Books Like 1632 By Eric Flint (6 Recommendations)

Do you love alternate history novels? If so, you must be familiar with Eric Flint’s 1632 series. But what other books can fans of the series enjoy?

1632 is a non-fiction book series authored by Eric Flint.

Books Like 1632 By Eric Flint (6 Recommendations)

The series explores an imaginary scenario in which modern-day West Virginia villagers travel back in time to Europe—specifically to Germany in May 1631.

Throughout the novel, these travelers attempt to not only survive their changed environment but also shape it for their own benefit and the benefit of their descendants back home.

If you have enjoyed 1632 and are looking for similar stories, there are plenty of options out there.

Here are some great books like 1632 that offer thrilling alternate history plots set in different medieval settings.

If you love 1642 by Eric Flint, you’re not going to want to miss out on these classics of modern-day science fiction to add to your library collection. Similar books are ‘A Brother’s Price’, ‘Lest Darkness Fall’, ‘Island In The Sea Of Time’ and more.

Books Like 1632 By Eric Flint (6 Recommendations)

Themes In 1632

Time Jump

1632 (Ring of Fire)

In northern Germany during the early 1600s, life was incredibly difficult for the peasantry. Famine, disease, and religious wars had taken a heavy toll on the population, leaving many dead or destitute.

The only people who seemed to remain relatively unscathed were the aristocrats, while death was often seen as a mercy for those living in poverty.

Fast-forward to 2000 in Grantville, West Virginia, and things are looking much brighter.

Mike Stern’s sister is getting married and everyone is having a great time – including the entire local chapter of the United Mine Workers of America, which Mike leads.

It’s a stark contrast to what was happening in Germany centuries before; now there is hope and optimism for the future instead of despair.


This novel is set during the Thirty Years’ War, and so is rife with public unease, military tension, and conflict.

Culture Clash

Not only is there a war going on in the time period the mining town is sent back to, but they themselves arriving in Germany form a clash of cultures, not just geographic in nature, but temporally too.

Plot Theme

The 1632 series, written by Eric Flint and other authors, is a sprawling alternate history saga that follows the events of the Thirty Years War. The main plot threads focus on the political developments within the series and several key characters.

However, with the opening of the canon to other writers, plot threads in other geographical regions can be explored in more detail. This allows for a much richer and more nuanced exploration of this period of history.

The various plot threads are interconnected and often converge or diverge according to the needs of the story. 

For example, one thread may focus on a particular character’s journey, while another may explore how their actions have impacted a certain region or nation.

This creates an intricate web of stories that all contribute to a larger narrative about this time period.

By exploring these different plot threads, readers can gain insight into how different parts of Europe were affected by this tumultuous era and how it shaped our modern world.

Books Like 1642 By Eric Flint

A Brother’s Price

A Brother's Price

“A Brother’s Price” is a coming-of-age book where most of the population is female. In this society, there is one man that is sold to marry all women in one family.

Despite the disadvantages of being a male in such a society, there are some advantages as well. For example, Jerin can get away with throttling his older sister and everyone will just laugh it off.

The novel follows Jerin as he navigates this unique world and discovers more about himself and his family’s past.

He learns that his grandfather was once a kidnapped prince, and he has five sisters, who are all eager to find him a suitable wife.

As he embarks on this journey of self-discovery, readers will be taken on an exciting adventure full of unexpected twists and turns.


  • An interesting spin where gender roles are reversed where and men are an oppressed, objectified commodity
  • The story comes together in a fantastic way where pieces fit together perfectly


  • The world created is very dark and dire

Themes: Coming of Age, Alternative Universe.

Lest Darkness Fall

Lest Darkness Fall & Timeless Tales Written in Tribute

The fall of the Roman Empire marked a dark time in history, ushering in an age of chaos and ignorance. For centuries, Europe was shrouded in darkness as superstition and fear spread throughout the land.

The light of reason had been extinguished and knowledge was lost to the ages, but in “Lest Darkness fall” thankfully, there was one man with the power to recover that which was buried by conflict and history.

With his help, they could bring back the light of reason and progress that had been lost during the Dark Ages


  • Book has had a great influence on the science fiction genre
  • Characters are deeply developed


  • The plot has been deemed boring by some readers

Themes: Roman Empire, Historical Journey

Nantucket – Book One. Island In The Sea Of Time

Island in the Sea of Time

Nantucket is the setting of S.M. Stirling’s novel, “Island in the Sea of Time”. It is spring season on the Nantucket setting and mostly everything appears to be normal, however, a storm ends up blanketing the entire island.

Ian Arnstein steps off the large ferry and hefts his bags, thankful for his heavier overcoat as the chill of a foggy evening in March sets in.

The story follows Ian as he discovers that Nantucket has been transported back in time three thousand years to 1250 BC.

He must now find a way to survive in this new world while also trying to figure out how they got there and if it’s possible to return home.

Along with his friends, he embarks on an epic journey filled with danger, adventure, and unexpected allies.



  • Aspects of violence and race issues can be off putting for readers

Themes: Fiction, Time Travel, Survival.

Weapons Of Choice (Axis Of Time, Book 1)

Weapons of Choice (The Axis of Time Trilogy, Book 1)

In “Weapons of Choice” an experiment of the military in 2021 has thrown open a portal to 1942, introducing modern weapons and tactics into an era unprepared for them. This impossible event has spawned the unthinkable – a new Axis of Time.

The Caliphate spy, Adil, had resettled himself against a comfortable groove in the sandalwood tree overlooking Dili.

He was there to observe and report on this strange new development that threatened to upset the balance of power in World War II.

Weapons of Choice: The Axis of Time is an exciting novel that follows Adil as he navigates this dangerous new world and attempts to prevent disaster from striking both sides.

With its thrilling action sequences and thought-provoking plot twists, it is sure to keep readers on their toes until its explosive conclusion.


  • The second act of the book is strong
  • Political and social aspects make an interesting read


  • Some readers claim this is one of the weaker books in the series but thoroughly enjoyed the rest.

Themes: Time Travel, Adventure, Science Fiction, Thriller.

A Liaden Universe Constellation: Volume 1: Liaden Universe

A Liaden Universe Constellation: 1

The “Liaden Universe” is a science fiction series that follows the story of a group of people who have been displaced from their home planet (If you like science fiction, check out Ready Player One and other books like it).

They are forced to flee when their home is discovered and destroyed by a powerful conspiracy. With no place to go, they must find a new home in the stars.

The Liaden Universe is full of adventure, mystery, and intrigue as the characters search for clues about their missing planet.

Along the way, they encounter strange creatures, explore unknown planets, and battle against powerful forces that threaten their lives.

The characters must rely on each other to survive in this hostile universe and ultimately discover the truth behind their missing home.

As they uncover secrets and unravel mysteries, they come to understand that sometimes you can’t go home again—but you can still find a place to call your own.


  • Ties gaps together well
  • Illuminating read and gives glimpses into various settings, creatures, and environments that make up these short stories


  • Some short stories are far superior to others in the book

Themes: Adventure, Science Fiction, Mystery Alternative Universe.

Off Armageddon Reef: Safehold Series, Book 1

Off Armageddon Reef

The fantastical “Off Armageddon Reef” is set in a science fiction world where survivors have decided to settle down on the planet Safehold, which was named by themselves when they arrived.

They wanted to escape from a war on this planet, but as usual for a science fiction suspense, this does not go to plan!

The main plan for these survivors is to create a pre-industrial society on the planet to keep them safe until the main force of danger around them passes on.

The administrator instead erases the memories of the survivors to alter their reality, resulting in them thinking they are the very first people.

What happens next? Well, we’ve left the suspense for you, the reader, to find out.


  • A fascinating and interesting read, with a compelling story.


  • Can be frustrating as it is a very slow burner
  • Many typos and mistakes

Themes: Fiction, Gods, Religious Topics.

Final Thoughts

If you enjoyed 1632 by Eric Flint, then you should definitely check out these other books like it.

Island in the Sea of Time, Axis of Time, and Liaden Universe are all exciting science fiction stories that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

Each book offers a unique take on time travel and alternate universes, with plenty of action and adventure to keep readers engaged until the very end.

So, if you’re looking for a thrilling read, then these books are sure to satisfy you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Books Should You Try Out If You Like The Nantucket Trilogy?

One book to consider is Candelaria by Elin Hilderbrand. This novel follows the story of two sisters who have been estranged for years but must reunite in order to save their family’s beloved hotel on Nantucket Island.

Another great option is Start Date by Joanna Philbin, which tells the story of two women who find themselves in a complicated situation when one of them falls for her best friend’s ex-boyfriend while vacationing on Nantucket Island. 

What Do People Think Of 1632?

Many appreciate the initial premise of a modern-day West Virginia town being sent back in time to 1632 Germany, as it provides an interesting and unique setting for the story. 

However, many feel that the characters are mostly caricatures and lack depth.

While this may be fine for some action-packed novels, 1632 spends a lot of time on character development that can come across as clichéd and overly romanticized. 

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