4 Books Like Digital Velocity (By Reily Grant)

Nothing quite beats curling up on the couch after a long working day with the perfect novel. And perhaps no genre of novel quite hits the same as a good crime thriller.

Crime has long endured as one of the most popular genres in storytelling as evidenced by the massive success of authors like James Patterson and Lee Child. 

4 Books Like Digital Velocity (By Reily Grant)

However, perhaps one of the most underrated crime novels of the past decade is Digital Velocity, one part of the expansive ‘McAllister Justice Series’ by author Reily Garrett.

The story sees famed investigator Ethan McAllister lured out to seek justice by a tip from an elite hacker named Lexi Donovan, who has discovered a massive conspiracy that points towards a prolific serial killer, who is using the internet to help in his wave of crime.

When the two meet, sparks soon fly, but the investigation grows more and more complex, leading to a tale that is incredibly tense and filled with energy thanks to the amazing characters.

Have you already read Digital Velocity and now you want something that can replace it?

Well, don’t worry, because we have found four perfect books like All Mine, and Undone that are just like it, and will scratch the same itch. 

Themes In Digital Velocity 

Digital Velocity (The McAllister Justice Series)

Digital Velocity explores several interesting themes and ideas, and these have helped to contribute to its overall appeal amongst readers who now consider it to be one of their favorites. 

One of the central themes is that of the internet, specifically, the dark web, an area of the internet closed off from access to average internet users where criminal enterprises are managed, and all manner of illegitimate transactions take place.

The story explores the potential dangers of the dark web and also gives readers a direct insight into an area of the web they would ordinarily have no access to at all. 

The story also thus explores the morality of investigation via the internet, and whether or not there is an inherent right to privacy when using the web.

This creates for very fascinating reading that will have you directly questioning your own use of the internet.

Another of the novel’s many central themes is morality.

One of the central characters, Lexi Donovan is, herself, a hacker, and engages in an activity that would ordinarily be viewed as largely unjustifiable by many, and yet, she is willing to use the avenue of hacking, and her ability to access the dark web to implement justice.

The book asks whether it is justifiable to use illegitimate means, such as the dark web to seek justice in the real world.

Books Like Digital Velocity

All Mine (By Blake Pierce)

All Mine (A Nicky Lyons FBI Suspense Thriller—Book 1)

Nothing quite makes a good crime novel feel alive like a tangible ticking clock, that helps to give the story a sense of momentum.

This story, the first part in the ‘Nicky Lyons FBI’ series, explores the impact of the kidnapping of a senator’s daughter, whom the central character Nicky Lyons is sent to rescue and recover before things can get worse. 

To make matters more complicated, however, Nicky finds herself more involved with the case than she would have otherwise ever expected.

The search for missing women conjures up deep-set and unprocessed grief surrounding her missing sister, which adds an extra emotional layer of complexity to the story that will have you fully invested in the story and its central character.

To make matters even better, this book, which shares a lot of DNA with Digital Velocity is also only the first part in a much larger series of books that depict the exploits of Nicky Lyons, so if you find yourself falling in love with this novel, you can easily dive right into its already-published sequel novels, each of which paints a much clearer picture of the loveable Nicky Lyons.


  • The first part of a series makes for great long-term reading.
  • The short length makes it great for quick reading.


  • The short length may be off-putting to some readers.

Themes: Family, Justice, Sisterhood, Motherhood, Love.

Undone (By Blake Pierce)

Undone (A Cora Shields Suspense Thriller—Book 1)

We figured, who better else to turn to for gripping crime fiction than the masterful Blake Pierce, who can spin expertly crafted crime tales that are sure to get your pulse pounding, and to have you absolutely rapt throughout?

This novel, Undone, is amongst the best in Pierce’s repertoire, and this is thanks in no small part to its central storyline.

The story follows Cora Shield, an FBI agent and former Navy Seal who is willing to bend the rules as she sees fit to seek justice.

However, when she finds herself suddenly booted from her job for breaking too many rules, she must then work entirely outside of the law to help a military friend to find her missing daughter.

This adds a palpable sense of tension to the story, as, without the backup support from the law, Cora is completely left to her own devices to investigate, which also makes the threat of implication in the crime, or simply being killed far greater.

This makes nearly every page practically ooze with pulse-pounding excitement. You have to try it for yourself! 


  • Incredibly tense and thrilling to read.
  • Features incredible character writing and development.


  • On the shorter end of the crime novel spectrum.

Themes: Justice, Crime, Family, Motherhood, Vigilantism.

Simon Says… Hide (By Dale Mayer)

Simon Says... Hide (Kate Morgan Thrillers Book 1)

Want a novel that will get your palms sweating and your mind racing? Then you really should look no further than Simon Says… Hide.

This novel, from the acclaimed USA Today bestselling author Dale Mayer, is perfect for fans of Digital Velocity and destined to become a new absolute favorite. 

Across the 348 pages, readers will be invited on a rip-roaring adventure that follows detective Kate Morgan, a true seeker of justice who will not tolerate people being taken advantage of.

But when Kate discovers that one of the most famous cold cases has a connection to a missing child, she cannot help but do everything to protect him and seek justice.

Even, in this case, working with Simon St. Laurant, a fellow detective who rarely sees eye-to-eye with Kate.

This adds some interesting character dynamics to the tale, keeping readers on their toes. 


  • Features a strong central character dynamic.
  • Incredibly gripping.


  • May be too long for some readers, at nearly 350 pages.

Themes: Justice, Kidnapping, Injustice.

A Killing Tide (By P.J. Alderman)

A Killing Tide: Columbia River Thriller

In 2007, this novel sent waves through the world of crime fiction, thanks to its sheer mastery of the form, and its gripping story that is sure to carry you through to its very end. 

The story follows two central characters who truly drive the action.

One of the characters, Kaz Jorgensen is the captain of her family’s fishing trawler haunted by nightmares of the time she nearly drowned.

When a man is found dead, her brother goes missing, and her boat burns to ashes, Kaz soon finds herself in the orbit of Michael Chapman the fire chief of her local area when she becomes the primary suspect. 

Turns out, the love that blossoms between the two causes chaos for the case, and as their relationship grows deeper, the two find themselves in much greater trouble.


  • The dual-protagonist approach keeps the story interesting.


  • Features a slightly more paranormal approach which may be off-putting to some readers.

Themes: The paranormal, Family, Love, Romance, Inheritance.

To Wrap Up 

If you have been on the hunt for the perfect book that can fill the gap left behind by the masterful Digital Velocity, then you really can do no better than some of these amazing novels, each of which offers a different reading experience, but will easily satisfy your craving for excitement and pulse-pounding tension. 

Each one of these novels brings something new to the table of crime fiction, so you can rest assured that you won’t find yourself treading familiar ground.

Despite each of the stories being very different and unique, we paid careful attention to making sure that we picked stories that share much of the same DNA as Digital Velocity.

This means that you can easily find yourself a new favorite novel while also achieving some familiar thrills.

Whether you decide to read just one of the novels on this list, or all of them, either way, we hope that this list has proven enlightening and that you are ready to dive into a new crime masterpiece!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Purpose of Crime Fiction?

One of the main purposes behind crime fiction is to entertain readers with the tense stories explored within.

Why do People Love Crime Fiction?

Crime fiction is incredibly popular partly because it involves the reader in the process. Readers are invited to investigate alongside the central characters. 

Is Crime Fiction a Popular Genre?

Absolutely. Crime fiction is one of the best-selling genres in fiction. 

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