Dean Koontz Books In Order – All 130+ Titles

If you are even slightly familiar with thrillers and mystery novels, I would be surprised if you hadn’t heard of Dean Koontz.

He is an incredibly successful author, selling a massive 450 million novels across the world. No matter what bookshelf you look at, I can guarantee you’ll see a Dean Koontz.

Koontz has frequently reached the top of the bestseller list and is able to produce novels faster than any other author.

I Put All Dean Koontz Books In Order – All 130+ Titles

There have been numerous adaptations of some of his works for both film and television and they have starred Ben Affleck, Mark Hamill, and Cory Haim.

But are you looking to get a complete overview of Dean Koontz’s literary output?

Well, I have done some of the work for you, trawling through all of his works and providing links to some of those that are currently available, along with a plot synopsis for a select few.

Who Is Dean Koontz?

Dean Koontz started writing at the end of the 1960s. His fiction has spanned many genres including horror, fantasy, and science fiction with a lot of them appearing at the top of the bestseller lists.

He has written under many names including David Axton, Deanna Dwyer, K.R. Dwyer, Leigh Nichols, and Brian Coffey.

He has also written nonfiction books that include a detailed guide to writing. Many of his books have been adapted into films.

Dean Koontz Books In Order

As we have stated above, Dean Koontz is an author that is responsible for over 100 titles, so to make things easier for you to understand, I have organized them into series and standalone books.

I have also included a list of some of the early books that have since gone out of print.

First off, I’m going to start with his standalone books:

Standalone Books (In Publication Order)

These are the books that you can read without prior knowledge of any other Dean Koontz books.

These are great if you are a casual reader, or you want an introductory Dean Koontz novel.

Chase (1972)


This novel was written within the first few years of Dean Koontz’s career.

This follows the story of Benjamin Chase who has retired from the war and spends most of his days getting drunk in his attic room.

However, when Chase saves a woman from a serial killer, he suddenly finds that he is the next target.


  • A heart-racingly good early novel from Koontz
  • A good place for readers to start
  • Plenty of twists, turns, and suspense in this novel


  • Some readers have described this novel as too much of a slow-burn

Demon Seed (1973)


This next novel ventures into science fiction territory. This follows the story of a young woman called Susan Harris, who has completely sealed herself within her home monitored by a high-tech computer.

But when her compound is breached from the inside, she learns that the biggest threats aren’t always human.


  • A riveting sci-fi thriller
  • Plenty of horrifying scenes
  • Thousands of positive reviews


  • Not as many twists as some of Koontz’s later novels

Shattered (1973)


This is another very thrilling novel that starts to establish the classic Koontz brand of thriller.

It features a family traveling across the country to get to their new home. However, soon they notice they are being followed by a mysterious van and the trip takes a sudden macabre turn.


  • A great place to start reading Dean Koontz
  • Great central characters
  • A sinister tone that builds in terror


  • This novel might be too violent for some

Night Chills (1976)

Night Chills

This is another suspense horror novel that pits a family against a whole town of mind-altered residents.

This story is filled with plenty of horrifying real-life concepts and practices such as subliminal advertising and chemical brainwashing.


  • Great for those people who like to blend their fiction with fact
  • A skin-crawling glimpse of the future
  • Dynamic central characters


  • If you don’t like sci-fi, you might want to skip this one

Icebound (1976)


This novel was originally released in 1976 under the title ‘Prison Of Ice’, however, it was edited and re-released as ‘Icebound’ in 1995.

The story focuses on a group of scientists who are trying to solve drought by towing an iceberg.

But when they get stranded after a storm, they realize they need to get off it before they lose their lives.


  • An environmentally themed thriller
  • A cast of great characters
  • A great psychological thriller


  • Might not be the best starting point for Dean Koontz

The Vision (1977)

The Vision

This blends the supernatural with the psychological, as the clairvoyant Mary Bergen is tasked with finding a serial killer using her special abilities.

However, she soon discovers that the killer knows much more about her than she does about him.


  • Great mix of supernatural and real
  • A great female-centered story
  • Thousands of great reviews


  • Will not be suitable for younger readers

The Face Of Fear (1977)

The Face of Fear

This is another novel where a man with abilities to see into the future is used to track the whereabouts of a violent serial killer.

However, when he sees the vision of his own murder and gets trapped in a sheer building with the killer, then it becomes a race against time to save his own life.


  • A hair-raising novel
  • Gathers pace and slowly builds to an explosive climax
  • Great if you like your supernatural elements


  • Some readers haven’t been entertained by this novel

Other Standalone Novels By Dean Koontz (In Publication Order)


Odd Thomas Books (In Publication Order)

Odd Thomas: An Odd Thomas Novel

This is a series that focuses on Odd Thomas, a cook who has the ability to see dead people, often described as ‘bodachs’.

We follow the character as he prevents these shadow people from causing harm and death in the land of the living.

There are 7 novels in the series altogether, along with 3 prequel graphic novels and a collection of Odd Thomas short stories.

Jane Hawk Books (In Publication Order)

The Silent Corner: A Novel of Suspense (Jane Hawk)

These are a series of books focusing on a female heroine Jane Hawk, who is widowed in the first novel, seeking to find those responsible for a long string of unexplained suicides just like her husband’s.

So begins a long journey of hunting, hatred, and revenge…

Out-Of-Print Books (In Publication Order)

Dean Koontz has been writing for decades and some of the books he wrote early in his career have gone out of print.

You can find second-hand copies of these books (usually fetching high prices), but this list of out-of-print books might help you streamline your search.

  • Star Quest/Doom of the Green Planet (1968)
  • The Fall Of The Dream Machine/The Star Ventures (1969)
  • Fear That Man/Toyman (1969)
  • The Dark Symphony (1970)
  • Hell’s Gate (1970)
  • Dark of the Woods/Soft Come the Dragons (1970)
  • Beastchild (1970)
  • Anti-Man (1970)
  • The Crimson Witch (1971)
  • Legacy of Terror (1971)
  • Warlock (1972)
  • Starblood (1972)
  • The Flesh in the Furnace (1972)
  • Dance with the Devil (1972)
  • The Dark Of Summer (1972)
  • A Darker Heritage (1972)
  • A Darkness in My Soul (1972)
  • Time Thieves (1972)
  • A Werewolf Among Us (1973)
  • The Haunted Earth (1973)
  • Hanging on (1973)
  • Strike Deep (1974)
  • After the Last Race (1974)
  • Nightmare Journey (1975)
  • The Long Sleep (1975)
  • Invasion (1975)
  • Dragonfly (1976)
  • Prison Of Ice (1976)
  • Trapped (1989)

Black Bat Mystery Books (In Publication Order)

Blood Risk

This is a trilogy of books that Koontz wrote in the 70s under the pen name Brian Coffey.

This series follows the adventures of a thief called Mike Tucker who becomes embroiled in a war against the Mafia.

This series is hard to come by, although original readers liked the pacing and gritty style of the series.

Moonlight Bay Books (In Publication Order)

Fear Nothing (Moonlight Bay Trilogy, Book 1): A chilling tale of suspense and danger

This was a series of novels that Koontz started in the 90s that he has yet to complete.

It focuses on Christopher Snow, who suffers from a rare genetic skin condition, as he tries to solve the mystery of a military complex in the fictional town of Moonlight Bay.

Koontz has been reported to be working on the final novel in the trilogy.

Nameless Short Stories (In Publication Order)

In the Heart of the Fire (Nameless: Season One Book 1)

This is a series of shorter stories all featuring Nameless, an assassin with no name who travels across the country finding targets given to him through a shadowy government agency.

These are stories of crazed killers, strange prophetic visions, and brutal retribution.

What The Night Knows Books (In Publication Order)

What the Night Knows

These are two books that tell the story of John Calvino, who tracked down and killed the murderer of his family who called himself the Bell Ringer Killer.

However, when a copycat emerges, Calvino must face his past all over again.

Innocence Books (In Publication Order)

Wilderness (Short Story) (Kindle Single)

This is a two-part thriller/mystery series that tells the story of two mysterious protagonists that are bound together by a traumatic past.

These books were New York Times bestsellers and were amazingly popular with Dean Koontz fans.

Ashley Bell Books (In Publication Order)

Last Light (Novella) (Kindle Single)

This is another two-part series that charts a miraculous recovery in an eerie suspense thriller. When Bibi Blair is told that she has one year to live, she thinks all is lost.

However, she soon makes a miraculous recovery, only to be told by a mysterious female figure that she now has to save someone else.

The City Books (In Publication Order)

The City (with bonus short story The Neighbor): A Novel

This next series of novels is based on the lives of two young musically-gifted boys who have to face a band of psychotic killers intent on turning their city upside down.

These are stories of hope and despair, wrapped up in chilling prose that will make your hairs stand on end.

77 Shadow Street Books (In Publication Order)

The Moonlit Mind: A Tale of Suspense (Kindle Single)

This is Koontz’s foray into the sci-fi horror genre, tracing a group of people who find themselves holed up in a mansion where strange and murderous things happen.

Dean Koontz’s Frankenstein Books (In Publication Order)

Frankenstein: Prodigal Son: A Novel

This series of books is a cosmetic reinterpretation of Mary Shelley’s classic Frankenstein novel, set in New Orleans in the present day.


As you can see, when it comes to Dean Koontz’s back catalog, there is plenty to choose from.

If you are a completist, then you might find it difficult to read the lot, as some of them are out of print. This is why I have included the unavailable books in a separate section.

There are plenty of different genres in the Dean Koontz bibliography, so you’ll undoubtedly find something that will appeal to almost everyone.

You can also read a standalone thriller if you just want a vacation read, or you can pick a whole series, delving into a whole new world over the course of weeks and months.

If you are a fan of writing fiction yourself, then I would certainly point you in the direction of his nonfiction books about writing.

He covers a lot about story structure as well as how he comes up with the characters that help him to craft his bestselling fiction.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Books Has Dean Koontz Sold?

Dean Koontz has written and published over 105 novels and sold over 450 million copies of his work around the globe.

Who Has Sold More Novels: Stephen King Or Dean Koontz?

Dean Koontz has sold over 100 million more books than Stephen King, who has sold over 350 million copies worldwide.

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