29 Books Like Gabriel’s Redemption (By Sylvain Reynard)

Gabriel’s Redemption is the third book of the Gabriel’s Inferno series by Sylvain Reynard.

29 Books Like Gabriel’s Redemption (By Sylvain Reynard)

Originally intended as a trilogy, there are now four books in the series:

Gabriel’s Redemption follows Professor Gabriel Emerson and his new married life with his wife, Julia. Now that they are married, Gabriel is eager to become a father, but Julia doesn’t want to give up on her career.

When she is given the chance to present an academic lecture at Oxford, he is frustrated that her research conflicts with his own.

Upon visiting Oxford, they are faced with individuals from their past returning, and they are ready to expose some of Gabriel’s darkest secrets.

As this happens, Gabriel sees an opportunity to discover more about his biological parents, in the hope that he can get closure so that he and Julia can move on and begin a family of their own.

If you enjoyed reading Gabriel’s Redemption and the rest of the Gabriel’s Inferno series, you may want to check out these books next. Take a look at This Man, Driven, Bared To You, Naked, or Release Me and consider adding them to your reading list.

Themes In Gabriel’s Redemption

Themes In Gabriel’s Redemption

There are numerous themes in Gabriel’s Redemption, with the key theme appearing in the title of the novel. This is a love story at its core and focuses on hope and forgiveness as Gabriel tries to get redemption for the dark secrets that he has been hiding from Julia.


As the third book in the Gabriel’s Inferno series, Gabriel and Julia are now married, but that doesn’t mean they’ve reached their happily ever after.

This is a love story that follows them through the difficulties of married life and the obstacles that get in their way, including their own careers.


Healing and hope are pivotal to the plot, with Gabriel and Julia looking for a hopeful future together. Gabriel’s past has been painful, and one of the key things that both he and Julia hope for is that they can have a better future together.

Alpha Males

This is a romance novel that focuses on Gabriel being an alpha male, and because of that, there is a power dynamic explored between Gabriel and Julia. While Julia is not a wallflower, Gabriel has a degree of power over her, having once been her professor.

However, over the years, their relationship grows, and while he does portray the alpha male role, his character grows so there is more depth.


Gabriel has gone through a great deal, and there has been a significant focus on whether he is worth forgiveness from Julia. This is a novel about how forgiveness is not about forgetting about what has happened, but about letting go of the past and moving on.


Throughout the entire novel and its messages of hope and forgiveness is the redemption that Gabriel deserves.

He has questioned for years whether he is worthy of redemption, and in this novel, it appears that it is finally attainable through the power of moving on and letting go of everything that he has been through.

Books Like Gabriel’s Redemption

This Man — Jodi Ellen Malpas

This Man (A This Man Novel Book 1))

This Man is a four-part series written by Jodi Ellen Malpas, following the relationship between Ava O’Shea and her turbulent relationship with Jesse Ward.

This Man follows the relationship between Ava and Jesse, from when she is first hired by him as a young interior designer. Their relationship faces numerous pitfalls and challenges, and they have to overcome the issues they have faced throughout the series.

As their relationship progresses, we see how they change as characters, and how they encapsulate similar themes to Gabriel’s Inferno, which makes it an excellent choice for those who enjoy alpha male romances that are portrayed passionately.


  • The books do improve over time, with the characters getting stronger with each installment.
  • Offers a dynamic and quick read for fans of Sylvain Reynard’s work.


  • Doesn’t necessarily present an accurate portrayal of a relationship.

Themes: Love, Forgiveness, Hope, Alpha Male.

Driven — K. Bromberg

Driven: A bad boy/good girl, damaged alpha, racing romance

The Driven series consists of nine works, including one novella and four standalone novels from K. Bromberg.

Rylee is a young woman who lives for her work, but her life is turned upside down when Colton Donavan, a CEO and famous racecar driver shoots into her life.

This series focuses on Rylee and Colton as they face the trials and tribulations of two damaged people brought together by circumstance.

Throughout this series, Colton learns that he is worthy of love from Rylee, and Rylee is complete with the help of Colton. If you enjoyed the passionate relationships in the Gabriel’s Inferno series, you will sink your teeth into these novels.


  • A New York Times bestseller with plenty of sequels.
  • Fast-paced and entertaining for anyone wanting to sink their teeth in.


  • The characters and plot aren’t the most original.

Themes: Love, Hope, Redemption, Alpha Male.

Bared to You — Sylvia Day

Bared to You (Crossfire, Book 1)

Bared to You is the first of five books in the Crossfire series from Sylvia Day.

Bared to You focuses on the relationship between Gideon and Eva, who believes she is flawed and damaged. Gideon is just as damaged, and through the bonds of their love, she hopes that their pasts don’t drive them apart.

Through these five books, Gideon and Eva’s relationship grows, and it’s up to them to ensure they keep together. But they are haunted by their pasts, and they need to work together to ensure they stay together.

If you enjoyed the alpha male romance between Gabriel and Julia, you will love the dramatic romance between Gideon and Eva.


  • The novel is fast-paced and enjoyable.
  • Offers a dramatic story that you can sink your teeth into.


  • Not the most original series.
  • The characters could have more depth.

Themes: Love, Hope, Forgiveness, Redemption, Alpha Male.

Naked — Raine Miller

Naked: The Blackstone Affair, Book 1

Naked is the first novel as part of the Blackstone Affair by Raine Miller, of which there are four books in the series.

Brynne Bennett is an American art student who attends the University of London, who moonlights as a photographic model on a part-time basis.

However, when the successful London businessman, Ethan Blackstone buys her nude portrait, she finds he wants more from her. But Brynne has secrets, and she’s gone back to school to get her life back on track.

Throughout the series, they need to move on from their dark pasts and hope to move on in order to have the future they want. Fans of Gabriel’s Inferno will enjoy this series.


  • A New York Times bestselling series.
  • Offers an intense read that will leave readers wanting to know more.


  • More research could have been done on the London setting, as it’s not the most accurate.

Themes: Love, Hope, Redemption, Forgiveness, Alpha Male.

Release Me — J. Kenner

Release Me (The Stark Trilogy, Book 1)

Release Me is the first book in K. Jenner’s Stark Saga, which contains seven books in the series.

Nikki Fairchild can’t avoid Damien Stark, and their attraction was unmistakable. But there are secrets in Nikki’s past, and she can’t let Damien know about them.

Damien however, is haunted too, despite his confident and commanding presence, he has secrets that threaten to destroy them both.

Throughout the novels, they try to overcome the trials and tribulations that come their way and they need to work together to ensure that their relationship remains strong. If you found yourself enjoying the relationship between Gabriel and Julia, you will love this dynamic.


  • The characters are well-written and memorable.
  • It’s a fast-paced read that fans of the genre will love to seek their teeth into.


  • The dialogue is fairly clichéd.
  • It doesn’t have the most original plotline.

Themes: Love, Hope, Forgiveness, Redemption, Alpha Male.

Final Thoughts

Gabriel’s Redemption is the third book in the Gabriel’s Inferno series, which portrays the relationship between Gabriel and Julia through the years.

If you enjoyed this series, you may enjoy This Man, Driven, Bared to You, Naked, and Release Me. So, why not consider reading any of these books next?

Frequently Asked Questions

Will There Be A Gabriel’s Redemption Movie?

Gabriel’s Redemption is expected to begin filming in the fall of 2022. Gabriel’s Inferno was adapted into three parts, and Gabriel’s Rapture has completed filming.

What Happens In Gabriel’s Redemption?

To confront his demons, Gabriel goes on a quest to find out about his biological parents. This begins a chain of events that has repercussions for him, Julia, and their hope of having a family.

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