30 Billionaire Romance Novels With Hot And Hunky Protagonists

Romance novels are the best, right? As a fellow hopeless romantic, there’s nothing I love to indulge in more than page after page of obvious signs of adoration, devotion, and protection from a strong male lead.

30 Billionaire Romance Novels With Hot And Hunky Protagonists

And there is nothing better than when the hot and hunky male protagonist has a bank account even bigger than his rippling muscles! Swoon.

If you’re looking for love and are ready to fall head over heels for the inconceivably wealthy Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome then any of the following books need to be on your book wish list.

So which trope will it be? Enemies to lovers? Friends to lovers? Fake dating? Love triangle? Forced Proximity? Take your pick – there’s something for everyone on this list!

30 Best Billionaire Books

Brooklynaire – Sarina Bowen

Brooklynaire: A Billionaire Romance (Brooklyn Hockey Book 1)

Nate has made his money in the billions thanks to his knowledge of tech, but all that money, his very own mansion, and his own New York hockey team still isn’t enough to keep him satisfied.

But when his close friend and team manager, Rebecca, becomes injured he takes it upon himself to help and get her through the worst of it…that’s what friends do, right? So then why does Nate finally begin to feel complete?

Why does ‘one whiff of her perfume ruin [his] concentration?’ Why can’t he keep her off his mind? That’s not what ‘friends’ do.

After one fateful night when the lines between business and pleasure get blurred, Rebecca starts to avoid her hot and wealthy boss. Will things ever be the same again?


  • Lighthearted – Lots of funny moments throughout the story.
  • Developed Characters – Interesting, entertaining, and engaging characters that will keep you gripped until the very last page.
  • Pre-existing History – This isn’t your average ‘swooped off her feet’ story which is a fresh take. The characters have a long-standing history and relationship and it’s so interesting to watch their relationship develop into something new.


  • Plot Build-Up – A few readers have reviewed the book and felt that it was lacking enough ‘angst’ and ‘build-up’ throughout the story.

Bad Boss – Stella Rhys

Bad Boss (Irresistible)

Sara is the dictionary definition of a good girl…at least most of the time. Her whole life has been planned out and she works hard to achieve it. But in a moment of weakness, she spent one night with Julian.

She never knew he’d end up being her self-made millionaire boss…that wasn’t part of the plan. But when he offers her a job she just can’t refuse, Sara must say goodbye to the life she had once so meticulously laid out for herself.

The job is all kinds of wrong, but she just can’t help herself – when she’s with Julian it just feels all kinds of right.


  • Interesting Characters – Julian is your typical moody and broody, overprotective, and bad-tempered misfit. And Sara has sass, tons of it.
  • Unmatchable Chemistry – Every interaction between these two will have you swooning.
  • Original And Interesting Plot – you’ll be easily hooked with this page-turner.


  • All In – The romance ignites quickly in this story so isn’t the best option for those who prefer a slow burner.

Been There Done That – Hope Ellis

Been There Done That: A Sexy Second Chance Romance (Leffersbee Series)

Zora Leffersbee has a lot on her plate. Her tenure job hangs in the balance, who knows where she’s going to fund the money to pay her employees, and her unpredictable faux-finance is getting on her last nerve.

And as if life didn’t think that was already enough. Guess who’s back in town? Nick Rossi! Her fabulously wealthy first love who left her heart in tatters 12 years ago.

He never told her why he left, and she doesn’t know why he’s back. Can he win her back once and for all?


  • Healthy Relationship – This book shows a really healthy portrayal of love and relationships.
  • Builds Intrigue – Leaves you with questions throughout the first half of the book that leaves you wanting more. You’ll be flipping pages at incredible speed.
  • Twists & Turns – Not your average predictable romance story.


  • Slow Burn – A few reviews show that the pacing of the plot is fairly slow.

Bad Billionaire – Julie Kriss

Bad Billionaire (Bad Billionaires)

Olivia always had a thing for Devon Wilder, and during one night of window-watching her neighbor, she learns the truth about him. He’s a thief. A getaway driver.

The pair spend an exhilarating night of adventure together before he’s put away for his offences. Accepting that she’ll never see him again, she wills herself to forget this delicious delinquent.

But suddenly he’s back, and thanks to a generous inheritance, he’s now a billionaire. Despite this, it’s not money, several bad guys on his tail, or his chaotic and hectic lifestyle change that consumes his mind – it’s only Olivia.


  • Packed Plot – You won’t have a moment to be bored during this page-turner.
  • Relatable Characters – From Devon’s take-charge attitude to Olivia’s millennial attitude, you can relate to their struggles the whole way through.
  • Passionate – If you’re looking for an all-consuming love story, this is it.


  •  Unrealistic Plot – Some reviews of the book note that the plot line was a little over the top and unfeasible.

Someday Someday – Emma Scott

Someday, Someday

For the past ten years, Max has painstakingly tried to rebuild his life from the ground up after being kicked out by his family for coming out.

But considering he’s already contended with being homeless, working as a nurse for an ailing billionaire seems easy and effortless enough.

But things become more complicated than they seem when Max falls for the billionaire’s super hunky son. How do you feel sparks so suddenly? And is he exactly who he appears to be?

Max soon discovers there are secrets that he’s hiding to ensure he inherits his family’s fortune.


  • Thought Provoking – Touches on many important topics.
  • Character Development – Full-depth character development of two incredibly likeable characters.
  • Emotional Plot – Such a heart-breaking plot that keeps you gripped from the get-go. Keep the tissues close by for this one.


  • Long-Winded – Some reviews mention that the pacing of the story moves quite slowly at some points.

The Billionaire Bachelor – Jessica Lemmon

The Billionaire Bachelor

The label of bad boy and player had never much bothered this billionaire bachelor. Who cares what people think? Not the untouchable Reese Crane.

Well, it’s that very attitude that comes back to bite him when the Board of Directors of his family’s company deems him unfit for the CEO position due to his reputation.

If Crane wants that coveted position, he’s going to have to change his image – and fast. Enter Merina.

Perhaps the two of them can strike a deal to get what they both want out of a fake marriage. But will everything be as plain sailing as they envision?


  • Way With Words – Jessica Lemmon brings the story to life in a beautiful and imaginative way.
  • Laugh Out Loud Funny – Some really belly-hurting laughs to be had throughout the story.
  • Great Plot – A real romance story with a great plot behind it too.


  • Abrupt Ending – Reviews of the story show that some readers feel like the story ends rather quickly and abruptly.

Mating Theory – Sky Warren

Mating Theory: A Trust Fund Standalone Novel

Hot billionaire Sutton Mayfair is living proof that money in excess won’t get you everything you want in life.

And watching the woman he loves marry his very best friend sends him into a dark place. What’s the point in being the good guy if it gets you nowhere?

Though his intentions when he sees Ashleigh, a homeless girl living on the streets, are anything but honorable, he soon realizes you can’t take the good out of a guy.

Ashleigh gets a bed for the night, a hot meal, and slowly but surely he falls for her! 


  • Strong Female Lead – Though Sutton may save her, she doesn’t need anyone to sweep her off her feet. She knows the way of the world and expects nothing from no one.
  • Dark And Dangerous – If you love a broody alpha male with a troubled past and a broken heart you’ll adore this protagonist.
  • Raw And Emotional – Super engrossing and covers many uncomfortable topics.


  • Standalone Debatable – While the book is advertised as a standalone novel many readers comment that you need to read the previous installments to fully follow the plot
  • Potential Trigger Warning – There is a rather large age gap between the two leads that some readers found triggering.

Hero – Samantha Young


Alexa had always doted on and looked up to her father, but once his deepest and darkest secrets were revealed she found out that life as she knew it was a lie.

Determined and devoted to turning her life around, Alexa sets herself on a path to redemption. But who knew that it would come in the form of a brooding and handsome self-made billionaire?

Despite her best efforts, Caine Carraway wants nothing to do with her. But chemistry and attraction this strong are impossible to avoid.


  • Palpable & Tangible Chemistry – The chemistry in this book is so electric. It draws you in from the get-go.
  • Enemies To Lovers – If you love this trope then you’ll fall head over heels for Hero.
  • Thought-Provoking Themes – There is a burden and an evil side to money and this theme runs throughout. You’ll definitely be left with a lot of food for thought.


  • Not As Good As Other Work – Some readers have commented that this book doesn’t live up to the expectations set by her previous work ‘On Dublin Street’.

Burn For You – J.T. Geissinger

Burn for You (Slow Burn, 1)

Chef Bianca Hardwick is working in a fantastic New Orleans restaurant when she first meets the arrogant and ridiculously rude Jackson Boudreaux.

Honestly, Bianca would sooner bathe in hot sauce than have to encounter or cook for this man ever again. But when he offers her a huge sum to cater at his fund-raiser the word no really isn’t an option.

Her mum has medical bills to be paid. But the offers don’t stop there. Bianca is in disbelief when Jackson makes one more request; that she marry him.

The proposal comes with a contract, enough money to solve all her troubles, and a stunning ring. What will her answer be?


  • So Many Tropes – Fake marriage and a slow burn? Yes, please!
  • Amazing Characters – Relatable characters with tons of redeeming qualities as well as vulnerability.
  • Easy To Read – Fly through page after page easily and effortlessly.


  • Lack-Luster Plot – While readers have enjoyed the relationship between the two characters, the overall plot and storyline have left something to be desired.

Shenanigans – Sarina Bowen

Shenanigans (Brooklyn Hockey)

After winning a medal at her first women’s hockey all-stars competition, Charli is determined to let her hair down and have some fun in Vegas. A couple of drinks and a night of fun…what could go wrong?

Now, in Vegas mistakes are easily made, but marrying an unlikely friend, Brooklyn’s billionaire star winger Neil Drake, wasn’t exactly what she was expecting. This surely isn’t a marriage that could last…right?


  • Roller Coaster Ride – This book will have you laughing, crying, and then laughing again all in a matter of seconds.
  • Triple Trope – A faux marriage, opposites attract, and friends to lovers all wrapped into one amazingly engrossing story.


  • Inaccuracies – There are a few plot points that are not accurate to real life according to some readers.

Sugar Daddy – Lisa Kleypas

Sugar Daddy: Number 1 in series (Travis)

 Liberty has loved Hardy Cates for over three years. They have always shared a desire to escape the small-town life of Welcome, Texas.

But when this dream becomes Hardy’s reality, a broken-hearted Liberty is left behind to take care of her younger sister alone. It doesn’t take long for a new guy to take Hardy’s place though. A billionaire tycoon.

While their relationship is judged as superficial and unauthentic the bond between them runs deeper than it seems. But escaping the past won’t be as easy as it appears, and Liberty must make a choice. Which boy will it be?


  • Interesting Characters – Very unique and distinct characters that you can’t help but fall in love with.
  • Emotional Depth – This story will have you feeling every emotion in a matter of minutes. A very raw and honest portrayal of love and its hardships.


  • Pacing Issues – Some readers struggled with the first half of this book (until the billionaire is introduced) but say that it really picks up during the second half.

The Villain – L.J. Shen

The Villain: A Billionaire Romance (Boston Belles)

Billionaire Cillian Fitzpatrick has earned himself the reputation of being the wicked and evil villain thanks to his behavior in the boardroom. But Persephone sees him as the tortured hero that he is.

After all, had he not already saved her life before, albeit reluctantly? And here he was, about to save her from trouble again. Cillian Fitzpatrick, though, does not do free favors.

Everything comes at a price, and for Persephone, it’s her freedom. Has this hunky billionaire bitten off more than he can chew? He will soon learn that the sweetest poison can be the most lethal.


  • Modern Take On A Classic – This is a modern-day tale of Hades and Persephone. It’s a unique and intriguing story from start to finish.
  • Take-Your-Pick Tropes – There are so many classic romance tropes littered throughout this storyline; grumpy vs sunshine, arranged marriage, billionaire boyfriend, opposites attract, enemies to lovers (kind of.)
  • Intriguing & unpredictable plot – You’ll never know where each new page will take you with tons of twists and turns throughout.


  • Disappointing Ending – Some readers felt that the build-up was great, but there was something slightly disappointing about the ending.

The Takeover – T.L. Swan

The Takeover (The Miles High Club, 2)

Tristan Miles is arrogant, wealthy, powerful, and devastatingly beautiful. He’s used to getting what he wants and what he wants is Claire. But Claire isn’t the average wide-eyed girl looking for love.

She’s a mother of three with responsibilities. And besides, she can’t stand him. Being the one to finally tell him no was the best thing she could ask for.

“No” isn’t really in Mr. Miles’ vocabulary though, and nothing will stop him. Can Claire keep her distance? Can she resist his charms?

She’d like to think so, but the butterflies in her stomach every time he looks at her tells a different story.


  • Lots Of Laughter – In this story there are pranks and banter galore. You’re sure to keel over in fits of hysterics from the pair’s antics.
  • Tons Of Tears – In quite the rollercoaster of emotions, you’ll also be reaching for the tissues several times throughout the novel.
  • Best Book Boyfriend Ever – If you are looking for a protagonist that will have you swearing off men until they become real – then this is the book for you.


  • Slow Starter – Some readers felt like the first few chapters were hard to read, but the good news is that they say once it kicks in – it gets really good.

Terms And Conditions – Lauren Asher

Terms and Conditions: The TikTok sensation! Meet the Dreamland Billionaires...

Declan’s life is all planned out. He is set to be the CEO of the huge media empire his family owns. The problem? His grandfather left an inheritance clause that states he must marry and produce an heir.

Thankfully, Declan’s assistant eagerly volunteers herself for the job. It could actually work out in both of their favor. Of course, there are strict rules they must both adhere to.

The most important of all – don’t catch feelings. But all that pretending can easily start to blur the lines. Does faux love feel this strong?


  • Tense Build-Up – The build-up and slow burn in this book keep you gripped from the very first page.
  • Believable Plot – This story actually follows a relatively feasible and believable plot that readers can relate to easier than other novels in the genre.
  •  Character Development – Really great characters that you can’t help but love. Their development throughout the novel is obvious and clear too.


  • A Little Predictable – Some readers have mentioned that the plot was fairly easy to deduce early on in the novel.

My Brother’s Billionaire Best Friend – Max Monroe

My Brother's Billionaire Best Friend (Billionaire Collection)

Mabel Willis has had a crush on her brother’s best friend for some time now. And let’s face it, who wouldn’t? He’s crazy attractive, super successful, oh and he’s a billionaire.

Of course, she’s never let the cat out of the bag. Until now.  And what a way to do it.

Mabel would prefer the world to swallow her hole than for Milo Ives to read any of the six text messages delivered to his phone. Well, it’s too late now. How will he react?


  • Will They Won’t They? – You’ll be on the edge of your seat the entire time you read this novel desperate to know if they get their happy ending.
  • Characters Feel So Real – These characters are so well developed you’ll feel like you’ve known them your whole life.
  • Undeniable Chemistry – The chemistry between these two characters is delightful. Filled with near misses and little sweet romantic moments, you’ll savor each and every interaction between the two.


  • Slow Burner – Many readers commented that it can take a while for this book to really get going.

Tease – Melanie Harlow

Tease: Special Edition Paperback (Cloverleigh Farms Next Generation Special Edition Paperbacks)

Felicity MacAllister is a super sweetheart but sometimes she has trouble controlling what comes out of her mouth.

Like telling the ‘Mean Girl’ at her high school reunion that she’d bagged a super hot billionaire for a fiancé…when it wasn’t true. Luckily though, Felicity does have a super hot billionaire best friend.

So, she calls upon him for a quick little favor. To play fake fiancé for the night. Finding the request innocent enough, Hutton French agrees.

But things spiral out of control when word of the engagement spreads like wildfire; front pages of magazines – the lot. Despite Felicity’s offer to set the record straight, Hutton decides it’s best to play pretend for a little longer.

It gets his matrimony-mad mother off his back, after all. The feigned relationship allows them to open up in ways they would usually never do in relationships.

And of course, they put on the perfect show for everyone else. But that’s all it is…a show…playing pretend…right?


  • Tons Of Tropes – Best friends to lovers, fake relationships, this book really has it all.
  • Relatable Flaws – The flaws of these characters is what makes you fall so hard for them. We relate to their struggles in a raw and honest way.
  • A Story Brought To Life – The story is so engaging and descriptive that you’ll feel like you’re watching a movie in your mind.


  • Pacing Issues – Some people felt as if this book was a slow burn that suddenly turned from 0-60 in just a few seconds.

The Last Eligible Billionaire – Pippa Grant

The Last Eligible Billionaire

Begonia has one objective to follow; keep all those irritating matchmakers and swooning women away from one of the richest bachelors about. How? By pretending to be totally head over heels in love with him.

In return, the dark, gloomy, and incredibly cranky Heyes won’t totally ruin her life over one teeny tiny misunderstanding.

However, behind all those built-up walls, is a man not all that different from her. Could real love be on the horizon? Can they escape the scandals that ensue?


  • Laugh Out Loud Funny – This book is sure to have you in absolute stitches time and time again.
  • Brilliantly Broody Boy – If you love the hero of your story to come with baggage then you won’t find a more tortured yet beautiful soul than Heyes’.
  • Dialogue Heavy – If you love constant interactions, you’ll be overjoyed by the plentiful dialogue between the two main characters.


  •  Pacing Problems – This is a hard and fast love story (spans over around a week or two) and some reviews show that this made the relationship feel less real.

Most Eligible Billionaire – Annika Martin

Most Eligible Billionaire: an enemies-to-lovers romantic comedy

Vicky’s elderly next-door neighbor has always thought of her as the dog whisperer since she gets on so well with her pup Smuckers. And she’d always promised to adopt the adorable little pet in the unfortunate event of her passing.

What she didn’t know was that Smuckers would be left billions in her neighbors will. So now she finds herself swapping her little Etsy store for a Wall Street boardroom.

And New York’s most eligible bachelor Henry, son of her neighbor, is anything but pleased about the situation. Henry takes it upon himself to make Vicky as miserable as possible by bullying her and attempting to buy her off.

And when that doesn’t work out, he even tries his hand at seducing her into falling in love with him. But will his attempts work? And is there more to their relationship than there seems?


  • Non-Typical Billionaire Romance – If you love the idea of a billionaire romance but want something a little different then this is the book for you. It has a new and interesting dynamic since they are both financially fortunate.
  • Fun & Witty – This funny and witty mash-up of both billionaire romance and inter-office love will have your cheeks hurting from so much smiling.


  • Lacks Substance – While this is a lighthearted enjoyable read it lacks the deeper thought-provoking substance that you can find in other similar novels.

Trouble – Tia Louise

Trouble: An enemies-to-lovers, billionaire boss romance (stand-alone) (Taking Chances)

When Joselyn attends her cousin’s wedding, funnily enough, love is the last thing on her mind. But when Spencer Carrollton offers her a job when she needs it most, it’s an offer she can’t refuse.

She must remember the most important rule – don’t get involved with clients. And sure that would be easily done…if her client wasn’t the most devastatingly beautiful billionaire she’d ever laid eyes on.

No, Joselyn refuses to be yet another girl that falls at the foot of this man. Things get a little more complicated, though, when Spencer saves her from danger and insists that she moves in with him for now.

Can Joselyn resist his charm? She may be in trouble more now than ever before.


  • Constant Chemistry – These two characters have undeniable chemistry and the constant pull and push between the two keeps you gripped to your seat.
  • Broody & Broken – If you like your billionaires to come with considerable baggage and a heart-breaking backstory then Spencer will captivate your heart as easily as he does Joselyn’s.
  • Thought-Provoking – This plot tackles some really tough issues and real-life scenarios. You’ll feel the trauma as if it is your own and it’ll definitely leave you pondering the way of the world.


  • Harder Read – According to some reviews, the constant changes in location and plot line can be difficult to follow. It will require your full attention as opposed to some lighter reads in this subgenre.

The Marriage Bargain – Jennifer Probst

The Marriage Bargain (1) (Marriage to a Billionaire)

When Alexa McKenzie’s family home is in jeopardy, she decides to cast a love spell which brings an unexpected visitor to her door. Nicholas Ryan – her best friend’s older billionaire brother.

Seeing the super-powerful and wealthy man that once shattered her heart wasn’t exactly what she’d envisioned when she cast this spell, but hey, he did bring a solution to all her problems.

He offers her a proposal. He’s a self-proclaimed bachelor who doesn’t believe in marriage that needs a wife to inherit his father’s business. She’s a familiar face in need of money.

It seems a faux marriage might work in both of their favor. The rules are simple and few in number; think of this as a business proposal and do not fall in love for the next year. 

How hard could it possibly be to follow those rules for 365 days?


  • Lots Of Laughs – There are many lighthearted and funny moments throughout this story.
  • Romantic – If you’re looking for a genuinely lovely and romantic story then you’ll adore this book.
  • Easy Read – This book is easy to devour in a couple of hours. The pacing is great and keeps you turning each and every page.


  • A Little Predictable – Generally, most readers said that they could predict the plot fairly early on.

The Broken One – Ruth Cardello

The Broken One (Corisi Billionaires, 1)

When Heather Ellis posts an online reward for anyone who can find her child’s favorite lost teddy, she doubts that anyone will find it.

So, it’s safe to say that when the super attractive billionaire turns up at her front door, stuffed wolf in hand, she’s pretty surprised. But she’s even more taken aback by the evident sadness in his eyes.

So much so, that she can’t help but reach out to him once he leaves. But Sebastian Romano is all business. The loss of his late wife and unborn child have caused him to build up walls that are impenetrable.

There’s no room left for emotions now. Can he finally give love a second chance? And are there more secrets to come?


  • Heartfelt & Touching – This is such a heartwarming tale with some very tragic moments. It really highlights the importance of family throughout.
  • A Few Twists & Turns – This isn’t your average predictable storyline so you’ll be kept entertained and engaged throughout.


  • Character Issues – Many reviews of the book state that characters lack depth and development and sometimes new character introductions were confusing and jarring.

Shopping For A Billionaire – Julia Kent

Shopping for a Billionaire (Shopping for a Billionaire Series Book 1)

We’ve all fantasized about meeting a beautiful billionaire, right? Well, I’m sure that meet cute wouldn’t involve your hand being plunged down a toilet in the men’s bathroom.

That is the unlucky fate of mystery shopper Shannon Jacoby. But what’s a bit of toilet time to stand in the way of true love? And it really was love at first flush!


  • Hilariously Funny – This book is so cleverly written with some really really funny moments. You’ll have a stomach ache from laughing so much!
  • Unpredictable – This story is very eccentric and entertaining and you never know where it’s going to go next.
  • Part Of A 15-Book Series – When, and not if, you fall in love with this book there are another 14 books in the series to devour.


  • Ending – The book doesn’t have a satisfying ending. In fact, the book ends before the story does and you’ll need to purchase the following books in the series to read the overall conclusion and resolution.

Black Ties & White Lies – Kat Singleton

Black Ties and White Lies: A Billionaire Fake Fiance Romance (Black Tie Billionaires)

Margo is struggling along with a job she can’t stand with no active love life. It’s fair to say she’s in a bit of a rut. That is until her ex-boyfriend’s older brother turns up.

And he has an offer to make her – pretend to be my faux fiance and personal assistant so that I can protect my company.

It’s a hard decision to make; after all, she’d already felt the damage that a Sinclair could leave behind when they walked away. But it would be different this time because no feelings are actually involved.

What could be the harm in playing pretend with a billionaire? It’s not like they’ll develop feelings or anything…


  • So Many Tropes – There’s the ex-boyfriend’s brother element, there’s forced proximity, a faux relationship. Take your pick!
  • Great Character Development – There’s real depth to the characters and the relationship between them.


  • Long Read – Some find that it takes a while to get into and isn’t as quick and easy to read as other books in this subgenre.

The Big Fake – Penelope Bloom

The Big Fake: An Enemies To Lovers Romance

Just when Pearl thought her day couldn’t get any worse, she’s just found out her boyfriend’s been unfaithful, she then throws up on a charming and handsome stranger. Great.

Oh, and that handsome guy, yeah, turns out he’s only a billionaire! Luckily, Dean Slater has recently been cheated on too. So the pair devise a cunning plan to swear off love and potential matchmakers for good.

They’ll start fake dating! It’s strictly long-distance. Keep away from each other. Never develop feelings. Easy. Except when the pair both get invited to her sister’s wedding, things get a little more complicated.

Can they keep up their appearances to ensure they don’t ruin her big day?


  • Belly-Laughing Comedy – This super sweet and hilarious rom-com will have you chuckling all the way through.
  • Protective & Caring – If you’re looking for a billionaire book boyfriend that protects his love with this life then this is the one for you. His character so obviously adores her.
  • Original Content – The plot line is unique and original meaning you’ll never predict what’s coming next.


  • Errors – While for some it’s easy enough to look past, others have found that the few grammatical errors throughout the book make it difficult to read.

Return Billionaire To Sender – Annika Martin

Return Billionaire to Sender: A grumpy-sunshine opposites-attract billionaire-boss romantic comedy (Billionaires of Manhattan)

Noelle is typically a shy and timid girl, but when billionaire Malcolm Blackberg is threatening her beloved building she finally grows a backbone.

Angry letter in hand, she makes her way to his gilded fortress to give him a message that he won’t be able to refuse. Only she gets mistaken for his court-ordered emotional intelligence coach.

Deciding to go along with it, Noelle believes that maybe she can help this cold rich man grow a heart big enough to save her building.

Of course, things are never that easy. And what do you do once feelings start to creep in? How much longer can Noelle keep up this charade?


  • Seriously Funny – As you can expect with any romcom, you’ll get all that love mixed in with some laugh out loud moments.
  • Relationship Development – The author spends a really long time developing these characters and their relationship in a cute and entertaining way.


  • Unbelievable Plot – If you’re looking for a fairly realistic plot that you might relate to, this book, based on reviews, probably isn’t the best option for you.

The Oblivious Billionaire – Kristy Tate

The Oblivious Billionaire: A Romantic Comedy About a Forgetful Billionaire (Misbehaving Billionaires Book 2)

Charlie Monson is infatuated with Dr. Kirk Palmer, she has been all her life. I mean how many people become a nurse just so that they can work beside their crush?

Meanwhile, Zach Walden, an ex-footballer and app-making billionaire, is a patient with retrograde amnesia.

He’s lost the last seven years of his life, he doesn’t remember his old careers or the way he made his money. He doesn’t even remember his stunning fiancee Eva Caron.

And though Zach has tons of pressing matters to attend to, he has only one priority. Get to know the charming and beautiful nurse that saved him.

As Zach and Charlie spend more time together, it’s clear there’s something between them. But can Zach leave his fiancee? And can Charlie let go of the love of her life?


  • Super Sweet – If you’re looking for a billionaire romance that is super sweet right to its core then this is for you. No brooding alpha males here.
  • Hilarious – There are so many funny and witty moments throughout this storyline.
  • Thought-Provoking – Though there are lighthearted moments this story will really make you think about the importance of how memories influence your everyday life.


  • Rushed Ending – Some readers feel as if the resolution comes together far too quickly and that the story ends rather abruptly.

Breaking The Billionaire’s Rules – Annika Martin

Breaking the Billionaire's Rules : An enemies-to-lovers opposites-attract romantic comedy (Billionaires of Manhattan)

Mia is a struggling actor who’s taken on a job in a food service role. She has to dress up in dorky outfits and deliver food to people’s houses. Not the dream gig, she admits.

But hey, there’s nothing to be ashamed about. It’s all about working your way to the top – getting by any way you can.

Of course, the whole thing becomes a lot more mortifying when you have to show up at your high school nemesis’ door. Especially when said nemesis is a notorious billionaire.

Mia won’t let Max Hilton have all the satisfaction though. She’s got a fair few plans up her sleeve. But slowly and surely, Mia starts to realize that Max might have more secrets than she originally thought.


  • Well-Written – This is so well written and is such an easy read. You can devour the entire book in one sitting effortlessly.
  • Laugh Out Loud Funny – You’ll be in hysterics the whole way through this book, it’s so light-hearted and entertaining.


  • Lacks Substance – While this book is very cute and fun, it does lack any deeper meaning or important themes.

Kitty Valentine Dates A Billionaire – Jillian Dodd

Kitty Valentine Dates a Billionaire

Kitty Valentine is a best-selling author known for her sweet and adorable romance novels. She’s had a string of great successes but her latest book has been a total flop.

She has no advance coming in and her royalties are dwindling down to basically nothing. Her editor suggests that she try her hand at writing more mature content – but that isn’t the Kitty Valentine style.

So, thanks to the help of her friend, they create a spinning wheel of different types of men. Whoever it lands on, she’ll date. And, of course, use all those moments to create the next best-selling novel.

Only…it’s landed on a billionaire. Well, this should be fun…and hard.


  • Unique Take – I love that this story isn’t like your typical billionaire book. It’s fun and flirty and has a great unpredictable plotline.
  • Lighthearted & Cute – There are many funny, lighthearted moments, and tons of awkward situations.


  • Characters Need More Depth – While the relationship and storyline are quite cute, there could be more depth and substance added to the main leads of the novel.

Sun, Sea, The Billionaire And Me – Harmony Knight

Sun, Sea, the Billionaire and Me: A Romantic Comedy

Fran is super excited to be jetting off to a private island for her friend’s wedding anniversary but a tropical storm has other plans. And now she’s stuck alone with the former best man.

This shouldn’t be awful, though, right? There are worse places to be stuck than on a private island with a billionaire. Besides, Frans’ crush for this money mogul is dead and buried now.

And there’s no way she’ll come away from this ordeal with a long-distance billionaire boyfriend and having to deal with hungry paparazzi and the perils of being famous…surely?


  • Can’t Put It Down – From the amazing characters to the cute plot, this page-turner will have you up all night!
  • Engaging Characters – Fran and Jonah are such charismatic and entertaining characters that you can’t help but love them.
  • Comical From The Get Go – This book is hilariously funny and will have you in stitches the whole way through.


  • A Few Cringe-Worthy Scenes – If you dislike all things cringe, then there might be a few moments where you’ll need to avert your eyes!

Sweet Travels With The Billionaire Boss – Mila Sweet

Sweet Travels with the Billionaire Boss: clean boss employee romance (Vacation to Billionaire Bay Book 1)

Cassandra has worked as the private secretary for the president of an international trading company for some time now. Sure, it’s a hard day’s graft but there are a few perks to the job.

She eats in the best places and the business trips are to die for. Warren is her boss. A self-made billionaire who tries to stay as humble as he can.

And when trouble arises on a business trip, he is more than willing to help Cassandra out. Forget all the riches of the world, Warren would trade it all to call Cassandra his.

But dating the boss complicates things, and Cassandra isn’t sure she’s ready for complicated right now. Will Warren’s best efforts win her over? Or is this situation just too messy?


  • Sweet & Adorable – If you’re looking for a softer and sweeter version of a hot and hunky billionaire then Warren is it. There are so many heartfelt moments throughout the book.
  • Fast-Moving – If you like a romance novel to get to the soppy and romantic parts pretty quickly, you’ll really enjoy this book.


  • Quite Short – This book is quite short for a novel and so it doesn’t allow for quite as much character development as other novels within the subgenre.

Final Thoughts

Everyone loves to read a romance novel! There’s nothing better than a story coming to life and literally feeling like you’ve been swept off your feet yourself.

And if anyone is going to sweep you off your feet, let it be a hot and hunky male with a humongous bank account, am I right?

Regardless of your favorite trope or storyline, there really is something for everyone on this list. So pick your favorite, and be transported to a land of incredible wealth and dreamy sights.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Most Popular Tropes For Billionaire Romances?

There can be all manner of tropes in billionaire romances, but the most prevalent tend to be forced proximity, faux marriage, and enemies to lovers.

Can Billionaire Romances Be Triggering?

Most billionaire romance stories typically have a darker underlying current to them. The rich and elusive billionaire often has a troubled past that some readers may find triggering.

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