5 Books Like Bridgerton To Feed Your Obsession

Most Bridgerton fans may have heard about it through the super popular Netflix show, but the true fans have devoured the Bridgerton series novels too.

5 Books Like Bridgerton To Feed Your Obsession

And if you haven’t started the books just yet, you really should – even if you’ve seen all the shows so far…

The books have everything the show has and more, and the storyline runs quite differently, so there’s no way on earth that you’ll find yourself bored.

The Bridgerton books have romance in spades, juicy gossip, intriguing goings-on, and mystery, captivating characters you want to hear from again and again, stories the reader feels genuinely invested in, and pages that are simply begging to be turned.

However, sadly, there are only 8 novels in the series, which sucks for readers who want to keep the vibes going forever. The good news, however, is that some amazing regency romance books can rival our beloved Bridgerton series, so read on to find out more!

If you devoured the Bridgerton series, then you’re sure to adore the historical romances (with amazing characters and chemistry!) such as Pride And Prejudice, Always Be My Duchess, Mr. Malcolm’s List, Bringing Down the Duke, and How to Get Away with Marriage.

Themes In The Bridgerton Series

High Society

Set in the Regency period, there are the “haves” and “have nots” of the Bridgerton era. There are men of high social standing who are the most sought-after husbands, as they are better positioned to provide well for their women and keep them in a life of luxury.

It’s all about reputation. The ladies want to be with the most impressive men. And to achieve that, they must appear to be perfect in every way. They have to dress in their finery and have the most delightful persuasion and good manners.

Daring Female Characters

In order to obtain a husband, the ladies must dare to become acquainted with such men, which may be intimidating for some. But it is only when ladies dare to show their true selves to a gentleman that they can gain a man’s interest.

The most daring female in the Bridgerton cast is Lady Whistledown. She may not be the queen, but she is most certainly the queen of high society gossip.

Everyone wants to know Lady Whistledown’s true identity and marvels at how she dares to write such sensitive information in the society papers.

Faux Dating

In the first series of Bridgerton, watchers and readers alike are delighted by the faux dating, as Daphne and the Duke of Hastings pretend to be courting.

They both declare that they are not genuinely interested in dating one another, but in an attempt to throw off would-be partners and unwanted attention. However, as they spend more and more time together, they start to really have fun.

The more they get to know each other and the closer they become, they each begin to change their mind, and decide what they truly want is to become a real couple.

Books Like Bridgerton

Pride And Prejudice By Jane Austin

Pride and Prejudice (Penguin Classics)

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.” This is the opening line of the classic novel, Pride and Prejudice, and it sets the tone for the entire book.

Like the Bridgerton book series, Pride and Prejudice follows the romantic adventures of one family in their shared desires to secure their futures and become happily married to an honorable beau.

But the path of true love did never run smooth, and finding the perfect catch in the Regency era is fraught with hilarious misunderstandings and seemingly insurmountable obstacles, and with 5 sisters to be married off, all with various distinct personalities and persuasions, there are so much “will they/won’t they” to keep the reader eagerly turning the pages.

For me, the real attraction in this book is how, despite the culture of the time, there are strong female characters that don’t waiver from being heard, and they afford themselves the value they deserve. Just like in the Bridgerton book and TV series.

In addition to relationship growth, there is palpable character growth as well, not to mention a happy ever after for more than one of the cast of characters.

The only real difference between this book and the Bridgerton series is that all of the siblings in the central family have love interests in just one book rather than being spread across 8 separate books.


  • Truly authentic – both set and written in the regency period
  • The themes of the story are evergreen – they do not age
  • Provides insight into a world and culture beyond our time
  • Can teach the reader plenty of life lessons
  • Elements of wit, sarcasm, and comedy


  • Being written so many years ago, the writing is kinda dated IMO

Themes: High Society, Romance, Pride, Prejudice, Marriage, Regency Period, Daring Female Characters, Social Class, Reputation, Feminism

Always Be My Duchess By Amalie Howard

Always Be My Duchess (Taming of the Dukes Book 1)

This novel is basically Pretty Woman meets the Bridgertons! It starts with Miss Geneviève Valery, a once up-and-coming ballerina who finds herself hopelessly out of work.

However, she accidentally saves the life of the handsome yet stern Duke of Montcroix. In return, the duke makes her an offer she can’t refuse: fake being his fiance in exchange for more than enough money to make a fresh start.

The plan goes ahead, and Miss Valery starts to develop real feelings for the dashing duke. However, after a series of betrayals, he keeps his emotions buried deep, and does not want a wife who is only interested in his money.

In fact, the only reason he put this deal to Miss Valery was that his reputation for being heartless had almost cost him a new business deal, and he believes that having a pretend fiance could help win him the deal.

The representation of the characters is vivid, the duke is not just highly successful, but also brilliant. He has a mental-behavioral disorder and difficulty discerning and expressing emotions, which is the real reason behind his cold and stern reputation.

But when Miss Valery comes on the scene, how could he not fall for her, with her integrity, intelligence, and big heart? However, Miss Valery is feisty and has a temper, which only serves to confuse and frustrate the duke.

So the two of them are in for a bumpy ride when their faux dating leads to genuine romance.


  • Daring female characters including the strong, feisty heroine
  • A real page-turner with a good flow of plot
  • Passion, romance, and explosive chemistry
  • Very funny banter, particularly witty and clever
  • An emphasis on consent


  • Not suitable for younger readers due to raunchy scenes
  • The author occasionally uses modern phrases which makes it feel less authentically Regency period

Themes: High Society, Romance, Courting, Regency Period, Daring Female Characters, Social Class, Reputation, Faux Dating, Pride, Prejudice, Opposites Attract

Mr. Malcolm’s List By Suzanne Allain

Mr. Malcolm's List

It is a truth universally acknowledged that an arrogant bachelor insisting on a wife who meets the strictest of requirements – deserves his comeuppance.”

In a nod to the classic novel, Pride and Prejudice, this opening line of the novel sets the tone for the entire book.

The Honourable Mr. Jeremy Malcolm is searching for a perfect wife, one who will meet ALL the requirements on his well-crafted list. But, spurned by Mr. Malcom, Julia Thistlewaite enlists the help of the vicar’s daughter Selina, to attain her revenge.

On meeting Mr. Malcom however, Selina finds him irresistible – that is until he begins to assess her according to his list – and finds her lacking.

The novel is awash with witty asides, droll commentary, a tongue-in-cheek discourse, elegant ballrooms, a charming, strong-willed heroine, and, of course, a dashing hero who has a thing or two to learn about relationships.

A feature film is already in the works for this novel, but I encourage you to read the book first, books are always better!


  • Awash with witty dialogue, simmering romantic tension, and humor
  • Daring female characters including the strong-willed heroine
  • A charming, lead male character who learns to let go of his vanity
  • A wonderful happy ending to warm your heart


  • There’s little in the way of scene-setting

Themes: High Society, Romance, Pride, Prejudice, Marriage, Regency Period, Daring Female Characters, Social Class, Reputation, Feminism, Opposites Attract

Bringing Down The Duke By Evie Dunmore

Bringing Down the Duke (A League of Extraordinary Women)

The star of this book is feisty Annabelle, who has earned herself a place among the first cohort of female students at the renowned Oxford University England, in 1879.

However, unable to pay her tuition as the daughter of a country vicar, to earn her scholarship she must support the rising women’s suffrage movement. And her task is to recruit men of influence to champion their cause.

Come in the dashing Duke of Montgomery, who steers Britain’s politics at the Queen’s command. The duke is no easy target. The two are very much attracted to one another, but the Duke is too proud to make a wife out of an outspoken commoner. 

But, once Annabelle has turned his head, can she turn his heart? This transportive novel will draw you in, and you will be riveted by the daring, the passion, the indecent proposals, and the witty banter.

Better yet, after this stunning first book, there are 4 more books in the series.


  • Feminism and feisty female characters who demand to be heard
  • Provides valuable insight into an important time in our history
  • Can teach the reader plenty of life lessons
  • Elements of wit, sarcasm, and comedy


  • Not set in the Regency period, and not a regency romance, just a historical one
  • Not suitable for younger readers (due to raunchy scenes)
  • Barely goes into the suffragist movement

Themes: High Society, Enemies To Lovers Romance, Daring Female Characters, Feminism

How To Get Away With Marriage: A Fake Engagement Regency Romance By Fenna Edgewood

How to Get Away with Marriage: A Steamy Fake Engagement Regency Romance (Must Love Scandal Book 1 / Gardner Girls Book 6)

If you loved the fake-to-real romance in the first Bridgerton book, then you will certainly lap up this one!

The tale begins with mischievous rogue Hugh Cavendish, being declared one of the season’s most eligible bachelors, attracting the attention of a former flame.

In order to avoid her attention, Hugh seeks the assistance of Triss Weston to pretend to be his fiance.

Triss, however, is a no-nonsense former school ma’am, who only gives into the offer to earn money following being forced to give up her teaching position. As time passes, Hugh begins to fall head over heels in love with Triss.

However, Triss’s complicated past catches up with her, and as Hugh’s faux fiancée’s secrets come to light, he has to decide between accepting Triss for who she truly is, or allowing her to walk out of his life forever.

It’s nice to read about a heroine who is perfectly capable of fending for herself, and readers will keep turning the pages, as the truth about Triss is gradually revealed. There is quite some mystery surrounding her and a strange case of a secret identity.

The novel is a standalone romance with a happy ever after. However, the book concludes with a semi-cliff-hanger relating to secondary characters, leading to the remaining 5 books in the series The Gardner Girls. And, there’s also a spin-off series called Must Love Scandal.


  • A fake-to-real historical period romance where opposites attract
  • A well-written slow-burn love story that will make your heart glow
  • An endearing, charming hero that will make you swoon
  • Experienced heroine in rags to riches story
  • Multiple plot lines to be drawn in by


  • Not suitable for younger readers (due to raunchy scenes)

Themes: High Society, Romance, Marriage, Post-Regency Period, Daring Female Characters, Social Class, Reputation, Secrets, Faux Dating, Opposites Attract

Final Thoughts

So, there are some really great historical romances here for you to consider…If you’re a sucker for the Regency period in particular, then I’d highly recommend Pride and Prejudice, Always Be My Duchess or Mr. Malcolm’s List.

If it’s a fake-to-real romance that floats your boat, then I can highly recommend Mr. Malcolm’s List, Always Be My Duchess, and How to Get Away with Marriage.

If however, you love the opposites attract romance trope, then your best options are Always Be My Duchess, Mr. Malcolm’s List, and How to Get Away with Marriage.

If you want a whole series of books, rather than just a standalone, then you should start with either Bringing Down the Duke, or How to Get Away with Marriage.

And, if you’re looking for witty resorts and sarcasm, then you’re in luck because they all have it in spades!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bridgerton Books Spicy?

If perhaps you’re wondering whether the Bridgerton books are suitable for younger readers, I’m sorry to say that the books are just as raunchy as the Netflix shows.

What Author Is As Good As Julia Quinn?

The romance author with the closest writing style to Julia Quinn is Lisa Kleypas, who writes both historical and contemporary romance novels.

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