15 Books Like Firelight (By Kristen Callihan)

Firelight is the first novel as part of Kristen Callihan’s Darkest London series, set in the Victorian era and combining historical fiction with paranormal romance.

There are seven novels in the series.

15 Books Like Firelight (By Kristen Callihan)

The series consists of:

Firelight follows Miranda Ellis, a woman tormented by a powerful gift that she has struggled to control since she was a child. After making one mistake, she was left to wed Lord Benjamin Archer, one of London’s most nefarious noblemen.

He is intrigued by Miranda, and drawn to her with a passion he hasn’t felt in a long time. However, when he is accused of a series of murders, he can no longer hide the curse that has haunted him.

Using her abilities, Miranda enters a world of dark magic and intrigue to save Archer before it’s too late.

Did you get lost in Kristen Callihan’s Firelight and get absorbed into the Darkest London series? If you’ve finished the series and you’re looking for your next read, then consider adding Entreat Me, Kiss of Steel, Bitter Spirits, The Iron Duke, or Prince of Hearts to your reading list next.

Themes In Firelight

Themes In Firelight

Firelight is a historical paranormal romance that is set during the Victorian era (If you liked this, also check out Books Like Moonglow). Miranda and Archer’s relationship is born as a marriage of convenience so Miranda can escape the clutches of her cruel father.

Archer is cursed, and hides his face behind a mask, while Miranda has pyrokinetic abilities that allow her to control fire. Throughout this series, we can see how their relationship grows into a retelling of Beauty and the Beast.

Marriage Of Convenience

Miranda lives in poverty, while Archer is one of the wealthiest men in London. When he offers her a way out of living with her cruel father and having a better life for herself, Miranda has no choice but to accept.

It is this marriage of convenience that allows Miranda and Archer’s relationship to develop into the romance that drives the series.


In the background of a historical novel is a paranormal mystery. Including Miranda’s pyrokinetic abilities and Archer’s own mysterious past is a secret society that dwells in the shadows of London.

As a murderer haunts London, it is up to Miranda to prove her husband isn’t a monster, and find out who and what the real culprit is.


Firelight is first and foremost a historical novel, set in the late Victorian era in 1881. It paints a Gothic picture of London that immerses the audience in the way each character is presented.

Throughout the novel, we travel through London to find the monster that is terrorizing the city.

Beauty And The Beast

Benjamin Archer is known throughout London as a monster, but despite this, he is not as his appearance would indicate. Despite hiding behind the mask, both he and Miranda are drawn to one another.

When Archer is framed for crimes that he didn’t commit, Miranda is the one person who believes him. 

Books Like Firelight

Entreat Me — Grace Draven

Entreat Me

Entreat Me is a dark fantasy romance by Grace Draven. Afflicted by a curse over several centuries, he loses his humanity and descends into madness.

However, when the Ballad of Ketach Tor’s son returns home with a beautiful woman, they believe that she is the key to Ballard’s salvation.

But Louvaen Duenda won’t allow them to get her hands on her younger sister, so she goes to the castle with the intention of saving her sister, but she finds herself in a situation that she doesn’t expect.


  • Despite being a retelling, it provides an original take on the Beauty and the Beast fairytale.
  • The characters are well-developed, and there is some entertaining dialogue.


  • Has a slow pace at the beginning.

Themes: Beauty and the Beast, Paranormal, Historical, Romance.

Kiss Of Steel — Bec McMaster

Kiss of Steel: A Uniquely Sexy, Paranormal Steampunk Romance (London Steampunk Book 1)

Kiss of Steel is the first of five books in the paranormal romance series London Steampunk. Also included in the series are:

Following Honoria Todd, she hides herself from the aristocracy that rules London in the Whitechapel district which most people avoid. She comes to the rookeries, specifically, to Blade, in the hopes that he can protect her. But Blade’s protection comes at a price.

If you enjoy paranormal romances with a touch of vampires and Steampunk, then you should enjoy Kiss of Steel and the other London Steampunk novels, which will offer readers a taste of a unique take on vampire and steampunk novels.


  • Offers a unique take on both vampire and steampunk novels.
  • The characters are well-written, with dynamic characters that are relatable and dynamic.


  • The dialogue may need some work, especially the use of cockney accents.

Themes: Paranormal, Historical, Romance, Steampunk, Vampires.

Bitter Spirits — Jenn Bennett

Bitter Spirits (Roaring Twenties Book 1)

Bitter Spirits is the first book in the Roaring Twenties trilogy by author Jenn Bennett. Following Bitter Spirits are the sequels:

Set in ‘20s San Francisco, Aida Palmer performs a spirit medium show in Chinatown’s Gris-Gris speakeasy.

Due to her abilities, Winter Magnusson, a notorious bootlegger enlists the help of Aida to banish the ghosts targeting him after he is hexed.

As they hunt for the one who hexed Winter, he and Aida become closer and get caught up in a passionate romance.

Following Bitter Spirits, the sequels follow the relationships of the other Magnusson siblings, with the first novel introducing the reader to a paranormal San Francisco.


  • Includes a strong paranormal subplot that enriches the relationship between Aida and Winter.
  • Offers a unique backdrop in the 1920s that other historical paranormal romances don’t usually explore (If you like parnormal romance, check out Books Like Wolf Hunt).


  • The characters could have had a little bit more depth to them.

Themes: Paranormal, Historical, Romance.

The Iron Duke — Meljean Brook

The Iron Duke (Iron Seas Book 1)

The Iron Duke is the first of four books in the Iron Seas quartet from author Meljean Brook. Following The Iron Duke are the novels:

England was once controlled by the Horde, but Rhys Trahaearn freed the country from their clutches and built his own merchant empire.

But after a dead body is dropped from an airship onto his doorstep, Detective Inspector Mina Wentworth enters Rhys’s territory. Enamored by Mina, he intends to make her his.

When Mina uncovers who the victim is, she and Rhys discover a conspiracy that threatens the lives of everyone in England and must fight their way through zombie-infested lands and treacherous oceans to save the country.


  • The world-building is impressive, with a lot of detail that draws readers into the world of The Iron Duke.
  • The characters are well-written, with an equally strong supporting cast to the main players.


  • There is a slow start with a lot of exposition about the world.

Themes: Paranormal, Historical, Romance, Steampunk, Horror.

Prince Of Hearts — Margaret Foxe

Prince of Hearts (Elders and Welders Chronicles Book 1)

Prince of Hearts is the first book in the Elders and Welders Chronicles by author Margaret Foxe. Following Prince of Hearts are two more novels:

Set in Victorian London, the year is 1896. Airships rule the skies, and since the Great Exhibition, the Victorian Empire has been powered by the Steam Revolution and Welding science.

In a world where innovation rules, there is also civil unrest on the horizon. Aline Finche is focused on her life and career.

After being abandoned by Professor Romanov in France, she quits with the intention of marrying her fiancé, but a serial killer from Romanov’s past targets Aline, and Romanov realizes she means more to him than he previously thought.


  • A fun story that will keep readers hooked with mystery and steampunk elements.
  • The world-building is impressive, with an in-depth exploration into a paranormal Victorian London.


  • The characters, while fun, could have had more depth to them.

Themes: Paranormal, Historical, Romance, Mystery, Steampunk.

Final Thoughts

Firelight is a paranormal romance set in the Victorian era  (If you like paranormal romance themed books, check out Books Like Bayou Moon). However, there are many who focus on the paranormal and forget that they have a historical setting.

If you enjoyed historical paranormal romances, then there are a number of books that you have to check out. We have compiled a list of our favorite novels to read after finishing The Darkest London series.

So why not add Entreat Me, Kiss of Steel, Bitter Spirits, The Iron Duke, or Prince of Hearts to your reading list?

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Books Are In The Darkest London Series?

There are seven novels in the Darkest London series, but there are also two novellas. The novellas can be read as standalone novels.

Can Firelight Be Read As A Standalone Novel?

Firelight can be read as a standalone novel, as the sequels all follow a different relationship in each novel.

Is Firelight A Graphic Romance Novel?

There are some graphic scenes throughout the novel, however, it isn’t the driving force of the plot. However, it might not be suitable for younger readers.

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