All Danielle Steel Books in Order (Reading Order Guide)

Danielle Steel is one of the most successful and critically acclaimed writers of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. With over 100 books to her name, she has delighted readers with romantic tales that beautifully explore love, devotion, and the human condition, for decades. Given her expansive library of works, it can be difficult to know the best reading order for Steel’s novels. For those eager to delve into Steel’s writing, a chronological approach awards readers the best insight into her prose and worldbuilding. 

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All Danielle Steel Books in Order

Steel started writing from an early age, penning poetry throughout her teenage years. In 1973, she released her first novel, Going Home, and achieved modest success. Her second novel, Passion’s Promise, published three years later, saw Steel soaring up the bestseller lists and becoming a household name. She has enjoyed regular success ever since, with her novels being distributed across the world in multiple languages. In addition to writing adult fiction, she has also penned several children’s books and non-fiction pieces. 

Steel’s success has been acknowledged with several prestigious awards. She has been decorated as an ‘Officer’ of the Order of the Arts and Letters in 2002 and as a ‘Chevalier’ of the Order of the Legion d’Honneur in 2014. Between writing, Steel has dedicated much of her time to the creation and management of several charity organizations. 

The best way to keep track of Steel’s impressive collection of novels is to work through them chronologically, however, readers do not have to have read her books in order to understand their narratives. Read on to discover how you can delve into Steel’s world of romance, personal triumph, and happy endings! 

All Danielle Steel Books in Order

Standalone Adult Fiction

Going Home (1972)

Going Home

Caught between her past and her future, Gillian must forge her own path to happiness in Going Home.

Passion’s Promise (also titled Golden Moments) (1976)

Passion's Promise: A Novel

Kezia maintains two lives, splitting her time between lush socialite parties and writing for social justice. Passion’s Promise forces her to confront her dual identities when she falls for Lucas.  

Now and Forever (1977)

Now and Forever: A Novel

Despite seven years of a happy marriage, Jessica and Ian’s relationship begins to crumble when their financial circumstances change. Steel explores loyalty and deception in Now and Forever

The Promise (1977)

The Promise: A Novel

Torn apart by familial disapproval and unprecedented tragedy, Michael and Nancy vow to find each other again in The Promise

Season of Passion (1979)

Season of Passion: A Novel

An idyllic first love turns into a tragedy as Kate and Tom struggle to find their place in the world. Season of Passion explores the joy but also the isolation and turmoil of youth. 

Summer’s End (1979)

Summer's End: A Novel

Young love turns into middle-aged boredom until a twist of fate forces Deanna to realize she must escape her failing marriage in Summer’s End

The Ring (1980)

The Ring: A Novel

In The Ring, Ariana is trapped within the turning political tides of World War II, with only her mother’s ring to connect her to what remains of her family. 

Palomino (1981)

Palomino: A Novel

Steel explores the importance of friendship, faith, and loyalty in Palomino, as Samatha, a woman who’s continually wronged by men, finds her life forever changed when she moves to a ranch.

To Love Again (1981)

To Love Again: A Novel

Isabella and her son must rebuild their lives in New York after a terrorist attack robbed them of the life they once knew in the plot of To Love Again

Remembrance (1981)

Remembrance: A Novel

Love and family cannot protect Serena from the bitterness of rivalry and revenge as Steel transports readers through Rome, Manhattan, and the glamorous world of high fashion in Remembrance

Loving (1981)

Loving: A Novel

Penniless and isolated after her father’s death revealed he’d amassed millions of dollars of debt, Bettina must rebuild her life through any means possible in Loving

Once in a Lifetime (1982)

Once in a Lifetime: A Novel

Determined to maintain her independence and privacy, Daphne struggles to accept that she needs help in the narrative of Once in a Lifetime

Crossings (1982)

Crossings: A Novel

As World War II changes everything, Liane finds Nick again, and this time, she cannot resist the passion between them. Crossings explores denied love and second chances. 

A Perfect Stranger (1983)

A Perfect Stranger: A Novel

After a chance encounter, Alexander can’t forget Raphella and her captivating eyes. Eager to find her again, A Perfect Stranger tells the tale of fate, lust, and unexpected connections.

Thurston House (1983)

Thurston House: A Novel

Adamant to carry on her father’s legacy, nothing will stop Sabrina from fulfilling her dreams in Thurston House

Changes (1983)

Changes: A Novel

Prioritizing her career and children over love, Melanie was never expecting a man to come into her life. Steel explores the complexities of romance post-divorce and finding a balance between a career and a personal life in Changes

Full Circle (1984)

Full Circle: A Novel

Full Circle follows Tana as she comes of age in the turbulent decade of the 1960s, yearning for independence and financial freedom as she travels America. 

Family Album (1985)

Family Album: A Novel

As family values are continuously challenged and a woman’s role becomes the subject of constant political debate, the Thayers must fight to protect their beloved familial connections in Family Album

Secrets (1985)

Secrets: A Novel

In Secrets, Steel takes readers behind the curtain of Hollywood glamor and reveals the chaos, and often humor, behind the production of beloved television series. 

Wanderlust (1986)

Wanderlust: A Novel

Wanderlust takes readers across the globe with Audrey, a woman who can no longer confine herself to the expectations of family and marriage. 

Fine Things (1987)

Fine Things: A Novel

Bernie may have a successful career and the admiration of his co-workers, but his life feels empty. That is until he meets Liz and her daughter Jane in the heartwarming plot of Fine Things.

Kaleidoscope (1987)

Kaleidoscope: A Novel

Three sisters are orphaned and torn apart by tragedy. Kaleidoscope follows their search to reunite with one another and find a connection between their drastically different adult lives. 

Zoya (1988)

Zoya: A Novel

Fleeing Russia as revolution sweeps through the country, Zoya’s journey between Paris and New York, wealth and destitution, will change the course of her life forever. Zoya is a rich historical tale about courage and independence. 

Star (1988)

Star: A Novel

When her life falls into ruins, Crystal must rely on her beauty and voice to create a new life for herself. But her past will catch up to her in Star

Daddy (1989)

Daddy: A Novel

Daddy chronicles the lives of three generations of men from the Watson family as they struggle to understand and move on from drastic changes in their personal lives. 

Message from Nam (1990)

Message from Nam: A Novel

A Message from Nam follows the lives of a cast of characters as they experience the horrors of the Vietnam war. 

Heartbeat (1991)

Heartbeat: A Novel

After focusing on his career cost him his marriage and relationship with his children, Bill isn’t sure what to do when Adrian crashes into his life and promises him a second chance at love and fatherhood in Heartbeat.

No Greater Love (1991)

No Greater Love: A Novel

No Greater Love follows Edwina as she tries to piece her life together after losing her parents and the love of her life to unforeseen tragedy. 

Jewels (1992)

Jewels: A Novel

Five decades of love, resilience, and tragedy characterize the history of the Whitfield family in Jewels.

Mixed Blessings (1992)

Mixed Blessings: A Novel

Mixed Blessings chronicles the lives of three couples as they contemplate parenthood and what it would mean for the future of their relationship. 

Vanished (1993)

Vanished: A Novel

When their son disappears, Marielle and Malcolm must confront the secrets that rest in the heart of their marriage in Vanished.

Accident (1994)

Accident: A Novel

Connected by tragedy, Page, and Trygve must confront the consequences of their daughters’ reckless behavior. Accident explores how people face the fallout of their once stable lives. 

The Gift (1994)

The Gift: A Novel

A heartwarming tale of the power and purity of love, The Gift sees a small town healing after the arrival of an inspiring young woman. 

Wings (1994)

Wings: A Novel

Determined to take to the skies and strike her own path to success, nothing will keep Cassie on the ground in Wings

Lightning (1995)

Lightning: A Novel

Lightning follows the shifting status of Alex and Sam’s marriage after an unexpected diagnosis.  

Five Days in Paris (1995)

Five Days in Paris: A Novel

Peter and Oliva are pulled from their routines of obligation and duty as a romantic fling forever changes the course of their lives in Five Days in Paris

Malice (1996)

Malice: A Novel

After experiencing assault and prison, Grace believes she is trapped with the ghosts of her past. Until she meets Charles, and a fragile hope is born that her life could change for the better in Malice

Silent Honor (1996)

Silent Honor: A Novel

Silent Honor chronicles the lives of Hiroko and Peter as they are caught between tradition, modernity, and prejudice. 

The Ranch (1997)

The Ranch: A Novel

Three women rekindle their friendship after departing on separate journeys of career ambition, marriage, and motherhood twenty years ago in The Ranch.

Special Delivery (1997)

Special Delivery: A Novel

Never expecting to like, let alone love, her daughter’s father-in-law, Amanda is at a loss when she falls in love with Jack in Special Delivery

The Ghost (1997)

The Ghost: A Novel

Charlie’s life is set on a new course in The Ghost when his marriage of ten years suddenly ends and his job transfers him to New York. 

The Long Road Home (1998)

The Long Road Home: A Novel

Gabriella’s life begins again as her career as a writer takes off, allowing her to heal from a childhood of abuse and rejection in The Long Road Home

The Klone and I (1998)

The Klone and I: A Novel

In this humorous and charming tale, Stephanie finds love again after the disastrous end of her marriage. The Klone and I is an engaging, lighthearted read.  

Mirror Image (1998)

Mirror Image: A Novel

Twins, Victoria and Olivia must find their own way through a changing world in Mirror Image

Bittersweet (1998)

Bittersweet: A Novel

Steel details the importance of courage and freedom in Bittersweet as India must leave the claustrophobic comfort of her marriage to rediscover herself. 

Granny Dan (1999)

Granny Dan: A Novel

Uncovering the history of their beloved Granny Dan after her death, her grandchildren discover a world of glamour, love, and tragedy. 

Irresistible Forces (1999)

Irresistible Forces: A Novel

As career opportunities take them to opposite sides of the country, Steve and Meredith struggle to hold their marriage together in Irresistible Forces

The Wedding (2000)

The Wedding: A Novel

The Wedding of Allegra and her beau holds the promise of the future and reconciliation for all generations of the Steinberg family. 

The House on Hope Street (2000)

The House on Hope Street: A Novel

Liz’s world is shattered when a five-minute errand leads to tragedy. The House of Hope Street follows Liz as she rebuilds her life, balancing motherhood and a newfound career with unexpected love. 

Journey (2000)

Journey: A Novel

Maddy’s marriage appears perfect on the surface, but underneath their public image lies years of verbal and mental abuse. Through Journey, Steel reveals one woman’s attempts to rediscover herself. 

Lone Eagle (2001)

Lone Eagle: A Novel

Their drastic differences force Joe and Kate apart, but decades later, they still long for one another in Lone Eagle

Leap of Faith (2001)

Leap of Faith: A Novel

Surrounded by lies and manipulation since childhood, Marie-Ange must find the truth and take a Leap of Faith.

The Kiss (2001)

The Kiss: A Novel

A couple’s first kiss is followed by a tragic accident that changes their lives forever. The Kiss explores the enduring, healing power of love. 

The Cottage (2002)

The Cottage: A Novel

The budding friendship between three men allows them to reevaluate their lives and find new purpose as they spend time together in The Cottage.

Sunset In St. Tropez (2002)

Sunset in St. Tropez: A Novel

Friends decided to whisk Robert away to help him process his grief. When the beautiful villa they booked is revealed to be a crumbling ruin, hilarity ensues in Sunset In St. Tropez

Answered Prayers (2002)

Answered Prayers: A Novel

When childhood friends reunite over email, they both realize their lives have been empty without one another in Answer Prayers

Dating Game (2003)

Dating Game: A Novel

As her marriage of 24 years is abruptly put to an end, Paris finds herself thrust back into the world of dating and singledom. Dating Game is a hilarious novel about rediscovering yourself. 

Johnny Angel (2003)

Johnny Angel: A Novel

After his untimely death at the beginning of Johnny Angel, visions of the lost teenager help his mother and younger brother heal.

Safe Harbour (2003)

Safe Harbour: A Novel

Exploring the complex terrain of loss, Safe Harbour follows Ophelie, Pip, and Matt as they help one another heal from their wounds.

Ransom (2004)

Ransom: A Novel

Four lives collide in the wake of a shocking crime as the twisted plot of Ransom unravels.

Second Chance (2004)

Second Chance: A Novel (Steel, Danielle)

It’s never too late for a Second Chance as Fiona and John navigate time-consuming careers, children, and a plotting housekeeper.

Echoes (2004)

Echoes: A Novel

When Beata falls in love with a French Catholic, she knows her parents will never accept their relationship. With war tearing the world apart, Beata must fight to hold onto what matters in Echoes.

Impossible (2005)

Impossible: A Novel

They say that opposites attract, but can they sustain a relationship? Steel offers a moving answer to this age-old question in Impossible.

Miracle (2005)

Miracle: A Novel

As a storm ravages San Fransico, three neighbors find solace in one another in Miracle.

Toxic Bachelors (2005)

Toxic Bachelors: A Novel

Three men have their lives changed when they unexpectedly fall in love with women who will challenge their behavior and force them to become more than Toxic Bachelors

The House (2006)

The House: A Novel

The House explores the importance of following your dreams and the unexpected rewards doing so can bring.

Coming Out (2006)

Coming Out: A Novel

A family feud is sparked by an invitation to a debutant ball in Coming Out.

H.R.H (2006)

H.R.H.: A Novel

Eager to serve her people, Christiana ventures out into the world and discovers herself among the challenges she faces in H.R.H.

Sisters (2007)

Sisters: A Novel

Sisters is a novel full of laughter and warmth as it explores the enduring strength of familial bonds.

Bungalow 2 (2007)

Bungalow 2: A Novel

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity promises success and acclaim but threatens to dismantle Tanya’s quaint domestic life in Bungalow 2

Amazing Grace (2007)

Amazing Grace: A Novel

An earthquake disrupts a glamorous charity dinner and shakes the four protagonists out of their stupors in Amazing Grace. 

Honor Thyself (2008)

Honor Thyself: A Novel

Carole wakes up in a hospital and realizes she no longer knows herself. In Honor Thyself, she must piece her life back together.

Rogue (2008)

Rogue: A Novel

After an amicable divorce, Blake and Maxine maintain happy, separate lives. But when Maxine is on the brink of starting a new life with another man, Blake wants a chance to reconnect in Rogue.

A Good Woman (2008)

A Good Woman: A Novel

In A Good Woman, Annabelle, haunted by scandal, finds a new sense of purpose working in a French field hospital. 

One Day at a Time (2009)

One Day at a Time: A Novel

The black sheep of the family, Coco has spent much of her life resenting her relatives. But, in One Day at a Time, her perspective will shift, prompting a journey of healing. 

Matters of the Heart (2009)

Matters of the Heart: A Novel

A whirlwind romance turns sour in Matters of the Heart as Hope realizes the man she’s falling for is surrounded by darkness and secrecy. 

Southern Lights (2009)

Southern Lights: A Novel

A high-stakes trial threatens the life of Alexa’s daughter, forcing her to send her child back to the hometown she fled in Southern Lights.

Big Girl (2010)

Big Girl: A Novel

Big Girl explores the effect childhood insecurities have on adult life. 

Family Ties (2010)

Family Ties: A Novel

Annie became a mother overnight after the untimely death of her sister and must now raise three children on her own in Family Ties.

Legacy (2010)

Legacy: A Novel

Legacy intertwines the lives of two women living centuries apart.

Happy Birthday (2011)

Happy Birthday: A Novel

As her sixtieth birthday approaches, Valerie is terrified of being sung the song that breeds her insecurities, Happy Birthday.

Hotel Vendome (2011)

Hotel Vendome: A Novel

Hugh is determined to turn the run-down Hotel Vendome into a luxurious paradise. 

44 Charles Street (2011)

44 Charles Street: A Novel

Between being newly single and owning a failing gallery, Francesca must open 44 Charles Street to lodgers and restabilize her life. 

Betrayal (2012)

Betrayal: A Novel

When her perfect life is shattered by the revelation that someone has been embezzling her money, Tallie must face the truth of Betrayal.

Friends Forever (2012)

Friends Forever: A Novel

In Friends Forever, Steel explores the beautiful, enduring bonds of childhood friendship.

The Sins of the Mother (2012)

The Sins of the Mother: A Novel

The complexities of balancing motherhood and a successful career form the plot of The Sins of the Mother.

Until the End of Time (2013)

Until the End of Time: A Novel

Steel explores two drastically different relationships in the converging narrative of Until the End of Time.

First Sight (2013)

First Sight: A Novel

In First Sight, Timmie escapes the ghosts of her past by pursuing her fashion career, until a surprise encounter makes her long for the connections she’s spent her life shunning. 

Winners (2013)

Winners: A Novel

The lives of six people become intertwined after a tragic accident changes their fate in Winners.

A Perfect Life (2014)

A Perfect Life: A Novel

After years of living separate lives, Blaise must become her daughter’s primary carer again, forcing her to question what it means to have A Perfect Life.

Pegasus (2014)

Pegasus: A Novel

In Pegasus, Alex is forced to flee at the inception of World War II and Nick grants him a gift that will save his life.

Power Play (2014)

Power Play: A Novel

Through Power Play, Steel explores workplace discrimination and the price of deception.

Prodigal Son (2015)

Prodigal Son: A Novel

Full of suspense and treachery, Prodigal Son is an epic tale of brotherly rivalry. 

Country (2015)

Country: A Novel

Stephanie, a mother of two, must learn to live in the moment after the tragic death of her husband in Country.

Undercover (2015)

Undercover: A Novel

After being kidnapped, Ariana believes her life is over. But Marshall proves to be her savior in more ways than one in Undercover.

Precious Gifts (2015)

Precious Gifts: A Novel

A will reading changes the lives of Paul’s children as he leaves behind Precious Gifts for each of them.

Blue (2016)

Blue: A Novel

Ginny and Blue form an unlikely friendship that changes both of their lives.

Property of a Noblewoman (2016)

Property of a Noblewoman: A Novel

Unraveling the mystery of a dead woman’s fortune, Jane and Philip are drawn together in Property of a Noblewoman.

The Apartment (2016)

The Apartment: A Novel

The four women sharing The Apartment have their bond tested by relationship woes and career struggles.

Magic (2016)

Magic: A Novel

A love letter to Paris, Steel explores the Magic of the city in this sweeping novel.

Rushing Waters (2016)

Rushing Waters: A Novel

Centered around courage and resilience, Rushing Waters follows the aftermath of Hurricane Ophelia.

The Award (2016)

The Award: A Novel

Gaelle joins the French resistance to save her country from the clutches of the Nazis in The Award.

The Mistress (2017)

The Mistress: A Novel

Saved by Vladimir as a teen, Natasha knows she cannot stray from her role in The Mistress.

Dangerous Games (2017)

Dangerous Games: A Novel

An investigation into allegations made against the Vice President sends everyone’s lives spiraling in Dangerous Games.

Against All Odds (2017)

Against All Odds: A Novel

In Against All Odds, Kate must watch her children risk everything to get what they really want from life.

The Duchess (2017)

The Duchess: A Novel

An abandoned orphan becomes the talk of Paris in The Duchess.

The Right Time (2017)

The Right Time: A Novel

It’s never The Right Time to reveal the truth as Alexendra maintains a successful writing career under a different name.

Fairytale (2017)

Fairytale: A Novel

In a retelling of the classic Cinderella Fairytale, Camille must stake her claim to her father’s vineyard before her stepmother can steal it from her.

Past Perfect (2017)

Past Perfect: A Novel

Two families living decades apart are connected in the most unlikely of ways in Past Perfect.

Fall from Grace (2018)

Fall from Grace: A Novel

Excluded from her late husband’s will, in Fall from Grace, Sydney must start over.

Accidental Heroes (2018)

Accidental Heroes: A Novel

Three people engage in the fight for their lives and become Accidental Heroes as a routine flight goes wrong.

The Cast (2018)

The Cast: A Novel

Amassing The Cast for her TV series, Kait finds a loving community that supports her through trying times. 

The Good Fight (2018)

The Good Fight: A Novel

In The Good Fight, Meredith challenges convention as she fights for social justice.

In His Father’s Footsteps (2018)

In His Father's Footsteps: A Novel

In His Father’s Footsteps chronicles the journey of a first-generation immigrant as he builds a life for himself in America.

Beauchamp Hall (2018)

Beauchamp Hall: A Novel

After being betrayed and overlooked, Winnie makes the impulsive decision to travel across the world to the set of her favorite period drama, Beauchamp Hall.

Turning Point (2019)

Turning Point: A Novel

Four leading trauma doctors are taken to Paris to join a cutting-edge training program. But as the plot of Turning Point progresses, they’ll learn about more than just advances in medicine. 

Silent Night (2019)

Silent Night: A Novel

Silent Night follows the bond between an aunt and her niece as they recover from a tragedy.

Blessing in Disguise (2019)

Blessing in Disguise: A Novel

Having three daughters with three separate men turns out to be a Blessing in Disguise as Isabelle rekindles her bond with her children.

Lost and Found (2019)

Lost and Found: A Novel

Curious to find closure from the relationships in her past, in Lost and Found Maddie journeys across America to reunite with three lovers from her youth.

The Dark Side (2019)

The Dark Side: A Novel

As a new mother, Zoe is haunted by memories of her own childhood and must confront The Dark Side of her past.

Child’s Play (2019)

Child's Play: A Novel

As her children begin to deviate from the perfect lives she helped them create, Kate is at a loss. In Child’s Play, she must recognize her own role in their chaotic lives and let go of the secrets she’s been hiding.

Spy (2019)

Spy: A Novel

Alexandra must keep half of her life a secret when she begins to work as a Spy for the British government.

Moral Compass (2020)

Moral Compass: A Novel

The events of a Halloween party see the children of the elite in a compromising position. With a young girl lying in a hospital bed, everyone must re-evaluate their Moral Compass to expose the truth.

The Number’s Game (2020)

The Numbers Game: A Novel

After years of prioritizing her husband and their children, the discovery of an affair at the opening of The Number’s Game forces Eileen to reclaim her life and pursue the dreams she let herself forget.

The Wedding Dress (2020)

The Wedding Dress: A Novel

Following the lives of four generations of women, all connected by The Wedding Dress, Steel explores love, loss, and loyalty through changing political landscapes.

Daddy’s Girls (2020)

Daddy's Girls: A Novel

When they inherit the family ranch from their father, three women will discover the secrets of the man they both hated and admired in Daddy’s Girls

Royal (2020)

Royal: A Novel

As war breaks out across Europe, Charlotte is moved to the Yorkshire countryside. But no one expected the young Royal to relish in her new life away from the glamor and prestige of her youth. 

All That Glitters (2020)

All That Glitters: A Novel

Recently orphaned, Coco’s perfect life is turned upside down. All That Glitters follows her as she learns to grow on her own while honoring her parent’s legacy.

Neighbors (2021)


A recluse opens her home to strangers after an earthquake devastates the area. Meredith’s decision changes her life as she finally welcomes change in Neighbors.

The Affair (2021)

The Affair: A Novel

After the shocking revelation that her husband has been having an affair, Nadia turns to her mother and sisters for support. The Affair showcases the beauty of female connection and familial healing.

Finding Ashley (2021)

Finding Ashley: A Novel

Finding Ashley follows the journey of Melissa as she desperately tries to track down the child she was forced to give up.

Nine Lives (2021)

Nine Lives: A Novel

Maggie’s mother always cautioned her against seeking adventure, but when playing it safe still leaves Maggie heartbroken and alone, she decides to embark on the experience of a lifetime in Nine Lives.

Complications (2021)

Complications: A Novel

A hotel is rocked by a scandal which quickly proves to only be the start of mounting Complications.

The Butler (2021)

The Butler: A Novel

The Butler follows Oliva and Joachim as they find a precious union while the rest of their lives threaten to fall apart.

Flying Angels (2021)

Flying Angels: A Novel

Risking their lives every day, six courageous young women become flight nurses, earning the nickname Flying Angels

Invisible (2022)

Invisible: A Novel

After a childhood spent making herself Invisible, Antonia must face her fears when she’s offered the opportunity to become a star. 

High Stakes (2022)

High Stakes: A Novel

The Fletcher and Benson talent agency is known for creating stars across America, but when Jane, the company’s newest hire, begins to unravel the secrets at the heart of the agency, nothing will ever be the same again. High Stakes is a thrilling read.

Beautiful (2022)

Beautiful: A Novel

In Beautiful, a devastating attack ends Veronique’s modeling career but sets her on a new path as she unravels the secrets of her mother’s past.

Suspects (2022)


This thrilling novel sees Theo trying to rebuild her life after the investigation into her family’s disappearance has gone cold. But moving on puts her in further danger as the plot of Suspects unfolds.

The Challenge (2022)

The Challenge: A Novel

When their children disappear on a hike to the local peak, the community must band together in the face of mounting desperation in The Challenge.

The High Notes (2022)

The High Notes: A Novel

Years of misuse at the hands of her father and her manager see Iris eager to run free and pursue her own dreams all while continuing to hit The High Notes that have made her famous.

The Whittiers (2022)

The Whittiers: A Novel

The Whittiers follows six siblings’ journey through grief and reconnection after the tragic deaths of their parents. 

Without a Trace (2023)

Without a Trace: A Novel

Offered an escape from a loveless marriage and a job that bores him, Charles relishes the opportunity to disappear Without a Trace.

Worthy Opponents (2023)

Worthy Opponents: A Novel

Spencer finally finds her equal, in both business and matters of the heart, in Worthy Opponents.

The Wedding Planner (2023)

The Wedding Planner: A Novel

With no desire to marry, Faith finds herself embroiled in other people’s drama as she strives to maintain her reputation as the most sought-after Wedding Planner.

Palazzo (2023)

Palazzo: A Novel

Forced to take control of the family business after her parents’ deaths, Cosima will stop at nothing to keep the business and their beloved Palazzo in the family name.

Second Act (2023)

Second Act: A Novel

When his world is upended, Andy escapes to a forgotten English coastal town. The Second Act of his life sees him meeting Violet, a beautiful woman looking for a new beginning of her own.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are looking for a beautiful romance, heartbreaking period drama, or coming-of-age novel, Steel has the story for you. Her balance of heartwrenching tragedy, self-discovery, and wit, makes her novels a delight to read. Once you have been hooked on Steel’s beautiful prose and utterly human characters, you won’t be able to put her books down. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many children does Danielle Steel have?

Steel has nine children, seven of whom are her biological children and two are adopted.

What is Danielle Steel’s best-selling novel?

Safe Harbour has sold more copies than any other Steel novel.

Where is Danielle Steel from?

Steel was born in New York in 1947.

Have Danielle Steel’s novels been adapted into films?

Twenty-five of Steel’s novels have been adapted into films and television series. 

How many languages does Danielle Steel speak?

Steel can speak English, French, Spanish, and Italian.

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