20 Best Billionaire Romance Books Like Bared to You

With her powerful and provocative Bared to You, #1 New York Times bestselling author Sylvia Day swept readers away to the sleek and steamy world of billionaires. Goodbye Excel spreadsheets, hello daydreams of money and the men behind it. 

Hot Billionaire Romance Reads: The 20 Best Books Like Bared to You

If you couldn’t get enough of Bared to You and devoured every page of Eva and Gideon’s electric chemistry, you’re bound to swoon right into the arms of these 20 billionaire romances.

In Flight by R.K. Lilley

In Flight (Up In The Air)

First-class flight attendant Bianca has it all under control. From champagne flutes to flights in heels, she’s self-possessed and sharp. 

Billionaire hotel owner James Cavendish changes that. 

Bianca tries to resist temptation, but she can’t ignore her desires forever. Their chemistry crackles as the affair begins—but their respective traumatic pasts threaten everything. 

Showstopping and sordid, you’ll want to pick up your copy here.

The Stopover by T.L. Swan

The Stopover (The Miles High Club, 1)

For more mile-high romance, check out The Stopover by T.L. Swan. 

When Emily’s upgraded to first class, she’s captivated by her blue-eyed seatmate. Sparks fly and a coincidence turns into a passionate one-night stand—and that’s all.

A year later, after starting a new job, Emily is shocked to see Mr. Blue-Eyes is her boss. He immediately calls her in for a private meeting. Emily’s not the woman she was twelve months ago, but the temptation might be too much to resist.

Check out The Stopover here

Release Me by J. Kenner

Release Me (The Stark Series #1)

Nikki always says yes on her terms, but she knows a no is necessary when it comes to confident and commanding billionaire Damien Stark. 

She tries and doesn’t quite succeed. 

As their undeniable attraction grows, so do the secrets between them. Passion grows obsessive, and Nikki must determine how far she’ll go to keep Damien. 

Check out Release Me here.

Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James

Fifty Shades Of Grey: Book One of the Fifty Shades Trilogy (Fifty Shades of Grey Series, 1)

You’ve seen the movie. You’ve heard the scandalized chatter. Now, it’s time for you to check out where it all started.

Fifty Shades of Grey follows literature student Anastasia as she steps into the erotic and electric world of billionaire Christian Grey. Grey demands control, and Anastasia lets him as she discovers her own darkest desires. 

Long after you close the book, Anastasia and Grey will haunt you. 

Grab your copy here.

Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren 

Beautiful Bastard (1) (The Beautiful Series)

Chloe Mills has a problem, and his name is Bennett Ryan. You know the story: Chloe’s an intern, and Bennett is a gorgeous heir with a media business to run. But despite what everyone says, Bennett’s never indulged in a workplace hookup—until Chloe unknowingly torments him. 

Steamy, seductive, and smart, Beautiful Bastard drives its characters to the breaking point until they question: what are they willing to sacrifice for their salacious affair?

Find out the answer when you grab the story here

The Favor by Suzanne Wright

The Favor

Marriage of convenience enters the picture with Suzanne Wright’s The Favor. 

Vienna is billionaire Dane Davenport’s assistant, and she knows she can’t let herself become indebted to a ruthless man like him. She still accepts his help, and in return, he asks that she becomes his wife for twelve months. And how can Vienna resist a man as charming and seductive as Dane?

See how the affair progresses here.

Lush Money: A Royalty Romance by Angelina M. Lopez

Lush Money: A Royalty Romance (Filthy Rich, 1)

Look out, boys: Angelina M. Lopez brings us self-made billionaire Roxanne Medina, a sharp woman who knows what she wants. In this case, it’s a marriage of convenience from impoverished prince Mateo. 

All Mateo wants is to save his wine-producing principality, not to enter three-nights-a-month marriage with Roxanne. Or so he tells himself: Roxane sweeps him off his feet, and he can only resist his desire for so long. 

Lush Money is subversive, steamy, and perfectly suited for fans of powerful heroines.

Check it out here.

Dawsk by Erhu Kome Yellow


If you’ve ever imagined a billionaire sweeping you away from your grueling job, Dawsk is sure to fulfill your fantasies. 

Simisola is unlucky in love and underpaid in her nursing job. Aiden Essien, a secretive billionaire with a simmering secret, might just change both. Yet when Simisola’s long-lost boyfriend re-enters her life, she finds herself torn between the two men. 

Magical and mysterious, Dawsk will captivate you from start to finish. 

Find your copy here.

This Man by Jodi Ellen Malpas

This Man

You’ll be addicted to the electrifying romance between interior designer Ava and playboy Jesse Ward. Maybe you’ll think you should turn away, much like Ava. 

But the chemistry between Ava and Jesse makes an affair feel inevitable, and soon, their lives are entangled. 

Devil’s Deal by Michele Arris

Discover how this seductive story ends here

Devil's Deal (Tarnished Billionaires)

Like Ava, Bailey in Devil’s Deal is a career-focused interior designer who’s closed off to love. Men are too much trouble—especially men like CEO billionaire Lucas Marx. Lucas is determined to find his way into Ava’s heart, whatever it takes.

Find out if he succeeds here

The Lawyer by Marni Mann

The Lawyer (The Dalton Family)

From USA Today best-selling author Marni Mann, The Lawyer is a tantalizing look into romance and money in Hollywood.

Kendall shouldn’t get involved with her sister’s cutthroat lawyer, Dominick Dalton. But a steamy one-night stand turns into something more when Kendall and Dominick can’t keep their hands off each other. Soon enough, Dominick wants to make her famous—which means changing everything Kendall has ever known and sharing the screen with her envious sister.

To see if Kendall chases fame and fortune, check out The Lawyer here.

Twisted Love by Ana Huang

Twisted Love (Twisted, 1)

Perfect for fans of the brother’s best friend trope, Ana Huang’s Twisted Love tells the thrilling and twisted story of an unexpected affair. 

Alex can’t escape his dark past. He doesn’t let himself think about it, though. He doesn’t let himself think about much of anything at all.

Everything changes when he’s forced to look after his brother’s best friend, the kind yet haunted Ava. He wasn’t supposed to develop feelings for her, but she’s worth everything—even facing his secrets.

See how Alex and Ava’s story unfolds here.

Tease by Melanie Harlow

Tease: Special Edition Paperback (Cloverleigh Farms Next Generation Special Edition Paperbacks)

Fans of fake dating will delight in Melanie Harlow’s Tease. When Felicity faces a mean girl at her high school reunion, she blurts that she’s engaged—to a hot billionaire.

Felicity enlists an old friend, reclusive billionaire Hutton French, to play her fiancé for the night. Yet when their engagement hits the news, Felicity and Hutton have no choice except commit to the lie. And what good lie doesn’t include kissing practice and dirty talk (for practice, of course)? 

Pick up your copy here and see if Felicity and Hutton can drop fake from fiancés and become something real. 

The Last Eligible Billionaire by Pippa Grant

The Last Eligible Billionaire

Look no further for the fake dating, sunshine-and-grump romance of your dream. Pippa Grant’s The Last Eligible Billionaire will have you swooning and laughing in the same breath. 

Begonia has one job: play at being Hayes Rutherford’s girlfriend to ward off his matchmaking family. The check’s worth it, even if fake-dating Hayes is like talking to a brick wall. He’s cold, unavailable, with his walls up. As the charade continues, Begonia sneaks past Hayes’ defenses—but of course, that’s when the scandals begin.

See if Begonia and Hayes can drop the act for something real here.

The Fine Print by Lauren Asher

The Fine Print Special Edition (Dreamland Billionaires, 1)

If you’re in the mood for another sunshine-and-grump duo, Lauren Asher has your back with The Fine Print. 

Rowan makes dreams come true: theme parks, five-star hotels, you name it. Zahra’s his harshest critic. When she drunkenly criticizes Dreamland’s pricy ride, she expects to be fired. Instead, Rowan does what he does best in offering Zahra a dream job. 

The only problem? Rowan’s as ornery as they come, and Zahra’s heart doesn’t care.

Check it out here, and you’re in luck: The Fine Print has two connected standalone novels about three billionaire brothers. 

The Big Fake: An Enemies To Lovers Romance by Penelope Bloom

The Big Fake

The Big Fake is a trope lover’s dream. With enemies-to-lovers and fake dating, what more could you ask for?

Even if the answer is nothing, Penelope Bloom still delivers a swoon-worthy romance between Pearl and Dean. What begins as a scheme between two people who were both cheated on becomes a messy lie with real feelings involved. Between practice kisses and painfully obvious chemistry, Pearl and Dean will capture your heart.

Pick up a copy here.

One Bossy Date by Nicole Snow

One Bossy Date: An Enemies to Lovers Romance (Bossy Seattle Suits)

It’s hate at first sight in Nicole Snow’s One Bossy Date. 

An accidental date brings Piper and Brock Winthrope together, and sheer chemistry keeps them together. After a heated rendezvous, Piper gets the shock of her life at her shitty marketing job: Brock is her billionaire boss. Tension builds and banter flies as Piper and Brock are forced to work together. It could be tolerable—if they could keep their hands off each other.

Every enemies-to-lovers aficionado should pick up your copy here.

The Ex I’d Love to Hate by Nadia Lee

The Ex I'd Love to Hate (The Lasker Brothers)

Enemies-to-lovers, opposites attract, second chance romance: Nadia Lee’s The Ex I’d Love to Hate is a treasure trove of tropes too good to resist. 

Grant Lasker was Aspen’s first love before he betrayed her trust—now, he’s her boss. 

Aspen is determined to stick with the job, even when she discovers just who she’s working for. After all, she needs it to keep her grandfather comfortable in assisted living. Yet Grant seems to think that Aspen betrayed him. 

The truth? Much more complicated than you’d think.

See sparks fly between Aspen and Grant here.

Been There Done That by Hope Ellis

Been There Done That: A Sexy Second Chance Romance (Leffersbee Series)

You’ll swoon for this second-chance romance between Zora and her high school sweetheart, Nick Ross. Nick broke Zora’s heart once, and she’s not keen to let him do it again, especially with her tenure on the line. But even if Zora wants nothing to do with Nick, Nick can’t help but want to protect Zora. 

See if Zora and Nick get their second chance here

Praise by Sara Cate

Praise (Salacious Players' Club, 1)

Scandalous and steamy, Sara Cate’s Praise takes the “ex-boyfriend’s dad” trope to the next level. When Charlie goes to collect a check from her neglectful ex, Emerson Grant—her ex’s father—hires her on the spot to be his secretary. 

Soon, their relationship develops into something more. And even though Charlie has every reason to stay away, the temptation is too difficult to resist when Grant worships her.

See the explosive results when you grab your copy here

The Chemistry Can’t Compare

If you don’t want to return to reality after speeding through this list, you’re in luck: many of these authors have plenty of other books that will keep you daydreaming. And who knows? Maybe the moneyed man of your dreams is out there waiting for you. 

Bonus: 10 readers’ favorite billionaire romance books

1. Pregnant by the Billionaire’s Command by Dani Wyatt

2. Billionaire’s Secret Baby by Joanne Jaytanie

3. Billionaire’s Baby Surprise by Judy Angelo

4. The Billionaire’s Unexpected Baby by Sophia Summers

5. Billionaire’s Baby Bargain by Chantelle Shaw

6. A Billionaire’s Secret Proposal by Janice Maynard

7. The Billionaire’s Baby Secret by Olivia Gates

8. Billionaire Baby Daddy by Joss Wood

9. Billionaire’s Virgin Bride by Lucy Monroe

10. The Billionaire’s Baby Plan by Jennifer Hayward


What is the billionaire romance book trope?

Glad you asked! Simply put, the love interest is a billionaire. Who wouldn’t want a man with a bunch of money to show up and change their life?

Is there a sixth book in the Crossfire series?

There are 5 books in the Crossfire series to date!

What should I read after Sylvia Day’s Crossfire series?

Any of the books listed here are great options! Plus, if you know you like the tropes within this series, Goodreads is a fantastic place to find like-minded readers.

Who writes like Sylvia Day?

While all of the authors here are great matches, look to the first half of the list for the authors who don’t shy away from the steamier scenes.

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