Chilling Horror Graphic Novels: 23 Novels To Keep You Up At Night

If you enjoy your heart racing, palms beginning to sweat, and the absolute adrenaline rush to come with reading horror novels, then you have come to the right place.

Chilling Horror Graphic Novels 23 Novels To Keep You Up At Night

Horror graphic novels are a great way to keep yourself awake all night with the prospect of nightmares.

Although, sometimes the scare is what makes it so good. Especially when it has you truly believing that monsters exist. 

Below are 23 chilling horror graphic novels for you to read. Read each one and discover a new way to give yourself quite the scare.

From werewolves to haunted houses, each story is thrilling and is sure to have the hair on the back of your neck standing straight. 

Read each one until you find the scariest, or until you simply can’t sleep. You might want to have your roommate stand guard during the night. Who knows what is lying on the next page…

What Are Horror Graphic Novels? 

What Are Horror Graphic Novels 

Horror graphic novels or horror comic books are horror books that feature images and words to tell a story that will chill you to the bone. 

In the US market, horror comic books reached a peak in the late 1940s through the mid-1950s, when concern over the content and the imposition of the self-censorship Comics Code Authority contributed to the demise of many titles and the toning down of others.

Black-and-white horror-comics magazines, which did not fall under the Code, flourished from the mid-1960s through the early 1980s from a variety of publishers.

Mainstream American color comic books experienced a horror resurgence in the 1970s, following a loosening of the Code.

While the horror genre continues to have its rises and falls in popularity in the mainstream market, horror graphic novels continue to be a loved niche in today’s novel industry. 

23 Horror Graphic Novels 

Now, we can get into some of the best horror graphic novels that are sure to have you sleeping with the lights on! 

Sweet HomeT01 By Kim Carnby & Youngchan Hwang

Sweet Home T01

If you are a horror fan then you are sure to have heard of Sweet Home. Whether in bookstores, on the internet, or as the hit apocalyptic TV series on Netflix. It is everywhere! 

Teenage boy Hyun is forced into a studio apartment following one of the most devastating tragedies of his life. 

However, there is more to come. Soon after getting settled in his new home, people begin to disappear and things are just…strange.

And when he finally makes his way outside, he wishes he stayed in bed. A monster apocalypse is in full swing and everyone is terrified. 

Buddying up with a group of survivors, can Hyun and his new friends save themselves and humanity? Or will the monsters win?

While the monsters are very much terrifying, this psychological thriller is sure to have you hooked. And checking to make sure no monsters are hiding in your closet. 


  • The plot is easy to follow with exciting twists and turns in the most unexpected places. 
  • Monsters are scary but not terrifying. 


  • Extremely violent and dark themes are present throughout the entire book

Themes: Monsters, apocalypse, psychological thriller, death, suicide, violence, survival. 

The Low, Low Woods By Carmen Maria Machado

The Low, Low Woods

Shudder-to-Think was a regular town until something in the woods changed forever. 

Pennsylvania’s Shudder-to-Think has been on fire for a long time.

The woods are filled with skinless men, bunnies with human eyes, and a deer woman who pursues young girls in need of food.

The residents of Shudder-to-Think, too? They’re not doing so well either, I guess.

El and Octavia set out on a terrifying quest to learn the truth about the odd place they call home when they wake up in a movie theater with no memory of the previous few hours of their lives.

The Low, Low Woods is a truly creepy graphic novel. Featuring topics of power and toxic masculinity, it gives a new meaning to the suspense. 

As El and Vee begin to investigate that night, they discover that this small town is hiding something more terrifying than angry men.

It is up to them to keep their home from crumbling around them and to protect the world from the monsters living in the woods of Shudder-To-Think. 

For anyone looking for a book that is going to blow their minds then The Low, Low Woods is a perfect read. It will really bury itself under your skin and stay for years to come.

Machado brings her bleak and horrifying outlook on the world to life with this horror graphic novel and it is sure to leave you shaking. 


  • The characters are queer people of color, giving more representation. 
  • The plot is intense and extremely detailed making this an exciting read. 


  • The images may be extremely graphic for some readers.

Themes: Queer, fantasy, horror, patriarchy, feminism, small town, secrets. 

Victor Lavalle’s Destroyer By Victor Lavalle

Victor LaValle's Destroyer (1)

Whether you love horror or not, Frankenstein is one of the greatest horror stories of all time.

But it was never given the sequel it deserves. Until Victor Lavalle’s Destroyer was released. 

Set in the modern day, Destroyer becomes instantly thrilling. Because Frankenstein’s monster is still alive and his humanity is all but gone.

Violent, soulless, and with only one thing on his mind, destruction. Frankenstein’s monster has now been deemed the Destroyer. 

Dr. Baker is the only living descendant of Victor Frankenstein and when she begins to use her brilliant mind to recreate Victor’s work to bring her murdered son back to life, she realizes she can make it better. 

When Destroyer and Dr. Baker work together, the world has no idea what is coming. And everyone better hide. 

Victor Lavalle’s Destroyer is a modern twist on a classic. Dealing with issues of race, murder, and an uncanny partnership, this story is deep while still being a fun fantasy read.

While it may not have you shivering under a blanket, it does make you question the issues of the modern world. 

And we think that’s scarier than ghosts and monsters!


  • Deals with intense issues without being upsetting. 
  • The artwork is truly incredible and fits the novel perfectly. 


  • The ending is abrupt and leaves many questions unanswered. 
  • Not scary.

Themes: Monsters, race, murder, mad scientists, grief. 

Something Is Killing The Children By James Tynion IV

Something is Killing the Children Vol. 1

If you are looking to be truly scared then Something Is Killing The Children is a must-read. 

Archer’s Peak is dealing with a less than warming issue, their children are going missing and turning up dead.

Erica Slaughter is new to town and she is one thing on her mind, stopping the monsters that are killing the children. 

With experience in the supernatural, she knows exactly what she has to do.

But finding the monsters without causing the entire town to erupt into chaos is going to be harder than she thought. 

While others may be scared, Erica is ready to face them head-on and make sure that these monsters know who is coming after them. 

GLAAD Award-winning author, James Tynion IV, and graphic artist, Werther Dell’Edera brings us this thrilling horror graphic novel that is sure to have you clutching your blanket a little tighter at night. 

From beginning to end you are thrown onto this adrenaline rush of a journey paired with exceptional artwork and it is going to leave you stunned. 


  • The artwork and plot work together for a truly thrilling journey. 
  • Characters are well-rounded and given excellent personalities. 


  • Not insanely scary with a more paranormal feel. 

Themes: Heroin, paranormal, small town, hunting, murder, violence

Behind You By Brian Coldrick

Behind You: One-Shot Horror Stories

No, you are not at the theater for a night of laughter and happiness. There is something in the shadows. Just waiting for you to turn around. 

Behind You is an illustration collection—a comic book without panels, where each artwork tells a distinct story.

Each story consists of just one picture and one line of text: a helpless victim with someone or something lurking in the background.

The odd and funny to seriously scary are all represented in the entries. 

Behind You is full of frightening setups and is inspired by scary movies, literature, myths, and internet tall tales.

 However, there are many unanswered questions that readers can fill in with their own stories. The Far Side for aficionados of horror.


  • Each piece is a different story making each page unique and thrilling. 
  • Readers can make their own stories from the missing links in this work. 


  • The artwork is not animated. 

Themes: Horror, paranormal, short stories, eerie. 

Delphine By Richard Sala


Snow White is a rather unsettling tale in itself but imagine it from the Princes’ point of view. A mysterious traveler is searching for her long-lost love, Delphine. 

With only a rather ambiguous address as a clue, he must search for his damsel in distress.

And what we encounter along the way is less than magical. Taking away the picture-perfect aura of Disney, we see these fairytales for what they truly are, horror. 

Already feeling that this journey may not be what it seems, this mysterious stranger is beginning to notice that the townsfolk are more than just weird. 


  • Takes tales we know and makes them eerie. 
  • Artwork is as mesmerizing as the tales. 
  • A refreshing work from Sala. 


  • The story is rather short and lacks true evil. 

Themes: Fairy Tales, long-lost love, small town, chilling, violence. 

Monstress Volume 2: The Blood By Marjorie M. Liu

Monstress Volume 2: The Blood

This is the second volume in the Monstress series of horror graphic novels. In a different world, where holding in our monsters is a lot harder than you might think. 

Maika is a 17-year-old girl, and she is being sold as a slave.

With a rather odd tattoo on her chest and a missing arm, everyone believes she is weak. But her monster suggests otherwise. 

While attempting to elicit information from her history, Maika is striving to contain her beast.

While carrying an extremely enigmatic and sought-after object, Maika is on a quest to learn about herself, her past, and what’s really inside of her with the aid of a cute little half-fox and a poet cat.


  • More writing than most graphic novels. 
  • This graphic novel is not instantly scary, it holds suspense and a great climax. 


  • Extremely dark themes are not suitable for some readers. 

Themes: Slavery, dystopian thriller, slavery, war, human trafficking, heroin. 

The Sandman By Neil Gaiman

The Sandman 1

Since its release in the late 1980s, The Sandman has been one of the greatest-selling horror graphic novels of all time.

And most recently you can watch the TV adaptation on Netflix to see your worst nightmares on screen. 

A greedy magician completes a ritual in order to capture Death and become immortal.

Unlucky for him, he captured someone much much worse. Lord Dream of the Endless, the Sandman. And now he is trapped forever. 

Neil Gaiman has been hailed as one of the greatest horror graphic novelists and once you read The Sandman, you really understand why. 

Bringing together the supernatural and horror, The Sandman is a tale of nightmares. 

With 9 other volumes in The Sandman series, each volume is illustrated by a different artist and they are all as suspenseful as the last. 


  • Illustrations bring the story of The Sandman to life. 
  • Introduces The Sandman to the DC universe. 


  • New readers may find the story confusing at first. 

Themes: Supernatural, horror, fantasy, gothic, consuming. 

Safari Honeymoon By Jesse Jacobs

Safari Honeymoon

Newly married and ready to celebrate their honeymoon. However, they get more than they paid for on this safari

Led by their trusted and knowledgeable guide, the safari starts off normal and just as they expected.

Although, you won’t find cute lion cubs in this forest. Everything is either ready to eat you or find its way inside your body and mind. 

Will they make it out alive? 


  • The plot is original and refreshing for the horror scene. 
  • The story flows and is easy to read while being thrilling and suspenseful. 


  • The husband character is annoying and takes from the seriousness of the novel. 

Themes: Comedy, aliens, nature, suspense, graphic. 

After The Rain By Nnedi Okorafor

After the Rain: A Graphic Novel

Since moving back home to a small town in Nigeria, Chioma is trying to connect with her roots. And once after a horrific storm, she may be closer than she thinks. 

When a young boy appears injured on her doorstep, Choima can’t help but want to make sure he is okay.

Only when they touch, it burns. Now, she is smelling something weird and feels like she is not alone. 

Hunted and haunted. Her only chance of discovering what is going on is to learn more about her Nigerian heritage. After all, the spirit must get what it wants.

After The Rain is an adaptation of the short story On The Road. This horror focuses on identity and embracing your heritage with a few creepy spirits thrown in the mix. 


  • A horror with lighthearted themes. 
  • The text has great power over the story. 


  • Some knowledge of Nigerian culture is required to understand the story. 

Themes: Paranormal, culture, identity, horror, family. 

Adamtine By Hannah Berry


With nothing other than a singular note left, no one could understand why people were suddenly vanishing. Never to be seen again. 

However, some years later 4 unconnected strangers all take the last train home.

And the thing that they are running from is finally catching up with them. With nowhere to run, they have no choice but to accept their fate. 

And as they say, the devil is in the details. 

In this suspenseful horror, Hannah Berry both illustrates and writes the story.

Full of unknown meanings, deception, and mystery, this tale takes you on a journey from the first page. 


  • This is an easy and quick read for new readers. 
  • The plot is chilling and makes you go back for a second read. 


  • The ending is not clear and can be confusing. 

Themes: Deal with the devil, time of reckoning, suspense, horror, strangers, hiding. 

UZUMAKI By Junji Ito

Uzumaki (3-in-1 Deluxe Edition) (Junji Ito)

The small Japanese coastal village of Kurouzu-cho, which is shrouded in fog, is cursed. Kirie Goshima’s reclusive boyfriend Shuichi Saito claims that UZUMAKI, the spiral—the seductive hidden shape of the world—rather than a person or being is haunting their town.

Smaller manifestations of it can be seen in ferns, seashells, whirlpools in the water, and whirlwinds in the air.

And in significant ways: the spiral scars on people’s bodies, the father of Shuichi’s irrational obsessions, and the voice from your cochlea.

The people of Kurôzu-cho are drawn deeper and deeper into the madness as it spreads, as though into a whirlpool from which there is no escape.


  • The characters are deep and relate the reader to this unsuspecting story. 
  • Great for new readers of manga and horror graphic novels. 


  • May not be great for older readers. 

Themes: Fantasy, small town, nature, eerie, bizarre. 

30 Days Of Night By Steve Niles

30 Days of Night Omnibus, Vol. 1

In a small town, Barrow, Alaska, the month-long winter is a time dreaded by the locals.

As the sun sets for the last time, bloodthirsty visitors make their way to Barrows, for their annual feast. 

Sheriff and Deputy, man and wife are the town’s only hope of survival. Forcing them to choose between saving themselves or saving their town. 

This paranormal horror focuses on the destruction of the children of the night, vampires.

When they come to feed, the town is in terminal danger and there is almost no one to save them. 

This graphic novel will leave you feeling like one of the civilians, and you’ll enjoy every second of it. 


  • It is a short and easy read that can be enjoyed as a piece of fiction. 
  • The artwork is odd and creative, making it an explorative read. 


  • Dialogue is choppy and can feel juvenile. 

Themes: Gothic, vampire, couples, heroes, hunters, supernatural, feeding, violence. 

Wytches By Scott Snyder

Wytches, Vol. 1

Forget everything you know about witches, we can guarantee it is wrong. They are so much worse. 

The witches’ legend is explored in Wytches in a considerably creepier and more terrifying manner than readers have before ventured to.

The Rooks family is looking forward to a fresh start when they relocate to the outlying hamlet of Litchfield, New Hampshire, to get away from a terrifying event.

But in the nearby woods, just outside of town, something awful is waiting for them. from the trees, observing. old… and ravenous.

Witches are given their true form in this graphic novel, and it is bone-chilling. Readers can feel the eyes of the witches on them as they read through this eerie tale. 


  • Father/Daughter focus is an exciting change in the character plot. 
  • The tale is familiar with a few exciting twists and turns. 


  • Time jumps are not acknowledged making it difficult to keep track. 
  • Dialogue is transactional and takes away from the realness of the characters.

Themes: Witches, stalking, father/ daughter relationship, death, violence, eerie, suspense. 

The Me You Love In The Dark By Skottie Young

Me You Love In The Dark Volume 1 (Me You Love in the Dark, 1)

Artist Ro is looking to escape the struggles of reality and to work on her new collection.

When she finds the perfect house to rent, the warnings of its hauntings go ignored by the aspiring artist. After all, ghosts aren’t real…right?

Filled with arrogance and a hell of a lot of ignorance, Ro begins to tease the ghost.

But when things begin to get weird, she decides it’s time to consider the possibility that she isn’t alone. 

The Me You Love In The Dark is a tale that will have you questioning your own beliefs.

The hair on the back of your neck will stand up and you might even sleep with the lights on. But the read is worth every nightmare. 

While the plot is predictable, the artwork makes it even more chilling. 


  • The plot is generic, making it a comforting read for horror lovers. 
  • The artwork is incredible and adds to the bone-chilling suspense. 


  • Dark themes are mentioned throughout the book that may upset some readers. 

Themes: Sexual abuse, toxic relationships, ghosts, paranormal. 

Chew By John Layman

Chew Volume 1: Tasters Choice

Prepare your stomach for something truly unsettling. 

With the help of his peculiar and revolting special ability, detective Tony Chu frequently solves impossible cases in the post-pandemic world where chicken is no longer permitted.

Whether it’s a vegetable or a person, Tony is able to understand the background of everything he consumes. Beets are safe, however, so avoid them.

And certainly, on occasion, he complies with the law and uses the flesh of corpses to solve crimes.

Recruited by the Special Crimes Division of the FDA, Tony is shocked he begins to realize just how messed up the people of the world are. 

Readers will be dying to dig their teeth into this horror graphic novel. Pun intended.

Although, you might want to keep a barf bag close for when something really sick takes place. 

Chew gives insight into the weird and nauseating mind of John Layman, and the artwork brings it to life.

While it is not directly scary, it does have its own standing in the field of horror. Because this guy creates some horrific scenes. 


  • The artwork highlights how gruesome some of the scenes are. 
  • Not scary but will definitely have the reader feeling uncomfortable. 


  • Cannibalism may make some readers upset or too uncomfortable. 

Themes: Cannibalism, detective, murder, crime, fascism, oppression. 

Squad By Maggie Tokuda-Hall


Tired of being the new girl, Becca is preparing for her junior year in her new home.

And when the most popular girl at school takes interest, Becca is certain that her luck is turning for the better. 

Although, when Becca attends a party, she quickly learns that these girls are not what they seem. They are werewolves. And they have to feed on humans once a month to survive. 

Not exactly the high school experience Becca was hoping for. 

The girls have a code, they only hunt boys that deserve to be eaten. And they want Becca to join them.

Will Becca join them and become part of the squad? Or fear being eaten alive by one of them month after month? 


  • Squad is focused on a young group of women with great diversity. 
  • More light-hearted than other horror graphic novels making it great for younger readers. 


  • Involves intense themes of sexual harassment and assault. 

Themes: Hunger, paranormal, loneliness, high school cliques, sexual assault, morality, friendship, LGBT+. 

Johnny The Homicidal Maniac: Director Cut By Jhonen Vasquez

Johnny The Homicidal Maniac: Director's Cut

JTHM chronicles the exploits of Johnny (you can call him Nny), who lives with a pair of foam doughboys that feed his craziness, a wall that’s always in need of a fresh coat of blood, and his victims who are wounded in various ways!

He torments his next-door neighbor Todd (better known as Squee), confides in his Die-ary his darkest thoughts, and attempts to understand himself through his own horror graphic novels.

Not everyone will love Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, but if you want your horror to have a lot of inappropriate humor, this is a disturbing graphic novel you won’t want to put down!

With overcasting themes of murder and kidnapping, this graphic novel has an undertone of humor making it an excellent read for every level of reader. 


  • From teenagers to adults, anyone can enjoy this book. 
  • The humorous tone gives this horror a light-hearted feel. 


  • The plot line can feel overcrowded. 

Themes: Murder, humor, depression, self-loathing. 

The Nice House On The Lake By James Tynion IV

The Nice House on the Lake 1

Now we have already heard about James Tynion IV on this list but The Nice House On The Lake deserves a moment in the spotlight. 

Everyone knows Walter in this little town, and while he was deemed a little off no one turned down an invitation to enter his gorgeous house on the lake.

And when this group was invited to stay for a week, what was the worst that could happen?

Desperate for a chance to reconnect with their childhood friends, the group is faced with their own demons and it may just be the face of those you trust most. 

The Nice House On The Lake is thrilling as it deals with the anxieties of life in the modern world.

And with 6 volumes, you can continue giving yourself the scare of a lifetime for weeks to come. 


  • Deals with issues everyone can relate to making it relatable and terrifying. 
  • The artwork is part of the story with coding and foreshadowing of what’s to come. 


  • There are some holes in the plot with no answers as to why. 

Themes: Isolation, friendship, mystery, control, poverty, apocalypse. 

Stray Dogs By Tony Fleecs & Trish Forstner

Stray Dogs

The protagonist of this gripping new series is Sophie, a dog with no memory of the events that have occurred.

She had no idea how she got into this house. None of these other canines are ones she is familiar with. She is aware of a dreadful incident, but she just… can’t… remember… 

Wait! Where is her woman? Now that it’s all coming back to her, Sophie gets a little uncomfortable.

Sophie must now determine her whereabouts, what is taking place, and how she will get through this.

There are only bad owners, according to the saying, not bad dogs.

Told from the view of a dog, this humble horror is an excellent read without being too intense.

Great for older kids and adults that are just beginning their horror graphic novel journey. 


  • The point of view is refreshing as a dog. 
  • Can bring emotions to the forefront, unlike other horror stories. 


  • The ending leaves a lot of questions unanswered. 

Themes: Detective, hope, suspense, animal abuse, evil. 

Children Of The Woods By Joe Ciano & Josh Hixson

Children of the Woods

When it comes to horrors, the allure of something lurking in the woods sucks everyone one in. Children of the Woods is truly irresistible. 

When Amber and Quinn fail to defeat the monsters of their town, they must pay the price.

Quinn discovers he is not alone in the woods as Amber becomes entangled with the mysteries of the area and the place they call home.

And not everyone who lives there is friendly.

Children of the Woods begins as a rather ominous story and slowly burns into a chilling tale of monsters and shadows.

Perfect if you enjoy a graphic novel that really takes its time to build an atmosphere of suspense and anticipation. 


  • This book is a slow burner taking its time to build suspense. 
  • Rituals and magic are dominant themes. 


  • The artwork does not always tell the story the text is creating. 

Themes: monsters, magic, supernatural, suspense, all-consuming. 

Over My Dead Body By Sweeny Boo 

Over My Dead Body: A Witchy Graphic Novel

If you are a fan of gothic young adult novels then Over My Dead Body is sure to become a favorite in your collection. 

As Samhain approaches, the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest. On one horrendous day, Abby’s sister Noreen just disappears. No note. No nothing. 

While the rest of her class is quick to push it aside, Abby can’t let it go. As she searches for answers, she begins to notice that all evidence points to the woods.

The woods that are “off-limits”. And her sister’s disappearance has some uncanny similarities to a disappearance from years ago. Could they be connected? 

Abby must follow this trail to the end to try and find her sister. 


  • The story is thrilling without being too intense. 
  • Artwork brings even more anticipation to the story. 


  • Many may feel the writing is juvenile and not great for adults. 

Themes: Gothic, disappearance, magic, witches, coven, detective, coming of age.

The Dark Room By Gerry Duggan & Scott Buoncristiano

The Dark Room Volume 1

Written by the author of X-Men and Deadpool, you can expect The Dark Room to be just as twisted and just as hilarious. 

The hunt for a camera containing an undeveloped photo of the face of true evil threatens to wipe out New York City one chilly autumn evening.

Doune Mahoney is the curator of a private collection of extremely dangerous cursed objects, and her night’s about to go to hell. 

This stand alone graphic novel has everything you could ever dream about. Horror, suspense, werewolves, magic, curses, and so much more! 

We can barely contain our excitement. 


  • Written by a famous author, readers know to expect an incredible story. 
  • Has many elements without being confusing or overwhelming. 


  • Can feel more like a superhero comic than a horror. 

Themes: Supernatural, end of the world, werewolves, curses, comedy. 

Final Thoughts 

There you have it! Horror graphic novels are quickly rising in popularity along with the horror genre of film and TV.

Turns out we all love having a bit of a scare in our lives. Real or not. 

With a plethora of horror graphic novels on the market, it can be hard to know which is going to have your heart racing and have goosebumps growing on your arms. 

Above are 23 horror graphic novels that are sure to give you chills.

Whether you prefer monsters lurking in the shadows, peculiar monsters in the woods, or teenage girls transforming into beasts, you are sure to find something to keep you up at night. 

Take a look at the graphic novels above and discover a whole new world of the weird, wonderful, and oftentimes, disturbing. 

Just make sure to read something funny before you go to sleep. The mind has a habit of wandering to dark places when the lights are turned off. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Are The Three Main Types Of Graphic Novels?

The 3 main types of graphic novels are superhero stories, non-superhero stories, and personal narratives.

While there are many other genres to explore, these are the 3 most popular types. 

What Is A Horror Comic Strip?

Horror comics are horror-themed comic books, graphic novels, manga, and black-and-white comic publications.

Are Graphic Novels Good For Your Brain?

The language of comic books and graphic novels, with its exaggerated facial emotions and recurring visual clues, trains the brain to know when and how to use those empathy pathways.

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