How To Read Serena Valentino’s Disney Villains Books In Order?

We all know the iconic Disney villains: Maleficent, Jafar, Ursula, and the like. We love to hate them, but have you ever wondered what it’s like to get inside their heads?

How To Read Serena Valentino's Disney Villains Books In Order?

Author Serena Valentino has made it possible with her series of books that focus on these well-known baddies. The journey into the dark minds of these characters can be a daunting one.

With eight books featuring different villains, understanding the correct order for reading can be difficult. But don’t worry! In this article, we will provide an in-depth guide on how to read Serena Valentino’s Disney Villains books from start to finish.

About Serena Valentino

Serena Valentino is a prolific American author who has been writing since the early 1990s. She is best known for her graphic novels, which often explore the dark side of fairy tales and folklore.

She has also written novels and short stories, as well as non-fiction works. Her graphic novels have been praised by critics for their unique blend of horror, fantasy, and romance.

Valentino has also written several children’s books and young adult novels. Her work often deals with issues of identity, self-acceptance, and family relationships.

She has been praised for her ability to craft compelling and complex stories that explore the human condition in a thoughtful, yet entertaining way. Her books have been adapted into graphic novels, stage plays, and feature films.

Valentino is an active member of the comics community and has been recognized for her contributions to the literary world with several awards.

Disney Villain Books In Order

Fairest Of All

Fairest of All-Villains, Book 1

Fairest Of All, a tale of a wicked queen is the first book in Serena Valentino’s Disney Villains series. It sets up the backstory and explores the motivations behind one of Disney’s most iconic villains – the Wicked Queen from Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs.

This story follows her journey as she struggles to understand why she was so mistreated by those around her, and how to accept her identity as an evil character with a good heart.

The novel takes readers back to the days before Snow White, providing insight into the thoughts and feelings of a young woman who was scorned by society for being different.

Through this exploration, readers are able to better understand why she became so determined to be seen as beautiful and powerful.


  • It is a great retelling of the classic Snow White fairy tale.
  • The characters are well developed and easy to relate to.


  • The pacing of the plot is too slow at times.
  • The villain is not as evil as in the original story.

The Beast Within

Beast Within, The-Villains, Book 2

‘The Beast Within’, puts the reader into the shoes of the Beast, a beloved Disney character brought to life with amazing insight and understanding.

Through his eyes, readers gain an understanding of not only his loves and losses but also how he comes to terms with them. The story takes place before the events of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ when Belle and Beast have married.

The Beast struggles to comprehend why he was cursed in such a way and begins to look within himself for answers. He soon discovers that his inner turmoil is rooted in deep-seated fears, hidden agendas, and dark secrets from his past.

Valentino does an excellent job of conveying the complexity of this beloved character as he attempts to untangle his emotions and come out on top. 


  • It provides an imaginative take on the classic Beauty and the Beast fairy tale.
  • It explores the themes of love, acceptance, and overcoming prejudice.


  • The storyline is quite dark and intense in places.
  • It may be too intense for younger readers.

Poor Unfortunate Soul

Poor Unfortunate Soul-Villains, Book 3

Perplexing and powerful, Ursula is a prime example of a Disney villain.  Poor Unfortunate Soul is a bewitching book that enthralls readers with its magical prose.

An alluring antagonist, Ursula’s story is particularly captivating as it reveals her uncommon origin and her journey to becoming a sea witch.

Letting loose the depths of her deviousness, Ursula’s tale takes us through the tumultuous turn of events that led to her transformation from an exiled outcast to an infamous villain.

Through the pages of this book, readers gain insight into the mysterious mind behind one of Disney’s most notorious villains, exploring Ursula’s motivations and discovering why she does what she does.

The end result is a brilliantly crafted story that builds up suspense and leaves readers wanting more.


  • It offers an interesting look into the backstory of Ursula.
  • The characters are very well-developed, making the story engaging and emotionally compelling.


  • Some of the more mature themes may be too dark for younger readers.

Mistress Of All Evil

Mistress of All Evil-Villains, Book 4

She was the epitome of evil, a master of manipulation, and a purveyor of darkness. Maleficent, the Mistress of All Evil, was an iconic Disney villain from the classic Sleeping Beauty movie.

Her presence loomed over everything in her vicinity, her brooding darkness a stark contrast to the beauty of Princess Aurora. But what kind of person is this powerful force of nature?

Maleficent’s cunning and ruthlessness were matched only by her intelligence and ambition.

She had a knack for getting what she wanted by any means necessary—even if it meant using her dark magic or intimidating others into submission. Her unrivaled power was both impressive and frightening at once.


  • The story is filled with interesting characters and complex plot twists.
  • The writing style is engaging and captivating.


  • The story is quite dark and disturbing in places.
  • The narrative can be confusing and hard to follow at times.

Mother Knows Best

Mother Knows Best-Villains, Book 5

In Mother Knows Best, Gothel is featured as the main villain. Gothel is a powerful witch who kidnaps baby Rapunzel and raises her as her own daughter. While it initially seems like she has only good intentions, it soon becomes clear that Gothel’s motivations are far more sinister.

Not only does she keep Rapunzel locked away in a tower, but she also uses dark magic to keep her under control. Gothel is an enigmatic villain who remains mysterious throughout the book series.

She hides her true motives from both Rapunzel and readers alike, making her an intriguing character to follow. As the story progresses, we slowly learn more about Gothel’s past and why she has chosen this path for herself.

It is through this exploration of her past that we come to understand her motivations – though we still never truly know what lies behind them.


  • The book offers an interesting and unique perspective on the classic fairy tale.
  • The writing style is accessible and engaging.


  • The plot can be a bit confusing at times.

The Odd Sisters

The Odd Sisters-Villains, Book 6

The Odd Sisters is a 2019 novel that tells the story of three sisters with a special connection to one another. It follows Gothel, the main antagonist from Disney’s Tangled, and her journey to find a way to reunite with her beloved daughter Rapunzel.

As Gothel searches for an answer, she discovers that her sisters have been living in the shadows of reality, and they have plans of their own. The Odd Sisters is an important part of Valentino’s Villains series.

It is a dark and compelling tale that delves into the psyche of villainy as well as explores themes such as redemption and family ties. In this novel, Gothel must confront her past mistakes and learn how to accept herself in order to move forward.

Along the way, she must also find a way to bring her lost daughters together once again.


  • It is a beautiful and unique retelling of classic fairy tales.
  • The characters are well-developed and the storytelling is captivating.


  • The narrative is quite dark and intense in parts.
  • It may be too intense for some younger readers.

Evil Thing

Evil Thing-Villains, Book 7

Cruella is a character with many faces. From the classic Disney villain to the modern-day fashionista, she has been inspiring readers for generations. In Evil Thing, Cruella takes center stage once again.

From the start, there is a sense of foreboding. When Cruella discovers that her destiny isn’t what it seems, she embarks on a journey to uncover the truth behind her family’s past.

Along the way, she encounters strange allies and powerful enemies as she dives down an ever-deepening rabbit hole. With each new discovery, Cruella comes closer to understanding her own identity and discovering who she really is.


  • It explores dark themes in a creative and imaginative way.
  • The illustrations are detailed and beautiful.


  • The pacing is slow in parts.
  • Some of the characters are underdeveloped.

Cold Hearted

Cold Hearted-Villains, Book 8

The Wicked Stepmother is one of the most iconic Disney Villains ever created. She is known for her cold-hearted nature and her willingness to do whatever it takes to get what she wants.

The Wicked Stepmother book offers readers a chance to explore an entirely different side of one of Disney’s most beloved villains.

By taking a closer look at her motivations and actions, readers can gain an understanding of why she acted the way she did and how her actions were shaped by the people around her.


  • The story is engaging and full of suspense.
  • The characters are well thought out and have unique personalities.


  • The plot is quite dark and not suitable for young readers.

Never Never

Never Never-Villains, Book 9

Captain Hook has become one of the most iconic Disney villains of all time. In Never Never, we take a deeper look into his character, exploring how his actions are driven by a deep-seated pain and insecurity that he can’t seem to shake no matter how hard he tries.

The story follows the old pirate as he continues his quest for revenge against the Crocodile that cost him his hand.

Through this journey, readers learn about the past events that shaped him into the villain we know today, and why he is so focused on obtaining retribution against Peter Pan and his friends.


  • The story is rich and complex, with plenty of twists and turns to keep readers engaged.
  • The characters are well-developed and believable.


  • The pacing of the story can be slow in parts, which can make it difficult for some readers to stay focused.
  • The book is quite dark in tone, which can be off-putting for some readers.


The Disney Villains books by Serena Valentino are an example of a creative reimagining of classic stories. Through her writing, we can see that the villains in these stories have more depth and complexity than one might expect.

They are not simply one-dimensional characters with only evil intentions, but they are instead fully realized characters with rich backstories and motivations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Buy Disney Villian Books By Serena Valentino?

Disney Villian books by Serena Valentino can be purchased from many online booksellers, as well as from most major bookstores.

Are The Disney Villian Books By Serena Valentino Appropriate For All Ages?

The Disney Villian books by Serena Valentino are written for older readers and may not be suitable for younger children. It’s recommended to review the content of each book before purchasing it to decide if it is appropriate for your intended audience.

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