5 Books Like Etched In Bone By Anne Bishop

If you love fantastic fantasy novels, then you will adore Etched in Bone by Anne Bishop. This is the fifth entry into the fan-favorite series entitled “A Novel of the Others”.

Books Like Etched In Bone By Anne Bishop

In this series, sinister beings inhabit and rule the Earth. Feeding on humans, these creatures have forced humanity to retreat.

In Etched in Bone, Bishop explores the consequences of a failed human uprising. Fortunately, the settlement of Lakeside Courtyard has managed to survive these tough times.

However, tensions start to rise in the settlement as Simon Wolfgard and Meg Corbyn work to restore the peace.

Bishop is a New York Times bestselling author who has captured the imagination of her readers due to her deep writing style.

Launching with Written In Red, the A Novel of the Other series has made Bishop a popular fantasy author.

If you enjoyed reading Etched in Bone by Anne Bishop and have a passion for fantasy novels, then you will love adding books such as Moon Called, Magic Bites, Blood of the Earth, Cruel Beauty, and Dragon Bound to your reading list.

Themes In Etched In Bone

Etched in Bone (A Novel of the Others Book 5)

Etched in Bone explores fascinating themes, such as:


Set against a fearsome war, the protagonists of the book are attempting to cultivate peace amidst this chaos.

Namely, Meg Corbyn and Simon Wolfgard have special abilities that allow them to work alongside the human community.

The book highlights the difficulty of achieving peace, as certain characters threaten to destroy this tranquility. This includes the arrival of the mysterious Lieutenant Montgomery.


This series is centered around the conflict between the Others and humans. The Others are nefarious and powerful creatures that feed on humans.

Etched in Bone highlights the relentlessness of the conflict. Humans constantly suffer defeats, such as the crushing of an uprising by the Elders.


Another essential theme in Etched in Bone is friendship, as the book centers around the relationship between Meg and Simon. It explores the deep relationship between these two compelling characters.

Books Like Etched In Bone

Moon Called

Moon Called (Mercy Thompson, Book 1)

Patricia Briggs is a wonderful writer who has been revolutionizing the fantasy genre since 1993. One of her most famous book series is known as the Mercy Thompson series.

The first book in this urban fantasy series is Moon Called, which centers around Mercy Thompson. This shapeshifter was raised by wolves.

After helping another person, Mercy must seek help from the werewolves who left her as a child.

Focusing on a complex fantasy world, Anne Bishop fans will adore Moon Called.


  • As an urban fantasy novel, Moon Called is akin to Etched in Bone.
  • Mercy is a character that readers will adore.


  • The writing style can be inconsistent.

Themes: identity, violence, prejudice.

Magic Bites

Magic Bites (Kate Daniels, Book 1)

As an urban fantasy, Magic Bites is remarkably similar to Etched in Bone. As the first book in the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews, Magic Bites introduces readers to the titular mercenary.

Kate is a mercenary who is on a quest to find a killer in a magical world. It is the magical setting of Magic Bites that makes it a great companion to Etched in Blood.


  • Kate Daniels is a compelling character.
  • Andrews offers a brilliant blend of action and character development.


  • The narrative can be too gory at times.

Themes: Magic, Death, Justice, Conflict.

Blood Of The Earth

Blood of the Earth (A Soulwood Novel Book 1)

Up next, Blood of the Earth is an excellent book by dynamic writer Faith Hunter.

The book follows the powerful Nell Ingram, who was exiled by the cult in which she was raised. Wielding an ancient power, Nell has an intimate relationship with nature.

The appearance of agent Rick LaFleur thrusts Nell out of her seclusion. Nell begins to investigate a vampire known only as the Blood Master of Nashville.

With ties to the Jane Yellowrock series which was also written by Hunter, Blood of the Earth is a great option if you want to read the works of this bestselling fantasy author.


  • Hunter gives the narrative interesting lore.
  • Blood of the Earth offers deep characterization.


  • The pacing is slow at times.

Themes: Magic, peace, isolation.

Cruel Beauty

Cruel Beauty (Cruel Beauty Universe Book 1)

Cruel Beauty offers a unique twist on the traditional Beauty and the Beast fairytale.

Crafted by Rosamund Hodge, Cruel Beauty merges the fantasy genre with young adult fiction.

Nyx is the spirited protagonist of this beloved fantasy novel. Betrothed to a ruthless ruler, Nyx aims to marry and kill this nefarious man to save her people.

However, upon moving into the castle, Nyx realizes that things are more complex than she first thought. Her husband is a charming man, putting Nyx in a complex position.


  • The fantasy setting makes this a good match for Bishop fans.
  • This is a great modernization of fairytale stories.


  • Hodge’s writing style can be too indulgent.

Themes: Love, War, Tyranny.

Dragon Bound

Dragon Bound (Elder Races Book 1)

Lastly, Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison is an excellent option for Etched in Bone followers. The protagonist is Pia Giovanni, who is part human and part wyr.

After stealing a coin, Pia finds herself the target of powerful Elder races. She is spared by Dragos Cuelebre, causing a spark to develop between them.

As an urban fantasy book, Dragon Bound fits into a similar genre to Etched in Bone.


  • This is an action-packed story.
  • The narrative has a phenomenal premise.


  • Some characters were underdeveloped.

Themes: War, love, fantasy.

Final Thoughts

After reading through the fabulous fantasy books of Anne Bishop, you may be looking for a book that explores such compelling themes.

Luckily, there are plenty of books that are similar to Etched in Bone. They focus on similar narratives and themes. If you enjoyed reading Etched in Bone, why not try some of these brilliant books?

Frequently Asked Questions

Should You Read The Novel Of The Others Series In Order?

Yes, you should read this book series in order. It features an ongoing narrative and characters that appear in multiple books, such as Meg and Simon.

Is Etched In Bone Worth Reading?

If you adore gripping fantasy novels, then Etched in Bone is the perfect match for you.

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