The 40 Best Children’s Books Like Magic Tree House

If you enjoyed the popular and enchanting Magic Tree House series, you’ll love these similar must-read children’s books.

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Greetings from Somewhere Series by Harper Paris 

The Mystery of the Gold Coin (1) (Greetings from Somewhere)

Globe-trotting adventure and non-stop mystery abound in Harper Paris’s easy-to-read ten-book series that’s perfect for young readers! 

The series follows young twins Ethan and Ella as they embark on a string of thrilling excursions around the globe! With exciting settings such as a secret Parisian bakery, an ancient Chinese map, and a high-speed gondola chase in Venice, there’s no end to the fun in these compelling chapter books. 

You can buy the first in the series here, and prepare to be swept up across the globe right alongside Ethan and Ella! 

A to Z Mysteries by Ron Roy 

The Absent Author (A to Z Mysteries)

Twenty-six books and hundreds of colorful illustrations along the way: Ron Roy’s exciting series is a perfect introduction to mystery books for beginning readers. 

A to Z Mysteries tells the story of young Dink and his friends Ruth and Josh as they solve mysteries through the whole alphabet. A is for Author in the series debut, The Absent Author, where Dink’s favorite author never shows up to a book signing. He and his friends must race the clock to find missing author Wallis Wallace before it’s too late! 

You can purchase the first book here, and make sure to check out the rest of the collection for more alphabetical adventures. 

The Spiderwick Chronicles by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi 

The Field Guide (1) (The Spiderwick Chronicles)

Great for young readers but appealing to an older crowd as well, co-written fantasy series The Spiderwick Chronicles is made up of five captivating books that are brimming with imagination. 

This enchanting series follows the three Grace siblings and their discovery of a mysterious field guide, hidden in the attic of the mansion they’ve just moved into. The field guide leads them into a whole new world of monsters and magic, from goblins and elves to dwarves and trolls. 

You can buy the first book in the series here, and you’re sure to be clamoring for the next book in no time! 

Unicorn Academy Series by Julie Sykes 

Unicorn Academy #1: Sophia and Rainbow

Readers who love their books with a glimmer of magic will fall for Julie Sykes’ imaginative, rainbow-filled series with just one glimpse! 

In this imaginative series, schools are considered to be exciting places where everyone gets paired up with a unicorn and taught how to communicate with them. Each exciting addition to this twenty-book series follows a different human and unicorn pairing for never-ending adventures and charm. 

You can purchase the first book here, and get ready to have lots of fun with the leading duo of Sophia and Rainbow! 

Clubhouse Mysteries Series by Sharon Draper 

The Buried Bones Mystery (1) (Clubhouse Mysteries)

This adventurous chapter-book series by award-winning novelist Sharon Draper is full of hilarious hijinks and spooky suspense that will have young readers flipping pages like no other! 

The first in the series takes readers alongside the friendship quartet of Ziggy, Rico, Rashawn, and Jerome as they build themselves a backyard clubhouse, which soon becomes the site of mystery as the boys uncover a box of buried bones. The next five books follow the friends through an underground railroad, a potentially haunted forest, and even up to a space camp. 

You can buy the first book in the series here, and let the reading begin! 

Piper Green and the Fairy Tree Series by Ellen Potter 

Piper Green and the Fairy Tree

Ellen Potter’s charming and imaginative five-book series is full of spunk, wit, and magic that’s sure to appeal to beginning readers! 

Youthful and energetic heroine Piper Green lives a quirky, fun-filled life off the coast of Maine — she rides a lobster boat to school, and she just discovered a Fairy Tree right in her front yard. Hilarious hijinks and exciting adventures ensue throughout the series that are sure to charm readers from start to finish! 

You can purchase the first in the series here, and follow along with Piper Green on her delightful journey through life. 

Junkyard Adventures Series by Tevin Hansen 

Word Dragon (Junkyard Adventures)

Hailed a must-read for fans of Magic Tree House, Tevin Hansen’s Junkyard Adventures series is full of creative and curious fun that fledgling readers will adore. 

The series kicks off with Word Dragon, introducing us to sibling duo Eli and Grace, who are told a fantastic story by their eccentric uncle about a Scrabble-loving dragon. The two don’t believe his tale until they step through the door of their Uncle’s shop, and suddenly everything he told them becomes a reality. 

You can buy the first book in the series here, and be sure to check out the next nine books for more adventurous reading! 

Mercy Watson Series by Kate DiCamillo 

Mercy Watson to the Rescue

Mercy Watson is not just a pig — she’s a porcine wonder — and Kate DiCamillo’s six-book series of chapter books about her are as hilarious as they are well-written. 

Mr. and Mrs. Watson’s dear pig, Mercy, is a lovable heroine who just can’t seem to avoid the trouble that follows her! From getting behind the wheel of a car to taking a disastrous trip to a drive-in movie theater, Mercy Watson’s days are full of fun and laughter that will have readers laughing until they’re crying, and then laughing some more. 

You can purchase the first book here, and prepare to fall head-over-heels for a precocious pig — something you probably didn’t know was possible. 

Daisy Dreamer Series by Holly Anna

Daisy Dreamer and the Totally True Imaginary Friend (1)

Cutesy illustrations and easy-to-read stories come to life in Holly Anna’s lovable Daisy Dreamer series. 

The series follows Daisy Dreamer and her imaginary friend, Posey, as they dance their way into a world of cloud critters, pixies, and dreams come true. All twelve books are short, sweet, and perfect for young readers to boost their imagination and put a smile on their faces. 

You can buy the first in the series here, and make sure to check out the rest of the series to see what Daisy and Posey get up to next! 

Mortimer and Me Series by Kathie McMahon

Mortimer and Me

Kathie McMahon’s award-winning Mortimer and Me series is one you won’t want to miss — from lovable animal friends to mythical creatures and magical adventures, older readers will be just as charmed as the younger target audience! 

The first book in the series introduces eight-year-old Jimmy, who just moved to a new town and is worried about first impressions and fitting in. Who would expect that the first friend he would make is a moose? The moose’s name is Mortimer, and Jimmy’s friendship with him soon turns into a series of never-ending adventures and great life lessons. 

You can buy the first book here, and see what the hype is all about in this delightful children’s book series. 

Amelia Bedelia Series by Herman Parish 

Amelia Bedelia Means Business

There is nobody quite like Amelia Bedelia — no wonder Herman Parish’s award-winning chapter-book series has sold more than 35 million copies since its initial publication. 

Even reluctant readers are sure to enjoy the fresh and funny Amelia Bedelia series, the first of which follows Amelia on her quest to earn enough money to get a new bicycle — no matter what it takes. Throughout the series Amelia finds herself in many more hilarious situations, from a disastrous family road trip to an ill-fated wedding, Amelia plows her way through it all. 

You can purchase the first book here, and prepare to be charmed by Amelia Bedelia along with so many other readers. 

The Lottie Lipton Adventures by Dan Metcalf   

The Curse of the Cairo Cat: A Lottie Lipton Adventure (The Adventures of Lottie Lipton)

Hidden clues and thrilling overseas adventures abound in Dan Metcalf’s six-book mystery series following the antics of nine-year-old investigator Lottie Lipton. 

In the series debut, The Curse of the Cairo Cat, a golden cat goes missing, which infuriates the head curator of the British Museum. Lottie and her companions set out to follow a trail of clues and find the missing cat — all without stepping on the head curator’s toes! 

You can buy the first in the series here, and get ready to be ready for the second book the moment that you finish the first. 

Magic School Bus Series by Joanna Cole 

The Magic School Bus At the Waterworks

Joanna Cole’s beloved and well-known chapter-book series is as educational as it is entertaining, with colorful illustrations and fun characters to keep even the most reluctant reader hooked! 

This classic science-based series follows Ms. Frizzle and her students as they board the titular magic school bus and set out on journeys that are fun, fascinating, and full of real-life facts and science. Readers will likely enjoy the science in the series just as much, if not more, than the magic of the shape-shifting, time-traveling bus at the heart of the series. 

You can purchase the first book here, and prepare for an adventure you won’t be able to forget! 

Flashback Four Series by Dan Gutman 

Flashback Four #1: The Lincoln Project

Bestselling author Dan Gutman dazzles readers with his Flashback Four series, a smart and funny mix of real-world history and action-packed adventure. 

The series follows four unique kids, who are selected by a mysterious billionaire to time-travel for him, and photograph some of history’s most significant events. From the delivery of the Gettysburg Address in the first book to the deck of the Titanic in the second book, historical thrills, and witty writing will keep young readers on the edge of their seats! 

You can buy the first book here, and make sure to check out the next three for more riveting trips back in time. 

Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle by Betty MacDonald 

Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle

Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle is an oldie but a goodie that will have beginning readers laughing hysterically and wanting to start the book over once it’s complete. 

The main character is Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle herself: she’s a grown woman who lives in an upside-down house, and rumor has it she was married to a pirate once! Most importantly, she has the cure for everything a child might need. 

You can purchase the first in the series here, and check out the next seven books for more hilarious hijinks and cure-alls! 

The Sisters Grimm Series by Michael Buckley 

The Fairy-Tale Detectives (The Sisters Grimm #1): 10th Anniversary Edition (Sisters Grimm, The)

Everyone’s favorite fairy tales take on a new, youthful twist in Michael Buckley’s unpredictable and exciting Sisters Grimm series. The series is nine books long and is a perfect bridge from chapter books to longer novels for ambitious young readers. 

In the series debut, orphaned sisters Sabrina and Daphne are sent to live with their grandmother, Relda Grimm. Little do they know that they are descendants of the iconic Brothers Grimm, and even more surprising, all those fairy tale characters are still alive, in the very town where they just moved in. 

You can buy the first in the series here, and make sure to have the second book handy to deal with the breathtaking cliffhanger at the end of the first! 

Dragon Masters Series by Tracey West 

Rise of the Earth Dragon: A Branches Book (Dragon Masters #1) (1)

Twenty-five books and counting make up Tracey West’s fan-favorite Dragon Masters series, a fantasy journey full of fun illustrations that’s perfect for beginning readers. 

The first book in the series, titled Rise of the Earth Dragon, follows eight-year-old Drake as he’s snatched by a soldier of King Roland and whisked away to become a Dragon Master. He is joined by three other young Dragon Masters, all of whom must work together to learn if they have what it takes to train and get to know their dragons. 

You can purchase the first book here, and get ready for a roaring fantasy read like no other. 

Adventurous Ali Series by Tyler H. Jolley and Mary H. Geis

Adventurous Ali: Temple of the Monkey God

Action-packed adventure and heartwarming storytelling fill the pages of this co-written children’s series that’s full of exciting twists and turns you won’t want to miss.  

Eleven-year-old Alison Liv Isner gets sucked into an old globe, and wakes up in the middle of a jungle, surrounded by talking animals. She soon embarks on a dangerous journey to complete the expedition journal that was started by her deceased mother — and that’s only the beginning of the adventures for her and her newfound animal friends. 

You can buy the first in the series here, and prepare to be drawn into a world that’s as frightening as it is fascinating. 

Secret Spy Society by Veronica Mang 

The Case of the Missing Cheetah (Secret Spy Society)

Secret Spy Society is a three-book series by debut author-illustrator Veronica Mang that will entertain adults as much as it will young readers with its wit and charm. 

The first in the series, The Case of the Missing Cheetah, tells the story of three young girls who uncover a secret society of female spies. They are enlisted by one of the spies to find out who kidnapped her pet cheetah, and the young girls get to experience the sleuthing life for themselves. 

You can buy the first book here, and rejoice in finding a chapter-book series that is sure to stand the test of time. 

Magic on the Map Series by Courtney Sheinmel and Bianca Turetsky 

Magic on the Map

Light-hearted mystery and magical transportation line the pages of this well-written, four-book series that’s authored by the powerhouse writing duo of Courtney Sheinmel and Bianca Turetsky. 

Go traveling with twins Finn and Molly in their newly discovered talking camper, which transports them to another state and then disappears — leaving them to find their own way home. The series takes the two to Colorado, New York, Texas, and California, with mystery and magic at the center of each new journey. 

You can purchase the first book in the series here, and get to know the United States via a magical camper just like Finn and Molly! 

An Adventurer’s Guide to Dinosaurs by Isabel Thomas et al.

An Adventurer's Guide to Dinosaurs

Mia has a time machine and travels to the prehistoric period, discovering everything there is to know about dinosaurs. She wanders around their habitats, follows their footprints, and meets different types of dinosaurs – although some require her to be a little quieter!

An Adventurer’s Guide to Dinosaurs is the perfect mix between adventure and education. With real facts and descriptions about dinosaurs, your child will quickly pick up the scientific and historical elements of these brilliant stories.

Dad and the Dinosaur by Gennifer Choldenko

Dad and the Dinosaur

This is a great book if you’re just looking for something that touches on dinosaurs, rather than a story centering around them. Dad and the Dinosaur is predominantly focused on the relationship between father and son.

Nicholas is a nervous boy and looks up to his dad, who doesn’t appear to be afraid of anything. Nicholas and his toy dinosaur go on all sorts of adventures but when his dinosaur disappears, Nicholas’s fears reach their peak. With a little help from his dad and some words of encouragement, Nicholas learns to conquer his fears.

Dinosaur Adventures by Catherine Veitch

Miles Kelly Dinosaur Adventures 10 Books Collection Set (Allosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Diplodocus, Iguanodon, Plateosaurus and More)

Catherine Veitch is a master at getting children to think outside the box. She has released some brilliant interactive books for children and has also written excellent dinosaur-related books that each center around a different species. 

Dinosaur Adventures is made up of 10 books featuring different types of dinosaurs and their day-to-day activities and problems. It includes well-known species such as the Diplodocus and the Velociraptor but gives time to lesser-known dinosaurs such as the Ankylosaurus and the Spinosaurus. Educational, interesting, and filled with fun stories, these books are not ones to skip.

In The Past by David Elliott

In the Past: From Trilobites to Dinosaurs to Mammoths in More Than 500 Million Years

This one is less adventurous but it’s perfect for kids eager to learn more about dinosaurs or the prehistoric period. In the Past dives into history and provides a chronological account of dinosaur information. 

This text is genre-bending, including poetic passages, stories with detailed yet fun descriptions, and heaps of illustrations to help you along the way. 

Mad Scientist Academy: The Dinosaur Disaster by Matthew McElligott

Mad Scientist Academy: The Dinosaur Disaster

Although the rest of the novels in this series are not dinosaur-specific, The Dinosaur Disaster is one of the most exciting and thrilling dinosaur adventure stories out there! 

Dr. Cosmic makes no attempt to hide his pet dinosaur and his teaching techniques are certainly different from everyone else’s. Dr. Cosmic built a realistic dinosaur exhibit over the summer vacation and now the kids must find clues that will lead them to Oscar, Dr. Cosmic’s pet. But everything seems to go wrong and when the fake dinosaurs come to life, everyone must fend for themselves!

The Girl and the Dinosaur by Hollie Hughes

The Girl and the Dinosaur

After finding parts of a dinosaur skeleton on the beach one day, Marianne makes a wish that the dinosaur would come to life, and lo and behold, it does. 

The Girl and the Dinosaur follows Marianne and her dinosaur’s wonderful adventures together. With beautiful illustrations, excellent ratings, and a heartwarming message, this story is the perfect light-hearted adventure book to add to your bookshelf.

How to Catch a Dinosaur by Adam Wallace

How to Catch a Dinosaur

This fun and engaging book joins Adam Wallace’s iconic How to Catch series. How to Catch a Dinosaur imagines that dinosaurs still exist and provides interesting facts about the animals and hilarious advice about how to catch one and what to be aware of.

This story is a great blend of comedy, adventure, and education – the perfect gift for any child!

The Age of Dinosaurs by Steve Brusatte

The Age of Dinosaurs: The Rise and Fall of the World’s Most Remarkable Animals

This one is more factual but through interesting stories that tell of dinosaurs’ habits, lifestyles, routines, and appearances, it definitely has an adventurous feel to it.

The Age of Dinosaurs teaches readers aged 7 to 12 the fascinating discoveries that are still being made about different types of dinosaurs and their capacities. If your child is between these ages and they’ve shown an interest in dinosaurs, this is a brilliant book to purchase. It’s a fantastic mix of education, fun, and adventure, and will provide them with all kinds of information to help their interest flourish.

Tiny T. Rex and the Impossible Hug by Jonathan Stutzman

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This series is made up of 3 books that follow a small but loveable T. Rex as he overcomes his fears and problems. 

Perfect for younger children aged between 3 and 5, Tiny T. Rex and the Impossible Hug will introduce your little one to the world of dinosaurs and adventure but also provide a heartwarming moral lesson too.

What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night by Refe and Susan Tuma

What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night: A Very Messy Adventure (What the Dinosaurs Did, 1)

This book is the first of the 3-book What the Dinosaurs Did series. When mysterious things keep happening around the house and mess appears everywhere, it might be easy to blame kids or pets. But what if dinosaurs were to blame?

What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night is a funny and adventurous story of dinosaurs wreaking havoc all throughout everyday houses. You may want to think twice the next time you come home to a huge mess!

The Dinosaur That Pooped series by Tom Fletcher

The Dinosaur that Pooped Series 5 Books Collection Set by Tom Fletcher & Dougie Poynter (The Bed, A Planet, The Past, A Princess & Christmas)

This brilliantly funny series will make your belly hurt from laughing. The Dinosaur That Pooped covers many common situations such as Christmas or playing at Grandma’s, but also incorporates some extraordinary settings such as space and fairy tale lands.

Either way, these stories all concentrate on Danny and the dinosaur as they venture through time, space, and reality with one stomach-related problem! This series appeals to many children and their silly nature. They are perfect for a silly bedtime read and make family reading a little funnier.

Dinosaurs Can’t Roar! by Layla Beason

Dinosaurs Can't Roar: A Funny, Growth Mindset Dinosaur Book for Kids

Suitable for kids between the ages of 4 and 7, Dinosaurs Can’t Roar! follows Rex, an aptly named, endearing T. Rex, and his paleontologist friend as they find out more about dinosaurs and make cool scientific discoveries.

This book is hilarious, fun, and educational. It subtly teaches children about real dinosaurs and follows the development of a great relationship – what more could you want?

The Super Swooper Dinosaur by Martin Wadell

The Super Swooper Dinosaur

This book can be enjoyed by children of all ages, even the younger ones should understand it. The Super Swooper Dinosaur follows the friendship that blossoms between Hal, Billy, and the super swooper dinosaur. 

Although they find it hard to find games to play that everyone can get involved with and enjoy, the three of them demonstrate that friendship can conquer all problems and that relationships can form despite differences.

The Dinosaur Expert by Margaret McNamara

The Dinosaur Expert (Mr. Tiffin's Classroom Series)

The Dinosaur Expert is part of McNamara’s Mr. Tiffin’s Classroom series and follows Kimmy, a dinosaur-obsessed girl, as she and her class venture to the natural history museum on a school trip. 

Kimmy is eager to show off everything she knows about dinosaurs but when a classmate asks whether girls can become paleontologists, she feels shy. What if she can’t become a paleontologist? What if no one wants to listen to a girl talk about dinosaurs? It’ll take Mr. Tiffin’s help and advice from a professional scientist to help Kimmy realize that her dream can one day become a reality. 

This book has a brilliant message and encourages girls into the world of science. Not only does it promote confidence and intelligence, but The Dinosaur Expert has a fantastic feminist undertone that will make any girl smile.

Dinosaur Roar! by Henrietta and Paul Stickland

Dinosaur Roar! by Henrietta Stickland (2016-06-16)

With a rhyming narration, adventurous stories, and colorful pictures, this book will feel addictive to many readers and may even become a new favorite!

Dinosaur Roar! is a fantastic book that will teach your child the differences between each dinosaur species, their personalities, their appearances, and their abilities. It will feed your child simple facts about paleontology and will increase their vocabulary use too.

Dinosaur Empire by Abby Howard 

Dinosaur Empire! (Earth Before Us #1): Journey through the Mesozoic Era

Ronnie is a 5th grader who really struggles with science. She is nervous about her dinosaur test coming up and happens to run into her neighbor, a paleontologist. 

The two of them travel back in time and witness dinosaurs for themselves. Ronnie is forced to escape dangerous encounters with different dinosaurs and learns the differences between each species and more about the Mesozoic era as a whole.

Dinosaur Empire is a funny, educational, and adventurous book bursting with facts and action, perfect for any reader aged 8 to 12.

Dinosaur Feathers by Dennis Nolan

Dinosaur Feathers

This non-fiction book explains the gradual process by which dinosaurs evolved into birds. With fun facts and excellent story-telling, Nolan makes this non-fiction book seem like an adventure. 

Dinosaur Feathers is appropriate for kids over the age of 6 and will definitely provoke some questions. Did dinosaurs ever really go extinct? 

Dinosaur Munch! by Peter Curtis and Jeanne Willis

Dinosaur Munch! The Diplodocus (The World of Dinosaur Roar!)

This is one of the 12 books in The World of Dinosaur Roar! series. Each book follows the interesting realities of different species of dinosaurs. 

Dinosaur Munch! follows the life of the diplodocus, a species with a large appetite. It follows one particular diplodocus as he eats his way to trouble and contains some hilarious scenes and fascinating facts to keep your child engaged and learning.

Simms Taback’s Dinosaurs by Simms Taback

Simms Taback's Dinosaurs

This ‘who am I’ book is great for kids with a growing knowledge of dinosaurs. It is part of the Who Am I series and allows children to lift parts of the pages to reveal clues about the dinosaur’s identity. 

Simms Taback’s Dinosaurs is brilliant for younger children and allows them to interact, ask questions, and proactively use their knowledge. 

Dinosaurs Love Underpants by Claire Freedman

Dinosaurs Love Underpants

This is a hilarious story of an underpants war that results in the extinction of dinosaurs. Forget everything you thought you knew about paleontology and dinosaurs, this book has all the weird and wacky answers!
Dinosaurs Love Underpants is entertaining, fast-paced, and easy to understand… although perhaps not the right choice if you’re looking for something educational.


What age is appropriate for Magic Tree House?

The Magic Tree House series is written for children aged 6-10, but older kids are sure to enjoy the fun-filled books, too!

Is the Magic Tree House series over?

No, the series is not over. Mary Pope Osborne is still writing to this day, although a release date for the next book in the series has not been announced.

Do kids still read Magic Tree House?

Although the Magic Tree House series has been around for quite some time, it is certainly still relevant and enjoyed by children to this day.

Do the Magic Tree House books need to be read in order?

The Magic Tree House books do not need to be read in any particular order, although it can be nice to read them in order as certain small storylines do connect over time.

What genre is Magic Tree House?

Magic Tree House is considered to be both fantasy and historical fiction.

What reading grade level is The Magic Tree House?

1st to 3rd-grade reading level.

At what age should my child be reading about dinosaurs?

That’s completely up to you. There are dinosaur-related books that are tailored to infants around the ages of 2-3, but whether or not they understand the content is another question. If you want to start an engaging conversation about dinosaurs and prehistoric history, you may want to wait until they’re at an age where they can understand and ask questions.

What’s the best dinosaur book for kids?

All of these books listed are brilliant, but Dinosaur Roar! is one of the most popular ones with fantastic ratings.

At what age do kids start liking dinosaurs?

Usually, children begin taking an interest in dinosaurs at age 3-4, but this will depend on your child’s interests and developmental process.

Is it beneficial to teach my child about dinosaurs at an early age?

Studies have shown that kids with an interest in conceptual domains like dinosaurs, typically grow up with high IQs, are better learners, and have a long attention span.

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