20 Best Books Like Credence (New Adult Romance)

Tiernan de Haas has been alone all her life. Now her parents have committed suicide leaving only her to struggle in the wicked world. As a young inexperienced 17-year-old girl, she has nowhere to stay than to live with her step-uncle and his two sons since she’s not yet an adult. 

20 Best Books Like Credence (New Adult Romance)

This little girl soon learns these men have a say in everything she does. Despite the complexity of each character, Penelope Douglas portrays these four characters in her Standalone, Credence

Every Douglas fan knows what she does best- writing dark romance fiction compellingly and intriguingly. As you watch the naive Tiernan grow up, you will surely fall in love with her, even with the three men in her life.

The wanna-cry scenes, steamy scenes, and tension will keep you intrigued till the last page. No wonder this piece is one of her bestsellers, translated into over 20 languages. 

After reading this book, you will surely want to read other new adult romance books similar to it. This article lists the 20 best books, like Credence, that will open the doors to different emotions. Let’s get started! 



The journal bestseller author Penelope Ward’s novel RoomHate is another book like Credence you will love. RoomHate talks about two best friends Amelia Payne and Justin Banks. 

Their love started in childhood, but they kept their feelings to themselves. However, their friendship ended when Amelia ran away from everything. But fate is so good that it brought them together, and guess what? They are roommates! 

This new adult romance novel will mess with your emotions. You navigate between love and hate for each character. But it’s one masterpiece that keeps you yearning for more. 

The Mistake

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While this book by Elle Kennedy is not a dark romance novel, it’s an intriguing adult fiction that will keep you on your seat all day. This novel is the second book of the Off-Campus series that focuses on two protagonists, John Logan, and Grace Iver. 

John gets any girl he wants because he’s a famous hockey star in college. But everything about Grace intrigues him when they meet. But one silly mistake pushed her away. John must do everything to show his sincerity and win Grace back. The Mistake is everything you want in a new adult masterpiece. 

Addicted to You

Addicted to You (ADDICTED SERIES)

Two best friends, liars, lovers, and addicts. Lily, a sex addict, and Lo, an alcohol addict. These two protagonists are best friends, but to hide each other’s addicts, they pretend to be a couple. 

Will these two friends keep up with this pretense for long? Will they become a real couple to indulge each other? You will find the answers you yearn for in Ritchie’s novel Addicted to You

She portrays two dysfunctional young adults strikingly, emotionally, and intriguingly. Don’t be surprised when you also get addicted to Ritchie’s world. 


Rebellion: A Dark High School Romance (The Sainthood - Boys of Lowell High)

If you love Credence because of the dark romance, then you will love Rebellion, the second book of The Sainthood-Boys of Lowell High series. The way Siobhan Davis merges dark romance fiction, the college life with plot twists and lots of suspense leaves you wowed at her brilliance. 

Rebellion pictures the life of a No-nonsense female protagonist, Harlow, and the four boys of Sainthood, Saint, Theo, Galan, and Caz, who all have a reason to rebel. Siobhan takes you through a world filled with passionate, delicious, and dirty moments with many emotions and actions.


Flock (The Ravenhood)

Unlike other thriller adult novels, Flock by Kate Stewart is one book you can never predict. This book oozes the same vibe from Credence, both the writing tone and sexuality. 

Kate keeps her readers glued to her pages with her writing style, characters, and plot twists. Enjoy your reading as you immerse deep into each character and share their pain and experience.

The Fine Print

The Fine Print (Dreamland Billionaires, 1)

If you want a break from dark romance but a book like Credence, then The Fine Print is a must-read for you. This new adult fiction portrays an Adult Disneyland where you meet the perfectly well-rounded Zara and the grumpy,  arrogant Rowan. 

The plots, romance, and filth make your toes curl, empty your lungs, and leave that credence thirst quenched. You will love how this novel will make you feel.

Neon Gods

Neon Gods: A Scorchingly Hot Modern Retelling of Hades and Persephone (Dark Olympus, 1)

What about a novel with a combination of Greek gods and dark romance? You surely will love it. This novel is about a society darling Persephone Dimitriou betrothed by her mother to one of the most dangerous men in the city, Zeus. 

Since she has no gainsay, she fled from the city across the water, where she met Hades. They made a deal with both of them helping each other- Dimitriou will help him with his revenge, and he must help her break free from Zeus. 

But one taste is all they need… This book will have you fanning yourself, and you will fall in love more with Hades, Persephone, and the other characters as you turn each page.

Twisted Lies

Twisted Lies (Twisted Series)

Christian Harper is the perfect example of a monster dressed in a gentlemen’s perfectly fitted suit. However, there is more to what the eye sees. Deep down, Harper is a man of zero morals and doesn’t have time for love. But fate brought him his weakness- the shy, sweet introverted woman living one floor below his apartment, Stella Alonso. 

She becomes everything to him.

His imperfection

His addiction

His only anomaly.

And he will do everything to date her…… including lying.

Will their love be shaken when the truth comes to light? Twisted Lies gives you that answer. 


Priest (Priest, 1)

There are lots of taboos for a priest. A priest can’t fall in love, forsake his sheep, and can’t renounce his God. But what will Tyler Anselm do when he feels attracted to Poppy at first sight? 

Will he pursue his feelings or pursue his priesthood? Sierra Simone answers all her reader’s questions in her standalone novel, Priest. It’s an intriguing adult fiction with a steamy romance that will boil your blood. 

It’s like a tug-of-war that compels all those feelings out and allows you to connect to the heart of each character.

The Ritual

The Ritual: A Dark College Romance

Shantel Tessier is a brilliant author that always merges erotic and dark romantic fiction. And you see this in her novel, The Ritual. This new adult romance novel depicts a world filled with dark characters, rogues, filthy sex scenes, pandemonium, blood, plot twist, deceptions, secret society, arranged marriage, and tons of criminal activity. 

As a Credence fanatic, this is another masterpiece you will love.


Hooked: A Dark, Contemporary Romance (Never After Series)

You must have read or heard of Peter pan stories countless times. How about a dark and fractured tale of Peter Pan? James has just one agenda- destroy his enemy, Peter Michaels. 

When Peter’s daughter, Wendy, finds her way into James’ bar, he sees the perfect opportunity to use her for revenge. The plan is perfect, but there is trouble in James’ organization. So, James has to catch the traitor. 

Is their love acceptable? As Wendy Learns more about James’ world, will she be able to retain the love in her heart? Emily answers your burning question in her book, Hooked. I’m sure you will also get hooked on its lines. 

The Sweetest Oblivion

The Sweetest Oblivion (Made)

This book is like Credence, and you will surely enjoy it. This new adult fiction is about a sweet girl named Elena Abeli. Deep down, she’s not as sweet as she appears to be on the outside; she only needs that to survive as the mafia daughter. 

Now her sister is engaged to the only man Elena loves, and Nick is also attracted to her. How will they break this union without any consequences? Find out more in The Sweetest Oblivion.

It Happened One Summer

It Happened One Summer: A Novel (Bellinger Sisters, 1)

What happened One Summer? Piper fell deeply in love. Piper is a fashionable, influential, wild child who is never out of sight of the paparazzi. However, her out-of-control behavior landed her and her sister in their father’s drive-bar in Washington. 

Piper resolved to show her stepfather she was not a pretty face spoiled brat. And she doesn’t want any distractions. But luck is not on her side. As she connects with her past, she falls deep for a fun-loving and famous fisherman. 

Now, she’s stuck between returning to LA or staying with the man who captured her heart. 

November 9

November 9: A Novel

November 9 is a beautiful book with a fantastic storyline that will keep you glued to your seat. Like Credence, you experience different emotions as you turn every page. The plot, the twist, the love, and the insecurities are everything Credence fans will surely love.

It’s okay to add this book to your reading list. You must prepare your heart because Hoover will tap deeper into your emotions than expected. 

Desperate Measure

Desperate Measures (Wicked Villains)

Desperate Measures is book 1 of the seven books of the Wicked Villains series. Kate Robert takes her readers into the world of the villainous hero, Jafar, and the innocent,  broken girl Jasmine. 

If you are a fan of books where the excellent villain and the good girl get together, you will love this intriguing adult fiction. Despite being filthy, it’s an emotionally compelling read. And once you start flipping through its pages, there is no going back!

The Kiss Thief 

The Kiss Thief

What will your reaction be when you are engaged to someone and keep yourself for him? But one rude jerk stole the first kiss you have dreamed of with your fiance? Now you have to marry him. You will feel angry and betrayed. 

That’s precisely how Francesca Rossi felt. She is engaged to Angelo, the love of her life and her first love. She has her fantasy. But everything changed when Senator Keaton stole her first kiss. 

Then her father shattered her hope when he told her she would marry him. Like Credence, you experience some girly romantic plot twist as you get immersed into each character of The Kiss Thief

Spanish Love Deception 

The Spanish Love Deception: A Novel

This new adult romance novel is the perfect pacing every reader loves. Not too fast, not too slow. How Elena portrays the enemy-to-lover romance story amazingly is brilliant. 

Filled with wild stares, magical chemistry, and two opposite poles who bring out the best in each other, Elena’s beautiful piece is another fiction that will make the butterfly in your stomach flutter. You surely don’t want to miss this feeling. 

Heart Bones

Heart Bones: A Novel

“It’s easier for damaged people to recognize other damaged people, and it’s a club you never want to join even if it’s for free. ” You experience different emotions while reading that snippet. That is precisely how you will feel reading one of Collen’s bestsellers, Heart Bones

Beyah’s childhood is filled with poverty. She is only 19 when tragedy strikes her mother, so she has to move from where she lives- her Trailer to her father’s luxurious house. 

There she met the broken wealthy boy- Samson, to whom she’s ready to spill all her secrets. Something very unusual about her. The plot, characters, and twist are similar to that of Credence. 

Filthy Rich Boys

Filthy Rich Boys: A Reverse Harem High School Bully Romance (Rich Boys of Burberry Prep)

Like the name of the novel, these boys are filthy rich. 

They are idols of the school. 

The veritable gods. 

The arrogant bad boys whose plan is to break the new girl Maryne Reed and make life a living hell for her. 

She also is ready for them. She isn’t going to let them get in her way. Will she be able to keep her voice up when the bully gets intense? Or will she let them break her? 

You can read or purchase Filthy Rich Boys by C.M. Stunich here.

Undying Resilience

Undying Resilience: A Dark Why Choose Erotic Romance (Ruthless Desires)

Undying Resilience tells the tale of Wren, who falls in love with three men, Elliot, Oliver, and Rhett. These three men will be out of town for some days, and Wren feels she will be in danger if she follows them. 

However, they miscalculated how desperate their enemies could be for revenge. With Wren kidnapped and the three lovers on their way to rescue her, a question kept lingering in their minds. What if they’re too late? 

This book, like Credence, is a new adult dark romance fiction with polyamorous themes you will surely enjoy. 

Final Thoughts 

Credence is an intriguing adult novel that deserves your attention. So also are the books mentioned in this article. 

Although all the books do not have the same storyline, they have one thing in common- they are new adult romance books that tap into your emotions and leave you with love and hate for every character. 

That is what every reader experiences in Penelope’s book Credence

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Credence a Reverse Harem romance book?

If you read the synopsis of Credence, it’s similar to a Reverse Harem (RH). But it’s not! Tiernan ends up with just one of the Vander Berg men, not all three.

Is Caleb Mute in Credence?

Caleb is an aggressively mute boy, which results from his childhood trauma. 

Who Did Tiernan End up With in Credence?

Tiernan ends up choosing Caleb among the three guys. She then learns to love herself, life, and the people around her.

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