Discover All Ellie Alexander Books in Order (Cozy Mysteries)

Cozy mystery fiction, sometimes referred to as “cozies”, is an escapist subgenre that’s teeming with lighthearted intrigue and characters you’ll grow to love. Cozy mysteries retain all the essential elements of a must-read crime novel, but with a gentler, more upbeat tone. They feature unexpected, inexperienced sleuths and off-page violence, making them the ideal read if you’re looking for a playful mystery romp. 

All Ellie Alexander Books in Order

Ellie Alexander is the cozy mystery writer that the literary community has been waiting for. Her writing is humorous, surprising, and littered with an endearing cast of characters that will keep you invested. She is a Pacific Northwest native, which also happens to be the setting for both of her heartwarming series. Her familiarity with the places she writes about is part of what makes her works so vivid and richly detailed: she’s writing about her home. 

Ellie Alexander is best known for her seventeen-book Bakeshop Mystery series, which follows Juliet Capshaw, a small-town bakery owner who seems to be followed by trouble wherever she goes (and all too often in the shape of a body). She’s also written the fan-favorite Sloan Krause series: five books about a female brewmaster and the mystery shenanigans that keep popping up in her brewery. 

Clear your schedule and pick up an Ellie Alexander book today — with all her writing in its proper order below so you know just where to start. Happy reading! 

Ellie Alexander’s Bakeshop Mystery Series In Order 

Meet Your Baker (2014) 

Meet Your Baker: A Bakeshop Mystery

Meet Your Baker is the first in Ellie Alexander’s beloved Bakeshop Mystery series, and it makes a name for itself as a deliciously lighthearted debut. 

Readers are welcomed to Torte: a small-town family bakery in Ashland, Oregon. The famed Oregon Shakespeare Festival is in town and Juliet Capshaw, a recent culinary school graduate, has returned home to help her mom out at the family bakery. 

When one of Torte’s customers ends up dead, things get complicated for Jules — especially when she sees that her high school sweetheart, Thomas, is acting as the case’s lead investigator. 

You can buy Meet Your Baker here, and you’re in for a real treat with this playful mystery read. 

A Batter of Life and Death (2015) 

A Batter of Life and Death: A Bakeshop Mystery

Everyone’s favorite bakery returns in A Batter of Life and Death, the rollicking continuation of Ellie Alexander’s must-read mystery series. 

Jules Capshaw is preparing to compete in the reality show Take the Cake, hoping to promote her family’s bake shop and make off with the sizable cash prize. But some people would kill for that kind of money, and when Chef Marco is killed, the competition is about to become more high-stakes than ever before. 

You can purchase A Batter of Life and Death here, and prepare to laugh out loud while trying to solve this lighthearted case. 

On Thin Icing (2015) 

On Thin Icing: A Bakeshop Mystery

On Thin Icing is the third book in the Bakeshop Mystery series — and it’s the best one yet! 

Winter’s slow season prompts Jules to take a catering job at a nearby retreat. She’s happy to be back in business until she opens a freezer and finds a dead body. Even worse, Jules’s ex-husband is there… and he’s a suspect. 

You can buy On Thin Icing here, and enjoy the witty third installation in the Bakeshop Mystery series. 

Caught Bread Handed (2016) 

Caught Bread Handed: A Bakeshop Mystery

Return to Ashland in Caught Bread Handed, the fourth book in Ellie Alexander’s small-town cozy mystery series. 

Jules Capshaw already had a little too much on her plate, what with her ex-husband in town and pleading for her forgiveness. The last thing she needed was for Mindy Nolan, a nearby restaurant owner, to be discovered dead — and with tension rising in the town, anyone could’ve done it.

You can purchase Caught Bread Handed here, and see if you can crack this riveting case for yourself. 

Fudge and Jury (2017) 

Fudge and Jury: A Bakeshop Mystery (Bakeshop Mysteries Book 5)

Fudge and Jury is the fifth installation in the Bakehouse Mystery series, and this time Jules herself is the suspect! 

Ashland’s annual Chocolate Festival is coming up, and Jules is hard at work whipping up sweet treats with her whole team at Torte. Imagine her shock when Evan Rowe — the chocolate connoisseur at Confections Couture — ends up dead after taking a bite of her chocolate cake. 

You can buy Fudge and Jury here, and you’re in for a delightfully mouthwatering read! 

A Crime of Passion Fruit (2017) 

A Crime of Passion Fruit: A Bakeshop Mystery

Torte heads overseas in A Crime of Passion Fruit, the sixth addition to Ellie Alexander’s Bakeshop Mystery series. 

Jules can’t resist an all-expenses-paid trip, which is why she agrees to come aboard her estranged husband’s cruise ship, ready to wow his guests with her baking expertise. But when a young woman is found dead on board — and none of the guests can identify her — Jules suddenly has more to worry about than what’s in the kitchen. 

You can purchase A Crime of Passion Fruit here, and see where Jules’s baking adventures take her next!

Another One Bites the Crust (2018) 

Another One Bites the Crust: A Bakeshop Mystery

Prepare for another whirlwind cozy mystery in Another One Bites the Crust, the seventh book in everyone’s favorite cozy mystery series. 

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival is back in town, and Torte was granted a leading role in supplying treats for the main event. Jules is beyond thrilled until a fight breaks out on the opening night and a young thespian ends up dead. 

Even worse, Jules’s good friend Lance is the primary suspect, but she knows he couldn’t have done it. So who did? 

You can buy Another One Bites the Crust here, and you’re sure to be charmed by this exhilarating series continuation. 

Till Death Do Us Tart (2018) 

Till Death Do Us Tart: A Bakeshop Mystery

Ellie Alexander’s Bakeshop Mystery series continues with Till Death Do Us Tart, the eighth and most exciting installation to date. 

Jules is hard at work planning a surprise wedding for her mom and her soon-to-be stepdad — and there’s a bitter family feud at play that nobody told her about? Still, Jules has everything under control — until a glass of poisoned wine leaves a guest dead, with who knows how many more to follow. 

You can purchase Till Death Do Us Tart here, and prepare to fall head-over-heels for this delectable murder mystery. 

Live and Let Pie (2018) 

Live and Let Pie: A Bakeshop Mystery

Everyone’s favorite unlikely sleuth Jules Capshaw is back in Live and Let Pie, the ninth installment in the long-running Bakeshop Mystery series. 

Jules is overdue for some rest and relaxation, which is why she went for a picnic at the nearby lake — and discovered a human skull!? As if that wasn’t enough to ruin her peace and quiet, Jules’s landlord is discovered dead, and it seems like Jules is the only person who can get to the bottom of what happened. 

You can buy Live and Let Pie here, and enjoy following along with Jules’s latest unexpected adventure. 

A Cup of Holiday Fear (2019) 

A Cup of Holiday Fear: A Bakeshop Mystery

A Cup of Holiday Fear is the tenth book in the Bakeshop Mystery series — and it’s the most festive mystery yet! 

Christmas has come to Ashland, and Jules has planned a local celebration for all of Torte’s hard-working bakers, complete with a six-course meal. Nothing could possibly go wrong during the holidays, right? 

Yeah, right. It isn’t long before a guest is dead — and the suspect must be someone on the celebration’s small guest list. 

You can purchase A Cup of Holiday Fear here, and you won’t be disappointed by this warm and witty holiday mystery. 

Nothing Bundt Trouble (2020) 

Nothing Bundt Trouble: A Bakeshop Mystery

Spring has sprung in Nothing Bundt Trouble, the eleventh installation in Ellie Alexander’s can’t-miss Bakeshop Mystery series.

Jules is going through her deceased father’s belongings when she stumbles upon a dossier, complete with case details for a notorious hit-and-run from years past. But the information Jules is holding leaves her asking one very important question: was it really a hit-and-run? 

You can buy Nothing Bundt Trouble here, and prepare to satisfy your sweet tooth with this cozy mystery read. 

Chilled to the Cone (2020) 

Chilled to the Cone: A Bakeshop Mystery

Small-town mystery is at its best in Chilled to the Cone, a warm-hearted but cold-blooded read that you won’t want to miss. 

Just as Jules is preparing to expand Torte’s business by partnering with a local pop-up ice cream shop, an unexpected murder puts a halt to her plans. A street performer who is known and loved by the townspeople is dead — and his death just might be connected to her new business venture. 

You can purchase Chilled to the Cone here, and you’re sure to be turning pages and racing for answers like never before. 

Mocha, She Wrote (2021) 

Mocha, She Wrote: A Bakeshop Mystery

Mocha, She Wrote is a charming and clever series continuation, drawing in new readers while satisfying long-time series fans, too! 

The West Coast Barista Cup competition is in town, and Torte’s head barista, Andy, has been selected to participate. Things take a dreary turn when the head judge spits out Andy’s latte in disgust, only to be found dead hours later with the latte still in hand. 

Can Jules get to the bottom of this murder and clear Andy’s name before it’s too late? 

You can buy Mocha, She Wrote here, and prepare to be captivated by this unputdownable tale of competition gone too far. 

Bake, Borrow, and Steal (2021) 

Bake, Borrow, and Steal: A Bakeshop Mystery

Ellie Alexander’s Bakeshop Mystery series is back for your reading pleasure with Bake, Borrow, and Steal, the fourteenth installment. 

Jules and the rest of her team at Torte are working one of their most impressive jobs yet, tasked with serving an Elizabethan feast for the unveiling of a new exhibit: Shakespeare’s Lost Pages at SOMA. Right when the event is getting started, Jules receives harrowing news — Shakespeare’s manuscript is missing, and the man who was guarding it has been killed. 

You can purchase Bake, Borrow, and Steal here, and you’re bound to enjoy this unique cozy mystery read. 

Donut Disturb (2022) 

Donut Disturb: A Bakeshop Mystery

Another mystery has come to Ashland in Donut Disturb, the fifteenth book in the Bakeshop Mystery series. 

Everyone in Ashland is gathered for the wedding of Kerry and Thomas, two of the town’s most beloved residents. Jules promises to help Kerry’s wedding go smoothly with no big surprises, but when the bassist for the wedding band is found dead, that promise is about to get a lot more complicated. 

You can buy Donut Disturb here, and prepare for a lighthearted read that’s perfect for a comfortable night in. 

Muffin But the Truth (2022) 

Muffin But the Truth: A Bakeshop Mystery

Prepare to be delighted by Muffin But the Truth, the sixteenth book in Ellie Alexander’s must-read small-town mystery series. 

Jules and the rest of the Torte team have been hired to cater a weekend getaway on the Rogue River, and they’re busy baking brand-new creations to impress their high-end exec guests. But when one of the execs is discovered dead in the water, Jules’s to-do list is about to get more intense than she had anticipated. 

You can purchase Muffin But the Truth here, and pick up a copy today to see how Jules gets herself out of this sticky situation. 

Catch Me if You Candy (2023) 

Catch Me If You Candy: A Bakeshop Mystery

Catch Me if You Candy is the highly-anticipated seventeenth book in Ellie Alexander’s Bakeshop Mystery series. 

It’s Halloween in Ashland, and everyone is getting dressed up to celebrate — a celebration which is cut dramatically short when Jules discovers somebody slumped dead against Torte’s exterior. Can Jules get to the bottom of this heartless crime before the killer strikes again? 

You can buy Catch Me if You Candy here, — available for pre-order today and officially released on August 22, 2023. 

Ellie Alexander’s Standalone Novels and Novellas In Order 

Trouble is Brewing (2017) 

Trouble Is Brewing: A Bakeshop Mini-Mystery (A Sloan Krause Mystery)

Trouble is Brewing is a quirky mini-mystery that combines the characters from two of Ellie Alexander’s most popular series. 

Jules Capshaw, a bakery owner based in Ashland, Oregon, meets Sloan Krause, the brewmaster at a brewing company based in Leavenworth, Washington. The two immediately hit it off — only to discover that some of Sloan’s kegs have gone missing. 

You can purchase Trouble is Brewing here, and prepare to fall for this fast-paced mystery read. 

A Brunch With Death (2021) 

A Brunch With Death: A Bakeshop Mystery Short Collaboration (Bakeshop Mystery Shorts)

Get ready for a deliciously charming read when you pick up A Brunch With Death, a short mystery spin-off to Ellie Alexander’s infamous Bakeshop Mystery series. 

The plucky Jules Capshaw is recruited to help out a friend — Lance, the Shakespeare Festival’s artistic director — with a financially beneficial brunch show. But when the man who hired Lance ends up face down in the brunch feast, the pair must scramble to find out what happened, and save Lance’s deal from falling through. 

You can buy A Brunch With Death here, and this humorous mystery romp is sure to leave you wanting more. 

Lost Coast Literary (2022) 

Lost Coast Literary: A Novel

Lost Coast Literary is Ellie Alexander’s first full-length standalone novel, and fans of Alexander’s other work will find much to love in this endearing tale. 

Emily Bryant is going through her grandmother’s things after her passing when she discovers a strange and surprising request. In order to receive her inheritance, she must edit a series of old manuscripts that are at her grandmother’s estate. 

As Emily begins editing, she notices something frightening: all the edits she makes to the manuscripts become reality. Emily is suddenly able to change the narrative of her life, but will her changes be for better or for worse? 

You can purchase Lost Coast Literary here, and prepare to be swept up into this endearing story of love, loss, and literature. 

Ellie Alexander’s Sloan Krause Series In Order 

Don’t overlook Ellie Alexander’s gripping Sloan Krause series: a collection of cozy mysteries centering on a Washington-based brewmaster and her unexpected run-ins with murder in her quirky small-town home. 


How many Ellie Alexander books are there?

Ellie Alexander has published twenty-six novels to date.

Is Ellie Alexander a pen name? 

Ellie Alexander is a pen name, under which novelist Kate Dyer-Seeley writes her delightful cozy mystery stories.

What genre is Ellie Alexander?

Ellie Alexander writes books in the cozy mystery subgenre.

What is a cozy-style mystery?

Cozy mysteries are a subgenre in which graphic acts take place off the page. They are typically set in a small, homey community.

How many books are in the Bakeshop Mystery series?

There are currently seventeen books in the Bakeshop Mystery series, as well as two mini-mysteries that feature the lead character Jules Capshaw. 

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