Emily Henry Books In Order

Emily Henry is a name you’re likely to have seen on the bestseller charts. There are plenty of her novels that have ended up on this list!

She has written many summer novels, releasing one every year since she published Beach Read.

Emily Henry Books In Order

Arguably her most popular book, People We Meet On Vacation, is just the start of what you have in store with this fantastic author.

If you’re looking for beautiful settings, fantastic characters, and great romance stories, you’re in for a treat with Emily Henry!

Emily Henry published many different young adult romance novels before she started writing adult romance.

This article will help you to explore what other books Emily Henry has on offer in order of publication!

About Emily Henry Books

Emily Henry has written 8 books. 4 of these, including Beach Read, are adult romance novels. The other 4, including The Love That Split The World, are young adult romance novels.

Emily Henry is a New York Times bestselling author. She lives in Cincinnati and Kentucky. Her first adult fiction romance novel Beach Read was very successful.

It received widespread praise and solidified her place in fiction. After this novel, she has written many others, all of which have been very successful.

Before she became an author, Emily Henry studied at Hope College and the New York Center For Art And Media Studies.

She studied creative writing which set her up for a successful career in writing and proofreading.

Emily has been nominated for and won many different awards throughout her career.

She won the 2021 Goodreads Choice Award for Best Romance with her novel People We Meet On Vacation.

She also won the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Romance with her novel Book Lovers a year later in 2022.

Emily Henry Books In Publication Order

The Love That Split The World

The Love That Split the World

This is Emily Henry’s debut novel published in January 2016.

It is a fantastic Young Adult Romance novel that focuses on the bittersweet feeling of leaving high school.

It explores the dreams we have of the future, and of all of the paths that we haven’t taken.

It follows Natalie, a girl who is trying to enjoy her last summer in her hometown in Kentucky.

She is enjoying her time until she starts to notice things that are amiss.

First, she notices that her front door is red instead of green. Then, she notices that a preschool has replaced a garden store.

After this, her whole town disappears for hours and Natalie starts worrying.

Soon after this, Natalie experiences visits from ‘Grandmother’, who gives her a warning. She tells her that Natalie has ‘three months to save him’.

Meanwhile, Nat meets Beau, a beautiful boy who Natalie is very taken with. The story brings you along for a wonderful ride from this point!

This is a fantastic debut novel by Emily Henry. It gained her many fans and set her up to have a successful and fulfilling career.

She is a great storyteller with a unique ability to have her readers fall in love with her characters in a few short chapters!


  • Fantastic storytelling
  • Great characters


  • The story feels forced at times.

A Million Junes

A Million Junes

This is another Young Adult Romance novel. It was published in May 2017. This story follows the O’Donnells and the Agents who live in Five Fingers, Michigan.

Both of these families have mythic legacies, however, they are in quite a large rift between each other.

Both of these families are not very forthcoming about what caused this rift between them that has been there for centuries. The only thing they will say is that it involves a cherry tree.

June O’Donnell doesn’t need to know the reason, she will follow her family on whatever path they choose. She stays away from Angerts no matter what.

However, when Saul Angert shows his face in Five Fingers again, June O’Donnell can’t seem to stay away from him.

Over time, she realizes that she doesn’t hate boys from the Angerts family. Although he is quite gruff, he is very appealing to June.

When Saul comes back to town, the magic and ghosts present in Five Fingers conspire to reveal the truth about the feud between these two families.

When she finds out the truth, it is up to June to question everything she has always been told about her family and her late father.

This is very difficult for June, as she was very fond of her father. Is it time for her and her family to let go so that the two families can live in harmony?


  • Beautifully written
  • Great themes


  • The story gets quite far-fetched sometimes

When The Sky Fell On Splendor

When the Sky Fell on Splendor

This novel was published in March 2019, and it is the third of Emily Henry’s Young Adult Romance novels.

This is a very enticing story of a group of friends who seem to have picked up some unexpected powers following a cosmic event.

This takes place in the small town of Splendor in Ohio.

When the steel mill in the town exploded, it sent shockwaves through the town.

Everyone in the town knew someone who was a victim of the accident.

Franny, a 17-year-old girl from the town, is a living example of this. 5 years on from the accident, her brother still lies in a coma.

Following this horrible accident, Franny found a group of friends who had all had similar experiences. The group calls themselves ‘The Ordinary’.

They spend their time investigating legends and ghost stories and they film everything they find to put on YouTube.

To most of them, this is a fun activity that distracts them from the sadness that encompasses the town.

However, one night when the teens are filming, they see something coming towards them from the sky that then crashes to the floor in front of them.

This time, it isn’t for their videos. Everything changes for this group of teenagers at that moment!


  • Very exciting storyline


  • Some readers disliked the ending

Hello Girls

Hello Girls

This novel was co-written by Brittany Cavallaro and Emily Henry in August 2019.

It was Emily Henry’s last Young Adult Fiction novel. It is a dark and funny teen novel that has some similarities to the Thelma and Louise story.

In this novel, two teenage girls escape the controlling men that they have in their lives to take to the road.

The two make new lives for themselves together.

Winona, one of the teens who take to the road, has had a terrible childhood.

She has spent years starving at the hands of her father, who seems to be perfect on paper.

He is a celebrity weatherman named Stormy Olsen, and no one suspects he is mistreating his daughter.

Behind closed doors, he locks the food away and bruises Winona in places no one will see.

Lucille, the other half of the duo, has been struggling at home with the needs of her mother, and the demands of her drug-dealing brother.

She is barely getting by and is slowly realizing there might be more out there for her.

The two girls realize that they cannot wait any longer to escape their lives and start fresh.

Very quickly, they find themselves heading out of their small town and toward Chicago after securing themselves $3000, and a stolen convertible.

They are chased by their past on their journey, but they must stay strong if they want to succeed in their great escape.


  • Characterization was fantastic


  • Quite slow to get started

Beach Read

Beach Read

This novel was published in May 2020. It is Emily Henry’s first Adult Romance novel. It follows Augustus Everett, who is an acclaimed author of literary fiction.

It also follows January Andrews, who is a romance author. The pair are opposites.

While Everett kills off his whole character list, Andrews has them fall in love and live happily ever after.

The only thing the pair have in common is that they are both writers who are living in neighboring beach houses for the next three months.

They are both suffering from writer’s block, and are looking for some distractions!

The pair decide to make a deal that will help them out of their creative ruts: to switch writing styles!

Augustus will write a happy novel, and January will write one of the next Great American novels.

The pair take each other out on research trips to help them to write their stories.

January takes Augustus on trips that are worthy of a rom-com montage, and January will be taken to interview members of a cult.

This is a fantastic story, which should result in two fantastic novels and nothing more. Or so they think!


  • Very fun storyline


  • January’s character can be quite self-absorbed

People We Meet On Vacation

People We Meet on Vacation

This novel was published in May 2021. It is a great novel that follows two best friends as they head off on their summer trips.

Poppy and Alex are two friends who have nothing in common.

Poppy is an outgoing girl who has a strong wanderlust, while Alex prefers to stay in the comfort of his own home with a good book.

The pair of them are unlikely friends. They met when they shared a car ride home from college when they were younger, and they have been best friends ever since.

Most of the time, the two of them live very far from each other. Poppy lives in New York City, and Alex lives in their small hometown.

Every summer, though, the pair drop everything and come together for a fantastic week of vacation!

However, two years ago, something went wrong! The two of them haven’t spoken since.

Now, although it seems as if Poppy has everything she could ever want, she is feeling very stuck.

When she is forced to think about when she was last happy, she knows that the answer lies with Alex and that final trip two years ago.

Upon realizing this, she decides that she will do anything she can to convince Alex to take another vacation with her.

Alex agrees to this trip, leaving Poppy with a week to fix everything.

There are many obstacles in their way, including one elephant in the room that the pair always try to avoid!


  • Well-written
  • Enticing


  • Felt slow at times

Book Lovers

Book Lovers

Book Lovers was published in May 2022. It is another fantastic holiday read by Emily Henry!

This novel follows two rivals who meet unexpectedly during their summer vacation.

Nora Stephens is a girl who loves to read. She reads every type of book there is and loses herself in the world of fiction.

In real life, she is a very successful businesswoman who lands fantastic literary deals.

Nora is no heroine in her own life, only in her career and her relationship with her little sister, Libby.

When Libby asks her to go on a sister’s trip away, Nora can’t refuse. They head to Sunshine Falls in North Carolina.

However, instead of enjoying the small-town life in the way she expected, she ends up being thrown together with Charlie Lastra, an editor that she knows from the city.

The pair have met many times and they do not get along.

The universe seems to be throwing them together, though, and they can only resist for so long!


  • Fantastic themes throughout


  • Not compelling at times

Happy Place

Happy Place

This is Emily Henry’s latest novel. It follows a couple who broke up a few months ago, who pretend to still be together for a vacation with their friends.

Harriet and Wyn have been together since college, and they have always been considered the perfect couple.

However, the pair have gone their own ways this year, but they haven’t told their best friends.

Because of this, the pair find themselves in a cottage in Maine, sharing a room!

They enjoy good food, drinks, and sea air on this fantastic yearly vacation.

Harriet and Wyn don’t want to break their friends’ hearts, especially because this is the last year that they will be able to spend in the cottage, so they decide to pretend that they are still together.

As the pair have been in love for so many years, they do not think it will be hard to keep their breakup from their friends, but this proves to be an oversight!

It doesn’t help that the pair are struggling to stay away from each other during the trip – which is made even harder by the fact that they are sharing a room.


  • Compelling story


  • Quite slow to get started

Final Thoughts

Emily Henry is a fantastic author who has made the New York Times bestseller list multiple times.

She has written 8 books in her career so far, 4 of which are Young Adult Romance novels, and 4 of which are Adults Romance novels.

It is very difficult to be disappointed with Emily Henry’s work. This article has given you a list of all of the Emily Henry novels in publication order.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Novels Has Emily Henry Written?

Emily Henry has written 8 novels in her career so far. She writes within the Young Adult Romance and Adult Romance genres and her work has been very successful across both.

Where Is Emily Henry From?

Emily Henry lives in Cincinnati. She studied creative writing at Hope College and is now a full-time writer and proofreader!

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