

And They Lived Happily Ever After: A Magical OwnVoices RomCom

This is another one of our favorite contemporary witch romances. We follow a romance author Gaia who has been successful, but she also has a secret that anything she dreams is written into her novels.

She had a lonely childhood living in the foster care system and all she wants now is someone who she can learn to trust.

Her waking life seems like it can not compare to her dreams, that is until she has a passionate real life kiss that comes out of the blue.

Jacob is a workaholic who has had a crush on Gaia, the best friend of his brother for seemingly his whole life, but when he ends up sharing her dreams, things start to get complicated.

With all of the complex emotions and truths mixed with mistruths, this is a fun story to follow!


  • The relationship between the romantic leads is an engaging one to follow.


  • The plot feels a little predictable occasionally.

Soul Of The Witch By Deanna Chase

Soul of the Witch (Witches of Keating Hollow Book 1)

If you love witch romances that take place in a small town then this will be one of your favorites.

We are following Abby who had to leave her hometown and magic in her past after a potion backfired with tragic repercussions. But now it is a decade later and her family is summoning her back.

She wants to leave as soon as she gets there, but when she does, she gets pulled back into the tightly-knit community and meets the gaze of a man she thought she had forgotten.

Following Abby falling back in love with magic and finding love herself is one of our favorite parts of this story that makes it a joy to follow.

And, if you end up getting attached to the characters, we have good news! This is just the first of a currently 12 entry strong series of novels called The Witches of Keating Hollow, so if you enjoy it, there is plenty more to enjoy!


  • The characters set up are amazing and it is fun to see how they all engage with the small town setting.


  • Occasionally feels like it is leaning a little too strongly towards setting up the rest of the series.

The Sea Witch By Katee Robert

The Sea Witch (Wicked Villains Book 5)

Our final choice stands out for being a relative rarity in the romance genre, and even more so in the witch romance genre being a polyamorous love story.

We follow our desperate protagonist who goes to Ursa the sea witch to get what she wants even though her father warns against it to get the man she wants to reunite with.

The man she wants to save, Alaric, has more to him than our protagonist initially expects, and she also cannot help but be drawn to Ursa.

The trio end up descending into the depths of lust and the love involved.

This is part of the Wicked Villains series by Roberts which is a series which focuses on retelling the stories of Disney villains but twisting them into something more mature.

Getting to see more of a focus on the sea witch character here is certainly cathartic for fans of the character, and if you are a fan of polyamorous romances, and love witch romances, then this will be perfect!


  • A camp witch romance with a polyamorous twist.


  • If you do not like retelling stories, then this will not be a fit for you!


Hopefully this list has given you plenty of recommendations for what you want to read next time you are in the mood for a witch romance.

This subgenre of romance is massive and while this list has covered 25 of our favorites, there are still plenty more and you should be able to find something you love!

If you have already indulged in all of the books on this list, we recommend looking at books recommended based off these books so you can find something similar to one of your favorite witch romances!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Witch Romance Book?

According to the GoodReads rankings, the best witch romance book is Dance Upon the Air by Nora Roberts who is an author who is featured on this list!

She has penned many of the books in the witch romance genre, and while we prefer Charmed, her Three Sisters Island series which Dance Upon the Air is part of is well worth your time to read!

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