The Ultimate Guide On The Two Ways To Read Brad Taylor Books In Order

Brad Taylor is known for his phenomenally written action-packed thriller book series.

If you are fortunate enough to have come across just one of these books, you are bound to fall in love after you have finished reading the first book.

The Ultimate Guide On the Two Ways to Read Brad Taylor Books in Order

But with twenty-five books under his belt and at least one more on the way, it is hard to know where to start.

Well, that is where we can help you out. There are actually two ways that you can read Brad Taylor’s books. Chronologically or in release date order.

In this article, we are going to go through what order to read these awesome books in based on these two methods.

But, that is not all, we are also going to help you out by giving you an idea of what to expect from each of these books.

There is a lot to cover in this article, so without further ado, let us dive right in and get started!

About Brad Taylor Books

Brad Taylor was born in the country of Japan, in a place called Okinawa. Despite this exciting birthplace Brad Taylor actually grew up on a Texas ranch.

It was in this part of the country that Brad Taylor went to university.

Once he finished his university education Brad joined the U.S. Army Infantry. It is from his military experience that Brad Taylor got a lot of his inspiration for his books.

Brand spent twenty-one years living and breathing the life of an Infantry Soldier in the army, eight of which he spent in the 1st Special Forces Operation Detachment-Delta.

It was after these twenty-one years of service that Brad Taylor retired from the special forces and started writing.

It was not long after that we released his first book called One Rough Man. One Rough Man was the beginning of the Pike Logan series which was where his career as an author really took off.

Since then Brad Taylor has released a ton of books that are largely a part of the Pike Logan series. There are actually two ways that you can enjoy these phenomenal books.

The first way is by order of publication. This method is recommended for first-time readers as it is being read in the order it was intended.

We have listed the Pike Logan series below in publication order and below that a few Pike Logan short stories.

We have separated these books so that you can get a more comprehensive look at Brad Taylor’s books in publication order:

  1. One Rough Man – Published in 2011
  2. All Necessary Force – Published in 2012
  3. Enemy of Mine – Published in 2013
  4. The Widow’s Strike – Published in 2013
  5. The Polaris Protocol – Published in 2014
  6. Days of Rage – Published in 2014
  7. No Fortunate Son – Published in 2014
  8. The Insider Threat – Published in 2015
  9. The Forgotten Soldier – Published in 2015
  10. Ghosts of War – Published in 2016
  11. Ring of Fire – Published in 2017
  12. Operator Down – Published in 2018
  13. Daughter of War – Published in 2019
  14. Hunter Killer – Published in 2020
  15. American Traitor – Published in 2021
  16. End of Days – Published in 2022
  17. The Devil’s Ransom – To Be Published in 2023

You do not technically have to read these short stories but they are certainly helpful in bringing some context to the rest of the core story.

The short stories written by Brad Taylor in publishing are listed below and they should be read after the list above:

  1. The Callsign – Published in 2012
  2. Gut Instinct – Published in 2013
  3. Black Flag – Published in 2013
  4. The Dig – Published in 2014
  5. The Recruit – Published in 2015
  6. The Target – Published in 2016
  7. The Infiltrator – Published in 2017
  8. The Ruins – Published in 2018
  9. Exit Fee – Published in 2019

The second method of reading these amazing books is to read them in chronological order.

We do not recommend this method for those of you that are reading this series for the first time.

But if you would rather enjoy this series chronologically, the order you read Brad Taylor’s books in would look something like this:

  1. The Target
  2. The Callsign
  3. One Rough Man
  4. The Ruins
  5. The Dig
  6. All Necessary Force
  7. Enemy of Mine
  8. Gut Instinct
  9. The Widow’s Strike
  10. Black Flag
  11. The Polaris Protocol
  12. Days of Rage
  13. No Fortunate Son
  14. The Recruit
  15. The Insider Threat
  16. The Forgotten Soldier
  17. Ghosts of War
  18. Ring of Fire
  19. The Infiltrator
  20. Operator Down
  21. Daughter of War
  22. Exit Fee
  23. Hunter Killer
  24. American Traitor
  25. End of Days
  26. The Devil’s Ransom

As a quick note, the positioning of ‘The Ruins’ is not clear. Technically it was released after ‘Operator Down’ but the events of the story take place after ‘One Rough Man.

The context of the story also indicated that this book may also take place before ‘The Dig’.

It is for that reason we decided that to read these books in an accurately chronological way ‘The Ruins’ should be read after ‘One Rough Man’ and before ‘The Dig’.

Which method you choose to read these books in is entirely dependent on what you want your experience to be like. Both work well and you will get a unique experience reading both ways.

Once again, we do not recommend that you go for the chronological method if you have not read these books before.

By reading the books in release order you will get to enjoy the books as they were intended.

The story will unravel as it was supposed to which means that you will get to enjoy it to the max.

If you want to learn more about each of these books, make sure to check out the rest of the article. There is a lot that you can learn.

The First Way To Read Brad Taylor Books In Order

One Rough Man: A Pike Logan Thriller

One Rough Man: A Pike Logan Thriller by Brad Taylor (2012-01-03)

Pike Logan is one of the most successful and well-trained Taskforce employees. He was trained and designed to operate outside of the U.S. and also trained to live through unspeakable hardship.

Pike has instincts that would be the envy of a lion and to top it all off he is a very talented man. But things change when personal tragedy reshapes his life and alters his outlook on the world.


  • Amazing writing skill, and development of characters in this story.


  • Some readers found that this book had a very slow start and was quite hard to get into.

All Necessary Force: A Pike Logan Thriller

All Necessary Force by Brad Taylor (January 17,2012)

Pike Logan is a veteran warrior with skills that rival the best in his field. He and his young partner Jennifer Cahill are pushed into a corner and must go on an increasingly dangerous and convoluted mission.

This mission teaches both Pike and Jennifer to justify questionable actions. But Pike’s ability to stay in control is put under pressure as a result.


  • The suspense and pacing of this story are phenomenal. You will be sitting on the edge of your seat reading this book.


  • A few readers pointed out that the author did not have enough command over the English language for this book.

Enemy Of Mine: A Pike Logan Thriller

Enemy of Mine: A Pike Logan Thriller

The United States has created a peace deal between Israel and Palestine, this deal has been done under a secretive guise. But despite this peace, some terrorists are planning to subvert this plan.

Pike Logan not must head a clandestine Taskforce team who are determined to find and get rid of this threat before it is too late.

There is also an assassination in Qatar which must be prevented at all costs.


  • This story is packed full of adventure and thrilling action. It is the kind of book that you will not be able to put down.


  • A few readers found that the female characters were annoying and underdeveloped in this particular Brad Taylor book.

The Widow’s Strike: A Pike Logan Thriller

By Brad Taylor The Widow's Strike: A Pike Logan Thriller (Reissue)

This book centers around the Taskforce who are on a time crunch to stop and destroy a suicide bomber who has the intent of triggering a global epidemic.

This epidemic has been invented by nature but through genetic manipulation, this man-made virus has fallen into the hands of those that would abuse this power.

Pike Logan and his team bust now to stop the worst from happening.


  • If you want to read a book that is packed full of tension, this book is going to expertly keep you on the edge of your seat.


  • Some readers thought that the story in this book was a little ‘samey’ in comparison to the first few books in the series.

The Polaris Protocol: A Pike Logan Thriller

The Polaris Protocol (Pike Logan)

Jennifer Hunt is going to Mexico for her brother. Pike Logan ends up going with her to help deal with a kidnap ransom.

But this simple Taskforce job gets bigger when it turns into a race to stop the destruction of a piece of priceless infrastructure.

This infrastructure has become an important foundation of modern life in the twenty-first century.


  • The plot is expertly laid out which makes it an absolute joy to read this story from cover to cover.


  • Some readers found this book confusing as there were a lot of new characters introduced in a very short space of time.

Days Of Rage: A Pike Logan Thriller

Days of Rage (A Pike Logan Thriller)

Russia is stirring the pot again and this time they have supplied Islamic fundamentalists with a weapon that can do massive destruction.

The Taskforce, which is a secretive undercover special forces unit, must neutralize this weapon before it is too late.

If they do not then there will be millions of people wiped out without even knowing that it was happening. But it is not as clear-cut as all that, the Taskforce is having internal issues amidst this crisis.


  • The crisp and fast-paced nature of this book is truly something to behold. You will enjoy each and every page of this amazing action-packed thriller.


  • There are some readers that have found that the language and dialogue in this book have taken a nosedive in quality.

No Fortunate Son: A Pike Logan Thriller

No Fortunate Son (A Pike Logan Thriller)

In this book, a terrorist organization has decided to target key targets in the U.S. military and government. On this list is the vice president’s son.

The way this terrorist organization seizes its hostages just goes to show its far-reaching and meticulously coordinated plan.

It highlights how much of a threat they are to the U.S. It is up to Pike Logan and the Taskforce to get rid of this threat and get the government back on track and out of the tumultuous state they are in.


  • The research done in this book is Chef’s Kiss you can really see the attention to detail in the plot and setting brought to life in this book.


  • A few people have described this book as having too many characters who jump around from place to place too frequently.

The Insider Threat: A Pike Logan Thriller

The Insider Threat: A Pike Logan Thriller

A CIA spy for the Islamic State was seen being beheaded by four young American men. This act is assumed to be some kind of precursor to an attack on America.

Pike Logan and the Taskforce are not on their way to Europe to find out what the plans of these individuals are and put a stop to their nefarious dealings.


  • The characters in this story are well-thought-out, and have many layers. So you can expect to be kept engaged with the fantastic story and well-developed characters.


  • A few readers found that this book was quite dull and almost identical to the other books that Brad Taylor has already written.

The Forgotten Soldier: A Pike Logan Thriller

The Forgotten Soldier (A Pike Logan Thriller)

After the brutal combat death of his brother, an anti-terrorist operator has gone off the reservation to find and kill the people responsible.

It is up to Pike Logan and his team of trusted individuals to stop him from doing something stupid and bring him home.

On this mission, there are treasonable acts uncovered to do with the president’s cabinet.


  • This story is expertly written with a brilliant plot that is well described. There are a ton of fast-paced twists and fun moments that will certainly entertain you.


  • Some people found that the plot characters were a little bit too predictable and stretched the lines of credulity.

Ghosts Of War: A Pike Logan Thriller

Ghosts of War (A Pike Logan Thriller)

There has been a Russian incursion into Belarus which has happened under the facade of self-defense.

But things get worse and an even more horrific and brutal attack happens against the United States.

When this happens NATO mobilizes to try and find out who was behind this strike and why it happened.


  • Many people loved that the characters in this book were well-fleshed out and had wonderful development arcs which made them just that much better.


  • There are a few people that have found that the plot for this story went a little downhill. In particular, there were too many coincidences and things ‘just’ working out in the story.

Ring Of Fire: A Pike Logan Thriller

Ring of Fire (A Pike Logan Thriller)

Fifteen years back there was a contract in the United Kingdom that was worth a lot of money.

It was at this time a desperate defense contractor used a shell company to get finances to bribe a very rich Saudi Arabian businessman.

Because of these events, there is not a very powerful person within the defense industry. Things go wrong when he panics as the Panama Papers make their way into public view.


  • The amusing personalities and general characterization are extremely well written. So you can enjoy a laugh or thrilling action along with the character in this book.


  • Some people found that this story took a little too long to get somewhere interesting. While the end was good there was not enough substance to the rest of the book.

Operator Down: A Pike Logan Thriller

Operator Down: A Pike Logan Thriller

This phenomenal thriller centers around the talented Pike Logan who must not search for a Mossad agent and ally.

The events leading him on his mission mean that he is not en route to encounter a ruthless military coup in Africa.

The events transpiring in these events mean that is going to have his loyalties to the Taskforce tested.


  • The evolution of this story is amazing. Each character and event just drives the whole story forward to an amazing climax that you will not soon forget.


  • Some elements of the plot are a little silly and do not make sense. This can make reading the rest of the book a little silly.

Daughter Of War: A Pike Logan Thriller

Daughter of War: A Pike Logan Thriller

Switzerland has a vast network of military bunkers which have now been transformed by a private investor for the secret storage of wealth.

While this is happening North Korea is also using Red Mercury to devastate the West’s ability to bring forth sanctions against this rogue regime.


  • This book is a masterpiece in its genre. The action, adventure, suspense, and drama all work perfectly to create a story that keeps you invested.


  • The character development and plot in this book are a little weaker than others. For this reason, this particular Brad Taylor book can be a bit tedious to read.

Hunter Killer: A Pike Logan Novel

Hunter Killer: A Pike Logan Novel (Pike Logan, 14)

Pike Logan and his Taskforce team are on a counter-terrorist mission in the triple frontier.

This frontier is located at the intersection where Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil join and it is known for being a lawless and dangerous place.

It is here that this famous Taskforce meets their match. You wouldn’t expect it, but Logan’s Taskforce actually goes missing.

This is where he shows up and must investigate what happened to his crew while also dealing with a crew of Russian Assassins.


  • The unexpected twists and turns in this story really make it quite a masterpiece. It is very enjoyable to read because of the wonderfully thought-out plot.


  • Some readers found that the characters in this book had changed into a bit of a caricature which made the plot a little blander than it needed to be.

American Traitor: A Pike Logan Novel

American Traitor: A Pike Logan Novel (Pike Logan, 15)

Pike has been trained since the beginning to take on fights and come out on top.

But now he has finally met his match and must overcome a seemingly invincible enemy. Not because he is not strong enough but because he can’t attack him.

Pike gets the help of a Taiwanese intelligence agent as he rushes to stop catastrophic conflict from overcoming this part of the world.


  • The fast-moving pace of this story really makes it exciting to read. The excitement just makes it all the more thrilling to experience. Especially with characters we know and love.


  • A few readers found that this book was a bit confusing to read. Keeping tabs on the locations and characters was a lot more effort than it needed to be according to them.

End Of Days: A Pike Logan Novel

End of Days: A Pike Logan Novel (Pike Logan, 16)

A delightful paragliding trip to the imposing mountains of Switzerland has resulted in the murder of the former head of Israeli Intelligence. Mossad then introduces a team of terrorist hunters.

Aaron and Shoshana are not tasked with investigating this murder. But they cannot do it on their own and need help to find out who is behind the attack and stop what they are planning to do next.


  • The characters are what make this book come together. The development, humor, and comradery are absolutely amazing to read.


  • Some readers thought that this book was a little too long and that there were better points for it to come to a graceful end.

The Callsign: A Pike Logan Thriller

The Callsign (A Pike Logan Thriller)

This story centers around Pike Logan is planning to go after the first Taskforce target while also leading a team he is not confident in and does not entirely trust.

There is a new counter-terrorist team known as the Taskforce. The members of which have not been thoroughly tested.

There is no knowing how they will work together or react to certain situations. But, Pike Logan must keep it together as he faces a new challenge.


  • Learning about the origin of some characters in this story really helps to give some background for the rest of the Brad Taylor Novels.


  • This story is a little disjointed which can make it a bit tougher to read than it should be.

Gut Instinct: A Pike Logan Thriller

Gut Instinct (A Pike Logan Thriller)

This story centers around a clandestine special forces unit that has just come back from a strenuous mission and as such, they are still recovering.

But they do not get to rest because disaster strikes and they must rise to the occasion.

A simple routine surveillance mission goes horribly wrong. But Pike Logan will not let things slide and takes this mission on, staking his reputation and life on a hunch.


  • The female characters in this book are phenomenally written and balanced. It is nice to see well-written female characters.


  • A few readers thought that there was not enough substance. This made it a bit dull to read for these few readers.

Black Flag: A Pike Logan Thriller

Black Flag (A Pike Logan Thriller)

The Taskforce is not on a maritime mission. They have the task of locating the precious and priceless contraband of an infamous pirate. Funnily enough, this pirate is named Edward Teach.

The Taskforce however is at the mercy of an anime they have never faced before and these pirates are insidious and dastardly people that are not to be taken advantage of.


  • The characters in this book are fun, and interesting which brings the whole story to life. You will love every second of this book.


  • Some of the terminology is not right in this book. The writing gives you the feeling that the author does not know a lot about the sea and ships.

The Dig: A Pike Logan Thriller

The Dig (A Pike Logan Thriller)

This short story centers around Pike Logan and his personal mission to make Jennifer Cahill join the Taskforce. But this mission changes as it becomes linked to an archaeological dig in Roswell, New Mexico.

There is a conspiracy theory that indicates that there is something a bit more treacherous going on. Even more treacherous than alien cover-ups.


  • Well-thought-out plot with an amazing cast. Everything in this book just works in perfect unison to create an amazing story you will certainly love.


  • A few characters found that there were A LOT of fast-paced location changes which made the storytelling feel a bit choppy.

The Recruit: A Taskforce Story

The Recruit: A Taskforce Story (Kindle Single) (A Pike Logan Thriller)

This short story centers around Knuckles and Decoy who are Taskforce operators.

This duo comes across an audacious and dastardly plot exactly when they did not expect it to happen. They must use their skills to become fully-fledged members of the Taskforce.


  • This story makes other books more clear, easy to understand, and more appreciated. It may not be long but it is interesting and sheds some light on the universe created by Brad Taylor.


  • Some readers found that the story in this book was not as interesting as it should be. This can make it a bit of a chore to read even if you are a die-hard Brad Taylor fan.

The Target: A Pike Logan Thriller

The Target (A Pike Logan Thriller)

It has been a full year after a terrible mission in Amman, Jordan. Now Aaron Bergman and his Samson team are more estranged than ever.

He is scared that his team is going to be disbanded. But that is not the end of it and an operative named Shoshana is now not trusted and feels like a traitor to their cause.


  • This story is action-packed, and interesting and musters an impressive mastery of the English language. You will certainly enjoy reading or listening to this book.


  • Some readers thought that the plot was not easy to follow. This can make it a bit of a chore to read and enjoy this Brad Taylor book.

The Infiltrator: A Taskforce Story

The Infiltrator: A Taskforce Story (A Pike Logan Thriller)

This story centers around Israeli operatives Aaron and Shoshana who were recently wed at Jerusalem’s Western Wall.

This delightful event is not the backdrop to the new plot to attack and destroy the holiest site in Jerusalem.


  • The realistic descriptions of the environment and military really makes this story the kind of thing that you will find fascinating to read and learn about.


  • The ending of this book left a lot to be desired. It just comes to a halt very suddenly without tying up loose ends. Or, so some readers said.

The Ruins: A Taskforce Story

The Ruins: A Taskforce Story (A Pike Logan Thriller)

In this story, Pike Logan and Jennifer Cahill are on the hunt for an ancient and lost Mayan temple.

This hunt reveals the origin of their archaeological company. This is being used as cover for clandestine work for the Taskforce.


  • This book ties up some loose ends in other books. So if you want to learn more about the backstory of the Taskforce and Pike Logan universe, make sure to read or listen to this story.


  • Some people found that the characters were a little flat and unbelievable due to the descriptive language.

Exit Fee: A Pike Logan Novella

Exit Fee: A Pike Logan Novella (A Pike Logan Thriller)

In this story, Pike Logan and his partner Jennifer Cahill are up against a Serbian gang.

These people make the unfortunate mistake of kidnapping a person that this duo love. Now they must get their friend back before it is too late.


  • The background you get on Pike Logan and other characters really makes this book worth reading or listening to.


  • Some of the themes in this book may be questionable for some readers. So if you are sensitive to certain topics we do not recommend this story for you.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this article and learning about these two ways that you can read and enjoy these amazing Brad Taylor books.

The two ways that you can enjoy these books, as we have mentioned, are to read them in the published order or chronological order.

Neither of these options is a hard and fast rule. So you can read these books in whichever way suits you best.

At the end of the day which method you go for is dependent on when you came across these books or what you have been recommended in the past.

If you enjoyed learning about these amazing Brad Taylor and how you can best enjoy them, we recommend that you check out some of our other book reviews and guides.

There is a lot that we can teach you or if you are looking for inspiration, there are a bunch of great articles we have that might help you with that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Pike Logan Movie?

You would think that there would be a bunch of movies based on the Pike Logan book series by Brad Taylor. But, sadly these amazing books have not been turned into movies as yet.

What Was The First Brad Taylor Book?

The first Brad Taylor book was a novel by the name of One Rough man. This book very quickly became a success and it actually launched the famous Pike Logan book series.

Is There A New Pike Logan Book?

In the thriller genre, there is no character more epic than Like Logan. This cool character is set to return in a new book called The Devil’s Ransom.

Was Brad Taylor In The Military?

Brad Taylor was actually born in Okinawa Japan until he moved to rural Texas.

It was here in the states that he went to university and went into the military. In fact, he served for twenty-one years in the military with a good few of those years being in the Special Forces.

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