20 Best YA Mystery Books Like One of Us Is Lying

Karen McManus’ best-selling novel, One of Us Is Lying, is one of the young adult mystery fiction that lives up to its name. The perfect manner in which Karen combines drama, mystery, suspense, and romance, keeps you constantly at the edge of your seat, wanting to know what will unfold next. 

20 Best YA Mystery Books Like One of Us Is Lying

Five Bayview High Schoolers were detained, but just four came out. One of them, Simon, died a few minutes after the teacher stepped out. When the investigators became sure his death was not an accident, all hands pointed to the four remaining students in the detention as suspects. 

These four students- the brainy Bronwyn, Abby with the Princess syndrome, Cooper the jock, and rebellious Nate have to put aside their differences and work together to put the fragmented piece together and, of course, determine the liar among them. 

In their quest to find the truth, they discovered their perspective on one another is unnecessarily inaccurate. 

Whether you are fascinated by the mystery, the character’s relationship, or just want to read for fun, Karen’s novel keeps you reading until the last page. She undoubtedly deserves all the accolades, including the 166-week run on the New York Times Bestseller list.

While you await this book’s third and final sequel this year, below are 20 perfect recommendations for books like One of Us Is Lying. Enjoy your book selection! 

The Escape Room

Escape Room

You already know from the title that you are in for lots of isolation and claustrophobia in Maren’s young adult thriller.

Alissa, Miles, Sky, and Mint are all down for fun on a Friday night, so they decide to play a game where they only need to go out after completing the challenge. Or at least that was what they thought….. Little did these girls know that the Game Master never planned on letting them leave the Escape Room

Maren’s book is captivating and addictive, coming to you fast and furious with each page you turn. 

The Inheritance Game

The Inheritance Games (The Inheritance Games, 1)

Imagine having all your dreams planned and working in line with it, only for fate to change them in the next few seconds. How will you feel? That’s how Avery Grambs feels in Jennifer’s first book, The Inheritance Games

Avery aims to survive high school, win a scholarship, and leave. But everything changed in a twinkle of an eye when she became the heir of an unknown billionaire. Every room holds a puzzle, a mystery she must unravel while remaining vigilant as danger lurks around. 

This young adult fiction is a must-read if you are a Bronwyn and Nate fan. Guess what? In addition to the mystery thriller genre, you get to see some romance elements. 

All These Bodies 

All These Bodies

The whole premise of this thriller is very intriguing, and you get hitched from the get-go. Unlike most books where the readers presume the twist; it’s one of the young adult mystery fiction you can never guess the plot twist. 

Kendra’s beautiful piece depicts a gruesome murderer, an aspiring journalist Michael Jensen, and a diminutive 15 years old, Marie Catherine. Michael never thought he would be entangled in this bloodless murder until the Carlson family was murdered. 

Marie becomes the sole suspect- the only person found at the scene draped with blood. And Marie decided that Michael was the only one she would tell the truth here. 

How will Michael find out the truth? What exactly happened the night Carlson died? How did Marie end up between all these bodies? Only Blakes’s novel can satisfy your curiosity.

The Initial Insult 

The Initial Insult

The Initial Insult is the first book of The Initial Insult series that every fan of One of Us Is Lying will come to love. It’s a twisted, remarkable, and engaging story you will enjoy. 

McGinnis expresses her genius mind in the cat-and-mouse game between two friends, Tess and Felicity. As you sit and read each page, you feel the hurt, frustration, anger, and betrayal between these ex-friends. 

 As I Descended

As I Descended

Robin’s brilliance is evident in merging fantasy and horror with LGBTQ themes in this young adult mystery fiction

Mariah and Lily want to be the school power couple, and they will do anything to achieve their goal, even if it means unseating their opponent- Delilah. But no matter how far they go, these two must learn to draw the line. 

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder

A Good Girl's Guide to Murder

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder is an excellent book like One of Us Is Lying that carries you along while reading. 

Pippa and Ravi must investigate the murder of Andie Bell that happened a long time ago and clear Sal Singh’s name of the murder. They must find the killer at all costs. 

Jackson wrote this young adult mystery fiction in two styles: 

  • Pip writes down her findings in her project logbook. 
  • The author narrates the mystery unfolding.

With these two styles, Jackson created intriguing plots that allow readers to relate more and join the main character on her quest for the truth.

The Girl in the Window 

Girl in the Window

Every page of this standalone masterpiece has a lot crammed in it. Flipping the pages will also flip through all your emotional gates. You feel the pain and suffering of those diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. One feature that makes it slightly different from other young adult thrillers. 

If you are an avid reader of coming-of-age themes with an exhilarating rollercoaster, it’s best to add this heart-thumping fiction to your list. 

All Your Twisted Secrets

All Your Twisted Secrets

The diva, valedictorian, homebody, music geek, celebrity athlete, and stoner attended a scholarship dinner. But guess what? It was a trap! Instead of a hall, they found themselves in a locked room filled with bombs, a poison-filled syringe, and a note telling them within an hour, they must decide who to kill, or everyone would die. 

As they retrace their past actions, it becomes clear that everyone has a twisted secret. With each second ticking, confusion becomes fear, morphing into panic, racing to answer the biggest question; Who will they kill? 

This beloved classic leaves you imagining………until its explosive end. 

Truly Devious

Truly Devious: A Mystery (Truly Devious, 1)

Truly Devious is a young adult mystery fiction and the first of its trilogy, which is perfect for Karen’s fans. One distinct feature that attracts lots of readers is its suspense and well-drafted plots of the unsolved abduction and murder enigma of Ellingham Academy. 

As you skim each page, you will find clues and experience the frightening and unsettling atmosphere that keeps readers on their toes for the more significant events. 

Tiny Pretty Things

Tiny Pretty Things

Tiny Pretty Things is similar to the movie; Black Swan. It depicts how competitive and cutthroat ballet is. Sona and Clayton introduce you to three girls: Bete, June, and Gigi, who must do what it takes to be a star. You surely will love it! 

And Then There Were None

And Then There Were None (Agatha Christie Mysteries Collection (Paperback))

Like One of Us Is Lying, this book written by the “Queen of Crime,” Agatha Christie, is worth every second you give. Christie’s universe consists of 10 people who were given an offer to Soldier Island. 

However,  things become different when each of them starts dying mysteriously. With death knocking, the remaining people must find the killer in the group. This fiction is a gem and a soothing read for every thriller fanatic. 



Sadie is another pulse-thumping, passionate novel young adult thriller fans will love. Sadie Hunter, a 19-year-old stutter with a story to tell, is on her way to avenge her beloved sister’s death. 

However, little did she know her disappearances would become the topic of a hit podcast. Sadie is an electrifying and relentlessly compelling read you can add to your list. 

Creep: A Love Story

To All the Boys I've Loved Before (1)

If you had read To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and loved it, how about reading a twisted, tragic love version

Lana and Nico are the perfect couples everyone looks up to. But Rafi doesn’t just love them. She’s obsessed with them! So she weaves her way into their life till she’s consumed by their most private secrets. 

And when tragedy strikes,  Rafi will do everything it takes to save her perfect couple’s relationship. Anything it takes…

Broken Things

Broken Things

Three girls, Bryn, Mia, and Summer, pretend they are in a fantasy book world, The Lovelorn, until Summer dies. So everyone thinks Brynn and Mia killed their bestie, Summer, five years ago. The only thing is that they are not real murderers. 

This mystery resurrects during summer’s death anniversary and pulls Mia and Brynn into it again. This time, these girls must confront the monstrous truth. No wonder the front cover of The Broken Things says,” We thought it was just a story….. Until it comes true.” 

Get Even

Get Even (Don't Get Mad)

Get Even is the first book of a duology, Don’t Get Mad, and a great intro to everything unfolding in the next book.

Four girls formed a secret club named Don’t Get Mad, aka DGM, to fight against bullying. Everything is all well and good until one of their targets dies with the DG card in his hands. 

They realize someone is keeping tabs on them and want to take revenge. On their hunt to find the murderer, they unravel secrets that will jiggle their friendship to the core. 

Brace yourself! as you get sucked up in Gretchen’s mysterious world. You surely will not regret every second you spend on it. 

Gone Too Far

Gone Too Far

How Richard merges fascinating characters and practical situations accompanied by mystery, swoony roles, and action in his texts leaves you drooling for more. As you read this masterpiece, you journey through the life of an impulsive teenager Piper Woods. You see some decisions she later regretted and how she learned from her mistakes and made amends. 

Every line, chapter, and phrase makes you fall in love more with the protagonist. There are other characters you will also love in this coming-of-age book. It’s a great thriller fiction that keeps you up late into the night. 

The Good Girls

The Good Girls

Looking for a book that has all the features of a young adult thriller? The Good Girls are one of the best options you will appreciate. Like all high schools in America, Jefferson Lorne contains everything you ask for; A cheerleader, An overachiever, a troublemaker, and a dead girl. 

After the death of Emma, all fingers point to three of her classmates: the chief cheer captain, Avery, the notorious reveler, Claude, and the incoming valedictorian, Gwen. Everyone has an identity, and it doesn’t matter if you like it. 

What is Emma’s identity? Emma is a good girl. But what if her true identity goes beyond her appearance? How will they find Emma’s killer before another good girl dies? With the flames of these questions burning deep in you, flip through The Good Girls to quench your raging fire. 

The Cousins

The Cousins

The Cousins is another fascinating book that McManus wrote, like One of Us Is Lying. It awakes an atmosphere that makes you recall Agatha Christie

Three cousins, Milly, Jonah, and Aubrey, don’t know anything about each other. One day each of them receives a letter that the Story matriarch asked them to come work on her island resort. Refusing is not an option! 

Their parents were happy because it was an avenue to get into their mother’s good books. Little did they know that the Story head had a different plan. Once these cousins arrive, they must find out the mysterious, dark past of their family because it’s not yet over. 

We are All Liars

We Are All Liars

Think of any setting you want in thriller fiction; We are All Liars contains everything. 

A lovely family, 

Private islands, 

Intelligent but damaged girl, and a politically passionate boy, 

Four destroyed friendships. 

A mishap,  mysteries, 

Lies upon lies 

Genuine Love 


These are all you will experience in a modern book like One of Us Is Lying. It’s best to add it to your must-read list. And if anyone wants to hear how it ends, just tell them a LIE

Dark Room

The Dark Room: A Novel

16-year-old Sayer has everything: good looks, perfect grades, and popularity. There is nothing his family’s money can’t buy. However,  fate has other plans for the young boy. He was kidnapped by a man who keeps him shut away and tells him his livelihood is a lie. 

At the mercy of his kidnapper, he must do everything he says if he wants to survive. With time Sayers wonders if he will escape because he is slowly losing his sanity. Will he finally escape from his abductor hale and hearty? 

This coming-of-age novel; The Dark Room is fascinating and full of mysteries- precisely what to expect from a young adult thriller. 

Final Thoughts 

Each of these books has one or more similarities to One of Us Is Lying, which makes it an excellent option for you. Some contain a hint of romance, while others have the general similarities of a thriller-tense and creeping atmosphere. 

However, all the books mentioned in this article will satisfy your burning desire for young adult mystery fiction (Know some slightly younger readers? Check out our guide to Mystery Books for Tweens here). You will experience the same tingle you had when you read each line of One of Us Is Lying. 

Enjoy your read as you journey through a world that portrays death, murder, revenge, love, betrayal, and intriguing plots in a realistic sense. 


Are Maeve and Bronwyn Twins?

Maeve and Bronwyn Rojas are sisters, with Maeve being the younger sibling. And they both attend the same school.

Who Is the Most Important Character in One of Us Is Lying?

Bronwyn Rojas, one of the five students in detention and the brainy of the group, is the most important character in the novel.

What Are the Following Books After One of Us Is Lying?

The following books to read after One of Is Lying sequel are One of Us Is Next, which came out in 2020, and One of Us Is Back, the third book due for release by 2023.

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