The 20 Best Books Like The Help by Kathryn Stockett

The Help is a novel that narrates the life of African-American maids working in Mississippi. Kathryn’s world introduces you to different amazing characters. 

The 20 Best Books Like The Help by Kathryn Stockett

Skeeter Phelan, a 22 years old young lady who is a fresh graduate of Ole Miss, has just returned home. She expects to see her favorite maid only to realize she left before she came back from school. 

Pretty soon she finds herself idle and decides to mingle with the young women, helping them with editing work. Of course, writing is her first love. However, her life changes when someone offers her a housekeeping job. 

Phelan does not have any knowledge of this new job so she asks for help from her friend’s maid, Abileen. And that marks the beginning of their friendship. 

As you flip through the pages of this remarkable novel you’ll meet Abileen’s friend, Minny, and other exciting characters you’ll love. It’s one of those books that makes you long for the next adventure. 

No wonder the book is famous for being one of the “summer sleeper hits” and one of the bestsellers that sold over seven million copies worldwide. Since you enjoy this book, you might want more books like The Help. This article highlights 20 books like it. 

Now let’s dive in! 

We Are All Welcome Here

We Are All Welcome Here: A Novel

We Are All Welcome Here welcomes you to a tale of three women: Paige, Diana, and their ebony maid, Peace.

It’s a classic fiction about the 1960s civil rights movement. Paige is a quadriplegic who must train her child Diana the best way she can with the help of her black caregiver Peace. 

14-year-old Diana is trying to live an everyday life. Despite the difficulties, each woman finds her path to peace, independence, and understanding.

A Thousand Never Evers

A Thousand Never Evers

Set in Kookachoo, Mississippi, this fantastic novel is the story of Addie Ann Pickett and her brother Elias. Addie attends the same high school as her brother because she wants to emulate his footsteps. 

However, fate has a different path for her. Her brother disappeared. Or maybe killed! Who knows? Therefore, this opens the floor for various events that are about to happen. Determined to change the fate of her people, she marches through every hurdle that comes her way. It’s a novel worth every second!

The Night Train

The Night Train: A Novel

What do you think of historical literature about music? Yeah, it rocks! The Night Train narrates how a dancing chicken and a mutual passion for music help Larry Brown and Dwayne Hallston as they try to achieve their dreams and maintain their friendship, even while their world says it’s impossible. 

Sweet Jiminy 

Sweet Jiminy

Historical fiction Sweet Jiminy tells the story of Jiminy, who abruptly quits law school amid a quarter-life crisis and seeks shelter on her grandmother Willa’s farm in Chicago. 

Jiminy got the shock of her life-another Jiminy died along with Lyn’s husband 40 years earlier in a civil rights era crime. Who committed this Crime? Follow Jiminy’s quest to solve the long-ago homicide and bring the killer to justice.

The Queen of Palmyra

The Queen of Palmyra: A Novel (P.S.)

This intriguing novel is a coming-of-age narrative of 11-year-old happy-spirited Florence Forest, forced to accept unsavory truths about her family. 

She lives with her grandparents on the colored side of their town Millwood and their maid Zenie who treats her like another house chore. But Millwood is about to change because Zenie’s cousin Eva wants to work in town. Find the book here.

Saving Cee Cee Honeycut 

Saving CeeCee Honeycutt: A Novel

Cee Cee is a 12 years old girl living with her mentally unbalanced mother for years. After her mother’s accidental death, CeeCee’s aunt Tootie Caldwell remembers her and takes her to Savannah.

Cee Cee’s aunt introduced her to a world of fortune and Southern bizarre- organized by strong, odd women. She meets the unusual Miz Thelma Rae Goodpepper, Tootsie’s know-all housekeeper, Violent Hobbs, the Gaston Street women who keep Cee Cee entertained and mesmerized for one summer.

Saving Cee Cee Honeycutt explores the strengths of female friendships, just like in Karthryn’s book.


Dreamer: A Novel

This book talks about the ethnic fight of the Civil Rights Era in America; this historical literature is the first fiction to explore Martin Luther King Jr’s life. It tells the story of the last two years of King’s life when there was too much political distress on the country’s most preeminent moral leader. 

The fantastic characters, plot twists, and each line and chapter will satisfy the thirst that The Help left in you.

The Secret Life of Bees

The Secret Life of Bees

The Secret Life of Bees is another perfect option for Kathryn fans. Lily Owen can never forget the day her mother died. It was a scar deep-rooted in her heart. When Lily’s violent mother figure, Rosaleen, insults three of the deepest racist in town, Lily decides they must run for their lives.

They escape to Tiburon, South Carolina- a town that carries the secret to her mother’s past. Since she has nowhere to stay, the mysterious black beekeeping three sisters welcome her into their house. 

Lily becomes fascinated as she learns about the exciting world of bees and honey and the Black Madonna. The story leaves you intrigued until the final line.                                               

The Dry Grass of August 

The Dry Grass of August: A Moving Southern Coming of Age Novel

This masterpiece is the coming of age of a 13-year-old Jubie Watt and her maid, Mary. It’s a story about the love and care Juby has for her maid, who is always there for her.

You also witness the complex characters of Jubie’s parents. As you read each line, you feel the realness of the story. It’s one of those historical pieces of literature that will tap into your deepest emotions.

Four Spirits 

Four Spirits

This historical fiction is about the lives of blacks and whites, racists and civil rights advisers, peaceful revolts, and vicious repression. Set in Alabama, Birmingham 1963, it tells the tale of Stella Silver, an idealistic white college student, and her friend Cat Cartwright who are both interested in the mounting conflagration.

Also, you get to meet other characters like an African student named Rosa Park, who struggles to counterbalance family responsibility and her life. Her young cellist friend, Gloria Callahan, who tries to fit into a more complete cycle, Lionel Parrish, fights against his lust and inner demons. 

And lastly, Jonathan Green sacrifices his career for racial justice. The more you become familiar with each character, the more you like them.

To kill a Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird

Harper’s Award-winning book is one of those historical stories you will never regret reading. The main protagonist Scout Finch takes you into her world as she tells how her white father, Atticus, defends a falsely accused black man, Tom Robinson. 

Harper showcases her brilliance with how she creates each character, plot twist, and dialogue. Unsurprisingly, her fans called this novel a beautifully written piece that will tap deep into your feelings.

All the Light We Cannot See

All the Light We Cannot See: A Novel

How about having stunning, compelling, detailed, explanatory, and captivating fiction in one book? Trust me, you wouldn’t want any distractions. You will stay glued to your seat all day! 

That’s exactly how you feel reading Doerr’s masterpiece. You come to love the two main protagonists; A blind Marie-Laure and an Orphan, Werner. As you journey into the Doerr’s world, you get immersed in these children’s lives. 

You love who they love, hate those they hate, and fear those they fear. You bond so well with the characters that you can’t help rereading some lines. Thus this book deserved the Pulitzer Prize given. It’s a truly outstanding book like The Help. You can find the book here.

Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet

Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet

“People come into our lives, and we value, lose, and always miss them. They find their way into your heart, crossing your path once and, if you’re lucky, twice in a lifetime”. Reading that snippet grips you emotionally. 

You might even remember some forgone memories. Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet is a coming-of-age fiction you won’t want to miss. Keiko and Henry are friends at first but blossom into love. However, the war is not in favor of these two lovers. Will their love withstand the test of time?  

Safe From the Neighbors

Safe from the Neighbors (Vintage Contemporaries)

Looking for a slow-paced and excellent crafty book that immerses you deep into its pages? Then you can never go wrong reading Yarbrough’s novel, Safe From the Neighbors. 

Luke May is a history teacher in Mississippi, living fine until a girl from his past comes to teach in the same high school. Luke has to revisit the past and discover that the version of what he knows is not the truth. 

Now he must find out the truth leaving no stone unturned! This adult fiction leaves you with many questions you will find answers to in the pages.

Memoirs of Geisha 

Memoirs of a Geisha: A Novel

Like Kathryn, Arthur Golden’s book leaves a powerful image you will never forget when you hear the Memoir of Geisha. It’s a deep adult historical novel that portrays the life of the woman who becomes a geisha. 

Like the book The Help, you experience the strength and weaknesses of women and overcome various harsh conditions. It’s a fascinating novel you are unprepared for because it will open all the floodgates of your emotions.

The Fault in our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars

This brilliantly written masterpiece is everything. It makes you laugh, chuckle, smile, and cry simultaneously. It’s a book like The Help that unlocks all your emotions at once, even without you knowing.

Hazel Grace has never enjoyed her childhood. At age 13, she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer but still living at 16 thanks to the miracle drug. Her life is boring since she spends most of her time at the hospital. But fate has another plan to spice up her life- a gorgeous Augustus Waters. It all begins with a staring contest.

Water for Elephant

Water for Elephants: A Novel

An Orphan named Jacob Jankowski hops on a passing team which introduces him to a world filled with freaks, misfits, and a circus trying to survive. As a result of his experience, he became the person managing the circus menagerie. 

How Sara introduces her readers to different characters makes it easier to relate to them. As you flip through the pages of this historical romance drama, you meet the elegant young star, Mariena, the charming but twisted animal coach and Mariena’s husband, August, and the untamed elephant, Rosie. 

Rosie and Jacob must overcome the odds if they want their love to survive.

The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner perfectly exemplifies how sad stories make good books. Amir, a 12-year-old son of a rich man, must win the local kite fighting by all means. He will give anything it takes. And Hassa, the servant’s son and a close friend promised him his help. 

But none of them prepared for the unexpected events that happened that afternoon. These events cost their friendship. There are numerous plot twists you would not expect, which leaves you surprised. This book is a must-read for all Kathryn fans.

Invisible Man

Invisible Man

Invisible Man is a mesmerizing fiction worth every bit of your attention. It’s a unique masterpiece portraying the tribulations and suffering the black community faced in the 90s. 

Ellison covered a lot in his book, leaving you with a rollercoaster of emotions. You are not ready for everything you will face as you journey into Ellison’s world.

Freshwater Road

Freshwater Road: A Novel

This historical fiction is an African American novel that depicts what occurred during Freedom Summer. It portrays a passionate sophomore, Celeste Tyree, and her self-professed father, Shuck. 

Tyree moves to Mississippi to put her beliefs into action. You also meet different characters, each with a story to tell. You surely will love it!

Final Thoughts 

Every book is unique and has its own story to tell. These books are, in one way or another, similar to Kathryn’s book, The Help

The fantastic historical tales, characters, twists, and mystery makes each book intriguing, keeping you on its pages all through the night. You will experience emotions you never knew existed in you. Enjoy your selection!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Help Novel Suitable for a 13-year-old?

The Help is an adult historical book suitable for ages 14 and above. So it’s not advisable for a 13-year-old.

Is The Help Based on a True Life Story?

The characters and beliefs in The Help are all fictional. So it’s not a true life story.

Who is the Villain in The Help?

The main villain in this novel is Hilly Holbrook. Also, in the film adaptation, the villain bears the same name. 

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