Christopher Moore Books In Order

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Christopher Moore’s Books In Order

Christopher Moore is an American author. He has written many different books that are all within the comic fantasy genre.

He has written 15 novels, including Lamb, You Suck, and A Dirty Job.

Moore was born in Ohio and he attended Ohio State University. He always loved reading, and he started writing at the age of 12.

He wanted to make it his career from a very early age.

Moore’s novels all involve conflicted characters who are experiencing extraordinary or supernatural circumstances.

About Christopher Moore Novels

Most of Christopher Moore’s novels are set in the same fictional universe. Characters from one book often appear again in other novels, too.

Some of the novels have the same protagonists, and some of the settings are grouped into different series.

Although the novels are linked in lots of different ways, they can all be read as stand-alone novels.

While you can read Moore’s series in whichever order you like, you will need to read the novels within the series in the right order.

Let’s have a look at the best order to read Christopher Moore’s books!

The Pine Cove Series Books In Order

This is a very entertaining trilogy that is set in a small community named Pine Cove, California. Let’s have a look at the books in this series!

Practical Demonkeeping

Practical Demonkeeping (Pine Cove Series, 1)

This is Moore’s debut novel and it introduces the most mismatched pairs in literature.

There is a one hundred year old ex-seminarian named Travis O’Heard, and the second is Catch, a demon with a nasty habit. He eats a large number of people that he meets.


  • This is a quirky and entertaining novel.


  • Lots is left to the imagination in this story.

The Lust Lizard Of Melancholy Cove

The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove (Pine Cove Series, 2)

This novel follows the psychiatrist in the town. She has decided to switch everyone in Pine Cove from their antidepressants to placebos.

Because of this, the local blues bar is very popular! A sea beast named Steve has also been attracted, and he has a thing for explosions.

Pine Cove is then hit by a mysterious crime wave, and a constable has to try to figure out what to do about it!


  • A very humorous book.


  • It can be very difficult to follow.

The Stupidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale Of Christmas Terror

The Stupidest Angel: A Heartwarming Tale of Christmas Terror (Pine Cove Series, 3)

This is the third novel in the Pine Cove books. This is a holiday edition, and it is a tale of Santa, angels, and Kung fu.

It is absolutely hilarious and very fun to read.


  • This novel is hilarious.
  • It is very easy to read.


  • The humor might not appeal to everyone.

The Vampires In San Francisco Series In Order

This is another very popular series by Christopher Moore. The series is set in San Francisco and contains 3 novels.

Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story

Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story

Jody wakes up in a dumpster with a badly burned arm and superhuman strength! She realizes that she has become a vampire.

She makes the transition and is then introduced to Thomas Flood. Everything changes for Thomas when an undead redhead comes into his life.


  • These novels are hilarious.


  • The main characters come across superficially at times.

You Suck: A Love Story

You Suck: A Love Story (Bloodsucking Fiends, 2)

This story follows Thomas Flood. He wakes up after a fantastic night and realizes that his girlfriend is a vampire.

Now, Tommy is one too! They are in love, though, and they are able to work through their issues.


  • Very lighthearted novel.


  • Some repetition is present in this novel.

Bite Me: A Love Story

Bite Me: A Love Story (Bloodsucking Fiends, 3)

In this novel, the undead rises again.

This is the third book in this series, and you will get some more of the young and urban style love that is present in the other two novels in this series.


  • This vampire series is different from the others out there.


  • Humor is not for everyone.

Death Merchant Chronicles Series In Order

This series draws on the author’s own experiences in tending to the needs of his close family. It also reflects the author’s absurdist tendencies.

Let’s have a look at the books in this series!

A Dirty Job

A Dirty Job: A Novel

In this series, Charlie Asher is quite a normal guy. He is married to a bright woman who loves how normal he is.

The two are about to have their first child, and Charlie is feeling ready. This is until people begin dropping dead around him. He feels a dark presence from under the streets. Asher has been recruited as death.


  • This novel is very enjoyable.
  • It is a very funny read.


  • The storyline isn’t very strong.

Secondhand Souls

Secondhand Souls: A Novel

In San Francisco, the souls of the dead are disappearing. Someone is stealing their souls, but no one is sure where they are going.

Charlie Asher, who is trapped in the body of a meat puppet, is waiting for a new body to host him. Meanwhile, a crew of heroes is trying to find out what is happening.



  • It is quite hard to follow.

Chronicles Of Pocket The Fool Series

This is another popular series by Christopher Moore. Let’s take a look at the books in this series!



Pocket has been Lear’s fool for many years since the King’s daughters were children/ He can see that trouble is on its way when Lear demands that his children should swear undying love and devotion before some guests.

Goneril and Regan do what they are told, but Cordelia’s honesty means she loses her share of the kingdom and is banished.

Pocket is the only way that Cordelia will be able to make this right.


  • Written very well.
  • Fantastic humor.


  • Difficult to follow at times.

The Serpent Of Venice

The Serpent of Venice: A Novel

This story is set in Venice where three people await their dinner guest, Pocket.

The trio of plotters have lured Pocket to a dark dungeon with the promise of a very enjoyable evening.


  • A great dramedy mashup!
  • Very well written and humorous.


  • Humor isn’t for everyone.

Shakespeare For Squirrels

Shakespeare for Squirrels: A Novel

You will not be disappointed with this novel!

It is a hilarious take on A Midsummer Night’s Dream which features the character of Pocket from the previous two novels in this series.


  • A hilarious take on Shakespeare’s plays


  • Sometimes it is difficult to see how the stories are parallel.

Other Novels By Christopher Moore In Order

The Tales Of Sammy ‘Two Toes’ Series In Order

Final Thoughts

Christopher Moore has written many different books. Some of these books link together, and you see lots of characters occur in more than one book.

There are a few series that he has written, and while they all work as standalone novels and series, you will see characters reappear throughout all of this work.

Moore has written 15 novels. He writes within the comic fantasy genre, and his novels are very funny.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Books Has Christopher Moore Written?

Christopher Moore has written 15 different novels. Many of them link together in certain ways, but they only have to be read in a certain order within the series.

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