Books Like Jurassic Park (5 Book Recommendations)

Jurassic Park is a popular science fiction action novel written by American author Michael Crichton.

Published in 1990, Jurassic Park tells the cautionary tale of genetic engineering.

Books Like Jurassic Park (5 Book Recommendations)

The novel tells the story of an amusement park’s collapse as a result of out-of-control genetically re-created dinosaurs.

Capturing the hearts and the imagination of children and adults all over the world, this novel went on to be a huge success.

Illustrating the concept of chaos theory and the implications it has on the real world, the story follows paleontologist Alan Grant and his graduate Ellie Sattler who are sent to investigate an attack on a worker in Costa Rica.

It isn’t long before they face a race against time to stop the dinosaurs and escape the island.

The huge success of Jurassic Park saw Michael Crichton sell 200 million copies worldwide.

He also went on to write a sequel named The Lost World.

Of course, you may also know this book because it was adapted into one of the biggest film franchises in the world.

Today, I will show you 5 books like Jurassic Park.

If you loved Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton, you’ll also thoroughly enjoy books like Bones of the Earth, The Lost World, Raptor Red, Dinosaur Planet, and Mammoth. Check out our list of 5 books to read after Jurassic Park.

Themes In Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park

Man Vs Nature

The main theme in Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton is man vs nature.

The book plays on the idea that man and nature are always in conflict, with nature always coming out on top.

The way Crichton displays this theme is through the different beliefs of the characters in the book.

Some characters are against the idea of genetically engineered dinosaurs, whilst others are keen to exploit them for everything they can.

There are examples everywhere in the book of people messing around with nature too much, leading the world into a new chapter of danger and chaos.

The whole idea of the story is that people mess with nature all the time and get it wrong.


Of course, another key theme in Jurassic Park is technology. This book deals with a great deal of technology.

In fact, it could be argued that Crichton’s novel serves more as a warning as it shows how technology in the wrong hands can cause problems.

In Jurassic Park, the reader is shown how technology can create issues in relation to power, control, and mistakes.

The main themes of technology in Jurassic Park are shown through the complex science that is used to recreate the dinosaurs.


This then closely ties in with power. Power is a common theme found throughout the Jurassic Park book.

From billionaire Jon Hammond forcing Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler to the island in the first place to Dr. Wu exerting the power of nature and men to recreate dinosaurs, power is always present.

It could then be said that the theme is presented in the book by how strong and dominant the dinosaurs are.

The dinosaurs quickly and effortlessly start to kill people on the island. This is Crichton’s way of telling people not to play around with nature.

Books Like Jurassic Park

The Lost World By Michael Crichton

Lost World Jurassic Park 2

The first book like Jurassic Park I have for you is The Lost World by Michael Crichton.

If you loved Jurassic Park, reading The Lost World only makes sense. The Lost World is Michael Crichton’s sequel to Jurassic Park.

Released in 1995, the novel spent eight weeks as a number-one bestseller before going on to be the inspiration for the next Jurassic Park film.

The Lost World is set four years after the disaster at Jurassic Park.

Readers soon learn that Malcolm survived the ordeal on the island.

The story follows his quest to find wealthy paleontologist Richard Levine who is lost on one of the neighboring islands.


  • This is the sequel to Jurassic Park.
  • Some of the characters from the first book are also in this one.


  • Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler aren’t in this book.

Themes Similar To Jurassic Park: Mystery, corruption, adventure, and dinosaurs.

Bones Of The Earth By Michael Swanwick

Bones of the Earth

Bones of the Earth is a Hugo, Lotus, and Nebula Award-nominated book written by Michael Swanwick.

Swanwick’s novel combines two things that always make an interesting read. Those things are dinosaurs and time travel.

In this paleontological adventure, Dr. Leyster is brought a dinosaur head by a strange visitor.

Whilst this wouldn’t be too unusual for Dr. Leyster, the fact the dinosaur has only recently been killed is something that leaves Dr. Leyster bewildered.

After discussions, Dr. Leyster is persuaded to join an expedition into the past to the Cretaceous.

As you can imagine, this book is filled with mystery, danger, wonder, and dinosaurs.



  • The source of conflict in this story is unclear and a little messy.

Themes Similar To Jurassic Park: Technology, man vs nature, and conflict.

Raptor Red By Robert Bakker

Raptor Red: A Novel

The next novel on this list is Raptor Red by Robert Bakker. Robert Bakker is an American paleontologist who played a big part in reshaping modern theories regarding dinosaurs.

As a result, you can read his novels knowing a lot of what you read is historically accurate.

If you’re anything like me, your favorite dinosaurs in Jurassic Park will have been the raptors.

If you did love the raptors, you’ll thoroughly enjoy Raptor Red. In Raptor Red, Bakker takes you back 120 million years into the past.

Set on the plains of prehistoric Utah, the story centers around a female raptor.

The story follows her as she fights to survive. I personally loved the blend of science fact and creative fiction in this book.


  • A lot of what you read in this book is factually correct.
  • Bakker is an expert in this field.


  • This book doesn’t have an epic storyline like Jurassic Park.

Themes Similar To Jurassic Park: Evolution, survival, nature, power, and the past.

Dinosaur Planet By Anne McCaffrey

Dinosaur Planet

The next book on this list of books like Jurassic Park is Dinosaur Planet by Anne McCaffrey.

This science fiction novel was written by the American-Irish author in the 1970s. Just 128 pages long, it’s a quick read you’ll enjoy reading if you love all things dinosaurs.

The main plot follows a survey team sent to visit the fictional planet of Ireta.

Sent to document flora and fauna on the planet, things take a drastic turn when the team encounters some large animals that resemble the dinosaurs.

Before the dinosaur anomaly can be explained, a Heavyworlder mutiny puts everyone in danger.


  • This novel is very similar to Jurassic Park.
  • McCaffrey’s story takes you to another planet.


  • Themes of power, technology, and man vs nature aren’t as prevalent in this novel.

Themes Similar To Jurassic Park: Discovery, battle, danger, science, and friendship in Dinosaur Planet.

Mammoth By John Varley


The final book I have for you like Jurassic Park is Mammoth by John Varley.

If you’re looking for a novel that follows the theme of power, technology, and man vs nature like Jurassic Park, this book is perfect for you.

In Jurassic Park, Crichton told the story of how cloning dinosaurs using technology could go wrong. John Varley has done something similar in Mammoth.

This gripping science fiction and adventure novel blends imagination with real-life science.

When the wealthy Howard Christian learns of a frozen mammoth that has been found, he becomes obsessed, hoping to clone the species. However, he gets way more than he bargained for!


  • Like Jurassic Park, this book follows a story of genetic science and cloning.
  • Despite being similar to Jurassic Park, this novel has a unique story.


  • There aren’t many dinosaurs in this novel.

Themes Similar To Jurassic Park: Power, technology, and man vs nature.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, 5 books like Jurassic Park. It doesn’t matter if you love science, dinosaurs, disaster, adventure, or factual books, this list has a read that you will enjoy.

To ensure you can find a book you like, I’ve been sure to include 5 books that share similar themes and topics to Jurassic Park.

Whilst Jurassic Park is arguably the best dinosaur-related novel in the world, there are still plenty of good options to read afterward.

Now you have this list of books like Jurassic Park at your disposal, you should pick out the novel you want to read first. I’m sure you’ll love whichever one you pick out.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Michael Crichton Jurassic Park Books Are There?

Michael Crichton only wrote two Jurassic Park books. Those books were Jurassic Park and The Lost World.

How Many Jurassic Park Films Are There?

There are currently six Jurassic Park films that you can watch. However, only the first two films are based on books written by Michael Crichton.

How Many Books Did Michael Crichton Write?

Before he passed away in 2008, Michael Crichton wrote 26 novels. Jurassic Park was by far his most popular.

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