5 Books Like Racing Savannah By Miranda Kenneally

Savannah loves horses more than people, and she dreams of one day becoming a jockey. But when her father’s girlfriend gets pregnant, finances get tight.

To make ends meet, she has to take a job mucking out the stables, where she crosses paths with the handsome (and rich) Jack Goodwin.

5 Books Like Racing Savannah By Miranda Kenneally

Savannah likes Jack, but it will never work. His life of privilege is so completely different from hers.

Racing Savannah by Miranda Kenneally explores what it’s like to be caught between two worlds, and the self-belief needed to navigate the dangers of horse racing.

If you fell in love with the bumpy romance and powerful leads of Racing Savannah, you might be wondering what to read next! I’ve put together this guide to your best options.

If you enjoyed reading Racing Savannah then you’ll fall in love with books like Along for the Ride, My Life Next Door, and The Distance Between Us.

Check out our list of the 5 best books to read after Racing Savannah.

Themes In Racing Savannah

Racing Savannah (Hundred Oaks, 4)

Worlds Colliding

Savannah and Jack come from very different worlds. Jack is rich and popular, while Savannah’s family is only just getting by.

Their contrasting backgrounds look set to threaten a blossoming romance and add relatable drama.

Gender Roles

Savannah is a girl that likes to live by her own rules. She’d rather muck out the horses than hang around with boys.

But when she meets Jack, she’s happy to give in to her romantic side.

Savannah enjoys playing with what it means to be feminine and living her life by her own rules.

Taking Responsibility

With her family struggling financially, Savannah has to step up to try and make ends meet. As well as taking on her family’s responsibilities, Savannah has to learn to make her own choices.

Racing Savannah emphasizes the importance of your choices, and how you need to take responsibility for your own life.

Books Like Racing Savannah

Along For The Ride By Sarah Dessen

Along for the Ride

Auden has always loved the night. It’s a chance to spend some time alone with her thoughts and escape the pressures of the daytime.

When Auden encounters Eli, it seems as though her solitary nighttime bike rides are about to become a group affair. But strangely, she doesn’t seem to mind.

Eli shows Auden that school isn’t everything, while Auden helps Eli open up. With long summer nights ahead, how will their relationship grow?


  • Eli is a swoon-worthy love interest.
  • The romance is gentle and realistic.
  • Auden’s home life feels real.


  • Auden’s parents are unbearable.

Themes: Discovery, teenage romance, escaping a difficult home life.

The Distance Between Us By Kasie West

The Distance Between Us

Caymen Meyers has seen enough of the behavior of rich people from her mom’s porcelain shop to know they can’t be trusted.

And no matter how charming Xander Spence might seem, Caymen thinks he’s just more of the same.

But Xander insists he’s not like that. He’s doting and attentive and he doesn’t seem to mind that Caymen is from a different world.

Can Caymen put their lifestyle differences aside, and give herself over to love?


  • Caymen is a bold protagonist with opinions of her own.
  • Money issues are sensitively drawn and realistic.
  • There’s lots of humor mixed in with the drama.


  • The ending feels abrupt.

Themes: Worlds colliding, taking responsibility, self-discovery.

Pushing The Limits By Katie McGarry

Pushing the Limits: An Award-winning novel

Echo Emerson used to be one of the popular crew. With her perfect jock boyfriend and her gossipy friends, she was the envy of everyone.

So what happened to send her from the top of the social ladder to the bottom?

Noah Hutchins might be a loner, but the girls can’t help but fall in love with him.

Apart from Echo — she’s trying very hard to resist his charms. But can she fight the pull between them?


  • Echo’s murky memories add an intriguing layer.
  • The connection between Echo and Noah feels real.
  • You’ll care about the characters.


  • Melodramatic in places.

Themes: Opposites attract, trauma.

My Life Next Door By Huntley Fitzpatrick

My Life Next Door

The Garrett family might be big and noisy, but Samantha Reed is envious of their chaotic lifestyle and obvious affection.

Her own family feels the complete opposite. When Jase Garrett drops into her life, Samantha is proud to be welcomed into the Garrett fold.

But when something threatens to destroy Samantha’s home life, she has a choice to make. Is there a way to bring her worlds together?


  • The romance between Samantha and Jase feels natural and charming.
  • The Garrett family is a fun cast of characters.
  • The twist will get you thinking about how you’d react in the situation.


  • The ending feels rushed.

Themes: Worlds colliding, opposites attract, family relationships.

Catching Jordan By Miranda Kenneally

Catching Jordan (Hundred Oaks, 1)

Jordan has always been one of the boys. She’s the captain of the high school football team, and her eye is firmly set on a big athletic scholarship. She doesn’t have time for romance.

Until Ty Green moves to her school. Will this cute quarterback distract Jordan from her dreams?

Catching Jordan is the first book in Miranda Kenneally’s Hundred Oaks series.


  • Even football haters will appreciate how the game adds tension to the plot.
  • Jordan is an unexpected protagonist for a romance.
  • The side characters are well-drawn.


  • Ty is a divisive romantic lead.

Themes: Self-discovery, gender roles.

Final Thoughts

Racing Savannah is a romantic YA novel that explores contrasting backgrounds and gender roles.

The fast-moving plot and swoon-worthy romance will keep readers wanting more.

If you fell in love with Raising Savannah, I think you’ll love the rest of the Hundred Oaks series by Miranda Kenneally.

For an “opposites attract” storyline, try reading The Distance Between Us, or My Life Next Door. Or for a story of self-discovery, try Pushing the Limits and Along For the Ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Need To Read The Hundred Oaks series to read Racing Savannah?

Racing Savannah is the 4th book in the Hundred Oaks series, but you don’t have to read the rest of the series to enjoy it.

What Should I Read After Racing Savannah?

If you loved Racing Savannah, why not try the rest of the Hundred Oaks series? Catching Jordan and Stealing Parker are both good starting points!

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