Christmas Romance: 11 Festive Romance Books To Get Lost In This Christmas

Is there any better time to be curled up with a book, a blanket, and your favorite warm drink than Christmas? Absolutely not. As everyone slows down to enjoy the lights, the caroling, and the food, you can begin to really enjoy your books.

Christmas Romance: 11 Festive Romance Books To Get Lost In This Christmas

This is the perfect way to unwind and recharge for the New Year. Don’t forget the eggnog! If you are looking for some Christmas romance books to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, then you have come to the right place.

Below are 11 festive Christmas romance books to curl up with and forget about the struggles of everyday life. Who wants to think about taxes when a small-town hunk is waiting on you?

What Are Christmas Romance Books?

Well, as you have probably guessed, Christmas romance books are love stories that take place during the festive season.

With the snow falling around them, a heart-wrenching tragedy, and some form of a steamy kiss, Christmas romance books are captivating and full of love.

You are sure to finish each book with a new outlook on love and be ready to discover your one true love among the less-than-appealing frogs.

Although, we highly suggest keeping your dreams on the pages of the following Christmas Romance books!

11 Festive Christmas Books

Just Like Magic By Sarah Hogle

Just Like Magic

After a rather clumsy fall from grace, influencer Bettie is left broke and lost while listening to All I Want For Christmas Is You backward on vinyl over and over again. Not really how she imagined her holiday season going.

However, after mistakenly summoning the Holiday Spirit in the form of a hunk named Hall, Bettie is convinced that the world will turn to rights.

Convincing the spirit to be her boyfriend to get through her dreaded family reunion, she really hopes Hall can make all of her Christmas wishes come true.

Bettie is nonetheless surprised by Hall’s gentle nature as some of her wishes start to lose their allure. Suddenly, an unhappy Bettie discovers that her heart is joyful and light. But Hall’s time on earth is getting shorter the happier she is.

Can Bettie embrace the holiday spirit and develop an attitude of goodwill among all people? Or will she revert to her self-centered ways after the holidays?

Just Like Magic is perfect if you love the grumpy/ sunshine trope and have a tradition of watching The Christmas Carol and The Wedding Date every year.

This festive rom-com will have you laughing from the depths of your belly and falling in love with an unsuspecting character.


  • Extremely funny and light-hearted.
  • Watch as a selfish character begins to realize that other things are more important.


  • The plot line is predictable.

Themes: Romance, family, deceit, self-growth, magic.

Kiss Her Once For Me By Alison Cochrun

Kiss Her Once for Me: A Novel

Written by Allison Cochrun, you know that you can expect a hearty romance that is sure to have you swooning upon reading the first page. Ellie Oliver had it all, her dream job, a blooming relationship, and a stable life that she was ready to enjoy.

However, after a morning of betrayal and the loss of her job, Ellie can do nothing but hope that things turn in her favor soon. Finding work at a local coffee shop, Ellie is working hard to make ends meet and save her crumbling heart.

Andrew, the shop’s landlord, comes stumbling in and unleashes his plan of deceit on Ellie. He is determined to get his inheritance back and offers Ellie a considerable payment for her services.

Ellie is stunned to learn that Jack, Andrew’s sister, is the mysterious woman she fell in love with over the course of one romantic Christmas Eve the year before.

Ellie now has to decide between the security of a fictitious relationship and the danger of something genuine.

Kiss Her Once For Me is the perfect second-chance romance novel that is full of laughter, stolen moments, and of course, tragic heartbreak. After all, there is no love without heartache!


  • Filled with happiness and second chances.
  • Everyone can relate to this story of mess-ups and wrongdoings.


  • Jack is considered a rather negative character that drags the story down.

Themes: Second chances, fake romance, romance, money, secrets, forgiveness.

The Twelve Dates Of Christmas By Jenny Bayliss

The Twelve Dates of Christmas

Imagine speed dating only instead of taking place in one night, it is twelve different dates. With twelve different men. Thirty-four-year-old Kate Turner is done with Christmas and with men.

Deciding she is content with her career as a designer and a part-time baker, she has no need for romance. However, when her best friend signs up for a dating agency, her heart can’t help but jump.

There are 23 days left till Christmas. Twelve different men on twelve separate dates. Finally, she must have the advantage, right?

As she continues to go on bad dates after bad dates and is watched by the whole town like some television show, Kate is ready to give up. Until she remembers that sometimes, what you have been looking for is right in front of you the entire time.

You just have to know where to look. If you are a town of small-town romances, then The Twelve Dates of Christmas is for you.

Join Kate as she has some of the worst dates of her life only to discover that what she has been wanting has been beside her the entire time.


  • This is an easy read that any romance lover can enjoy.
  • The characters are deep and the twists will have you on the edge of your seat.


  • The writing can be overly descriptive making the book long and overdrawn in some areas.

Themes: Best friends, small town, romance, independence.

A Princess For Christmas By Jenny Holiday

A Princess for Christmas: A Novel

In addition to looking after his younger sister Gabby, driving a cab, and managing his Bronx apartment building, Leo Ricci is already doing all he can.

However, Gabby urges her brother to stop and assist when she sees a “princess” in a gown trying to hail a cab outside the UN. Before he knows it, his automobile is home to a real-life damsel in distress.

Princess Marie of Eldovia is plagued with the weight of her country as she takes on her father’s responsibilities to let him grieve her mother’s death.

When she finds herself in need of help, cab driver Leo and his younger sister are not what she was expecting. Offering Leo more money than he could ever imagine to drive her around for the rest of her trip, he has no choice but to agree.

And neither of them could imagine what was ahead. Following Marie to Eldovia for Christmas, Leo is struck with the notion that this mystery of a woman could be exactly what he needs.

Forget the movies and delve into this rom-com of two stubborn characters that take everything to see what’s between them. Cheesy, romantic, and funny, you will be smiling from ear to ear with every word.


  • This book will have you smiling while butterflies swarm in your stomach.
  • The writing is easy to read with a few wonderful twists to keep you guessing.


  • This book can take some time to pick up the plot.

Themes: Romance, princess, royalty, independence, comedy, unexpected love.

In A Holidaze By Christina Lauren

In a Holidaze

Maelyn’s life has recently been chaotic and disappointing, and when she goes on her long-standing annual holiday cabin trip with her family and two other families, things get much messier romantically AND she learns that this is likely to be the final year that she will do the trip.

Driving home, she can’t help but be overly upset that she may never return to her treasured cabin. Sharing her concerns with the universe to help her less than pleasant mood.

Before she can change the song, the entire world goes black and Maelyn is on a plane. The exact same plane she was on at the beginning of her trip to the cabin…Replaying the same trip over and over again.

Maelyn has to find out how to break free of this cursed day and get her true love under the mistletoe for that true love’s kiss. Can she do it? Loves of Groundhog Day are sure to enjoy this mysterious Christmas romance.

Filled with laughter, and swoon-worthy romance, even the most bah-hum-bug of readers will find joy in this adorable tale.


  • While repeating the same day over and over, this story is not boring or repetitive.
  • While romance is not the main plot, it is a dominating theme.


  • There is little character development other than finding love.

Themes: Romance, despair, longing, growth, friends to lovers.

The Naughty Or Nice Clause By Kate Callaghan

The Naughty Or Nice Clause

When Lyla’s father, the CEO of a toy firm, retires, he offers investor Mason Klaus his shares rather than leaving them to Lyla. Mason is someone Lyla despises, but they must work together to manage the business.

She hosts the holiday party against Mason’s desires, and a fire breaks out as a result. Mason is willing to pardon Lyla as long as she joins him for his family’s Christmas celebrations.

The Naughty or Nice Clause is a raunchy romantic comedy with moments of passion that can either be considered naughty or nice.

When Lyla is whisked away to Mason’s magical village and is introduced as his fiancé, she begins to wonder what other secrets Mr. Klaus is hiding. If you are looking for a gift for a book lover, this hilarious tale of enemies to lovers is truly perfect.

Readers can get lost in a slow burner filled with moments of comedy that will have them laughing out loud and have them tearing their hair out when these two characters refuse to acknowledge the sparks between them.


  • Reads like a Christmas Hallmark movie, cheesy but heartwarming.
  • Set at the North Pole making it perfect for Christmas.


  • Themes can be dark and intense for a Christmas romance novel.

Themes: Romance, fake dating, Christmas, magic, enemies to lovers, secrets.

A Very Merry Bromance By Lyssa Kay Adams

A Very Merry Bromance (Bromance Book Club 5)

A Very Merry Bromance is the fifth installation of the Bromance Book Club series and it is just as tantalizing as the others. Golden child of country music, Colton Wheeler experienced Gretchen Winthrop’s singing with the utmost harmony.

But for her, it was a case of loving or leaving him. One year later, Colton is still having trouble moving his music in a fresh direction.

He would be moping in self-pity if it weren’t for the fact that it was about to be the most magical time of the year with the help of the Bromance Book Club.

When her clients are struggling to pay their rent, immigration attorney Gretchen finds it difficult to avoid feeling a little Scrooge-like about the extravagance of Christmas.

She is therefore unable to refuse an offer from her wealthy, estranged relatives that will enable her to do more for the community.

To make Colton the new spokesperson for her family’s whiskey business, she simply needs to persuade him. Nothing major… Colton is in and ready to do everything he can for the whiskey brand but he wants something in return.

Three Dates. All before Christmas. Determined to show Gretchen that sparks really do fly between them, these two will have to overcome the ghosts of Christmas past. And it will be easy.

A Very Merry Bromance is the perfect way to complete a wholesome series. With some awesome sunshine x grumpy trope and many secrets to be unearthed, the love story of Colton and Gretchen is a riveting one.

You simply must find the perfect spot next to the fire, and grab your favorite warm beverage, and a blanket before snuggling down and delving into the world of the Bromance Club.


  • Colton’s determination for Gretchen is amusing and romantic.
  • A simple story to read and enjoy throughout the holidays.
  • Other books in the series show the writer’s amazing abilities.


  • Some of the character’s actions may be too far-fetched for a romance book.

Themes: Sunshine x grumpy tropes, romance, deceit, trust issues, family, money.

Something From Tiffany’s By Melissa Hill

Something from Tiffany's: A Novel

Ethan Greene never believed he would be able to replace his wife after she passed away, but one woman intervened and taught him how to find happiness once more.

He now has a plan to express to Vanessa how significant she is to him on a romantic holiday vacation to New York City, and perhaps even to provide Daisy, his daughter, with a full family once more.

He’s planning to pop the question with the ideal Tiffany’s ring. At the most wonderful time of the year, Gary Knowles and his girlfriend Rachel are visiting New York on a trip of a lifetime.

Gary’s gift for Rachel is the only thing still missing because, as usual, he waited far too long to finish his shopping. On a spur-of-the-moment trip to Tiffany’s on Christmas Eve, the two men accidentally bump into one another and their lives are changed forever.

Join Rachel and Ethan as they battle their own relationships, form new friendships, and maybe even find the one that is meant for them. After all, anything can happen at Christmas. Especially in New York.

Something From Tiffany’s is a light-hearted romance full of Christmas magic. Where two unsuspecting people come together and find love in the most peculiar way.

While you may think you know what is going to happen, Hill throws a delicious curveball to keep you on your toes. Having been adapted into a hit Prime movie, you can say that this romantic novel is truly magical.


  • Easy to read without being boring and repetitive.
  • Characters are well-rounded with excellent backstories for depth.
  • The plot is simple to follow with a few twists to keep it exciting.


  • Characters can be silly and may feel too unrealistic.

Themes: Christmas, romance, unexpected love, friendship, comedy, independence.

Home Sweet Christmas By Susan Mallery

Home Sweet Christmas: A Holiday Romance Novel

Set in a town called Wishing Tree, you can already guess that the Christmas spirit will be in full swing throughout this book. When landed with the responsibility of looking after her twin sisters, Camryn puts her life on hold.

When Jake’s mom does some meddling, best friends Jake and Dylan date Camryn and River. What’s wrong with a little Christmas fling? The two best friends never expected to actually like the girls they found for the holidays.

Camryn can’t seem to say no to the hunk Jake Crane, and as emotions rise and needs are met, the two romances in this story may just restore Camryn’s faith in Christmas magic.

On the other hand, River is determined that Dylan is just too perfect to be true. She must work to uncover his secret, but will she find something that she can never forget? Or is there nothing to be found?

Home Sweet Christmas is a delectable romance that is designed to have the reader fall in love with the characters. Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back is the main plot of this story, and while it is a tale as old as time, it works perfectly.

Anyone looking for a heartwarming romance with kisses under the mistletoe and grand gestures is sure to love this novel. And Mallery yet again proves her incredible talent for making the butterflies in your tummy come alive.


  • The boy meets girl trope works wonders for this romantic tale.
  • The story of two romances brings new excitement to the book.


  • The Mom Must Find Son A Wife trope can be a little overbearing and derail the romance.

Themes: Christmas spirit, boy meets girl, meddling mom, family, friendship, trust, romance.

Meet Me In London By Georgia Toffolo

Meet Me in London: A Christmas Romance Novel

An ambitious fashion designer and the son of a high-end department store magnate agree to a fictitious relationship for his store launch in exchange for a focus on her work because the son needs a girlfriend to appease his family’s pressure.

When chemistry develops, their short-term business partnership is put in peril because neither of them has room in their lives for a lasting relationship.

Mothers always think they know best and Oliver Russell’s mother is determined to see him loved up this Christmas.

When Oliver meets Victoria, he sees the perfect opportunity to get some much-needed promotion for his new store and to get his mother off his back.

However, his business-orientated mind quickly has a new focus as the young designer begins to infiltrate his every thought.

Victoria was not looking for love but as this straight-edged businessman offers her the opportunity of a lifetime, she can’t help but wonder what might happen if he loosened his tie a little…

Meet Me In London is the first installation of the Meet Me In series by Georgia Toffolo. Filled with hope, romance, and meddling mothers, this story is the perfect introduction to the work of Toffolo. And for curling up during the festive season.


  • Filled with feel-good moments, this is a great read.
  • The plot is cheesy but not predictable.


  • Some language may be upsetting to some readers.

Themes: Fake engagement, forced proximity, love, overbearing mother, stubborn love.

A Wish For Winter By Viola Shipman

A Wish for Winter: A Christmas Romance Novel

Susan Norcross was faced with hardship from the get-go, but being raised by her loving grandparents and surrounded by great friends, she couldn’t ask for anything more.

With her bookstore, a booming success in her small town, and her forties quickly approaching she feels like something is missing. Love.

With the town believing that she is to fall in love with a man dressed like Santa such as generations before her, it feels like fate when she meets a tantalizing stranger at the town Santa run. However, he is gone before she can even learn his name.

What happens next is Susan and her friends’ humorous and endearing search for the mystery Santa, which spans a year of social media gaffes, writers acting inappropriately, and failed dates.

It also offers a moving look at family, friendship, and what makes a life well-lived and well-loved.


  • Friendship has a strong presence throughout the novel.
  • An exciting twist on Santa meeting his perfect Mrs. Claus.


  • The plot can be a little confusing as Susan deals with her grief.

Themes: Grief, Santa, mystery love, small town, friendship, romance.

Final Thoughts

Christmas romances are some of the greatest romance books on the market. And we love it! With cheesy lines, grand gestures, and true love’s kiss, you can easily get lost in a Christmas romance and forget about the difficulties of reality.

Above are 11 Christmas romance novels for you to delve into throughout the festive season. Grab your favorite blanket, a warm beverage, and cozy up by the fire as you discover a new way to fall in love.

While they may be predictable, authors are finding new ways to have our hearts going all warm and fuzzy. You may find that your one true love is simply standing under the mistletoe and at the office party or that he could be right in front of you.

The possibilities of finding love are truly endless as every book is sprinkled with Christmas magic and the hope of finding ever-lasting love. With a few steamy scenes of passion to really keep us on the edge of our seats.

You may want to cancel any plans during the holidays as you get lost with every turn of the page! Check out the books above and enjoy a true holiday romance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Defines A Romance Book?

Every romance book or novel features a central love story between characters, which is one of the two elements that constitute the romance genre. an emotionally fulfilling, joyful conclusion.

Can Christmas Romance Books Be Read All Year?

Yes! You can read your favorite Christmas romance novels any time of year. They’re perfect for getting some much-needed festive cheer during the summer months.

What Is The Most Read Christmas Book?

For many years, A Christmas Carol has been the standard Christmas novel.

The protagonist of Charles Dickens’s tale is the bitter Ebenezer Scrooge, a man who despises Christmas and everything it stands for, but when three ghosts appear and retell Scrooge’s history, present, and future, everything changes for him.

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