A Guide To Reading Tracey West’s 25 Dragon Masters Books In Order

Drake is just an ordinary kid working in the fields until King Roland takes him to the castle. Now he’s a Dragon Master, forming a special connection with his chosen dragon named Worm.

Dragon Masters by Tracey West is a magical book series charting the adventures of Drake and the dragons as they fight against evil.

A Guide To Reading Tracey West’s 25 Dragon Masters Books In Order

Aimed at newly independent readers, Dragon Masters uses fast plotting and readable text to keep kids aged 6 to 8 enticed. The books are incredibly popular, with new editions being released every year.

The Dragon Masters books are published by Scholastic as part of their Branches series. They’ve helped children gain a passion for reading (and a love of dragons). In this guide, I’ll cover the best way to read Dragon Masters.

About The Dragon Masters Books

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Written by Tracey West, the Dragon Masters books are part of the Scholastic Branches book line. They’re created for readers aged 6 to 8, using short chapters, easy language, and buildable plots.

Our hero in the Dragon Masters series is Drake. In Rise of the Earth Dragon, we meet Drake as he learns to connect to his dragon Worm.

As the series progresses, Drake has to stop evil wizards, face down dark magic, and keep the kingdom safe!

The basic plotlines are a fight of good vs evil — with good coming out on top! The battles are exciting, emphasizing the importance of coming together in the face of adversity.

In books such as Flight of the Moon Dragon, Drake meets Dragon Masters from around the world.

Thankfully, Drake and his team of Dragon Masters can stop evil magic from taking control. But watch out! There’s always another danger lurking around the corner.

Dragon Masters Books In Order

The Dragon Masters book is a long series and it doesn’t have one overarching plot. However, many of the storylines carry through two or three books.

Although you can read much of Dragon Masters as standalone books, I recommend sticking to the publishing date.

Rise Of The Earth Dragon

Rise of the Earth Dragon: A Branches Book (Dragon Masters #1) (1)

8-year-old Drake is just a regular boy until he finds himself snatched by soldiers and taken to King Roland’s castle where he’s expected to become a Dragon Master. He’ll need to train hard so he can connect with his dragon.

With the help of friends and fellow dragon masters Ana, Rori, and Bo, can Drake discover his Dragon Master potential?


  • It’s so exciting to discover the world of the dragon masters!


  • As the first book in the series, you have to wait to get to the dragons.

Saving The Sun Dragon

Saving the Sun Dragon (Dragon Masters)

Drake and his friends are still working hard to become fully-fledged dragon masters. Until Ana’s dragon Kepri falls sick and even the wizard’s potions can’t make her better.

Can Drake and his dragon Worm come to the rescue? And will they find out what made the sun dragon sick?


  • The plight of Kepri adds an emotional punch.


  • A lot of the book is spent on world-building, so it’s a slower read.

Secret Of The Water Dragon

Secret of the Water Dragon: A Branches Book (Dragon Masters #3) (3)

Someone has been trying to steal the Dragon Stone and Drake is determined to find out who! But when his friend Bo is found responsible, Drake begins to suspect that something else is going on…


  • The action is fast-paced and exciting.


  • Younger readers might not enjoy some of the world-building.

Power Of The Fire Dragon

Power of the Fire Dragon: A Branches Book (Dragon Masters 4): Volume 4 (Dragon Masters)

Rori and Drake expect to be bored when they’re left behind at the castle while everyone else visits Queen Rose’s Kingdom — until a four-headed dragon starts attacking!

Rori and Drake now find themselves not only facing down all four dragon heads, but also the powerful control of the Dark Wizard Maldred!


  • What’s not to love about a four-headed dragon?


  • The big showdown is exciting, but a little long.

Song Of The Poison Dragon

Song of the Poison Dragon (Dragon Masters. Scholastic Branches, 5)

A new Dragon Master is arriving at the castle and everyone is excited! But when Petra arrives, she just doesn’t fit in with the gang or her dragon.

But when the king’s life is at risk, they have to put aside their differences and come to the rescue.


  • The gang is expanding!


  • Petra grows on you, but she can be annoying at first.

Flight Of The Moon Dragon

Flight of the Moon Dragon: A Branches Book (Dragon Masters #6)

The Dragon Stone is in danger and this spells bad news. If the Dragon Stone is destroyed, the Dragon Masters will lose their connection to the dragons!

To save the Prime Dragon Stone, the Dragon Masters need to travel to the Land of Pyramids. But a series of complex puzzles block our heroes from the prime Stone.


  • The Land of Pyramids is a fresh new setting.


  • Puzzle-solving lacks the thrills of other Dragon Master books.

Search For The Lightning Dragon

Search for the Lightning Dragon: A Branches Book (Dragon Masters #7) (7)

The Lightning Dragon has awesome power — it can shoot sparks of energy! No wonder a dark wizard has plans for the dragon.

Not if our heroes can help it. They need to connect the wild Lightning Dragon with Carlos, a newly discovered Dragon Master, to stop the power from falling into evil hands.


  • The baby Lightning Dragon is an adorable menace.


  • The book ends on an intriguing cliffhanger.

Roar Of The Thunder Dragon

Roar of the Thunder Dragon: A Branches Book (Dragon Masters #8) (8)

Eko was the first Dragon Master, but she disappeared years ago with her thunder dragon, Neru.

Now Eko and Neru are back, and this time, they want all the dragons. Can the Dragon Masters stop Eko and save their dragons?


  • The central conflict creates a conversation between parents and children.


  • The story continues in later books, meaning some plot threads are unfinished.

Chill Of The Ice Dragon

Chill of the Ice Dragon: A Branches Book (Dragon Masters #9) (9)

Mina lived happily in the Far North Lands until an Ice Giant came and froze the fortress and everyone in it! But Rori and Vulcan the Fire Dragon aren’t around to help. Can Drake find the Fire Dragon before it’s too late?


  • The battle against the Ice Giant is a thrilling one!


  • Parents might not appreciate Rori’s new attitude.

Waking The Rainbow Dragon

Waking the Rainbow Dragon: A Branches Book (Dragon Masters #10) (10)

A strange dream leads Drake to believe there’s a Rainbow Dragon in need of help.

When Griffith consults the Dragon Stone, they learn the dream is true! There really is a Rainbow Dragon and it’s waiting for its Dragon Master.

Who or what has trapped the Rainbow Dragon? And can the gang find the new master and save the dragon?


  • You will fall in love with the Rainbow Dragon!


  • The ending is a little sad for Rainbow Dragon fans.

Shine Of The Silver Dragon

Shine of the Silver Dragon: A Branches Book (Dragon Masters #11) (11)

The Dark Wizard Maldred is back, and this time, he has Diego under his control!

Maldred is attempting to gain power over the Naga, a powerful dragon that lives in the depths of the earth.

To stop him, the Dragon Masters need to locate two special keys. First, a trip to the lair of the Silver Dragon Argent.


  • You love to hate Maldred, so it’s good to see him back.


  • The next book is essential to finishing the story.

Treasure Of The Gold Dragon

Treasure of the Gold Dragon: A Branches Book (Dragon Masters #12) (12)

With one key located, it’s a race to find the next before Maldred can get his hands on it. The gold key is deep in the lair of the Gold Dragon.

Will the new Dragon Master Darma help them defeat Maldred? Or is the Earthquake Dragon Naga coming under the control of Maldred?


  • The Gold Dragon is an amazing creation.


  • The story isn’t over yet!

Eye Of The Earthquake Dragon

Eye of the Earthquake Dragon: A Branches Book (Dragon Masters #13) (13)

Maldred has managed to capture the gold and silver keys, and now he’s on his way to the secret temple that houses Naga the Earthquake Dragon.

If Maldred can control Naga, he’ll be able to cause devastating earthquakes! It’s up to Drake, Jean, and Darma to stop him. But what will they find in the temple?


  • The appearance of Naga is a worthy payoff after following the plot.


  • The ending might be a shock for young kids!

The Land Of The Spring Dragon

The Land of the Spring Dragon: A Branches Book (Dragon Masters #14)

A terrible earthquake has shaken the kingdom. With all the crops destroyed, it looks like everyone will go hungry!

Luckily, the mysterious Spring Dragon can help heal the devastation of the quake.

But it turns out, finding a Spring Dragon is hard work. Drake needs to navigate a tricky fairy wood if he wants to succeed!


  • Drake has to journey alone, drawing young readers into the personal story.


  • A slower pace than earlier books.

Future Of The Time Dragon

Future of the Time Dragon: A Branches Book (Dragon Masters)

Eko has been trapped in a powerful spell cast by the wizard Maldred and it’s up to Drake and Rori to save her.

They need to find the Time Dragon, but their plans are ruined when a sneaky imp sends Drake into the past! Can he get home in time to save Eko?


  • One of the funniest additions to the series.


  • Parents reading along might cringe at some of the jokes!

Call Of The Sound Dragon

Call of the Sound Dragon: A Branches Book (Dragon Masters #16)

The city of Remus is being destroyed by magic from a powerful wizard battle. Tessa and her dragon Sono need to find a Power Crystal to put a stop to the destruction. But they can’t do it alone!


  • Tessa is blind and has to find new ways to communicate with her dragon. It’s great for starting conversations about different abilities.


  • The new characters and settings can get a little confusing for younger readers.

Fortress Of The Stone Dragon

Fortress of the Stone Dragon: A Branches Book (Dragon Masters #17)

Astrid has big plans. She has her sights set on becoming the most powerful wizard the world has ever seen! All she needs is the final ingredients to cast her spell.

Drake and Mina have to journey to the fortress where the Stone Dragon lives to alert Caspar the Dragon Master that Astrid is coming. But will Astrid prove too powerful already?


  • Astrid is a scarily effective new villain.


  • The battle gets intense in places.

Heat Of The Lava Dragon

Heat of the Lava Dragon: A Branches Book (Dragon Masters #18) (18)

With Drake’s friends trapped in stone, there’s little stopping Astrid from becoming the most powerful wizard alive!

Unless Drake can find Ka, a mysterious Lava Dragon with a fearsome reputation. They’ll need to find Ka’s Dragon Master if they want the help of Ka!


  • The book emphasizes the importance of working together.


  • Younger kids might find Astrid and the lava dragon scary.

Wave Of The Sea Dragon

Wave of the Sea Dragon: A Branches Book (Dragon Masters #19) (19)

Astrid is almost ready to cast her evil spell and when she does, it could mean disaster for the kingdom.

The Dragon Masters have discovered a way to undo the spell, but they’ll need the help of three special dragons to stop Astrid. It’s time to find the Sea Dragon!


  • The plot is non-stop excitement as we race to beat Astrid.


  • Be prepared to buy the next book straight away…

Howl Of The Wind Dragon

Howl of the Wind Dragon: A Branches Book (Dragon Masters #20) (20)

Stone, sea, and wind are needed to stop Astrid and reverse her dangerous spell.

The Dragon Masters have the first two, but can they find the captive Wind Dragon before it’s too late? It looks like the Dragon Masters have to prepare for their biggest battle yet!


  • A worthy conclusion to the engaging Astrid plot.


  • You need a moment to catch your breath because a lot is going on.

Bloom Of The Flower Dragon

Bloom of the Flower Dragon: A Branches Book (Dragon Masters #21)

The home of Flower Dragon Wildroot is being destroyed and he needs to find his Dragon Master before it’s too late.

The Dragon Stone leads him to Oskar, but Oskar isn’t happy. He’s always dreamed of big, powerful, fire-breathing dragons…

Can Oskar put aside his disappointment and learn to connect with his dragon?


  • This is an important message about not judging by appearances.


  • After the intensity of the previous books, this is a quieter story.

Guarding The Invisible Dragons

Guarding the Invisible Dragons: A Branches Book (Dragon Masters #22)

A group of Invisible Dragons has hatched in Aragon, but where are their parents?

The baby dragons need to eat fruit from the Dragon Tree to gain their powers, and without their parents, it’s up to Drake and the Dragon Masters to get them to the tree in time.


  • An adventure with baby dragons is always going to be a crowd-pleaser.


  • The plot is weaker than other Dragon Master books.

Curse Of The Shadow Dragon

Curse of the Shadow Dragon: A Branches Book (Dragon Masters #23)

The sky above the kingdom has turned dark and it seems to be the fault of Shadow Dragon Chaya and his Dragon Master Aruna.

Drake and Jean must search to find out how one dragon is powerful enough to blot out the sky. And is dark magic at play?


  • The dark sky and shadow dragon really spark the imagination.


  • The shadow dragon might scare younger readers.

Dawn Of The Light Dragon

Dawn of the Light Dragon: A Branches Book (Dragon Masters 24) (Dragon Masters)

The sky shadow is growing and soon the whole world could be in darkness. If Drake and the Dragon Masters want to defeat the Shadow Dragon, they’ll need the help of a Light Dragon!

Light Dragon Lysa and Dragon Master Rune are eager to help, but the magic flute needed to stop the darkness is hidden in a labyrinth!


  • The tension is palpable as the darkness increases!


  • The flute storyline might not appeal to action fans.

Legend Of The Star Dragon

Legend of the Star Dragon: A Branches Book (Dragon Masters #25)

Drake and the Dragon Masters have found the Star Flute they need to call the Star Dragon! But it’s not quite so easy to stop a Shadow Dragon. First, they have to figure out how to use the flute…


  • The Star Dragon is a dazzling creation.


  • This is an action-packed book that some younger readers might struggle to follow.

Final Thoughts

Young readers love the Dragon Masters series — and what’s not to love? The books feature thrilling situations, a friendly cast of characters, and plenty of exciting situations. Plus, dragons! Lots and lots of dragons.

If you want to introduce your young reader to the Dragon Masters series, I recommend reading them in publishing order. With each book, the cast of characters and the magical world keeps on growing.

By reading in order, even nervous readers can keep up with what the Dragon Masters are doing!

Some of the books are written as mini-series within the overall Dragon Masters series.

The plots of these books tend to cover two to three books, with each book picking up after the cliffhanger of the previous one! Reading the entire series in order means you won’t skip vital information.

For parents who are struggling to get their children to read, the Dragon Masters series is an excellent choice.

The world builds gradually, adding new and exciting dragons with each installment. There are also fabulous illustrations, making the journey even more compelling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Need To Read The Dragon Masters Series In Order?

Although some of the Dragon Masters series work as standalone books, it’s better to read the series in order so you can discover the world gradually.

What Age Reader Is The Dragon Masters Series For?

The Dragon Masters series by Tracey West is aimed at newly independent readers, generally 6 to 8 years old. Younger readers can enjoy the books with their parents.

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