Dennis E. Taylor’s Bobiverse Books In Order

Dennis E. Taylor is a fantastic novelist from Canada. He has also completed some work surrounding computer programming, exploring Artificial Intelligence.

Dennis E. Taylor’s Bobiverse Books In Order

Dennis has achieved many impressive feats. His audiobooks are very popular and his novel We Are Legion became one of the most popular audiobooks on Audible! Dennis’ Bobiverse series is very well known.

There are four novels in the Bobiverse series and Dennis E. Taylor has written nine novels in total.

You should read the Bobiverse series in order of publication, as this is the way in which the series was conceived by Taylor.

About Bobiverse


The Bobiverse series is focused on Bob Johansson. He is a man who sold his software company in order to retire.

He is searching for the pleasures of life. However, when Bob is killed as he crosses the street, his plans change.

Bob then wakes up 100 years later. His body had been cryopreserved and he is now the property of the state. He has been programmed to seek habitable planets in the universe.

The Bobiverse series explores the use of technology like mind uploading, cryonics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). It looks at how this has the potential to change society and the human condition.

Taylor has been praised by The Stern magazine for his distinctive humor. His jokes are often based on nerdy references.

He lives in Vancouver, Canada. He likes snowboarding and mountain biking when he isn’t writing. He lives with his wife and daughter.

Taylor self-published his first novel. After this, he went to an agent to try and publish his second novel. However, he had a lot of difficulty finding someone willing to take him on.

He eventually published it and received an Audible deal which put his work there.

Once the We Are Legion novel was recorded, it quickly became one of the most listened-to audiobooks on the service.

It was also awarded the Best Science Fiction Audiobook of the year.

Taylor is one of many authors who first debut their work in audio form. This is instead of taking it to print immediately.

The latest Bobiverse book was written in 2020.

Bobiverse Books In Order

We Are Legion (We Are Bob)

We Are Legion (We Are Bob) (Bobiverse)

This is the first novel in the series. In this novel, we are introduced to Bob Johansson. He has just sold his software company.

He is looking forward to a life of leisure and to enjoy the calm of retirement. He is looking forward to all the movies he will be able to watch and books he will be able to read. He then dies as he crosses the street.

The story then sees Bob wake up 100 years later. He was made into a corpsicle and, at that time, they have been declared to have no rights. This leaves him in the hands of the state.

Bob is working to look for habitable planets for humans. If he refuses to do this, then he will be turned off and the state will choose someone else.

However, if he accepts, he will be a target because other countries are also racing to do the same thing.

Bob is safest in space, so he heads up there. If he leaves Earth behind, he thinks he will face no problems. However, the universe has a lot of nasties, and Bob is not welcomed with open arms!


  • Very well-researched in terms of AI.


  • Can be very difficult to follow.

For We Are Many

For We Are Many (Bobiverse)

Bob Johansson, the sentient computer who had previously not been a believer in the afterlife, is the controlling intelligence for a probe.

In this novel, Bob has been searching for habitable planets outside of Earth for around 40 years. However, the Earth is a very different place.

A war has killed off 99.9% of the human race and Earth is becoming more and more difficult to live on.

In space, the Brazilian space probes have been sent out to blow up the competition. The Bobs are still exploring their surroundings to see if there is a habitable planet nearby.

Bob anticipated a life of exploration, but he didn’t get this. Instead, this novel sees him become a sky God to a native species.

This gives some hope to the idea of getting humanity to a new home before they all end up being killed by certain species.


  • There are lots of interesting ideas in this novel.
  • Taylor’s humor is very funny.


  • There are some more difficult aspects to the book.

All These Worlds

All These Worlds (Bobiverse)

This is a great novel by Dennis E. Taylor. After Bob has spent nearly a century in space, he continues to get himself into lots of trouble.

He and the other Bobs have greeted enough colonies so that humanity will not go extinct. The humans will be able to inhabit these colonies.

However, they face many other problems. The Brazilian probes that we saw in For We Are Many are attempting to take out all competition.

As well as this, the Bobs have angered another species that has a short temper and a huge appetite known as the Others.

The Bobs are still battling for the prospect of a decisive final battle. They are hoping to defend Earth and the human colonies for the rest of time. However, they are not very disciplined, so they cause more problems than they solve!

They seek salvation which they eventually find in deep space. This discovery will save Earth if they get to it before the Others!


  • The storylines are full of adventure.
  • You won’t get bored reading this!


  • This novel can be complicated to read and understand.

Heaven’s River

Heaven's River (Bobiverse)

This is a fantastic best-selling adventure by Dennis E. Taylor. This novel looks at Bender.

Bender set out for the stars over 100 years ago, and he was never heard from again. There has been no trace of him whatsoever, even though he has been searched for.

Bob decides that he will do anything he can to find Bender and learn his fate. However, the Bobiverse is never straightforward.

Bob’s descendants are the 24th generation, and they are so different that they are no longer considered the same as Bobs.

Some of these Bobs have plans of their own and some are against Bob’s plan.

While this is occurring, Bob and those that support him are searching for Bender.

While they are in deep space, they find something very complicated that could either save the universe or destroy it.

This is the final book in the series so far!


  • There is a lot of excitement in this novel.


  • There are some very complicated ideas to follow in the novel.

Other Novels By Dennis. E. Taylor

A Change of Plans

Dennis E. Taylor’s first novel was named Outland. It is a self-published novel that was then officially published in 2018.

He has also written two other novels including:

Taylor’s books have been translated into lots of different languages. These include Japanese, German, French, and Polish!

In October 2018, Taylor was recognized as a Visionary Storyteller by the Science Fiction Advisory Council. This group of science fiction writers are then able to advise the X-Prize team to envision the future.

Dennis Taylor was then invited to one of the Talks at Google. Here, he discussed what influenced his writing and what he plans to move on to next.

The Bobiverse series is not yet over. There is expected to be another one coming out very soon. It is thought that Taylor is about 2/3rds of the way through this novel already, so it should be expected very soon.

Final Thoughts

The Bobiverse series was written by Dennis E. Taylor. It is a fascinating series that sets itself aside from lots of other books in the same genre.

It is well researched and the author, Taylor, has a background in Artificial Intelligence.

There are 4 novels in this series and they should be read in order of publication. This is how the series was intended to be read by the author.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Novels Are There In Bobiverse?

There are four novels in Bobiverse. This is a series written by Dennis E. Taylor which was very successful and has garnered a large amount of interest and attention.

Who Wrote The Bobiverse Series?

Dennis E. Taylor wrote the Bobiverse series. He has only written nine novels overall, and four of them are written within the Bobiverse.

Is Dennis E. Taylor Retired?

Dennis E. Taylor is a retired computer programmer. He is very well known for his work that explores the interaction between artificial intelligence and the human condition.

How Many Novels Has Dennis. E. Taylor Written?

Dennis Taylor has written and published nine novels so far in his career.

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