10 Books Like Verity

Verity is one of the most beloved Colleen Hoover books out there, perhaps because it is so different from anything she has done before.

This suspenseful thriller had readers all over the world at the edge of their seats, with bookstores struggling to keep up with demand.

8 Books To Read If You Loved Verity By Colleen Hoover

This novel follows Lowen, a struggling writer perfectly content with being an introvert. But when she’s offered a job she can’t refuse, she’s thrown into a whole new world.

Verity Crawford is an international bestselling author that writes from the villain’s perspective. It’s what makes her books so loved by millions.

But when she’s in a car accident and unable to finish her current book, her husband Jeremy hires Lowen to finish it for her. 

While researching at Verity’s home, Lowen finds a hidden manuscript that details the real horrifying events of the day that her daughter died.

Jeremy and Lowen get closer, but Lowen starts to suspect that not everything is as it seems. Twists and turns will keep you captivated in this fast-paced thriller from Colleen Hoover (see also “Books Like Without Merit“).

If you couldn’t put Verity down, then you’ll love The Silent Patient, Layla, Rebecca, and Confessions. These page turners will have you second guessing everything! Check out our full list of recommendations below.

Themes In Verity


While Verity is a dark and twisted book, one of the most prevailing themes is love. This is true for both romantic and familial love, and the book explores how each character loves the people in their lives.

The most captivating parts of the story are Jeremy and Verity’s juxtaposing views on their children. 

Another common theme is graphic violence. Verity has written a manuscript that details a lot of graphic scenes of violent acts, and we get to read them all for the first time alongside Lowen.

Trust is also a large theme running throughout the entire book, and we can see how trust is built from the very first chapter.

Themes In Verity

Then we see how this bond is impacted through Lowen’s reading of the manuscript. Should she trust Jeremy, does she believe Verity is really as ill as she claims? 

Even Jeremy and Verity’s 5-year-old son is questioned when Lowen’s trust is questioned.

Speaking of Crew, their son, loyalty is also a theme within the story. Crew seems devoted to his mother, as well as Verity’s nurse who takes a dislike to Lowen immediately.

We also see how loyal Jeremy is to his children, Verity, and Lowen.

Books Like Verity

Layla – Colleen Hoover


If you enjoyed Colleen Hoover’s writing style in Verity, then you’ll love Layla. This paranormal romance is sure to get your spine tingling with suspense.

Leeds believes that he’s found the love of his life, until a terrible attack leaves her fighting for her life. Layla recovers physically, but her mental scars change her personality unlike the woman he fell in love with.

In an attempt to fix her, Leeds takes her on a getaway – but Layla’s condition worsens. While there, Leeds begins to fall in love with another woman staying in the same hotel, Willow.

Leeds knows that he can’t help Layla and yearn after Willow – but making the wrong choice could be fatal.


  • Suspense will keep you on the edge of your seat.
  • Same author means same writing style.
  • The twists and turns will keep you guessing.


  • Might be too similar to the story of Verity.

Themes: Love, trust, mental health, hope, resilience, guilt, and loss.

The Silent Patient – Alex Michaelides

The Silent Patient

Verity is left with the reader with more questions than answers, and that’s why we love it, right? The Silent Patient does the same thing!

Alicia has a perfect life, which is why it’s such a shock when she shoots her husband five times in the head. Now in a secure unit, Alicia won’t talk to anyone. She’s never told anyone her motive – or anything about the crime.

She is a phenomenon known all around the world, but Theo Faber is determined to get answers. He sets about getting answers without understanding the consequences the truth could have on him.


  • Very popular on social media.
  • You won’t be able to get the story out of your head.
  • Excellent mystery thriller.


  • Some say that Alicia is a one-dimensional character.

Themes: Tragedy, childhood trauma, identification, boundaries, silence, honesty, and deception.

Rebecca – Daphne du Maurier

Rebecca T

Rebecca actually inspired Colleen Hoover to write Verity, so you’re bound to love this book, too.

The narrator, unnamed, is married to a widower called Maxim de Winter. They move into his manor which is heavily influenced by his ex-wife’s, Rebecca’s, style. 

The narrator is uncomfortable throughout the book with Rebecca’s presence – she can’t go anywhere without feeling watched.

There’s nowhere to escape, and if she’s not careful she might be in danger of being drowned out by Rebecca’s shadow.


  • Romantic thriller that you won’t want to put down.
  • Inspired the writing of Verity.
  • Incredibly popular book that has stood the test of time.


  • A longer read at 450 pages.

Themes: Marriage, love, death, memory, gender, lies, society, class, and trust.

Confessions – Kanae Minato


Confessions is a thriller with an amazing shock twist at the end of the story, just like Verity. If you loved the confusion of her tale, you’ll love this recommendation, too.

Yuki is a teacher who loves being a mom to her 4-year-old daughter. But when a tragic incident occurs and takes her daughter to the playground, Yuki resigns in despair.

Before she leaves the school, she tells her students one story that will change their lives, and outlook on eachother, forever.


  • The revenge plot is great.
  • Excellent shock twist.
  • Quick read – I read it in one night!


  • Covers some dark topics.

Themes: Bullying, crime, family ties, morality, justice, and child crime.

The Ghostwriter – A.R. Torre

The Ghostwriter

Four years ago, Helena lied to everyone she knew as well as the police. It was an amazing lie, and no one questioned it.

As a famous author, she’s great at turning events into stories. She’s a bestseller with plenty of fans around the world. Now, we watch as she writes her final story – one the world never saw coming.


  • Beautifully written.
  • You feel like you’re immersed in the story as one of Helena’s fans.
  • It’ll keep you guessing to the last page.


  • This very short book feels like it’s missing some major details.

Themes: Distrust, empathy, dislike, judgment, compassion, and understanding.

My Lovely Wife – Samantha Downing

My Lovely Wife

My Lovely Wife matches Verity in more ways than one, with a captivating writing style and twisted plot to keep you hooked.

The narrator of this book is an unnamed husband, recalling the tale of his picture-perfect family. They are married with two kids, but the secrets this couple share are darker and more convoluted than most.

They’ve accepted that marriage can be boring. But they have a trick to keep the spark alive, and it’s far away from the usual date night extravaganza. Instead, they try to get away with murder.


  • Dark plot resembles that of Verity.
  • Short and fast-paced read.
  • You won’t believe the final twist!


  • Some details are hard to believe.

Themes: Love, devotion, murder, violence, trust, and conflict.

The Paris Apartment – Lucy Foley

The Paris Apartment: A Novel

If you’re craving more mystery like that felt in Verity, this book is an excellent option. I was glued to the pages trying to figure out what was going to happen next, and I bet you will too.

Our main protagonist Jess is struggling with the memories of something in her past and moves in with her half-brother, Ben, in the hopes of a fresh start. Ben isn’t so happy about the arrangement, though.

So when Jess moves into his fancy apartment in Paris and he doesn’t come home, she’s not too shocked.

It’s only when he’s been missing for days that she starts to worry. Every neighbor seems to have a secret, making everyone a suspect…


  • Thrilling mystery that will have you on the edge of your seat.
  • Plenty of side characters to learn about.
  • Modern twist on a whodunnit.


  • Some characters don’t feel as fleshed out as others.

Themes: Secrets, suspicion, murder, family, loyalty, guilt, and blackmail.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading! Verity is certainly a unique book, but there are many other novels out there that will leave you reeling just as her story did.

Our favorite has to be Layla by Colleen Hoover. If you enjoyed the writing style of Verity, who better to read next than the same author? Layla is another thriller that will leave you guessing!

Another excellent read is The Silent Patient. Just like Verity, this book found itself viral on TikTok and therefore has an amazing cult following behind it.

I was influenced to read it by all of its fans, and it is well deserving of the hype around it.

No matter which book you try first from this list, you’ll be in for the ride of your life with twists and turns at every corner. What are you waiting for?

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Colleen Hoover Have Any Other Books Similar To Verity?

Yes, Layla is as close as you’re going to get to Verity in Colleen Hoover’s collection. It is mysterious, thrilling, with the romance subplot taking the backseat.

How Old Should You Be To Read Verity?

The content of Verity is incredibly mature, so readers should be over 18 years old. Sensitive topics include death, abuse, and murder.

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