The 10 Best Charles Dickens Books Ever Written

The Best Charles Dickens Books 

When it comes to amazing literature, you cannot overlook one of the most influential authors in the history of literature – Charles Dickens. His work has long been examined and explored by schools, playwrights, and literary critics alike.  Indeed, books like Great Expectations and Oliver Twist are still to this day considered some of the … Read more

10 Amazing Ancient Rome Books

10 Amazing Books About Ancient Rome

There’s a reason that many people who take an interest in European history like to call Rome ‘The Eternal City’. While plenty of other major cities and settlements have their foundations that are thousands of years old, few seem to have stayed as much in the cultural, political, and historical zeitgeist as Rome has., from … Read more

The 4 Best Edith Wharton Books You Need To Check Out

Edith Wharton’s Best 4 Books You Need To Check Out

When it comes to the best American Women writer of the 19th century, there are probably at least a few, if unfortunately not many, authors that come to mind. However, for my money, there certainly isn’t an author quite like Edith Wharton. Born into a wealthy, yet highly restrictive aristocratic household in New York in … Read more

History Comes to Life: The 20 Best Historical Novels About Real People

The 20 Best Historical Novels About Real People

Historical fiction covers a wide array of stories, such as mythological retellings, touching romances, and lighthearted coming-of-age stories. Outside of a few runaway bestsellers, however, fictionalized biographies frequently go overlooked in historical fiction.  The list below contains 20 of the best historical novels about real people, from underappreciated releases to New York Times bestsellers, so … Read more

7 Page-Turning Novels About Secret Societies

7 Page-Turning Novels About Secret Societies

Castoff members of society, clubs that could turn deadly at any moment, and cults you hear whispers, and murmurs about in the corridors…are all ingredients to amazing page-turning novels about secret societies. These books come in various shapes and sizes, but most have undercurrents of ambition, liberation, and of course, murder.  Have I piqued your … Read more

7 Fantastic Realistic Fiction Books You Need To Read

7 Fantastic Realistic Fiction Books You Need To Read

Everyone loves genres like science fiction, horror, and fantasy, but sometimes, the best stories are rooted in reality. Fictional stories that are more realistic tend to be easier to identify and relate with, and you still get just as immersed in the stories! Realistic fiction is a very popular genre and there are many different … Read more