4 Books Like Beauty And The Beast

Beauty And The Beast truly is a tale as old as time.

Not only did it serve as inspiration for one of Disney’s most beloved animated classics, but it is also an incredibly engaging and romantic novel unto itself!

4 Books Like Beauty And The Beast

However, because of its sheer cultural impact, it is likely that you have already read Beauty And The Beast for yourself and experienced the story of the titular Beauty and Beast of legend.

You’re probably here right now because you are wondering whether there are any books that are similar to Beauty And The Beast, and luckily, you’ve come to the best possible place.

There are actually many books that share a lot of commonalities with Beauty And The Beast and explore many of the same themes and ideas.

And we are here today to show you exactly what these books are and where you can buy them yourself!

If you’re a massive fan of the timeless tale of Beauty And The Beast, then you will definitely enjoy books like Beastly, and Cruel Beauty.

Join us down below to learn even more!

Themes In Beauty And The Beast

Madame de Villeneuve's Original Beauty and the Beast - Illustrated by Edward Corbould and Brothers Dalziel

In order to find the best books that can satisfy readers of Beauty And The Beast, it is pertinent to take a good look at what kinds of themes and ideas the book explores so that we can find books that touch on similar books.

One of the most important themes of Beauty And The Beast is prejudice.

The entire story is about why we should not judge a book by its cover, as the titular Beauty falls deeply in love with the Beast despite his outward appearance, instead admiring the deep quality of his character, such as his love for literature and art.

As such, Beauty And The Beast also more generally explores themes of love, and what it means to fall in love with a person despite their potential numerous flaws.

This has helped to give it a timeless and enduring nature that has helped to make it an immediately recognizable tale for many hundreds of years.

The novel also explores themes of morality, as Beauty’s willingness to look past the Beast’s outward appearance to see his strong qualities speaks well to her character, and pays dividends as she develops a relationship that is incredibly strong.

Morality is also displayed in the character of the Beast, who is cursed to be a beast as a result of his immoral actions as a human.

As well as this, the Beast also refuses to give into his more animalistic instincts at multiple points in the novel, instead opting for morality.

Now that we have a sense of the underlying themes of Beauty And The Beast, let’s take a look at some of the other books that explore similar ideas!

Books Like Beauty And The Beast


Beastly (Kendra Chronicles, 1)

Beastly is perhaps one of the best-known direct adaptations of the original Beauty And The Beast tale in the medium of books.

What sets Beastly directly apart from Beauty And The Beast is that it has a contemporary New York setting, which helps to lend a totally new life to the tale as old as time.

The prose within this novel is really fun and engaging and is told in a way that is very unique, almost as if you are getting a direct insight into the inner workings of the mind of the main character Kyle Kingsbury, who is cursed by his English teacher to bear horrifying scars and hide his face for good.

As the story unfolds, we get to know Kyle very intimately, and as the central romance with Kendra blossoms, readers will very quickly be rapt and drawn right in.

It is very hard to put this book down once you start reading it, as it is incredibly engaging, and you will constantly find yourself wanting to know what happens on the next page. It’s a work of literary magic!


  • Applies a contemporary filter to the original fairy tale.
  • Has incredibly enjoyable prose, and is very engaging.


  • Received a critically panned feature-length movie adaptation.

Themes: Love, Prejudice, The inevitability of change, Appearances, Identity, Contemporary culture, Modern life.

Secret Beast

Secret Beast (Beast of Bishop's Landing)

Secret Beast is actually the first book in a series of novels, so if you want some truly engaging reading that will keep you invested for days and days, then where better to start than with the first book in the series?

Before we dive into the book itself, it is important to mention that it is written with mature adult audiences in mind as it contains sensuous and dark themes.

The beast in this version of the classic tale takes the form of Leo Morelli, who has become renowned in the community of Bishop’s Landing for his intense cruelty.

He is out for money, and he will use the father of Haley Constantine (this story’s ‘Beauty’) in order to get it!

This story depicts the conflict between Leo and Haley, as she is forced to spend thirty days with Leo to help her father to re-earn his freedom.

How their relationship blossoms is very interesting, but also very intense.

If you want an alternative to Beauty And The Beast that is equally as romantic, but also intensely exciting, then this is the one for you!

This book is written by acclaimed author Amelia Wilde, a USA Today bestseller renowned for her storytelling prowess and her ability to build rich and diverse fictional worlds.


  • Features a more fully-fleshed out setting and world than the original fairy tale.
  • Is the first in a series of books.


  • Reading through all of the books in this series would take a very long time.

Themes: Romance, Power, Revenge, Family, Love, Redemption.

Of Beast And Beauty

Of Beast and Beauty

If you want a Beauty And The Beast book that completely flips the tale on its head, then you will love this amazing book from Stacey Jay.

Of Beast And Beauty inverts the dynamic of the story by instead having the beast be the captured prisoner of the beauty of the story.

The beauty in this title is Princess Isra, a blind princess of the city of Yuan who is set to be offered as a human sacrifice for the betterment of the city.

The beast is Gem, a mutant who is fighting to save his people who live on the outskirts of the city.

One of the things that have helped to make this such a popular twist on the story is that it is willing to blur the line between ‘beauty’ and ‘beast’, and is willing to show the darker side of both of the central characters, creating two of the most beautifully realized characters on this list. It’s a real treat to witness their story unfold.


  • Features a more complex portrayal of the two central characters.


  • Is a little more of a slow burn when compared to some of the other entries on this list.

Themes: Love, Prejudice, Morality, Life, Death, Sacrifice, Identity, Artifice, Beauty.

Cruel Beauty

Cruel Beauty (Cruel Beauty Universe Book 1)

What if the titular beauty and beast were actually betrothed to one another, and set to marry?

Cruel Beauty follows Nyx, this story’s ‘Beauty’, as she prepares for her upcoming marriage to the ruler of her kingdom.

Nyx has dedicated herself to training to kill him upon marriage so that she can free her people from his tyranny.

However, things are never quite so simple, and upon moving into the tyrannical ruler’s castle at seventeen, she finds herself falling for the betrothed king.

Now, she must make a choice between saving her people or following her base desires to pursue a life with the man who has now stolen her heart.

This tale is incredibly exciting and injects a few extra stakes into the story.

The central love story comes at the potential cost of the freedom of countless people within the kingdom.

This means you will find yourself constantly questioning the motives and choices of Nyx, as she navigates herself through the complicated world of love and desire!


  • Features extra stakes, and a bit of political intrigue.
  • A truly unique spin on the classic tale.


  • Contains a few elements that do not work perfectly.

Themes: Morality, Death, Revenge, Love, Desire, Marriage, Politics, Myth, Identity.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! Those are just a few of our favorite books that are like Beauty And The Beast but they are easily among some of the absolute best.

Each one offers a very unique experience, and yet offers some of the same familiar elements you have come to expect from the classic story.

These books have become very popular in their own right, and have helped to introduce countless people to the tale as old as time.

It’s not difficult to see why.

Each of these stories brings something new to the table, and pulls the story right into the modern age, injecting excitement, modern ideas, and even a little bit of eroticism into the story.

Each of them is worth your time and worth checking out for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Killed Belle’s Mother?

Belle, the protagonist of Disney’s adaptation of the classic tale, is notable for having lost her mother figure at a young age. In the live-action adaptation from 2017, it is revealed that her mother died of bubonic plague.

What Is Belle’s Full Name?

Belle in the original and live-action versions of Disney’s adaptation does not have a second name that is stated in either version.

Why Is Belle’s Dress Yellow?

Belle’s dress in the animated Disney adaptation of Beauty And The Beast is actually gold, to depict Belle’s character development and growth.

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