The 20 Best Fantasy Books Like The Chronicles of Narnia

At some point, everyone wishes they could escape the real world into somewhere new and exciting. That is precisely how C.S Lewis makes his readers feel. Lewis’s famous novel The Chronicles of Narnia makes readers yearn for more, both young and old. 

The 20 Best Fantasy Books Like The Chronicles of Narnia

The protagonists of this novel are four children coming from the real world. They must do their best to fight against evil and restore Narnia’s throne to its rightful place. 

This young adult fiction tells a story of epic battles between good and evil, different expeditions to the end of the globe, plot twists, and impressive beasts that immerse you in its pages. 

No wonder over 100 million copies sold out in over 45 languages. It’s so painful it’s just a seven-series novel. However, there are other fantasy novels like The Chronicles of Narnia you will love reading. Check out the following books! 

 Is Underground 

Is Underground (The Wolves Chronicles)

“Is” is not just any name; it’s the name of the young girl in the Alken fantasy world. On his dying bed, Is’ uncle requested that she looks for his missing son, Arun. On her journey to find her missing cousin, she finds herself on the secret train, which leaves at midnight to a place called the Playland express. 

Every kid believes the Playland is a fun-filled far, off kingdom. Little did they know it was far from what they expected. But the worst awaits Is; her uncle Roy is the greedy ruler of Playland. 

How will she avoid the terrible fate? How will she save other kids from this greedy, wicked uncle? You just have to prepare for the unexpected! 

Fur Magic

Fur Magic (The Magic Sequence)

What do you think about a young adult fantasy fiction portraying the war between humans and animals with high IQs like humans? It will surely immerse you in its pages! 

That’s how engrossed you will be when you read Andre Norton’s work, Fur Magic. The protagonist Cory Alder went to spend his summer with his American uncle, Jasper. He is so familiar with city life that Cory is uncomfortable with the reality of the ranch. 

But he encounters a medicine man who transports him into ancient works where brilliant animals are at war with humans. Now Cory’s fear turns into a survival instinct. 

Out of the Silent Planet

Out of the Silent Planet (1) (The Space Trilogy)

You will never regret reading another science fantasy book by Lewis. Out of the Silent Planet is the first novel of The Space trilogy

Lewis’s fantasy world introduces his readers to Dr. Ransom, who is abducted by two men, Dr. Weston and Mr. Devine, as a sacrificial lamb to Malancandra inhabitants. Ransom soon discovers that the Earth-Silent planet has a story known by these people. 

The Hero and the Crown

The Hero and the Crown

Aerin has always known the story of the witch woman, her mother, who bewitched the king into marrying her so she could give birth to the heir of Damar. But luck does not favor the witch woman because she gave birth to a girl instead of a boy. As a result, she turned her face in despair to the wall and died. 

But that’s not all the story. There are a lot of unsaid truths……… Aerin has a greater destiny than she ever dreamed. She just has to discover that she’s the real hero

The Dragon Boy

The Dragon's Boy: A Tale of Young King Arthur

The Dragon Boy is another fantasy fiction you will fall in love with. Although it’s a children’s book, it’s a novel that immerses young and old into its pages. 

The perfect way Jane takes you on a journey into a world filled with different characters, plot twists, themes, education, friendship, and growth is fascinating. It’s one of those books that makes you feel true to yourself. 

The War of the Flower

The War of the Flowers

This fantasy novel is a standalone every Lewis reader will surely enjoy reading. A rock band lead vocalist, Theo Vilmos is attacked by monsters when he discovers the fairy planet. 

Applecore rescued Theo from the monster’s attack. He then takes Theo to a parallel world of Faerie. However, his imagination was different from reality. Theo realizes that he is in a twisted version of his world. 

But he can’t leave immediately because he got caught in the dangerous politics of the Faerie. How will he return to his world? 

The Final Empire

The Final Empire: Mistborn Book One

Brandon’s bestseller and beautifully written novel, The Final Empire, is a must-read for every fantasy fan. This adventure fiction sheds more light on the lives of Kelsier and a girl named Vin. 

Fate brought these two people together; they must do their best to help each other. Sanderson’s world describes the story behind the story, plans behind plans; there is always a secret in secret. It’s a compelling read that leaves you with lots of questions. You will surely love it! 

Through the Looking Glass

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This adventure fiction is one of the famous writings of Lewis Caroll. You are going to love it if you are a fantasy reader. This young adult novel contains a lot of critical research and fun realities, biographical information, and poetry that will satisfy your curiosity. 

It’s a weird novel that will keep you on your seat until the book’s last line. You surely want to take advantage of this book! 

A Wrinkle in Time

A Wrinkle in Time (Time Quintet)

The winner of the Newbery Medal, A Wrinkle in Time is a novel that makes you fall in love with fantasy fiction. Meg is an innocent high school girl who lives with her brother Charles and her mother, Mrs. Murry. 

Everything was fine until her father, a great scientist, was held captive by the evil forces of another planet, the IT. Now she, her brother, and her friend, Calvin, must travel through time to rescue their father. 

However, the quest to save their father is not free of trouble. Meg must discover the one thing that can help her conquer IT. It’s a book like The Chronicles of Narnia you will never regret reading.

The Wild Folk 

The Wild Folk

The Star brotherhood terrorizes the land of Wild Folk. Now their fate depends on two young hares and their companion- an orphan with a zeal for invention named Tin and a curious Comfrey. 

These two young adults must defy all odds and complete all dangerous tasks to save their land. Sylvia merges timeless adventure, mythology, and a classic filled with memorable diverse characters that will leave you rereading again and again. 

The Alchemist

The Alchemist, 25th Anniversary: A Fable About Following Your Dream

How will you feel reading a book like The Chronicles of Narnia that weaves through mysticism,  wisdom, wonder, and a tale of self-discovery? One of the modern classic fantasies, The Alchemist, helps you discover your feelings. 

You will learn a lot from the Santiago journey for a worldly treasure. As you approach the end of the book, you will surely share the sentiments Paul wrote about the book “The probability of having a dream fulfilled is what makes life interesting.”

The Forgotten Beast of Eld

The Forgotten Beasts of Eld

A book of elegance and fascinating prose, Philip’s world depicts a fairytale of love and revenge with much to digest. It’s a captivating adventure book that never loses value, no matter how many times you read it. 

It tells the story of Sibel, a girl who grew up on the mountain of Eld. She doesn’t know the ways of humans, and her only playmates are beasts of fantastic zoos. But Coren brought a baby to Sybel when she was 16 years old. 

This baby awakens emotions that Sybel never knew existed. But when Coren asks for the baby, Sybel finds herself unwillingly drawn into their world, which turns her world upside down. 

Child of a Hidden Sea

Child of a Hidden Sea (Hidden Sea Tales, 1)

Della Monica’s book, Child of a Hidden Sea is the first of the trilogy Hidden Sea Tales. This young adult fiction is about a 24-year-old Sophie searching for her parents. When she discovers her aunt, she’s attacked. 

Sophie was busy saving her aunt’s life and suddenly found herself in a political firestorm in an unfamiliar world. How will she survive this unknown world? Will Sophie find her parents here? It’s best to turn to the pages of this book to quench your burning questions.

The Weirdstone of Brisingamen

The Weirdstone of Brisingamen

Susan and her brother Colin are chased by wicked creatures, but a wizard comes to their rescue. He then takes them into a cave where he guards the 140 knights in an enchanted sleep. But the Weirdstone that binds them together is nowhere to be found. 

Every second and minute counts because the evil forces are closing in, wanting to destroy the stone’s extraordinary power. Susan and Collins soon know they are the key to returning the stone to its rightful place. But they are just kids…….. 

This adventure fiction transports readers into an intriguing world of evil and good. 

Lord of the Rings 

The Lord of the Rings Boxed Set: Contains TVTie-In editions of: Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King

Something is intriguing about an epic fantasy novel with hobbits ( called goblins in The Hobbit), elves, men, dwarves, wizards, and orcs as characters. It centers on the ring powered by the dark lord Sauron. 

They must work together to exterminate the ring, destroying it completely. However, their mission was only a thought! The wicked Sauron and his minions fought against them to stop their mission. 

Will they conquer him, or will Sauron conquer them? The Lord of the Rings continues Tolkien’s earlier fantasy, The Hobbits. It is a bestselling book translated into over 35 languages. 

Artemis Fowl

Artemis Fowl-Artemis Fowl, Book 1

One of the bestselling novels of Eoin Colfer is a book like The Chronicles of Narnia you must add to your list. This classic fantasy fiction makes your hair stand while reading. 

The Colfer world introduces you to the irresistible 12-year-old antihero, the kidnapped Captain Holly, who will do anything to free herself, and the protective assassin, Butler, the overconfident and foolish Commander Root. 

Everyone has their flaws and different tricks up their sleeve. It’s a masterpiece that leaves readers deliberating about whom to root for. 


Eragon (Inheritance, Book 1)

He’s just a boy…

With one dragon…

Diving into a world of adventure. 

Eragon stumbles upon a hatching dragon that shatters his simple life. 

With the dragon in his care, he finds himself in a world filled with magic and power. With the advice of the aged storyteller, and his ancient sword, these two must survive the precarious landscapes and antagonists of an Empire governed by a wicked king. 

The fate of the empire lies in Eragon’s hands.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone 

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Harry Potter, Book 1) (MinaLima Edition) (1)

This is one of J. K Rowling’s bestsellers and famous works. Harry lives an ordinary life until his 11th birthday. An owl saved him, and he was taken to Hogwarts, a school that teaches witchcraft and wizardry. Why? 

Harry Potter is a wizard! Harry has much to learn now that he knows he’s a wizard. And above all, he must learn the truth about the mysterious death of his parents. This young fantasy novel is full of adventure and different characters you will love and hate. 

The Golden Compass

The Golden Compass (His Dark Materials, Book 1)


The first book of His Dark Material series tells the story of Lyra, journeying as far as the North, filled with many dangers. The North has a lot of stories to tell. It’s a place the witch family and armored bear rule, where gobblers keep the children they stole, which include her friend. 

But the bitter part is her uncle wants to build a bridge to a parallel world. What difference will this little girl make in her journey? And what will it cost? It’s a good idea to add this novel to your collection.

The Castle in the Attic 

The Castle in the Attic

This young adult fantasy and award-winning novel by Elizabeth Winthrop differ from those you can predict. It is a classical adventure that takes you through William’s life. Williams received the best present ever. Guess what it is? 

It’s a wooden version of a castle alongside a lift bridge, moat, and a guard that’s not taller than a finger to protect the gate. Now the housekeeper is going. That means the castle is his! 

While exploring his new home,  he found a silver knight who later transported Williams to another land. There, he encounters an evil wizard and a fiery dragon. It is a fantastic story of a little boy who became a hero. It leaves you fascinated and draws you more into Williams’s world. 

Final Thoughts

Every book mentioned in this article will satisfy the yearning that The Chronicles of Narnia left you with. Although the books might not depict exactly what you see in Lewis’ book, they are unique in their own way. 

The way each book depicts the fantasy world is lovely, making every reader curious about the next adventure. Enjoy your fun-filled read as you explore different worlds of fantasy. 


Is The Chronicles of Narnia a Book For Adults?

This classic novel is children’s literature. This book is mainly directed toward young adult readers rather than adults. However, many adults enjoy reading The Narnia series.

What Does Narnia Mean in English?

Narnia is a fictional land filled with strange people and talking animals.

What Does the Lamppost in Narnia Represent?

The lamppost depicts direction and the people of Narnia finding their way home.

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