The Devil’s Night Series Book Order (6 Books)

Do you have a passion for dark romance novels? If so, you’re going to fall in love with the dazzling Devil’s Night book series.

Written by Penelope Douglas, this fan-favorite series takes a look at compelling and often indulgent romances.

The Devil’s Night Series Books Order

Penelope Douglas, also known as Pen Douglas, is a wonderful writer who specializes in intoxicating romance novels.

Originating from Dubuque, Iowa, Douglas has since gone on to become a New York Times bestselling author.

This University of Northern Iowa graduate has become a massive success in the romance genre.

Her most famous book series is entitled Devil’s Night. This superb series has a stand-alone approach, with each book being a complete narrative.

However, many of the characters go on to appear in future books in the series. This allows Douglas to explore a wide assortment of romance narratives.

If you want to read the Devil’s Night books in order, this chronological reading guide will ensure that you read them in the perfect order.

About The Devil’s Night Series

The Devil’s Night books are a little different from other series in that they tell stand-alone stories.

Yet, many of the characters appear in multiple books, so it’s worth continuing the series if you enjoy the writing of Penelope Douglas.

Recurring characters include Damon, Erika, Kai, Winter, and Will, who are mysteriously connected.

The genre of this series is romance, as the books focus on stories of love and passion.

However, these romances tend to feature more mature content. As a result, many of the books in the series are aimed at readers who are at least 18 years old.

Lots of the books specifically fit into the genre of romantic suspense. Essentially, this means that elements of mystery and thriller have been added to the plot.

The books are centered around themes like love, passion, romance, and mystery. Since every book tells a separate narrative, they will each depict different themes.

Though the books often tackle dark romances and tend to have gothic covers, they do not contain supernatural elements.

Instead, Devil’s Night focuses on more grounded romances.

The Devil’s Night Books In Order


Corrupt (Devil's Night)

The first book in the series is entitled Corrupt. This dark romance novel tells the tale of Erika Fan and Michael Crist.

Erika is the girlfriend of Michael’s younger brother. Throughout the book, these two develop a fascinating relationship.

Erika is scared of Micahel, a professional basketball player. However, she also finds him intoxicatingly strong and handsome.

She thinks about him all the time. In turn, Michael can detect Erika’s fear and also finds himself attracted to her.

When Michael’s brother joins the military, Erika is left alone.

Michael decides that this is the perfect time to get revenge for his high school friends, who were sent to prison thanks to Erika.

Consequently, Erica is confronted by her worst nightmares.


  • Douglas displays brilliant writing that will keep readers engaged.
  • The romance between Erika and Michael is super steamy.


  • This book focuses on morally questionable characters, who may not be suitable for all readers.


Hideaway (Devil's Night)

Corrupt is followed by Hideaway, a book that offers a fantastic foray into buried secrets and mystery.

It centers around The Pope, an abandoned hotel that’s shrouded in secrecy.

Namely, there is a rumor that the hotel contains a hidden twelfth floor. According to myths, there is a secret guest who has never checked out.

Kai has endured numerous hardships. They spent time in prison for a crime that they were wrongly accused of committing.

Kai and their friends want to find out all about this mysterious hotel. However, Banks has promised never to betray them.

The book is a collision course between Kai and Banks, who have two very different motives. Will a romance emerge between them?


  • The book has a gloomy and twisted vibe that’s lots of fun to read.
  • Kai and Banks have an emotional story that fans will devour. They perfectly contrast each other.


  • Some fans have found the ending to be somewhat disappointing.

Kill Switch

Kill Switch (Devil's Night)

Kill Switch is the fourth book in this amazing romance series. This book is a grim yet seductive romance.

Winter’s actions caused Damon to be sent to jail. Though he was guilty of this crime, Winter regrets her actions.

She fears what will happen when Damon is released from jail. Winter hoped that jail would give him time to achieve peace.

However, Damon is far from peaceful and has been plotting his revenge for a long time.

Damon plans to break into her home. What form will his vengeance take?

Kill Switch is ideal for readers who are over the age of 18 and looking for a sinister romance.


  • This novel offers a great insight into the character of Damon, who appears in previous books in this series.
  • Douglas manages to redeem a massively immoral character in the form of Damon.
  • The story is highly emotional and has caused strong responses among the fans.


  • With a whopping 666 pages, Kill Switch is a long book to read.


Conclave: Devil's Night 3.5

Conclave prominently features returning characters, such as Damon and Erika.

The characters have all gone their separate ways, making them extremely vulnerable.

Will has disappeared. The only sign of his existence is a couple of texts, which have probably been forged.

Erika is on a yacht with people that she considers family.

However, she is keeping a secret from everyone, including Michael. Yet, Erika is certain that they will be able to find Will.

Told primarily from the perspective of Damon and Erika, this narrative is about the journey of the recurring characters as they attempt to survive the Conclave.


  • There are great moments for many of the characters, including Winter, Michael, and Damon.
  • It’s interesting to catch up with the characters and see how they have progressed from previous entries in the series.



Nightfall: Devil's Night #4

Nightfall by Penelope Douglas marks the fifth book in the series.

Until Night Fire, this was considered the conclusion of the Devil’s Night Series. The book focuses on a tale of overcoming insurmountable odds.

The main setting is Blackchurch, a sheltered mansion that is used by rich families to calm down badly-behaved sons.

Locked up by his family, Will was sent to Blackchurch. Confronted by an old enemy, Will knows that something is wrong.

This brings him into the orbit of Emory, who blames herself for everything that has gone wrong. The book highlights the complex relationship between Will and Emory.


  • There are lots of twists and turns that will keep readers guessing.
  • Will is an interesting character who is well-used in this book. He becomes a deeper character thanks to this plot.


  • Emory is a difficult character to like, especially after all of the bad things that they’ve done.

Fire Night

Fire Night: A Devil's Night Holiday Novella

The final book in the Devil’s Night series is Fire Night.

In this book, things are going to get spooky for the various characters that have been introduced throughout this ground-breaking romance series.

At St. Killian’s, a clock chimes as snow gently cascades from the sky.

Meanwhile, fires are lit to fend off the cold of the season. Known as yule or midwinter, this book focuses on the holiday entitled Fire Night.

This book explores the perspectives of different characters that readers have met throughout the series, including Damin, Kai, and Michael.

If you’ve been hooked by the stories of these characters, then you will adore Fire Night.


  • This book allows readers to catch up with beloved characters that have appeared in the series.
  • It allows you to better understand the horsemen.
  • Fire Night gives a happy ending to many of the characters.


  • This book does not feel like essential reading for fans of the Devil’s Night books.

Final Thoughts

Penelope Douglas is an innovative romance writer who is making incredible changes to the romance genre.

Specifically, she has revolutionized the romantic suspense genre by creating books that are oozing with mystery and passion.

If you enjoy these themes, it’s worth checking out the Devil’s Night book series.

Though these books can be read separately thanks to their stand-alone structure, it’s recommended that you read them in chronological order.

As mentioned, this series often features recurring characters. Simply follow this guide if you want to read the Devil’s Night books by Penelope Douglas in the preferred order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have To Read The Books In Order?

As mentioned, you do not have to read this series in order because the narratives are not overly connected.

However, it can still be beneficial to read the books in chronological order thanks to the presence of previously featured characters.

What Is Penelope Douglas Most Famous For?

Douglas is a prolific romance writer who is best known for her various book series, including the Devil’s Night, Hellbent, and Fall Away.

She is also responsible for a plethora of stand-alone books, such as Birthday Girl.

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