The Ultimate Guide To All 158 Fear Street Books in Order

The Fear Street books are written by R.L. Stine. This author is well known for his creepy and gory book series. Stine is famous for both his Fear Street and Goosebumps book series.

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The Ultimate Guide To All 158 Fear Street Books in Order

The Fear Street books are a young adult horror fiction series that is composed of many series and is over 100 books long, that has been published across four decades.

There has been a sudden surge in popularity for this series due to the Netflix film trilogy in 2021.

However, these films don’t adapt any of the classic books, instead, they take elements from these books and turn them into a movie.

This series takes place in the fictional city of Shadyside in the US. A place where danger is lurking around every corner.

It can be quite overwhelming to have 158 books to read. I have created this guide to help guide you in the order to read these books.

About Fear Street

Fear Street

The Fear Street series initially debuted in the late 1980s and ran through the 1990s. During this time, other spin-off series that are set in the same city were also released.

After then, the series took a break, until Stine came back with new books in the early 2000s.

The stories are set in Shadyside, a made-up East Coast city in the US. Danger appears to linger on a certain street in this city called Fear Street.

Every novel in the series usually follows a different character and a different mystery. Yet, slowly all these stories start to come together and the mystery of why this town is cursed becomes clear.

The Fear Street volumes are arranged in the same chronological sequence as they were published. Yet, a couple of books are no longer in print, which can make reading them all a little difficult.

I have collected every series and book and put them into the order in which they should be read below.

Original Fear Street Books In Order

The New Girl (1989)

The New Girl (Fear Street Book 1)

Cory Brooks constantly yearns for Anna Corwin’s lips. Everyone has noticed that he has been losing sleep and abandoning his buddies over her.

Anna then vanishes just as swiftly as she arrived at Shadyside High. No matter the repercussions, Cory must visit Anna’s home on Fear Street in order to discover a cure for his obsession.

Even though Anna might be the love of his life, learning her secret could result in his death.


  • The mystery draws the reader in.


  • The book starts off slow.

The Surprise Party (1989)

The Surprise Party (Fear Street, No. 2)

A year ago, Meg Dalton’s friendship circle disintegrated. Evan died in the woods near Fear Street.

Meg thought she had lost her closest pals. Even her boyfriend Tony began acting erratically and strangely. Yet, things might finally be improving.

Ellen will be in town soon, and what better way to celebrate her arrival than by throwing a surprise party?

However, someone doesn’t want this party to go ahead. Phone calls and threats begin arriving, and eventually, Meg finds herself in the woods where Evan died.


  • Full of twists and turns.


  • Some readers found the plot confusing in some areas.

Other Books In The Series

The Overnight (Fear Street)

The Relaunch Fear Street Books In Order

Party Games (2014)

Party Games: A Fear Street Novel

Her pals forbid her from attending Brendan Fear’s birthday celebration at his relatives’ home on the mysterious Fear Island.

However, Rachel Martin is thrilled to be invited because she has a crush on Brendan.

Many party games are on Brendan’s agenda, but a game that nobody anticipated is a game of murder.

Rachel discovers to her dismay that she and the other kids are stranded on the little island with someone who could kill them all as the visitors begin to die one by one.


  • A good introduction to the updated world of Fear Street.


  • The book at times feels as if it is trying too hard to connect to a modern audience.

Don’t Stay Up Late (2015)

Don't Stay Up Late: A Fear Street Novel

Lisa Brooks experiences nightmares and hallucinations every single day. Could the horrific accident that kept her in the hospital for several weeks be to blame?

When Lisa learns that a neighbor needs a babysitter for her young son, she seizes the opportunity to keep busy and divert her attention from her unsettling thoughts. Then the killings begin, and her pals start passing away one by one.


  • Great plot twist.


  • The plot doesn’t feel fully thought through.

Other Books In The Series

The Lost Girl: A Fear Street Novel

Super Chiller Books In Order

Party Summer (1991)

Party Summer (Fear Street Superchillers)

Working at The Howling Wolf Hotel, Cari Taylor and her three buddies are looking forward to a “party summer.”

To their surprise, the hotel is utterly empty. However, the hotel’s eccentric owner, Simon Fear III, permits Cari and her pals to stay.

The group is overjoyed until Simon Fear is killed. The girls wish they could leave the island, but they are trapped there.


  • Enjoyable characters.


  • The plot twist was predictable.

Silent Night (1991)

Silent Night: A Christmas Suspense Story (Fear Street Superchillers)

Keep that gift closed! If only Reva Dalby had heeded that advice, but stunning, cold Reva would not be swayed.

Someone now intends to give Reva a Christmas she won’t soon forget. Reva’s holiday happiness quickly transforms into holiday gloom.

She is being followed, and for the first time ever, her money is powerless to protect her.


  • We get to view the story from two points of view.


  • The twist at the end wasn’t as gripping as in previous books.

Other Books In The Series

Broken Hearts (Fear Street Superchillers)

Super Chiller Cheerleader Books In Order

Cheerleaders: The First Evil (1992)

The First Evil (Fear Street Cheerleaders Book 1)

Corky and Bobbi Corcoran are recent arrivals who are desperate to join Shadyside High’s cheerleading squad.

The cheerleaders experience awful events as soon as the Corcoran sisters are introduced to the team.

The terrifying event begins with a strange accident close to the cemetery on Fear Street. Will Corky and Bobbi catch the murderer in time to save the cheerleader squad from being killed?


  • Interesting characters.


  • Writing is slightly dated.

Cheerleaders: The Second Evil (1992)

The Second Evil (Fear Street Cheerleaders Book 2)

When Corky Corcoran sees her murdered sister emerge from the grave, she is certain that it is all in her head. Corky is attempting to move over the trauma of Bobbi’s passing.

Yet she still has trouble doing so because she keeps hearing obscene cries in the gym.

While her friend has developed an obsession with the occult, an odd young man is following her. Then the killings start over again.


  • Great character development.


  • Predictable ending.

Other Books In The Series

The Third Evil (Fear Street Cheerleaders, No. 3)

The Fear Street Saga Trilogy Books In Order

The Betrayal (1993)

The Betrayal (Fear Street Saga Book 1)

Nora is aware of the dark history that, three hundred years ago, when a young girl was burned to death.

This signaled the beginning of the horror, as well as the mysteries underlying the horrible events occurring on Fear Street.


  • Good pacing.


  • No monsters or ghosts in this book, which readers have come accustomed to in Stine’s work.

The Secret (1993)

The Secret (Fear Street Saga Book 2)

The terrible truth about what actually transpired with the doomed Fear family and the reason their evil persists is revealed to you as you are transported back in time.

An elderly gypsy who Simon Fier meets claims that his family will perish in a catastrophic fire. He switches the family name to Fear out of fear but still falls under the curse.


  • Great insight into the creation of Fear Street.


  • We don’t learn why certain characters were driven by revenge.

The Burning (1993)

The Burning (Fear Street Saga Book 3)

Young lovers, Daniel and Nora, have done something that was never meant to happen: they fell in love.

They both come from rival families, and now they must utilize their forbidden romance to thwart the terrifying evil that is stalking Nora and her kin.


  • Great conclusion to the overall series and story.


  • For some readers, they felt like the first half of the book was rushed to get to the main action in the second half.

99 Fear Street Books In Order

The First Horror (1994)

The First Horror (99 Fear Street Book 1)

The horrific tale of a family moving into a home that even its Fear Street neighbors are scared to enter begins here. T

o avoid becoming the next victims, the twin sisters must discover the source of the evil in their new home.


  • Easy, quick read.


  • A lot is left unexplained in the end.

The Second Horror (1994)

The Second Horror (99 Fear Street Book 2)

Although Brandt believes relocating to Shadyside is fantastic, he is unaware of the horrifying rumors surrounding his new house, 99 Fear Street.

He is unaware of the headless corpses or the bleeding walls. Also, he is unaware that Cally Frasier still resides in the house and plans to murder him and everyone close to him.


  • Interesting characters.


  • You don’t learn anything new about the house.

Other Books In The Series

Ghosts Of Fear Street Books In Order

Hide And Shriek (1995)

Hide and Shriek (Ghosts of Fear Street)

In a cemetery, Randy Clay is forced to play hide-and-seek with a vengeful ghost.

If the ghost finds her, Randy will turn into the latest ghost on Fear Street. A tradition that the residents of Fear Street fear each year.


  • Well-paced.


  • Simple plot, with not many twists.

Who’s Been Sleeping In My Grave? (1995)

Who's Been Sleeping in my Grave? (Ghosts of Fear Street #2)

Zack Pepper is angry that no one seems to share his suspicions about the new Shadyside Middle School substitute teacher.

Since no one will help him, he takes it upon himself to remove this creepy supply teacher before something terrible happens.


  • Interesting plot.


  • Not as well written compared to previous Stine books.

Other Books In The Series

The Attack of the Aqua Apes (Ghosts of Fear Street Book 3)

The Cataluna Chronicles Books In Order

The Evil Moon (1995)

The Cataluna Chronicles the Dark Secret (Fear Street)

Unaware that the sleek, white Cataluna car he wants so badly hides a dark side.

Bryan is consumed by this darkness, which makes him willing to steal and even begin killing for the car that means everything to him.


  • Good exploration of a person’s love for their car.


  • Not all readers enjoy the switching between the two time periods.

The Dark Secret (1995)

The Dark Secret (Fear Street: Cataluna Chronicles, No. 2) by R. L. Stine (1995-09-01)

Stepsisters Regina and Lauren are overjoyed to buy their first car. However, they find themselves the latest victims of poor fortune in a hot Catalunya.

The fates of the two girls parallel Catherine’s sinister quest from the past.


  • The two stories are interwoven together well.


  • Certain twists are predictable.

Other Books In The Series

Fear Park Books In Order

The First Scream (1996)

The First Scream (Fear Street: Fear Park, No. 1)

Dierdre Bradley finds herself in an unending nightmare ride. Since her businessman father intends to construct a new theme park, ignoring the curse of the Fear family.


  • We meet more of the original Fear family.


  • Quite gory.

The Loudest Scream (1996)

The Loudest Scream (Fear Street: Fear Park, No. 2)

Diedre Bradley seeks a relationship with the passionate Robin Fear after learning of his plans to demolish the park.

However, due to several accidents at Fair Park, Diedre’s life hangs in the balance.


  • Plenty of deaths and horror.


  • Romance feels quite flat.

Other Books In The Series

Fear Street Saga Books In Order

A New Fear (1996)

A New Fear (Fear Street Saga Book 1)

All those associated with the Fear family are consumed by its dark power. Daniel Fear and Nora Goode wanted to put an end to the Fear family curse.

However, a terrible fire that tore through the Fear house on the day of their wedding claimed the lives of all but one member of the doomed family.


  • Gripping plot.


  • It takes a while for the story to get scary.

House Of Whispers (1996)

House of Whispers (Fear Street Saga Book 2)

When Amy Pierce shows up for a visit with Simon and Angelica Fear, she is unaware of the horrifying Fear background.

Although their mansion in New Orleans is stunning, Amy feels something wicked is there. Can Amy overcome the forces that control the Fear family?


  • Very descriptive.


  • Suspense is lacking.

Other Books In The Series

Forbidden Secrets (Fear Street Saga Book 3)

Fear Hall Books In Order

The Beginning (1997)

The Beginning (Fear Street Book 46)

Hope was eager to start college. Her three closest pals and she were going to live together in a dorm room.

It looked like Fear Hall would be a joy until things take a terrifying turn.


  • Intriguing plot.


  • The ending is slightly obvious.

The Conclusion (1997)

The Conclusion (Fear Hall)

Hope, a college freshman, has abandoned her dorm room and is currently hiding out in a deserted frat house on campus. Yet, she cannot flee the evil that pursues her.


  • Lots of mystery and suspense.


  • Anti-climatic ending.

New Fear Street Books In Order

The Stepbrother (1998)

The Stepbrother (Fear Street Series #52)

Sondra suspects her new stepbrother of trying to kill her. This is due to a number of nightmares and odd events she encounters after he moves in.


  • Plenty of twists and turns.


  • The suspense could have been built up more.

Camp Out (1999)

Camp Out (New Fear Street, Book 2)

Maria is incredibly anxious about going on a camping trip, despite being convinced to do so by her two best friends, Beth and Ellen.

Her worries are reinforced as strange incidents start to happen once they are there.


  • Good characters.


  • Too many side adventures that don’t add much to the main plot.

Other Books In The Series

Fear Street Seniors Books In Order

Let’s Party (1998)

Let's Party! (Fear Street Seniors, No. 1)

Josh Maxwell doubts his stepsister Josie’s dream of their senior year. In which she witnessed the entire Shadyside High senior class buried alive. Then strange events related to her dream start to come true.


  • Great plot.


  • The cliffhanger ending isn’t very impactful.

In Too Deep (1998)

In Too Deep (Fear Street Seniors, No. 2)

Kenny Klein is too preoccupied with his job as a youth worker and his relationship to be concerned about the masked boy who is a part of his group or the threats to his life.

Let alone the omen that all of his high school classmates would not make it to their senior year.


  • Good continuation of the previous book.


  • Relationships are underdeveloped.

Other Books In The Series

The Thirst (Fear Street Seniors, No. 3)

Fear Street Nights Books In Order

Moonlight Secrets (2005)

Moonlight Secrets (Fear Street Nights Book 1)

The Night People enjoyed pulling pranks. However, things take a turn and killing begins to take place.

The Night People are aware that they must end the nightmare on their own, or else they run the risk of losing their lives.


  • Likable characters.


  • The plot is confusing and inconsistent.

Midnight Games (2005)

Midnight Games (Fear Street Nights Book 2)

Shadyside High is not where Dana Fear wants to spend her final year. She joins the Night People until the darkness reappears, and they begin mysteriously vanishing one by one.

Dana adamantly denies any involvement. Yet, all signs point in her direction.


  • Lots of tension and surprises.


  • Gruesome deaths for the target audience.

Other Books In The Series

Return To Fear Street Books In Order

You May Now Kill The Bride (2018)

You May Now Kill the Bride (Return to Fear Street Book 1)

Time has separated two sisters. At two Fear family weddings decades apart, the brides will both discover that the family’s old curse still stalks them.

It gets its energy from the wickedness that flows in its veins. Unexpected consequences result from it, and a dark history is enabled to repeat itself.


  • Great pace and plot.


  • Dialogue feels a little silly at times.

The Wrong Girl (2018)

The Wrong Girl (Return to Fear Street Book 2)

In response to Jack Sabers’ cruel trick, which made Poppy Miller embarrassed in front of all of her pals, Poppy Miller pledges she will exact revenge. Then, some of her classmates begin to die. The focus is on Poppy.

One thing is certain in this Fear Street tale: somebody is out for deadly retribution.


  • Great character development.


  • Pace was inconsistent.

Other Books In The Series

Final Thoughts

R.L. Stine has been writing Fear Street for over four decades, and this has amounted to 158 books that are a part of his Fear Street series. Each book is its own individual story, that is connected or relates to Fear Street.

We come across a broad range of characters and uncover the family that brought this course to this small town.

Each book is under 200 pages long, making it simple for anyone to pick up. They are written for children and teenagers between the ages of 12 years old and up.

There are some really gruesome and scary things in Stine’s books that make readers come back for more.

I hope this guide has been helpful. You now know that the best order to read all 158 of these books is in chronological order, which also happens to be in publication order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Netflix’s Fear Street Follow The Books?

The trilogy of films that Netflix has made doesn’t follow any of the books in particular.

It draws a lot of inspiration from the first book and then takes elements from other books to create the films.

Do You Have To Read Fear Street In Order?

While each book can be seen as a standalone story, it is best to read the books in order, so you can develop a deeper understanding of the overriding story.

Is Every Series Of Fear Street Connected?

There are numerous series that are a part of Fear Street. Each series and book is linked by the shared setting of Shadyside, a cursed town, and Fear Street itself.

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