All The Gears Of War Books In Order

If you were a fan of the video game franchise, you may be interested in diving into the book series of Gears Of War.

All The Gears Of War Books In Order

Reading this series is one of the best ways to revisit Marcus Fenix’s story and head back to the world of Sera.

So, you’ll need to read the Gears Of War books in order, and luckily – I’ve got the correct order within this helpful guide.

If you’re ready to find out the right order, then read on!

About Gears Of War

Gears of War

The Gears Of War series was originally a video game franchise that was released in the late 2000s.

The video game focused on the main protagonist Marcus Fenix, a member of Delta Squad.

Marcus, along with plenty of others, is part of this world’s military force and is tasked with eradicating the world of the locust.

The locust are dark, mutant-like creatures that lived underground until emergence day (E-Day).

Once E-Day occurred, the locust began their attempt at a world takeover – which began the world’s resistance efforts.

Meanwhile, the personal story of Marcus and other supporting characters like Dom are explored.

The book series explores these characters and this story even further. It goes beyond just the eyes of Delta Squad and introduces even more memorable characters that you will love.

The RAAM book series specifically explores the story of one of the most infamous antagonists in this world, General RAAM.

The series allows the reader to get a perspective on the General’s psychology and darkness.


Gears Of War began as a video game series but has since been adapted into a very in-depth series of novels.

These novels explore the world of Sera from lots of characters, new and old.

The Gears Of War Books In Order

Now, I’ll give you the Gears Of War books in order. You’re going to love this series, but it will only make sense if you read them chronologically.

Gears Of War: Aspho Fields

Gears Of War: Aspho Fields

Anyone that ever played the video game series will be aware of how often the protagonist Marcus Fenix mentioned battling at Aspho Fields during the famous Pendulum Wars.

This book explores that battle and the surrounding events which were not covered in the video games (for more video game books, check out our guide to the Mass Effect Series).

Marcus, along with his best friend and fellow soldier Dom continue their story as the novel shows you exactly what happened and why this battle was so important.

During the battle, the two were joined by Dom’s brother Carlos – and as the story progresses, you discover many secrets and dark truths that were previously unknown to you as readers.


  • It provides an in-depth exploration of the events prior to the video games


  • People who have not played the video games may be unclear about the events

Gears Of War: Jacinto’s Remnant

Gears of War: Jacinto's Remnant

The second installment in this intriguing series continues after a fifteen year battle for mankind’s survival.

The COGs (Coalition Of Ordered Governments) are forced to make a very difficult decision and destroy Jacinto – one of the main cities.

This is because Jacinto has now been overrun with the locust, and this seems to be the only way to deal with the problem. However, the soldiers must safely evacuate refugees and survivors first.

However, upon arrival at Jacinto, they find that the true enemy may not be locust at all, but something much more dangerous – man.


  • The story progresses a whole lot further and shows how dangerous man can be


  • Contextually, this story can be problematic without prior reading

Gears Of War: Anvil Gate

Gears of War: Anvil Gate

This addition to the Gears Of War series is a direct sequel to the previous novel, and it shows us the rebuilding process of human society.

With the locust seemingly eradicated, the Gears help with the healing of mankind.

With random attacks from raiders which are quickly dispatched by the Gears, it looks like everything is going to be okay – but we know it’s never as simple as that.

The Gears and mankind now must deal with a threat even bigger than the locust.

This novel begins to explore the threat that even the locust themselves fear.


  • Some shocking twists and turns


  • The timeline is often a little unclear

Gears Of War: Coalition’s End

Gears Of War: Coalition's End by Karen Traviss (2011-08-04)

Following on from the events of the previous book, Coalition’s End finally unveils the true nature of this brand new threat.

Lambent locusts are battling both the locust and mankind, and these are a sort of mutated version of the locust.

We discover the true reason why the locust were escaping from their homeland and the two enemies may need to come together to take out the larger threat.

But will they be able to do this after fifteen years of horrendous war?


  • Much clearer timeline and explores the story in far more detail


  • The concept of lambent locust can be confusing

Gears Of War: The Slab

The Slab (Gears of War)

After many years of bloody battles and awful events, things seem to get even bleaker as the locust horde are threatening to overthrow humanity’s one remaining bastion of Ephyra.

However, during this troubling time – Marcus discovers his father is still alive.

He does the unthinkable and defies Colonel Hoffman’s orders, which is a death penalty offense.

Marcus abandons his post and heads to rescue his father, Dr. Adam Fenix, who is one of the world’s last remaining geniuses.

A weapons expert and highly decorated scientist, Adam Fenix might be able to help mankind – but he needs Marcus’s help before he can do anything!


  • Introduction of new characters and deeper character development


  • You might not be familiar with Marcus’s father without playing the video games

Gears Of War: Ascendence

Gears of War: Ascendance

This book acts as a prequel to the fifth installment in the video game franchise.

The Gears are preparing to defend humanity from a swarm of locusts that are heading to one of the remaining human strongholds.

However, First Minister Jinn does not believe the Gears about the threat and its scale, requiring proof before they do anything about it – also requesting loyalty, much to the dismay of Marcus Fenix.

Providing a real look into the problems that politics can play in war, this book becomes very dark and grounded in reality.


  • Excellent way to learn more before playing Gears Of War V


  • The time jump and introduction of new characters is baffling without playing the game

Gears Of War: Bloodline

Gears of War: Bloodlines

You now explore the protagonist Kate Diaz, who follows in her father’s footsteps as a Gear.

The book explores all of the events that led to Kate becoming a gear, going as far back as the events from the Pendulum Wars and why she had to follow her father.

The story flips and flops between Kate’s story and her father’s story through flashbacks and then the current timeline – so be prepared to pay full attention to what is going on!


  • Brand new characters and backstories are explored


  • The timeline with flashbacks can seriously become convoluted

Gears Of War: Ephyra Rising

Gears of War: Ephyra Rising

Finally, the locust war has come to an end – but this is far from a victory for all of mankind.

After an energy weapon, created by Dr. Adam Fenix, was used to eradicate locusts and lambent locusts, society is completely destroyed too.

However, it is not just society that appears broken and without a cause. Marcus Fenix, who has spent almost his entire life fighting for a cause, now seemingly has nothing else to fight for.

Without a purpose, Marcus finds himself lost and questioning his own existence – ironic, considering he was fighting specifically for humanity to exist.

This story explores the rebuilding process of society, the reforming of the COGs, and providing everybody with a new role.

Marcus is tasked with assessing if there are any locust survivors in the destruction.

As he does so, he discovers that the locust survivors may not be the next threat – but the real danger is much more grounded in humanity.


  • We return to Marcus’s story and have much more character development


  • There’s seemingly no “payoff” ending to the war, with more to follow

The Gears Of War RAAM & Hivebusters Series

Outside of the main storyline, there is also a RAAM series of books that explores one of the biggest antagonists in the Gears Of War world. These novels are:

There is also a Hivebusters series that follows Team Scorpio and their story arc:

The Bottom Line

Gears Of War has a huge world and amazing story, which you can further explore with these novels! We hope you enjoy them all.

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