The Ultimate List Of Heather Graham Books In Order

The only way to read Heather Graham’s books is to do so in order.

The Ultimate List Of Heather Graham Books, Mystery In Order

Her books are quite the treat for any reader who enjoys romantic suspense novels, however, they can also be enjoyed by those who enjoy historical romance books or paranormal romance. If you want romance, Heather Graham has it!

Heather Graham is incredibly popular amongst the romance reader community, and it is no surprise, however, some mystery lovers enjoy her work too, as it has a touch of mystery in her romances.

She has released many series and all are worth a read. But, how should you read her books? Let me tell you how!

About Heather Graham Books

I’ve read most of Heather Graham’s books, even some of the standalones.

When reading them, pick out the Krewe of Hunters series, and read that in chronological order, it is so important as you get a better understanding of most of the recurring characters.

The Flynn brothers is also worth reading in order, as is the Finnegan Connection. The Harrison investigation doesn’t need to be read in order, however, it is always better to do so. But, you won’t lose much if you do not.

Heather Graham, our favorite author, was born in 1953 in Florida, and she sold her first book in 1982, titled ‘When Next We Love’.

After this, she started producing endless romantic suspense novels, time travel, vampire, romance, historical romance novels and so much more.

There are some incredible 150 novels under varying pseudonyms, including her maiden name: Heather Graham, under which most of her romantic suspense novels are written.

However, she also writes under Heather Graham Pozzessere (married name) and Shannon Drake (historical romances).

Heather Graham Books In Order

When considering the Heather Graham books, her main series should most definitely be read in chronological order (Krewe of Hunters), however, most of her work does not need to be, but I still recommend doing so, as there is always more to gain from doing so.

Krewe Of Hunters Series

Phantom Evil (Krewe of Hunters Book 1)

This book series is based around Adam Harrison, a previous paranormal investigator who makes up a team/secret government unit that has the specific purpose of solving mysterious and unusual cases.

Each member of his team has psychic powers of some form, which they are each able to use to help to solve crimes and investigate paranormal occurrences.

This is a favorite series for many fans, however, it is a very long series. When reading this series it is important to read it in chronological order.

  1. Phantom Evil
  2. Heart of Evil
  3. Sacred Evil
  4. The Evil Inside
  5. The Unseen
  6. The Unholy
  7. The Unspoken
  8. The Uninvited
  9. The Night Is Watching
  10. The Night Is Alive
  11. The Night Is Forever
  12. Crimson Twilight
  13. The Cursed
  14. The Hexed
  15. The Betrayed
  16. When Irish Eyes Are Haunting
  17. The Silenced
  18. The Forgotten
  19. The Hidden
  20. All Hallows Eve
  21. Haunted Destiny
  22. Deadly Fate
  23. Darkest Journey
  24. Dying Breath
  25. Dark Rites
  26. Hallow Be The Haunt
  27. Wicked Deeds
  28. Fade To Black
  29. Pale As Death
  30. Echoes Of Evil
  31. Haunted Be The Holidays
  32. Christmas, The Krewe, And A Large White Rabbit
  33. The Summoning
  34. The Seekers
  35. The Stalking
  36. Blood Night
  37. Horror-Ween
  38. Seeing Darkness
  39. Deadly Touch
  40. Dreaming Death
  41. The Dead Heat of Summer
  42. The Unforgiven
  43. The Forbidden
  44. The Unknown
  45. Haunted House
  46. Sound Of Darkness
  47. Aura Of Night
  48. Voice Of Fear
  49. Descend To Darkness


  • Addictive reading.
  • Ideal for avid readers who always need to have another book ready.
  • Spooky, exciting, mysterious, and invigorating read.
  • Unique-styled paranormal romance.
  • Standalone stories are included within the primary series.


  • Should not be read out of order (but can be).
  • 49 books in total, this is a lot if you wanted to read the paperbacks.
  • Complex.

New York Confidential

Flawless (New York Confidential Book 1)

The first book talks about the Finnegan family, setting the mood for the rest of the series and what readers should expect from Heather Graham this time!

A pub in New York City has been in the Finnegan family for many generations. Now, Kieran and her brothers own it. However, Kieran is also a criminal psychologist.

Her job is probably a rather fitting reaction to her lawless-teenage past. In the meantime, the Diamond District of New York has been hit with a string of thefts, but luckily no one has been killed, until now!

An FBI agent is brought in to investigate and the agent and Kieran meet up at a jewelry store, in the middle of a heist.

She is there to ‘un-steal’ a flawless stone taken by her youngest brother, acting in vengeance, while the agent is there to stop the gang. However, the FBI starts wondering if there are 2 diamond-thieving gangs.

Kieran and Craig are both assigned to the case, but much to the horror of Kieran, the pub is suspect, after all… Everyone goes to Finnegan’s! A great and unique crime-mystery.

  1. Flawless
  2. A Perfect Obsession
  3. A Dangerous Game
  4. A Lethal Legacy
  5. The Final Deception


  • Murder-mystery crime thriller series.
  • Does not need to be read in order, but does benefit from it.
  • Enjoyable characters.
  • Only 5 books long, short series, but long enough to enjoy.


  • Does not need to be read in order, but benefits from it.
  • Not as enticing as ‘Krewe Of Hunters’.

Finnegan Connection

Hostage At Crystal Manor (The Finnegan Connection Book 1)

The Finnegan Connection is not centered around one character or group in particular. The first book ‘Law and Order’ tells the story of Kody Cameron as she tries to escape her captors.

The second book ‘Shadows In The Night’ follows criminologist Harley Frasier, who is grieving the death of her mentor, but suspecting murder.

When the Amenmose exhibit starts a series of unexplained attacks, she must seek help from the only person she has left to trust.

The third book ‘Out Of The Darkness’ follows Sarah Hampton who is haunted by the night that her high school romance was almost ruined by a bloody massacre.

However, the horror returns, and how her high school romance needs to protect her from a killer, or lose her forever.

As you can see here, these books are all unconnected, which means that they are the ideal series to read if you do not want to read a series that you need to read in a strict order.

  1. Law & Disorder
  2. Shadows In the Night
  3. Out Of The Darkness


  • Unconnected books, so no need to read them in order.
  • Short series, easily purchasable in physical format.
  • Romantic and mysterious.


  • Only 3 books in the series.
  • Not connected, making the series feel more standalone.

Cafferty & Quinn Series

Let the Dead Sleep (Cafferty & Quinn Novels Book 1)

Heather Graham’s Cafferty & Quinn Series focuses on the character of Danielle Cafferty, who is an antique shop dealer, as well as Michael Quinn, a private investigator.

The two team up to solve strange crimes that the police would not touch, or would not have any idea where to start seeking answers. Cafferty and Quinn also become life partners too, making them a romantic crime solving duo.

Many readers enjoy this series thanks to its crime aspect but also the unique romantic touch it has. This series does not necessarily need to be read in chronological order, but it is best read that way.

  1. Let The Dead Sleep
  2. Waking The Dead
  3. Infernal Night
  4. The Dead Play On
  5. Toys In the Attic
  6. Blood On The Bayou
  7. Big Easy Evil
  8. Bitter Reckoning


  • Romance and crime solving mystery.
  • Doesn’t have to be read in chronological order.
  • The curious combination of an antique shop dealer and PI.


  • The level of romance in the crime series is perhaps not for everyone.
  • Books do not need to be read in chronological order.

Harrison Investigation Series

Haunted (Harrison Investigation)

Each of the novels in the Harrison Investigation series has a focus on unique paranormal investigations that involve different unique pairs of people. This means that you could realistically start reading this series from any book at all.

However, I am an avid believer in reading books in their chronological/ published order, this does not mean that you need to. Whether you read them chronologically or not will not impact the enjoyment of the series.

  1. Haunted
  2. The Presence
  3. Ghost Walk
  4. The Vision
  5. The Dead Room
  6. The Séance
  7. The Death Dealer
  8. Unhallowed Ground
  9. Nightwalker
  10. The Killing Edge


  • It does not need to be read in chronological order.
  • Different people per book.
  • Paranormal crime/mystery.


Bone Island Trilogy Order

Ghost Memories (The Bone Island Trilogy Book 1)

While the Bone Island Trilogy does not focus on any particular characters throughout the series, it actually focuses more on the Island itself and the mysterious, deadly past it has.

The series actually starts with a prequel ‘Ghost Memories’. Back in the 19th century, privateers and pirates were still wreaking havoc in the Caribbean.

Bartholomew Miller was one of these, and after he had spent years in the seas of England as a privateer, he found love and a home on Bone Island off the Floridian coast. 

However, he made enemies, who would take everything and create a curse that would continue to haunt the island for centuries to come!

The first book focuses on Katie O’Hara who can intuit the presence of the dead, and when they start telling her about a gruesome murder, she cannot ignore them, but would someone like David Beckett really be responsible for murder?

The second book focuses on Vanessa Loren, and a slasher movie turned reality when two actors are murdered on the island during filming, with their bodies displayed gruesomely in homage to a centuries old massacre.

The third book focuses on Kelsey Donovan, the granddaughter of Cutter Merlin, who is thought to be haunting the house after his macabre death, amongst all his creepy collectible items, including a volume of occult lore that rests in his grip as he died.

  1. Ghost Memories
  2. Ghost Shadow
  3. Ghost Night
  4. Ghost Moon


  • Pirate-themed and historical romance mystery genre – unique topic.
  • Unique storylines, all tied to one place.
  • Best read in order, but not necessary.
  • Has a prequel book to get you in the mood.


  • Gruesome scenes are described.
  • The pirate curse theme may be a bit ‘cliché’ for some readers.
  • Different tones of Heather Graham’s other work.

The Flynn Brothers Trilogy Order

Deadly Night (The Flynn Brothers Trilogy Book 1)

The Flynn Brothers Trilogy focuses on the Flynn brothers and their private investigations into suspicious and strange occurrences.

These books do not actually need to be read in order, but doing so can be beneficial to your understanding of the brothers.

The first book in the trilogy focuses mostly on Aiden Flynn, who is the eldest of the brothers and is a private investigator, who ends up looking into haunted-house rumors. 

The second book has more focus on Jeremy Flynn, who is a cop. In the second book, Jeremy Flynn investigates a woman found dead in a field, looking like a scarecrow, working alongside Rowenna Cavanaugh, who too, is investigating this gruesome end.

The third book focuses on Zach Flynn. After Caer spends Christmas nursing Sean O’Riley.

But, paranoia breaks out in O’Riley’s family, and a business partner goes missing, leading Zach Flynn to aid Caer in solving this mystery, as a spirit haunts the mansion with a deadly gift.

  1. Deadly Night
  2. Deadly Harvest
  3. Deadly Gift


  • Books focused on 3 brothers, with one book centered around one specific brother.
  • Books need not be read in chronological order.
  • PI storylines across all 3 books.


  • While the books centralize around the brothers, there is little else tying them together.
  • Each book is very different in terms of storyline.

Prophecy Series Order

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The Prophecy series only has one book at the time of writing, this book is titled ‘Dust To Dust’.

It follows the story of Scott Bryant who would once have seen himself as an ordinary man, but an act of heroism changed this, at least until the apocalypse.

Suddenly, Scott finds himself allied with Melanie to find the Oracle in hope of stopping the forthcoming apocalypse. Melanie falls into trances, sketching visions of the horrific events to come, and she knows where to help.

The world is about to turn against those who live in it, and now all need to band together simply in the name of survival. While this is a series, there is still only one book, so it is up to you if you wish to view it as a standalone.

  1. Dust To Dust


  • Apocalypse-topic book.
  • Mystical/Magical thriller mystery genre.
  • Two central characters, making for easy reading.


  • The series only has 1 book thus far.

Soap Series Order

Long, Lean, and Lethal (Valentine Valley)

‘Soap’ is a series that focuses on romance, suspense, and mystery with drama in the glossy world of soap operas. There are no consistent characters in the series, meaning each book can be read separately, and in no particular order.

All three of these books focus on the romance and drama of TV soap operas and what happens behind the scenes, when things go wrong and danger outbreaks.

My personal favorite was ‘Killing Kelly’, this one just oozed traditional Heather Graham, and the drama that surrounded Kelly in the book was so enticing.

While it is very high in drama, as you would expect, it still has the traditional earmarks of Graham’s romance thriller writing.

  1. Long, Lean, and Lethal
  2. Dying To Have Her
  3. Killing Kelly


  • Soap-opera topic, unique scene for a crime.
  • Each book can be read in whichever order.
  • Balance of romance and crime.


  • Soap opera themes are not for everyone.
  • Only 3 books in the series.
  • Don’t need to be read in chronological order.

Standalone Books By Heather Graham

A Matter of Circumstance & The New Deputy in Town (Harlequin Bestselling Author Collection)

Heather Graham also has 18 standalone novels for individuals who prefer to have a single book they can enjoy on its own from time to time. Extensive series are not for everyone, after all.

All of these books have unique storylines and are focused on different characters in different places.

It is hard to pick out a favorite of these, however, A Season of Miracles is a probable favorite for the reason that it is quite touching and romantic. However, Hurricane Bay is definitely jam-packed with crime and thrills.

  1. A Matter Of Circumstance
  2. Drop Dead Gorgeous
  3. Tall, Dark, & Deadly
  4. A Season Of Miracles
  5. Hurricane Bay
  6. Picture Me Dead
  7. Dead On The Dance Floor
  8. Night Of The Blackbird
  9. In The Dark
  10. Suspicious
  11. The Island
  12. The Last Noel
  13. The Rising
  14. American Drifter
  15. Undercover Connection
  16. Tangled Threat
  17. Witness To Death
  18. Danger In Numbers


  • Some of the standalones tie into other series/books as additional material in some ways.
  • Each book is very different.
  • Plenty of selection.


  • Ties into other books, but do not openly have affiliations with the other series, difficult to work out.
  • Different topics.
  • Some are more romance focused, others more paranormal focused, etc.

Final Thoughts

Heather Graham is a writer who has been working on her books for a very long time, and her series of the Krewe of Hunters is without a doubt the most popular.

While you do not need to read of all Heather Graham’s books in order, you should read Krewe Of Hunters in order, as this is a continual series with the same characters, so realistically you want to ensure you do not miss out on any of the vital information included about the series from book to book.

Aside from this, a majority of the other books need not be read in any particular order, and so you can ignore a majority of the orders if you really wanted to, however, some of the series, such as Cafferty and Quinn, do benefit from reading them in order.

Bone Island may also benefit from reading in order, as would the Flynn Brothers Trilogy, however, this is not critical.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Books Are In The Krewe Of Hunters Series?

Krewe of Hunters technically has 55 books included if you include all the novellas and additional material.

Is There A Sequel To Danger In Numbers?

Crimson Summer by Heather Graham is the 2nd book in the series. Though currently listed as a standalone, this is now adapting into a series.

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