5 Books Like 77 Shadow Street (By Dean Koontz)

77 Shadow Street is a New York Times Bestselling sci-fi novel written by American novelist Dean Koontz.

5 Books Like 77 Shadow Street (By Dean Koontz)

First released in December 2011, the book follows a diverse group of individuals living in an old apartment building renowned for its long history of hauntings, murders, and mystery.

The book was the 101st novel Koontz released.

It is set in the Pendleton, a mysterious apartment building named after the original owner of the property, a man who saw his wife and children abducted before he later killed himself.

This dark, heart-stopping thriller is narrated through the viewpoints of each of the apartment’s occupants.

This includes the sinister characters of Witness and One. A master of suspense, this novel is tragic, eerie, creepy, thrilling, and gripping from start to finish.

It sits firmly in the horror fiction and science fiction genre and is perfect for anyone that loves mystery, supernatural fiction, and paranormal activity.

Of course, if you’ve already read 77 Shadow Street, this should be no revelation, as you’re here to find something new to read. Luckily for you, we have exactly what you need!

If you love 77 Shadow Street by Dean Koontz, you’ll also thoroughly enjoy novels like Resident Evil, Sphere, The Mist, Midnight is a Lonely Place, and Hex. If you’re looking for a book similar to 77 Shadow Street, these are the novels you should check out first.

We look at these books in more detail further down this post.

Themes In 77 Shadow Street

77 Shadow Street

Before we start looking at books similar to 77 Shadow Street, you need to fully understand the themes within the book.

It is through the understanding of these themes that we can find books similar to the bestseller.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the themes in this book are very dark.

By no means at all is it a novel for individuals looking for an upbeat, happy, fun, and humor-filled book.

This novel is the complete opposite. It is dark, gritty, psychological, thrilling, and at times almost scary.

In many ways, it is exactly what we’d want from a horror fiction or science fiction book.

The main themes you’ll find in this novel are madness, mass murder, suicide, horror, suspense, drama, danger, and many more.

The book is full of eerie and creepy stories, death, paranormal activity, loss, supernatural goings on, and so much mystery.

There are also undertones of insanity just to keep us on edge even more.

If we’re being totally honest, finding a novel that contains all the same themes as 77 Shadow Street isn’t easy because the book is crammed with darkness.

However, finding other novels that are dark and full of death, mystery, paranormal activity, and madness isn’t too difficult.

In fact, we’ve found quite a few!

Books Like 77 Shadow Street

Resident Evil By S.D. Perry

Code: Veronica (Resident Evil #6)

The Resident Evil collection by S.D. Perry is full of gruesome tales and hapless heroes.

This particular Resident Evil book follows Claire Redfield on her desperate quest to track down her missing brother.

Her quest leads her to a mysterious remote island, which happens to be home to a mad genius that has unleashed a huge collection of grotesque monsters.

It is down to Claire to fight back against the island and save her brother from the most horrific death.

If you enjoyed the mystery, suspense, and horror side of things from the 77 Shadow Street book, you’ll almost certainly love what this book has to offer.

You might even enjoy the gore in this book more.



  • Compared to 77 Shadow Street, this book focuses more on action and gore as opposed to mystery.

Themes: crime, horror, blood, guts, gore, thriller, action, family, and fighting.

Sphere By Michael Crichton


Sphere is a classic thriller written by New York Times bestselling author Michael Crichton.

In the writing of this book, Crichton has combined extremely plausible technology and science with pulse-raising action and serious chills to create an incredibly interesting and exciting novel.

The story focuses on a group of American scientists that have been sent to investigate an alien ship found on the ocean floor.

In true Michael Crichton style, things take a turn for the worse and the group is exposed to a truly terrifying discovery.

We recommend this book if you enjoyed the supernatural and paranormal aspects of 77 Shadow Street (If you like stories with supernatural themes, you might want to check out Stranger Things and other books like it here). It’s also a great read if you love suspense and mystery.


  • This book will keep you gripped.
  • Just like 77 Shadow Street, this novel is full of mystery.
  • This is a one-off book. You don’t need to read a full series.


  • This book is more about alien life rather than paranormal and supernatural lifeforms like 77 Shadow Street.

Themes: darkness, psychology, mystery, human nature, science, and space.

The Mist By Stephen King

The Mist

The fact The Mist is written by Stephen King tells us everything we need to know about it.

Stephen King is famous for writing mysterious, horror, and thriller fiction books that have a strong psychological theme and usually plenty of death.

A lot of his books also contain some kind of paranormal or supernatural creature. The Mist is no different.

The Mist is about an American town that has been engulfed in a thick, mysterious mist as humanity fights against unholy destruction.

Stuck inside a local grocery store, two groups of people must fight to survive.

However, survival becomes a lot harder when it is discovered that the mist contains an army of scary creatures.

This is a great read if you love sci-fi thrillers, suspense, mystery, and violence.


  • Stephen King is one of the best in the business.
  • This book will keep you on the edge of your seat.
  • The Mist gets the reader thinking deeply about life.


  • The characters in this book aren’t very likable.

Themes: destruction, violence, death, supernatural, fear, religion, and division.

Midnight Is A Lonely Place By Barbara Erskine

Midnight Is a Lonely Place

Midnight is a Lonely Place by Barbara Erskine is one of the best books you can read if you loved 77 Shadow Street for paranormal activity.

Despite being better known for writing slip romance novels, Barbara Erskine has done a great job of writing an eerie paranormal novel.

This gripping tale is full of secrets, revenge, and betrayal.

The story centers around Kate Kennedy, a biographer that retires to a remote island after a love affair.

Situated on the Essex Coast, it isn’t long until an ancient Roman site is unearthed by the landlord’s daughter.

With it comes long-buried mysteries from thousands of years ago. All alone, Kate faces a battle with mysterious forces and spirits from the past.


  • This novel has been well-researched and contains real historical findings.
  • This story will keep you gripped.
  • The paranormal themes within the story are similar to those in 77 Shadow Street


Themes: romance, mystery, ghosts, history, loneliness, revenge, betrayal, and secrets.

Hex By Thomas Olde Heuvelt


Hex is an interesting novel written by Thomas Olde Heuvelt. Offering a surprise to many, this book is dark, mysterious, and intriguing.

It also offers a unique insight into human behavior.

It is the darkness, mysteriousness, and eeriness of this story that make it a great read for anyone that loves 77 Shadow Street.

The story is set in the town of Black Spring. Here, the locals are cursed.

Anyone that’s born in the town or moves to the town is doomed to stay there until they die. If they try to leave and don’t come back, they will die.

Black Spring is also home to the terrifying Black Rock Witch. The town was cursed because of terrible things the locals did.


  • This book is perfect for those of you that love horror.
  • Hex offers us an interesting insight into human behavior.
  • You’ll be kept guessing right to the end.


  • The idea behind this story isn’t that unique.

Themes: witches, haunted places, human behavior, darkness, drama, and danger.

Final Thoughts

That concludes our list of books that are like 77 Shadow Street.

As you can see from this post, there are plenty of exciting books you can read if you enjoyed Dean Koontz’s bestselling novels.

In this post, we gave you a brief rundown of what 77 Shadow Street has to offer and what themes are used throughout the story.

We then used the themes in the book to show you the best books that are similar to the novel.

These included Hex, The Mist, Midnight is a Lonely Place, and Sphere.

Now you have this list of similar books at your disposal, you should take your time to decide which one you want to read first.

We’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy all of the books we looked at, so why don’t you make yourself a wishlist so you can make sure you read them all eventually?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 77 Shadow Street Part Of A Series?

77 Shadow Street wasn’t originally part of a series. However, Dean Koontz decided to write a book to go alongside 77 Shadow Street.

That book was called The Moonlit Mind. With 77 Shadow Street, this book makes 77 Shadow Street #0.5 book series.

How Many Pages Does 77 Shadow Street Have?

77 Shadow Street is quite a big read. In total, this bestselling book has 451 pages. It is available in paperback, hardback, and ebook format.

What Other Books Has Dean Koontz Written?

Dean Koontz isn’t just famous for writing 77 Shadow Street. He has written a wide range of great books. Some of the most popular include Watchers, Odd Thomas, Quicksilver, and The Big Dark Sky.

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