The 30 Best Romantic Vampire Books – Ultimate Guide

The 30 Best Romantic Vampire Books - Ultimate Guide

The vampire romance niche is a literary gold mine, brimming with exciting storylines, creative characters, and delightful forbidden love stories. Typically grouped into the wider paranormal romance sub-genre, readers who enjoy myth, magic, and monsters in their books will love a good vampire romance.  Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris  Charlaine Harris’s infamous thirteen-book Sookie … Read more

Discover The 30 Best Reverse Harem Romance Books

Discover The 30 Best Reverse Harem Romance Books

Reverse harem books are simply about a lady with love interests for several men, filled with sexual fantasy and tons of sweet romance. After all, “the more, the merrier.” Reverse harem Romance books have gained rising popularity in the last few years. Why? Maybe reading about a lady with more than two men is a … Read more

Discover The 30 Best Romantic Billionaire Books

Discover The 30 Best Romantic Billionaire Books

Love is a tale as old as time. Two lovers destined to travel through life together eventually. Songs have been written about love. Books and memoirs concoct the story of a thing so enduring and everlasting that it transcends time.  Romantic books are beautiful. They provide us with a world full of escapism. It’s no … Read more

Discover The 41 Best Vampire Romance Books for Adults

Discover The 30 Best Vampire Romance Books for Adults

Whether you’re a newcomer looking to start with the beloved classics that stole the hearts of millions of people years ago, or an experienced vampire romance reader who’s in search of something new, you will be able to find a thrilling next read in this curated list of captivating novels! Dark romance, an abundance of … Read more

The 30 Best Brother’s Best Friend Romance Books

The 30 Best Brother's Best Friend Romance Books

There’s nothing quite like relaxing with a good romance novel — especially when that romance novel is well-written and full of lovable characters and tropes alike. The popular “brother’s best friend” trope in romance is a great place to start when looking for your next favorite romance novel. From forbidden love to angsty tension, here … Read more

Untamed Love: 20 Best Shifter Romance Books

20 Best Shifter Romance Books With Untamed Love

Shifter romance books are one of the most popular romance genres, and if you’re looking for some romantic fantasy books that can get a little steamy at times, you’re in the right place.  This list offers 20 of the top paranormal shifter romance books that will hopefully catch your interest. And a bonus: Most of … Read more

The 9 Best Bodyguard Romance Books To Read

Best Bodyguard Romance Books

If you’ve had the pleasure of dipping your toes into the romance genre, you’ll already be aware of the wealth of different books that are out there. Romance, being the best-selling genre of all time, is also the one that spans the most subgenres. You can find romance books that cover all manner of different … Read more

23 Arranged Marriage Books That You’re Guaranteed To Fall In Love With

Arranged Marriage Books

Arranged marriage is a popular trope in romance books and often crosses over with other romance tropes such as enemies-to-lovers and opposites-attract, as well as with other romance genres like historical romance, contemporary romance, and fantasy romance. It’s no surprise that these often slow-burn romance stories that often end with a wedding are so appealing … Read more