7 Books Like Punk 57 That Will Captivate You

Punk 57, by Penelope Douglas, isn’t the heartfelt romance book you may think it is, instead, it portrays real love with all the messiness of life involved – perfect for those looking for a more relatable novel.

Books Like Punk 57 That Will Captivate You

The story follows Ryen and Misha who have been best friends and pen pals for seven years, but there’s a catch… they have never met in person before.

Even so, the pair have built a strong relationship in that they feel completely comfortable with one another.

However, as months go by without receiving any letter, Ryen is left feeling deflated and alone. On the other side of the pen, Misha has disappeared

If you have already finished reading Punk 57 or are yet to read the novel but are looking for similar books to add to your collection, then you’ve come to the right place.

With this in mind, this guide outlines 7 captivating books that you’re sure to like if you enjoyed reading Punk 57.

If you couldn’t put down Punk 57, then this collection of books is sure to satisfy your romance thirst. Some of these include The Mister, After, November 9, and The Risk. Discover 7 captivating books like Punk 57 here!

Themes In Punk 57

Punk 57


The story begins with seventeen-year-old Ryen Foster who is being dropped off at her father’s house.

Having not seen her father since she was a baby, she doesn’t know what to expect.


Since her father, Dean, is a punk rocker, this is reflected in his living conditions: a run-down house packed with other misfits and musicians.

At first, Ryen couldn’t feel more like an outcast, however, as she begins to get to know everyone she feels more at home.

Finding Your Place In The World

Misha is a passionate and caring individual who stands up for the things he believes in.

As the band’s lead singer, he is often writing music and soon comes to the realization that Ryen is his muse.

While Ryen is a caring and beautiful person, she only shows the world her bitchy side as a result of past trauma – she doesn’t want to come across as an outcast, so changes herself to fit in with the popular crowd.

Punk 57 explores the somewhat complicated relationships between lovers, friends, and family – whereby finding your place in the world might just mean making your own family from scratch.

Books Like Punk 57

November 9 By Colleen Hoover

November 9: A Novel

What would you do if you unexpectedly met the most perfect guy theme the same day you’re planning on moving across the country?

Well, that is exactly what happens to our main character, Fallon. While having an unpleasant lunch with her egotistical father, Ben comes in as a knight in shining armor and saves Fallon from the experience.

What’s more, from the moment they meet, Ben sees the beauty in her despite the scar running down her face.

After dinner, they spend the whole day together, building a relationship that neither of them expected. However, Fallon is leaving for New York and Ben lives in Los Angeles.

Despite this, they make a plan together to live their lives and explore their careers and then agree to meet every year on November 9 until they both turn 23.

With no contact during the year, except on the one-day to two meet up, things are bound to get messy. Is this a relationship built on love or simply a bunch of lies?


  • Great writing.
  • Unique and interesting plot.
  • Gripping.


  • Some readers found the twists and turns to be over the top.

Themes similar to Punk 57: Romance, loss, love, trust, and family.

Bully By Penelope Douglas

Bully (The Fall Away Series)

Since Bully was written by the same author as Punk 57, Penelope Douglas, it has similar tropes of friends-to-enemies-to-lovers.

The novel follows the story of Jared and Tate, two best friends, well…until high school that is. Once entering high school, Jared wants nothing to do with Tate.

He even goes as far as to bully Tate and pull pranks on her at any chance he gets.

However, in her junior year, Tate completes a year of studying abroad. That said, once she returns for senior year, she is ready to take on Jared and fight back.

Similar to Ryen from Punk 57, Tate must find her inner strength to break down the walls of her bully and figure out what she finds is worth her trust and love.


  • Emotional and powerful story.
  • Portrays the power of love and forgiveness.
  • Complex characters.


  • Some readers thought that Jared lacked character development.

Themes similar to Punk 57: Romance, love, redemption, trust, rivalry, and finding your place in the world.

Unfixable By Tessa Bailey


After going through a traumatic childhood, Willa and her sister are looking to make a fresh start after escaping the clutches of their toxic mother.

One of the ways Willa learns to deal with her trauma is through photography. This is not only her passion but her therapy, too.

After winning a photography competition to take photos in Dublin, she can finally see her life come together again – leaving behind a boyfriend she thinks she doesn’t deserve.

Part of the prize is accommodation in an inn above a pub. Here, is where Willa meets an attractive but moody bar owner, Steve, who she finds out is actually a successful Formula One driver.

Both characters are more similar to each other than they think – both suffering from past trauma that makes it hard for them to trust and open up to people.

However, there is another thing they have in common: their dislike for each other.

As the pair slowly lets their attraction get the better of them, will they be able to work together and resolve their differences to make a brighter future, or are they truly Unfixable?


  • Humorous.
  • Sizzling chemistry.
  • Wonderful journey.


  • Some readers found the timeframe between her ex and new boyfriend to be too soon.

Themes similar to Punk 57: Trauma, romance, rivalry, loss, and finding your place in the world.

After By Anna Todd

After (The After Series)

This novel explores everything about falling in love with the right person at the wrong time – which you may or may not be familiar with.

In After, and other books similar to Punk 57, love is portrayed as beautiful and innocent, however, with time it begins to uncover different intricacies that can make it painful and intense.

On her first day of college, when Tessa meets Hardin she can’t help but feel drawn to him, although, would never imagine a future with him, either.

With his back-and-forth emotions – whereby one day Hardin is cold and then another he’s warm – Tess is never sure which Hardin she’ll get on a particular day.

Even on his worst days when he is nothing but cruel to Tessa and she hates him for it, she can’t help falling for him more.

Even as he is pushing away, Tessa only holds on tighter, knowing that she can help him.

Tessa is left with a hard – albeit, important – decision of whether keeping Hardin close is impacting her negatively and if keeping the good side is worth going through the bad.


  • Page-turner.
  • Relatable characters.
  • Raw.


  • Some readers weren’t impressed by the dialogue.

Themes similar to Punk 57: Coming of age, romance, rivalry, and finding your place in the world.

Love And Other Words By Christina Lauren

Love and Other Words

At 10 years old, Macy’s mother died of cancer. However, before her death, her mother left her father a list of parenting advice, so, in some ways, her mother was always there.

Following the advice on the list, Macy and her father purchased a beach house just outside of San Francisco so they could escape the city whenever they wanted.

Here is where Macy meets her long-time best friend and fellow reader, Elliot.

Over the years they become closer than friends and date for a few months in their senior year until one of Macy’s worst days results at the end of her friendship and relationship with him.

After 11 years of no contact, the pair run into each other and they realize their feelings are stronger than ever. However, if they want their future to work, they must share both sides of the story.

However, will this truth simply open old wounds or help to heal them?


  • Great writing style.
  • Captivating premise.
  • Good hook.


  • Some readers felt that the ending was rushed and quickly wrapped up the book.

Themes similar to Punk 57: Romance, coming of age, loss, family, and finding your place in the world.

The Mister By E.L. James

The Mister (Mister & Missus, 1)

In a sudden change of events, Maxim goes from being a privileged party boy who likes music and photography to becoming a royal Earl following a tragic accident.

Now, not only is he responsible for his family’s estate and wealth but also everything that comes with possessing a noble title – having never been responsible in his life!

Struggling to accommodate his new role, he also has to control his desires for the house cleaner, Alessia, who is originally from Albania and has a few secrets about herself.

Upon arriving in England, the dangers cease to follow Alessia and Maxim will do anything he can in order to protect and save her.

With their shared love for music and their growing attraction, will their feelings be enough to save each other?


  • A gripping slow burn.
  • Delightful.
  • Complex characters.


  • Some readers were disappointed with the ending and said that it was too rushed.

Themes similar to Punk 57: Romance, betrayal, bad boy, and angst.

The Risk By Elle Kennedy

The Risk (Briar U)

Oftentimes, you will hear that opposite attracts, however, does this go the same for rival schools, too?

This story follows Brenna who is seen as the school’s bad girl who surrounds herself with guy friends since she has a hard time trusting most girls.

Plus, being the daughter of the hockey coach means hockey becomes your whole life, too.

During an interview for her dream sports broadcasting internship, she realizes the only chance she has of getting the position is by pretending her boyfriend is Harvard star hockey player, Jake.

Despite meeting him a couple of times and recognizing an attraction between the two, she can’t help but despite him – not to mention he’s on the rival team.

Even though many books similar to Punk 57 start with the characters hating each other, they slowly realize that the line between love and hate is minimal.

This leads to a plan devised between Brenna and Jake. Over time, the boundaries of their contract are certainly crossed, however, can Brenna trust Jake with her heart and is she ready to make the leap?


  • A spellbinding read.
  • Interesting characters.
  • Compelling plot.


  • Some readers found it to be stereotypical, especially when it comes to the predictable plot and characters.

Themes similar to Punk 57: Rivalry, angst, romance, betrayal, and family.

Final Thoughts

Punk 57 has everything you need to satisfy your need for romance, especially if you’re a fan of the enemies-to-lovers trope. However, once you finish the book, where do you go from there?

Well, don’t worry! With the help of this guide, you’re sure to find the next book to add to your reading list in no time.

All the above-mentioned books contain similar themes to Punk 57, including rivalry, finding your place in the world, and, of course, steamy romance.

Hopefully, this guide has provided you with some inspiration for books similar to Punk 57 – you never have to worry about falling into a reading slump ever again with these exciting books!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Punk 57 Have A Love Triangle?

If you’re not a fan of love triangles, then don’t worry, you’ll be happy to hear that Punk 57 doesn’t contain any.

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