Books Like Heartstopper (10 Book Recommendations)

Alice Oseman created the comic novel Heartstopper as a fantastic novel that explores the trials and tribulations of coming out as a gay teenager.

The book has been an asset to the LGBTQIA+ community and has even been adapted into a popular Netflix series.

Books Like Heartstopper

The story was first released as a webcomic and is now available in five print volumes.

By the time the fifth and last installment is released in 2023, all previous volumes will have been made available for purchase.

Charlie, an openly gay teenager at an all-boys institution who is bashful and anxious, is the main character of the novel.

Charlie, who was bullied and outed the year before, now attends Year 10 and encounters Nick, a kid from the year above.

Nick is a sweet-hearted rugby player, and the two get along well. Charlie starts to develop feelings for Nick but realizes he doesn’t have a shot until perhaps… he does?

In an unexpected development, Nick could have more room in his heart for Charlie than he had anticipated.

Characters from Oseman’s first book, Solitaire, including Nick and Charlie as well as others that feature in the comic, are Nick and Charlie.

Heartstopper and other books like it are excellent reading, but after you’ve caught up, what more is there?

Ten works that are similar to Heartstopper such as Solitaire, Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, and Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me are listed below.

Themes In Heartstopper

Heartstopper Volume One, International Edition

Sexuality and Identity – The Heartstopper series tackles the theme of sexuality and identity in the current world.

  • Friendship – Charlie’s friends accept him for who he is, and become worried about his relationship with Nick.
  • Mental Health – Charlie struggles with his mental health throughout the series.
  • Acceptance – Nick struggles to accept his sexuality at first, while Charlie has fully accepted his. The books highlight the importance of accepting who you are.

10 Similar Books To Heartstopper

Alice Oseman’s “Solitaire”


We follow Charlie Spring’s sister Tori in Solitaire, who appears in the Heartstopper comics. Sixth-former Tori, 17, balances her A-Levels, family conflict, mental health difficulties, and friendships.

Her school is being terrorized by a gang of pranksters going by the name of Solitaire, and as their antics get worse, they become more dangerous.

When Tori befriends Michael Holden, a quirky but upbeat classmate, he persuades her to join his study into this prankster organization and their motivations.

The prank group expands along with their friendship, finally resulting in a massive confrontation.

Pick up Solitaire instead of a novel like Heartstopper if you enjoy Oseman’s writing and want to read more about Charlie in particular.


  • Relatable main character.
  • Engaging, hard to put down read.


  • Some readers thought the plot was predictable.

Themes: Friendship, Mental Health

Benjamin Alire Sáenz’s “Aristotle And Dante Discover The Secrets Of The Universe”

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe

The summer of 1987 is the setting for this intriguing novel. At their neighborhood pool, fifteen-year-old Aristotle meets Dante.

While Ari is a rebellious teen, Dante enjoys reading and the arts. When Dante needs to go away for a year, the two become essentially inseparable.

They make a commitment to continue being friends till they cross paths again the following summer.

The year is challenging for both guys, but they understand they can always count on one another.

You’ll enjoy this read if you enjoyed Heartstopper’s gripping romance and the author’s poetic language.

Books like Heartstopper are masters at grabbing our attention with their stunningly realistic characters and dramatic conflicts.


  • Excellent writing.
  • Well-developed characters.


  • Some readers found parts of this book dull.

Themes: Sensuality and Identity, Friendship, Acceptance

Mariko Tamaki’s “Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me”

Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up with Me

In this heartwarming book which is similar in theme to Heartstopper, the author vividly portrays the characters while capturing the young romance and unhealthy relationships that plagued our adolescence.

The narrative centers on Freddy Riley, who has an on-again, off-again romance with Laura Dean, a popular, witty, and attractive young woman.

However, Laura has a nasty streak, and Freddy’s pals don’t know why Freddy puts up with her.

Freddy encounters a mystic, who offers her some counsel that she is unsure she wants to heed, but something needs to change because her life is in disarray.

Books like Heartstopper deal with accepting good connections with others and with ourselves as well as with young love.


  • Beautiful illustrations.
  • Valuable lessons regardless of sexuality.


  • Some readers said the story felt rushed.

Themes: Sensuality and Identity, Friendship

F.T. Lukens’ “This is Ever After”

So This Is Ever After

Similar to So This Is Ever After, books like Heartstopper approach difficult subjects with humor and wit while maintaining a lighthearted tone.

Arek was foretold in this fantasy book to murder the evil king of Ere, and he has fulfilled that prophecy. But what comes next now that he has finished this quest?

Arek and his motley crew are unsure of what will happen to them after this.

Arek’s best friend and fellow wizard Matt persuades him to take over until the real heir is saved, but it turns out that she has passed away and Arek is left in charge.

The throne has a condition attached to it as well: choose a partner by the time you are eighteen, or else fade away into nothing.

Arek spends the following three months frantically wooing a spouse with Matt’s assistance.


  • Charming, heartfelt storyline.
  • Story is unbound by gender norms.


  • Some readers felt the narrative style could’ve been improved.

Themes: Sensuality and Identity, Friendship

Julian Winters’s “Running With Lions”

Running with Lions

Sebastian Hughes is the star goaltender at his high school and is ready to enter his senior year when Running with Lions takes place. He must first make it through summertime training camp.

Everything is going according to plan until Emir Shah, Sebastian’s hate-filled former best buddy from childhood shows up.

Not just for the benefit of their team, but also for themselves, Sebastian is driven to achieve peace with Emir.

But regaining Emir’s trust won’t be simple, and as the two devote more time together off the field of play, something deeper than friendship starts to develop.

Friendship is frequently acknowledged as a solid foundation for a relationship.

We get to accompany the couple on a romantic and self-discovery trip in this book, similar to Heartstopper.


  • Humorous, uplifting tone.
  • Wide range of culturally diverse characters.


  • Some readers thought there were too many forced pop culture references.

Themes: Sensuality and Identity, Friendship, Acceptance

Rainbow Rowell’s “Pumpkinheads”


In the humorous comic novel Pumpkinheads, we follow the narrative of two teenagers who spend their final fall night working together at a pumpkin patch.

Every year, Deja and Josiah spend two months as best friends before saying farewell the following September. The difference this year is that they won’t be coming back.

Josiah is content to wallow in his grief, but Deja has a plan on making the best of their final shift together.

Deja guarantees Josiah won’t ever forget the connection they developed while working in the nicest pumpkin field in the entire wide world by bringing him on a last journey.


  • Gentle, enjoyable read for a younger audience.
  • Strong theme of the importance of friendship.


  • Not really suitable for some older readers.

Themes: Friendship, Grief, Humor.

Jen Wang’s “The Prince And The Dressmaker”

The Prince and the Dressmaker

Similar to books like Heartstopper, we examine the concepts of identity, young love, and family in this graphic novel.

Prince Sebastian is hunting for a bride in Paris, or rather, his parents are doing so. Sebastian, though, is more focused on his alter identity, Lady Crystallia, the era’s most prominent fashion figure.

Frances, Sebastian’s dearest friend, and best dressmaker is responsible for his magnificent gowns. Frances longs for success and acclaim for her creative endeavors, but pursuing these goals would mean betraying her buddy.

Prince Sebastian’s love of clothes is only known by two individuals, and now Frances must choose between following her aspirations and looking out for her buddy.

If you’re looking for a lovely graphic novel to lose yourself in, this book is the ideal substitute!


  • Meaningful themes about identity and expectations.
  • Moralistic, artful read for children.


  • Not suitable for older readers.

Themes: Sensuality and Identity, Friendship, Acceptance

Kacen Callender’s “Felix Ever After”

Felix Ever After

This young adult book depicts a transgender kid who is navigating his first love while wrestling with his identity.

After years of witnessing everyone around him find love, Felix longs to experience the same feelings.

Felix devises a plan of retaliation when a transphobic message comes from an anonymous student. Felix did not, however, plan on his catfish scenario turning into a love triangle.

While determining what he desires in a partnership, Felix starts to learn some more significant life lessons about himself.

Grab Felix Ever After if you’re looking for a novel that deals with self-discovery adventures comparable to Heartstopper!


  • Great read for teenagers.
  • Covers important themes of identity and finding love.


  • Some readers found that the book lacked closure at the end.

Themes: Identity, Acceptance, LGBTQIA+

Sophie Gonzales And Cale Dietrich’s “If This Gets Out”

If This Gets Out

Eighteen-year-olds who are on-screen teen heartthrobs and closest buddies off-camera The four-man boy band Saturday includes Ruben and Zac.

The strain on the boys increases as their celebrity grows, and Ruben feels compelled by the band’s management to remain in the closet.

During their whistle-stop tour of Europe, Ruben and Zac learn to know one another better and better until their friendship turns into love.

The couple understands that their band administration will not back them if they want to come out, despite their own sentiments on the subject.

We explore the challenges of coming out in this novel comparable to Heartstopper.


  • Highly relatable main character.
  • Thought-provoking read about acceptance, identity, and sexuality.


  • Some readers felt that the characters were too one-dimensional and the plot was lacking.

Themes: Identity, Friendship, Acceptance

Kevin Panetta And Savanah Ganucheau’s “Bloom”


Why not consider Bloom if you’re looking for an LGBTQIA+ novel similar to Heartstopper?

The only thing Ari wants to do now that school is over is travel to a big city alongside his band. Ari works in his family’s bakery. He despises baking, but he adores his family as well as their commitment to their business, so he evaluates potential replacements.

At that point, he encounters Hector, a young man who despises baking the same way Ari does.

If Ari doesn’t wreck everything, love begins to blossom as the two increase their time together, and a happy ending seems in the distance. This novel, which tells a tale of love, friendship, family, and baking, will melt your heart.


  • Lovely illustrations, well-paced and expertly written.
  • Engrossing storyline and likable characters.


  • Some of the side plots lacked depth.

Themes: Sensuality and Identity, Friendship, Acceptance

Final Thoughts

You feel at rest and your heart is warmed by reading books like Heartstopper. These are the top feel-good books and graphic novels, many of which have LGBTQIA+ themes. Enjoy your next read after selecting it from the list above!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Heartstopper Books Are There?

At the moment there are four books in the Heartstopper series available to read. Another book is due to come out in February 2023.

What Type Of Book Is Heartstopper?

Heartstopper is a young adult LGBTQIA+ graphic novel series written and illustrated by Alice Oseman.

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