Fever Book Series Reading Order: How To Read The 11 Books In Order

In the mood to read a paranormal mystery romance series? If you are, then you’re making the right choice to read the Fever book series next.

Fever Book Series Reading Order: How To Read The 11 Books In Order

The Fever series is a thrilling series that focuses itself on MacKayla Lane, a young woman whose world gets turned upside down when her sister is sadly murdered.

Determined to give her sister justice, Mackayla embarks on a journey to get to the bottom of what happened, and with just a few clues to go off – Mackayla soon finds herself on the way to Ireland to find the killer.

Soon enough, her quest soon leads her into the shadow realm, which is something Mackayla never expected to happen. Sounds like a great series to get into, right?

That being said, if you’d like to read the Fever series next and you’re wondering what order you should read the books in, then rest assured that you have come to the right place.

In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the Fever series, including its reading order. You know what to do – just keep on reading!

About The Fever Book Series

If you are planning to read the Fever series for the very first time, then it only makes sense that you should want to learn a little more about what this series is about.

Like we briefly touched upon above, this series centers around Mackayla Lane. Very sadly, her sister was killed and the story opens with Mackayla making the decision to go after the killer so that she can bring her sister to justice.

With not too much to go off, Mackayla has only one clue that will help her find the killer: a very cryptic message that she is going to get on her phone.

After Mackayla receives the mysterious voicemail, her quest to find her sister’s killer leads her to Ireland.

Once she arrives, Mackayla hopes that she will be able to get some answers in the real world – but she soon discovers that she has been gifted with a magical power that allows her to see something far beyond the waking world…the shadow realm!

This dimension is not a place that the average person can see, and this is made pretty clear to Mackayla when she starts to see the fake people who reside in the shadow realm.

As soon as Mackayla enters the shadow realm, everything in her bones is telling her that it is somehow related to what happened to her sister, but what is the truth?

How can she get to the bottom of what happened to her? The series follows Mackayla on her quest to find out and includes a variety of themes such as:

  • Romance
  • Familial Ties
  • Life and Death
  • Justice
  • Good vs. Evil
  • Loyalty

Fever Book Series In Order

Now that I have provided you with an overview of what this series is all about, I am now going to go ahead and explore the correct reading order


Darkfever: Fever Series Book 1

In the first installment of this series, the reader is introduced to Mackayla Lane. Her life is pretty good – she has amazing friends, a job that she enjoys and her car only breaks down now and then.

Mackayla thinks that she’s pretty normal, especially as far as her life is concerned. Still, all of that changes when something unexpected happens.

Sadly, her sister is murdered and all that Mackayla has as a clue is a strange and cryptic message left on her cell phone.

Determined to find answers and bring her sister to justice, Mackayla’s mysterious voicemail leads her all the way to Ireland, and before she knows it -she soon discovers that she has a magical gift that allows her to see into the shadow realm where the faces live.

As Mac finds herself delving deeper into the mystery surrounding her sister’s death, she feels almost certain that the shadow realm is linked to it all… but how?

There are whispers of an all-powerful dark book that poses the ultimate danger, and Mac knows that she needs it.

But, with the dangerous face, Vlane, trying to close in on her and Mac’s undying attraction to Jericho, a mysterious man she feels strangely drawn to – can Macayla solve what happened to her sister and save her world as she knows it?


  • Thrilling and fast-paced.
  • Good dialogue that helps to advance the story.
  • Purposeful characters.


  • Some readers find that the author can be over-descriptive at points.


Bloodfever: Fever Series Book 2

In Bloodfever, Mackayla is fighting to stay alive. She’s still on the quest to find the Sinsar Dubh (the all-powerful book) which she now knows holds black magic that can break the fabric of this world and the faves.

She is being pursued by assassins and still hasn’t discovered the truth about her sister – not to mention, she’s torn between two powerful men that she feels strangely pulled to – Jericho and V’lane.

With the walls of the two worlds crumbling apart, Mac is the only person that can prevent the worlds of the fae and the humans from colliding.


  • Good continuation from the first book.
  • New characters help to advance the plot.


  • Some readers have stated that the plot can be hard to follow at certain times.


Faefever: Fever Series Book 3

In Faefever, Mackayla’s search for the all-powerful book has taken her on a journey around the twisting streets of Dublin, and all the while, she’s got a mysterious policeman sniffing around.

In order to get the Sinsar Dubh, she forges an alliance with V’lane and Jericho and soon finds herself locked in a fight for not only the book – but her mind and soul, too.


  • Fast-paced and entertaining.
  • Clear and sharp dialogue.


  • Some readers state that this book is a little “dark” at points.


Dreamfever: Fever Series Book 4

Jericho and V’lane are fighting to win Mac’s heart, but her focus is set on her missing parents.

With her parents missing and a looming threat of her loved ones getting hurt, Mac knows that she is about to come heads on with the unsettling truth about why she can see the shadow realm, and what it has to do with her sister’s death.


  • Great momentum that adds plenty of tension.
  • New characters help to drive the story forward.


  • Some find the ending to be disappointing.


Shadowfever: Fever Series Book 5

In the fifth installment, the hunter becomes the hunted with the all-powerful book inexplicably begins to turn on Mac by hurting those that she loves most. What can she do?

Who can she turn to for help? With time ticking and the threat of the Sinsar Dubh, Mac needs to act, and act fast!


  • Awesome finale.
  • Unpredictable, fast-paced, and page turning.


  • A complex plot that can be hard to follow at points.


Iced: Fever Series Book 6

In Iced, you’ll meet a new character: Dani O’Malley who is Mackayla’s ex-best friend. After Dublin’s most alluring nightclub gets covered in hoarfrost, Dani inexplicably finds herself in the hands of Ryodan, who is the club’s ruthless fae owner.

He needs her to help him figure out what’s freezing the fae and humans in his club, and Ryodan will do anything to get her to comply… Can they work together to stop everyone from becoming iced?


  • Fun and entertaining.
  • An additional insight into the Fever universe without Mac, Jericho, or V’lane.


  • No focus on Mackayla in this book.


Burned: Fever Series Book 7

Mackayla returns! During Halloween, the wall that protects humans from the shadow wall seemingly breaks, leaving innocent people at risk of being hunted by the fae.

Dublin is the heart of the war zone, passions are flaring and tensions are rising – Mac knows that in order to restore the wall and save innocent lives, she’s going to need the help of Dani. But, can she put the past in the past?


  • Heavy focus on sisterhood.
  • Epic war scenes.
  • Great dialogue that propels the story forward.


  • Some readers find that there are small plot holes that can lead to confusion.


Feverborn: A Fever Novel

In Feverborn, the wall that keeps the shadow realm and the human world separated has been destroyed. Due to this, pieces of the Earth as Mac knows it is beginning to crumble away, piece by piece.

In order to restore peace once again, the Song of Making needs to be solved, but can Mac do it and bring peace back to Dublin and the world?


  • Great pacing and a good continuation of plot.
  • New characters as well as the re-introduction of old ones.
  • Very good writing.


  • Lots of readers have questions left unanswered from certain plot points.


Feversong: A Fever Novel

Black holes are looming over Dublin, and there’s a growing threat that – at any moment – the world as Mac knows it could vanish completely.

The Sinsar Dubh has possessed her body and is on a quest to achieve power, and the only way to put an end to it is by destroying the book entirely.

The Nine, Seelie, and the Unseelie all have a heart-wrenching choice to make for the greater good.


  • Good pacing.
  • Return of old, beloved characters.
  • Great writing and dialogue that keeps the reader engaged.


  • Some readers feel that the plot continuation could be better.

High Voltage

High Voltage (Fever Book 10)

Dani O’Malley is determined to stop the Faerie Queen from enslaving mankind after she uses the Song of Making to send dangerous black magic deep into the core of the Earth.

To help restore order before everything is lost, Dani teams up with Ryodan to save the world. Can they stop the Faerie Queen and mankind?


  • Thrilling and nail-biting.
  • Return of older characters.
  • Easy to read thanks to good plot continuation.


  • Some readers feel certain parts are “filler” text.

Kingdom Of Shadow And Light

Kingdom of Shadow and Light (Fever Book 11)

Last but certainly not least, the 11th and final installment of the Fever series is the thrilling Kingdom of Shadow and Light. Mackayla is back for this last installment in the series and is determined to do good as the High Queen of the Fae.

When a deadly foe resurfaces, an epic battle breaks out between the Fae and the Mortal – but will Mac be able to sacrifice everything to save the fate of humanity?


  • Excellent writing – you won’t want to put this one down!
  • Very good continuation of the plot from previous installments.
  • The epic war that’s been brewing finally takes place.


  • Some readers aren’t overly happy with the ending.

Final Thoughts

There we have it! You’ve made it to the end of the article.

Now that you have taken the time to read through everything that we have shared with you above, I hope that you are now feeling a lot more confident about what the Fever series is about, as well as what order this series should be read in.

Before you go ahead and leave this guide, we have a F.A.Q section below where I have answered some of the most common questions that most people who are planning to start the Fever series find themselves asking.

Along with that, why don’t you save this page? By doing so, you’ll always be able to come back and refresh your memory on the reading order. Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy this series!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Fever Series Complete?

The Fever series is an 11 book series, and at the time of writing, there are no plans for a 12th Fever installment.

Is The Fever Series A Romance?

While the Fever series is not classed as a romance series, there is a romance subplot that takes place throughout the series.

What Order Should I Read The Fever Series?

The best way to read the Fever series is in publication order, which is the order in which we have shared with you above. This order is recommended to those who are just getting started with the series, as well as those re-reading the series.

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