3 Books Like Beautiful Disaster (By Jamie McGuire)

Written by Jamie McGuire and published in 2011, Beautiful Disaster has become a New York Times Bestseller of New Adult Romance and has only grown in success. McGuire has since transformed her stand-alone novel into a series for us all to obsess over.

3 Books Like Beautiful Disaster (By Jamie McGuire)

With drama, lust, and angst at the forefront of this novel, it was no shock that new adults (18-24-year-olds) were in love with the book from the get-go. With a simple plot line, there is nothing for you to do except relax and turn the page.

Below are 3 books like Beautiful Disaster. With everything from a bad boy and good girl, romance, and of course drama, you will have everything you need to fill your night.

After all, we all need a little romantic drama in our lives, and it’s even better when it isn’t real! Are you ready to discover a whole new world of new adult romance? Let’s get started!

Do you love the enemies-to-lovers trope? When characters are so right for each other it hurts? Then you will love Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire. We also have 3 books like Beautiful Disaster for you to fall in love with.

Themes In Beautiful Disaster

Themes In Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful Disaster is often readers’ first step into the world of new adult romance. A genre made for those that love the simplicity of young adult romance but need a little extra spice (see also “3 Books Like Shatter Me (By Tahereh Mafi)“).

Through this novel, you will follow college student Abby Abernathy as she runs from her dark past straight into the arms of bad boy and the campus charmer, Travis Maddox. Abby is the ultimate good girl and is ready to start fresh.

Travis is a successful ring fighter and is determined to make Abby a part of his life. This book is filled with intense romance, explicit scenes, and a plot twist at every turn. Perfect if you are looking to live vicariously through your characters.

The primary theme of Beautiful Disaster is romance and lust. As Travis is entranced by Abby and Abby is hugely attracted to Travis, hormones are on high alert. With stolen moments and heated arguments, they can’t seem to keep their hands off each other!

McGuire has inserted underlying themes of trust. With both characters having secrets in their past, how can they ever build a future together? Slowly, their relationship becomes more than just passion and they begin to trust each other. Scars and all.

However, one of the biggest themes throughout this entire novel is jealousy. And boy do we love a little bit of jealousy in our romance novels.

As more men become interested in the polite, got-it-all-together Abby, Travis can’t help himself but chase them away.

Whether it is through a dominating stare, physical violence, or convincing Abby to break it off with them, they will never have what’s his. Abby shows her jealousy in more subtle ways but she is still determined to have what she wants.

Books Like Beautiful Disaster

As the Beautiful Disaster novel comes to an end, you can either continue the story with the sequels Walking Disaster and A Beautiful Wedding, or you can venture into something new.

Rock Me By Cherrie Lynn

Rock Me: Ross Siblings, Book 2

Rock Me is the second book within the Ross Siblings series by Cherrie Lynn. Although each book is a stand-alone, you can read in whichever order you like. This novel follows Candace who is ready to take control of her own life.

Heading out to get some rebellious ink she heads to the one person she knows will do it well, her cousin’s ex-boyfriend. Candace quickly realizes just how intense her feelings for this forbidden fruit are.

Brian is ready to take what is his and he will fight anyone who tries to get in between them. Rock Me is everything you would want in a new adult romance book- it’s dark, exciting, and passionate.

It includes a range of themes including angst, possessiveness, and love. For instance, Candace is a college student, ready to take her life into her own hands. And has no idea where that may just take her.

Brian has finally got the sweet, innocent Candace to admit her feelings and he is not going to let her go. But, as the characters begin to explore their feelings, they find a love that conquers all and nothing is going to break it.


  • Cherrie Lynn has perfectly captured an intense, fast-falling romance story. Where everyone is against them and they are ready to fight for each other.


  • With more than a few explicit scenes, the intended audience is definitely over the age of 18. However, if you prefer something a little more implicit and slow-paced, then this steamy novel may not be for you. 

Themes: love, relationships, possessiveness, love conquers all, control.

Bared To You By Sylvia Day

Bared to You (A Crossfire Novel)

The first book in the Crossfire series is by #1 New York Times bestselling author Sylvia Day and is a provocative masterpiece of passion and recklessness that revolutionized what it means to desire and became a worldwide hit.

Eva’s life was simple and boring until Gideon crashes into her and takes her life for a much-needed whirl. With an instant, undeniable attraction Eva and Gideon are like a storm in the desert. A necessary disaster.

As they both battle their own demons, they work to help elevate each other in ways neither has ever seen. Bared To You is an extremely hypnotic novel. Trust us, once you start you won’t be able to put it down.

With igniting themes, Bared To You is enthralling and hot. You will find themes like romance, control, and friendship. For instance, as Gideon crashes into Eva’s life, sparks fly, and they are drawn to each other like they were made for each other.

In addition, as Eva’s dark past continues to haunt her, she fights for control over her own life and is scared Gideon won’t be as open as she needs him to be. Finally, the importance of friendship is a strong theme.

With Gideon becoming all that Eva can think about, her other friendships seem to take a backseat. Can she get them back?


  • Bared To You Day captures the struggles of every new adult, even if it is in a more dramatized way.
  • The power struggle of remaining in control while letting someone in, balancing our new romance with other relationships in our life, we can relate.


  • Bared To You does feature abuse which may be triggering for some readers.

Themes: friendship, romance, young adult, control.

Easy By Tammara Webber

Easy (Contours of the Heart Book 1)

If you are after a slow-burning love story where secrets are valuable and being apart may be the thing that ends them all, then you have to read Easy by Tammara Webber.

Follow the journey of Jaqueline as she stumbles through her new life of being a single college student. With her friends ignoring her and failing classes for the first time, Jaqueline is ready to get her life back on track.

When things take a turn for the worst can the quiet boy at the back of the class bring her back? With such well thought out characters and plot lines, it only makes sense that Easy also has some well-crafted themes.

There is the Savior trope: As Jaqueline faces a traumatizing event, Lucas rushes to save her. And he will continue to do so until she gets back to her normal self. Of course, there’s also some romance.

Once Lucas notices the downfall of Jaqueline, there is no turning back for him. He is hooked and will make sure she knows it.

With romance comes Heartbreak: After recently being dumped by her boyfriend, Jaqueline is determined to let no one in. But Lucas is ready to fight and maybe give heartbreak of his own.


  • Webber has been awarded time and time again for her excellent writing style.
  • Known for her ability to create detailed complex characters and plot lines, Easy is no different.
  • This book makes it easy to shut out the real world and engross yourself with young love.


  • However, Easy also deals with explicit scenes of abuse which may be triggering for some readers.

Final Thoughts

Beautiful Disaster is an incredible love story of fighting for what you want. While Abby is dealing with her haunted past, Travis is ready to make sure she knows who she belongs to.

Love, jealousy, and explicit scenes make Beautiful Disaster so enthralling. You will not be able to put it down. Once you read the last sentence, you are going to be looking for your next fix. And we have got you covered.

Above are 3 books like Beautiful Disaster. Dealing with strong romance, lust, and of course heartbreak. Each book has a new way to show us how love conquers all and you absolutely need to read them!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Beautiful Disaster Being Made Into A Movie?

The trailer for “Beautiful Disaster” features a complicated romance between Dylan Sprouse and Virginia Gardner. The movie is an adaptation of the same-titled, best-selling book by Jamie McGuire.

Is There A Sequel To Beautiful Disaster?

Yes. Walking Disaster is the sequel to Beautiful Disaster. There is also a 3rd book, A Beautiful Wedding to complete the trilogy.

How Old Is Travis Maddox?

As the book begins when both Travis and Abby are at college, Travis is depicted as being 19 when the series begins.

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