The Perfect House Of Night Book Series Order

The House of Night book series is an international hit – there are over 20 million books of this series printed, and it has remained on the New York Times bestseller list for more than two years straight.

The Perfect House Of Night Series Order, Written By P.C. Cast And Kristin Cast

And for fans, or those interested in the series, this should come as no surprise.

Dubbed by MTV as “Twilight meets Harry Potter” this series is perfect for young adults who want to dip their toe in worlds of magic and mystery, and at the same time also darkness.

It is such a popular and compelling series that the television rights have now been sold to the producers of the ShadowHunters series, namely Don Carmody and David Cormican.

The release date for this television series was not yet confirmed when this article was written, but it is certain to go ahead, so please be sure to read the books before you watch the series to ensure that you don’t inadvertently get any spoilers.

That said, there are a staggering 12 books in the main series, not to mention the novellas and the bonus books, so the sooner you start reading, the better!

About The House Of Night Series

The House of Night series is a vampire-themed fantasy series aimed at young adults.

The series tells a story of a seemingly ordinary 16-year-old female character (Zoey) who is to attend the House of Night boarding school where she must learn to become a fledgling vampire.

As she makes her way through her time in this rather extraordinary school, Zoey must deal with all the usual trials and tribulations of being a young adult, all the while having all such drama heightened by supernatural goings-on.

And believe me, there are few things more intense and dramatic than teenage angst when starting a new life, set in a world where vampires have always existed among humans.

The overarching themes in this series include friendship, loyalty, coming of age, romance, mistrust, and deception.

The House Of Night Series Books In Order (Main Series Plus Novellas)

There are 12 books in the main series, and there are also four novellas that can also be read alongside the series.

Coming up next, I have listed all the books in this series, along with the 4 novellas in the chronological order of the storyline, which, as far as I’m concerned, is the best way to enjoy this particular series.

There is also a 4-book bonus series, written by the same two authors, that carries on where the main series finishes (more on this later).

Here I’ll provide a brief overview of each book in the main series in order and give you one or two pros and cons of each.

I have tried to avoid giving spoilers as best I can, but unfortunately some spoilers are inevitable. Here goes.


Marked (House of Night, Book 1)

This is the very beginning of the story, introducing a world, not unlike ours, but with one very stark difference – vampires live among us, and they have magical powers.

The story follows a very relatable young 16-year-old called Zoey, who has been sent off to the House of Night, which is basically a boarding school for fledgling vampires.

Understandably scared at first, this book sees Zoey starting a new life, making important friends, and finding out that she is no average fledgling. (Hence the Harry Potter comparison.)

Zoey soon discovers that a classmate in the school’s most elite club is corrupt and is misusing her powers, Zoey must find it within herself to put a stop to it.

Thankfully, Zoe is blessed with the assistance of a few fledgling vampire friends she has made along the way.


  • This book sets the scene for the entire series and provides the context that you’d need to wrap your head around before you can fully appreciate the remainder of the books. It’s crucial to the storyline.


  • At the end of this book there remain many unresolved issues, so it does not work as a standalone, and you will want to continue with the series to learn what is going to happen next.


Betrayed (A House of Night)

This installment of the story sees Zoey at last settled at the House of Night, and accustomed to her vast powers bestowed upon her by the Nyx the vampire goddess.

She also finds herself the new Leader of the Dark Daughters. And not only does she finally feel like she belongs, but she also has a boyfriend too.

But things don’t stay happy for long, human teenagers are being killed off one by one, and the prime suspects are the residents of House of Night.

And things really hit home for Zoey when her human family finds themselves targeted.

But tragedy first strikes at the House of Night itself. Worse yet, this happens to someone close to her.

And the coming of age trope continues as Zoey faces up to a heart-breaking betrayal that puts the very fabric of her world in the balance.


  • The story carries on with the coming of age trope


  • This story features the death of a central character


Chosen (House of Night, Book 3)

Things get really tough for Zoey in this third installment of the series, and it becomes hard to ascertain who is a true friend and a true enemy as alliances switch and trust becomes a very rare commodity.

Then there’s the issue of courting three boyfriends, while bloodlust becomes an ongoing concern.

It then appears that the human People of Faith have had enough of living alongside vampires, as more and more of them keep turning up really dead rather than undead.

And this goes for the professors too.

But is this the full picture, or is there more to the story for Zoey to uncover?


  • The drama goes up a notch with life and death at stake


  • Not suitable for younger readers due to steamy scenes


Untamed (House of Night, Book 4)

In the space of a week, Zoey has gone from having three boyfriends to having none.

What’s more, she’s also lost her support network of friends and has become nothing short of an outcast.

And that’s not all – the High Priestess Neferet has declared war on humans – something Zoey knows is out-and-out wrong but feels powerless to speak out about.

At the same time, loyalties at the House of Night are tested and the shocking true intentions of certain characters are revealed.

Worse yet, an ancient evil has been awakened that threatens so much that Zoey holds dear.


  • Many readers felt that this 4th installment was even better than the first 3 books in the series


  • The Kindle edition has lots of typos and grammatical errors


Hunted: A House of Night Novel (House of Night Novels, 5)

This 5th book in the series sees a new and unexpected danger that puts them all at risk.

Meanwhile, the High Priestess has a powerful new consort, Kalona, and Zoey needs to break the spell he seems to have over the school and free everyone from his sinister influence.

At the same time, Zoey has the chance to rectify things with one ex, while still thinking about someone else.

It’s down to Zoey to convince everyone that Kalona is truly evil and to recruit people to help her put a stop to him and his ways.


  • This is a book pulsing with danger and suspense


  • Some readers may find the romance plots confusing


Tempted: A House of Night Novel (House of Night Novels, 6)

This sixth installment of the series covers the aftermath of the High Priestess’ reign of terror alongside Kalona.

And, as Zoey’s recovering from her recent brush with death along with Stark, she must also confront the confusing feelings that she has regarding the ancient Cherokee maiden A-ya, a dangerously seductive immortal.

At the same time, there are dark secrets coming between Zoey and Stevie Rae.

Stevie is clearly up to something, but Zoey doesn’t know what, and while Stevie was always the one to have her back, Zoey now wonders if she can trust her at all.

They are to proceed with caution if they are to salvage the House of Night.


  • The great thing about this installment is that the story is told from multiple characters’ points of view rather than merely from Zoey’s alone


  • The ending is one that you will either love or hate


Burned: A House of Night Novel (House of Night Novels, 7)

Everything Zoey’s ever stood for is falling apart at the seams, and she’s struggling to be the person she once was.

The only living person who can reach her is Stark, but just how is he going to get to her?

Of course, Stevie Rae wants to help, but at this point, she has massive problems of her own to deal with.

Stevie’s secret may be the key to rescuing Zoey, but at the same time, it also threatens to change everything.

Things certainly aren’t easy – there are rogue red fledglings to contend with, Dallas, Stevie’s sweet but nosy sort of boyfriend.

And then there’s Aphrodite, who has visions of the future and allows the goddess to speak through her.

Aphrodite’s loyalty to the girls is paramount, but which way is she going to go?


  • This 7th book features the provocative character Aphrodite, an ex-Fledgling, trust-fund baby, total hag from Hell (and proud of it)


  • Stevie Rae is still hiding something from Zoey, which was also a strong theme in the previous book


Awakened: A House of Night Novel (House of Night Novels, 8)

Neferet has returned to her post of High Priestess at the House of Night, and she is after her revenge on Zoey. But luckily, Zoey is not there…

Zoey has sought sanctuary on the Isle of Skye and the plan is for her to take over from Queen Sgiach.

Understandably, she’s not at all inclined to return to Tulsa. Not after what happened with Heath.

Similarly, her relationship with Stark will probably never be the same either.

And then there’s Stevie Rae and the Raven Mocker, Rephaim. No one in the world is okay with them being together.

Rephaim has to choose between betraying his father, Kalona, and betraying his heart to be used against Stevie Rae.

This 8th book in the series really puts the friendships between the characters to the test


  • This book has lots of interesting twists and turns


  • With so much going on, some readers have felt this book is too confusing

Dragon’s Oath (Novella)

Dragon's Oath (House of Night)

The purpose of this bonus short story is to provide a little backstory into the character of Dragon Lankford, one of the House of Night’s most important and elusive professors, and a formidable warrior and fencing instructor no less.

The story tells of a time when a dark power threatened, and Dragon sought to protect the young professor Anastasia.

Dragon must do everything in his power to ward off the evil set upon them.


  • Dragon’s character is really fleshed out in this book, as his relationship with Anastasia


  • It’s not essential to read this book to be able to follow the main series, this is just a bonus short book to provide a little more backstory of a particular character


Destined: A House of Night Novel (House of Night Novels, 9)

Finally home once again, safe in the hands of Stark, Zoey is readying up to face Neferet once again.

The challenge, however, is that the High Council still doesn’t see Neferet for who she really is.

Meanwhile, Kalona has released his grip on the Raven Mocker Rephaim, and thanks to the gift from the goddess, he and Stevie Rae can finally be together properly, provided Rephaim remains on the right path.

Things are changing at the House of Night – an influx of humans disrupts the school’s stability.

And there’s an enigmatic new character, Aurox, who Zoey finds achingly familiar, and who is torn between his heartfelt compassion and his dark calling.

Zoey takes it upon herself to protect Aurox and everyone else from his fate.

But at the same time, Neferet is hell-bent on silencing everyone who threatens to reveal her true nature.


  • This particular installment is more fulfilling for those fans who’ve taken the time to read the Dragon’s Oath novella


  • Some readers found the references to pop culture quite distracting and felt it diminished the impact of the story

Lebonia’s Vow (Novella)

Lenobia's Vow: A House of Night Novella (House of Night Novellas, 2)

This short story begins in 1788, focusing on the story of Zoey’s favorite House of Night professor Lenobia.

Lebonia is just 16 years of age, and as the illegitimate daughter of a baron feels somewhat of an outcast.

Fate takes her aboard a ship heading to New Orleans to be married off to rich French men.

But aboard this ship is an evil bishop who has his eyes set on Lebonia.

Lebonia tries to remain hidden from him, and she befriends a young man at the ship’s stables.

They have to do everything in their power to make it to land, all the while keeping Lebonia’s true identity a closely guarded secret.


  • This is a truly beautiful love story that will warm the hearts of readers


  • It’s not essential to read this book to be able to follow the main series, this is just a bonus short book to provide a little more backstory of a particular character


Hidden: A House of Night Novel (House of Night Novels, 10)

At long last, the truth of Neferet’s evil nature has finally been exposed, and she no longer has the High Council on her side, much to the likes of our beloved Zoey.

However, Neferet is not finished wreaking havoc on their world.

Fire ravages the stables and Neferet makes a devastating move that will put them all to the test.

And just when everyone really needs to come together, distrust is already sewn, with the twins barely saying a word to each other and Kalona becoming the school’s warrior.

And if all that’s not enough, Zoey starts to question her own sanity following a vision regarding Aurox that she can neither understand nor explain to anyone.

Who would believe her anyway?

Tension is now at breaking point, but can the night nerd herd put things behind them, and should Zoey trust her instincts about Aurox if they are ever to put a stop to Neferet before it’s too late?


  • There’s a lot of praise for the storyline in this 10th book in the series


  • Stevie Rae barely features in this book

Neferet’s Curse (Novella)

Neferet's Curse: A House of Night Novella (House of Night Novellas, 3)

This story deviates from the main storyline but brings with it a great deal of riveting backstory of a central character.

Neferet was once called Emily Wheiler and was a 16-year-old girl living in 1893 whose whole life changes when her mother passes away.

But Mr. Wheiler is a powerful man at the center of Chicago’s social hub for the young and affluent, and Emily is tasked with filling in where her mother left off, in terms of being the perfect hostess and running the mansion.

A handsome young man takes Emily’s eye, but her father forbids Emily from seeing anyone.

Then, when her father reveals his very violent nature, Emily has nowhere else to turn but to be marked by a vampire and choose life in the Chicago House of Night.

But while she ought to be enthralled with her new-found magical life, she is consumed with a powerful need to exert her revenge on the one man she once trusted above all others.


  • You will be so invested in Emily’s story you’re likely to forget that she goes on to become the evil High Priestess Neferet


  • It’s not essential to read this book to be able to follow the main series, this is just a bonus short book to provide a little more backstory of a particular character


Revealed: A House of Night Novel (House of Night Novels, 11)

This penultimate installment sees Neferet at her most dangerous ever, and she is determined to seek revenge that will wreak havoc on both humans and vampires alike – including Zoey and her nerd herd.

And once again it’s the House of Night that comes into suspicion.

Can Zoey and crew help to disperse Neferet’s anger from escalating further still to prevent an out-and-out war?


  • Leaves readers excited about the next and final book in the series!


  • Some readers felt this book was disappointing and that it wasted time on irrelevancies and that it lacked action
  • It repeats some of what happens in the novella Neferet’s Curse

Kalona’s Fall (Novella)

Kalona's Fall: A House of Night Novella (House of Night Novellas, 4)

As the title suggests, this fourth and final novella concentrates on Kalona’s backstory.

Kalona is one of the companions of the Goddess Nyx.

But Kalona is not always with him and this hurts. Kalona is ruled by anger and jealousy and filled with doubt and longing.

He seeks the power to prove his worth to Nyx and claim her all for his own.

All the while, an ever-growing Darkness approaches, waiting for its chance to overthrow all that is right and good.


  • This is the book that brings the shadows in Kalona’s past out into the open


  • It’s not essential to read this book to be able to follow the main series, this is just a bonus short book to provide a little more backstory of a particular character


Redeemed: A House of Night Novel (House of Night Novels, 12)

In this final installment of the series, Zoey is in more trouble than ever before and is preparing for the punishment she feels she surely deserves after the events of the last book.

She is isolated from all those who cared for her and now has to undergo the Change.

Meanwhile, Neferet has crowned herself a Dark Goddess, made herself known to the mortals, and has begun enslaving them to do her bidding.

But with no single vampire strong enough to vanquish her, the residents of the House of Night must band together to defeat her.

It seems that the only individual who can help is Zoey – but to do so she would have to wield Old Magic and then bear the unholy consequences.


  • The reader finally gets to learn who prevails in this tense battle of good versus evil (I won’t give anything away)


  • This is the last book in the main series, and it’s sad to see the saga come to an end! But read on because there’s something else in store for you!

The House Of Night Other World Series Order (Following On From The Main Series)

Well, that may be the main series over, but the fun does not have to end there. Why? Because there’s an additional 4-book series to enjoy!

This is the House of Night Other World series, which picks up right where the main series left off and follows the story of Zoey from her 18th birthday and onwards.


Loved (A House of Night Other World, 1)

This first book of this bonus series begins with Zoey’s 18th birthday, and with the Nerd Herd scattered across the country.

Stark calls everyone back to Tulsa to surprise Zoey, but things don’t seem to be as they should be, and they begin to wonder whether Neferet is stirring once again.

The plan of action is to add an additional layer of protection around Neferet’s grotto jail, which ought to be a simple procedure, but the drama says otherwise…

Rabid red vampires are closing in fast and just as Zoey needs her nerd herd to pull together, allies seem to become more like enemies and there’s once again a battle of darkness versus light.


  • The night nerd herd is back together once again with more drama and thrills


  • This series can be hard to comprehend if you’re not already familiar with the world-building and characters of the main series



Things may have settled down since Zoey closed the tear between the two worlds, but things still aren’t right – in the Other World, her younger brother is using Old Magic, completely naive to the consequences.

She simply has to help him, but to do so she risks losing those who she has come to love.


  • You get to read from Kevin’s point of view!
  • Explores how things would have gone if Zoey had been killed


  • Some readers were disappointed that the setting of this series wasn’t brand new


Forgotten (House of Night Other World Series, Book 3) (A House of Night Other World, 3)

In the Other World, the Other Neferet remains hell-bent on world domination, but there is no sign of the Other Kalona. Did he ever exist there?

The new High Priestess of the Other World wants to work towards peace, but now that the Other World vampires have had a taste of real power, they don’t all want peace.

Of course, Zoey wants to rid the Other World of Neferet once and for all, and she’s even tempted to use Old Magic to achieve it, despite being warned by the nerd herd against it.

In this third installment of the bonus series, readers may learn what happens when dark powers are awakened once more, whether Other Kevin and his worlds can heal from Neferet’s actions, whether Old Magic can ever truly be harnessed for good and most of all whether the heroes in our story can prevail against the darkness that threatens them.


  • The reader gets to go through Other Neferet’s point of view and see the similarities and differences Neferet could make in a different world


  • Some readers felt that several subplots were going unexplored


Found (House of Night Other World series, Book 4) (The House of Night Other World Series, 4) (House of Night Other World, 4)

In this last book in the series, Other Neferet intends to release this world’s Neferet from her grotto prison, and seek out those who will support her cause.

Other Stark and Other Kevin are hot on her trail, however.

But how come? Has that oh-so-costly Old Magic been invoked once again? And who is to suffer for it?

A motley crew of unlikely allies begins to band together with Zoey in an attempt to defeat her dangerous and deadly nemesis, Neferet.

But can they summon enough power, or will they be left defeated, and have both worlds claimed by Darkness?


  • You get to find out what happens at the very end!


  • Sadly, there will be no continuation of the series after this last book.

Additional Books Related to The House Of Night Series

Fledgling Handbook 101

The Fledgling Handbook 101 (House of Night Novels)

This fun book is written as though the reader is, like Zoey, a fledgling at the House of Night academy.

It takes the form of a handbook, explaining everything from the history of vampires, right the way through to your body’s transition when you become a vampire yourself. It also covers the foundations of vampire lore and magical rituals.

If you are interested in this book, I would recommend reading it after the first book, Marked, but before the remaining books in the series.

This is because you will, by this point, already know the context behind the handbook, and it can get you wondering more about what the rest of the series may have in store for you.


  • This book helps to better set the scene for those who want to imagine living and schooling in the House of Night itself, and the idea of a world where vampires co-exist with humans, where magical powers could be within your grasp


  • This is not a storybook, and it is most certainly not an essential purchase for understanding the story. This one is for ardent fans only.

Incidentally, you can also find a House of Night graphic novel, House of Night fortune-telling cards, and a House of Night coloring book.

Final Thoughts

The House of Night series is dripping in drama, with lots of conflict, torn loyalties, mistrust, blind faith, risk-taking, very high stakes, and much more besides.

All set against a backdrop of vampires living among humans and goddesses with too much power that threaten the upheaval of absolutely everything, holding not one but two worlds in a very precarious balance.

What makes this series better still is the relatable characters, Zoey in particular, and how she navigates how to wield so much power and how to establish and maintain trust when it matters most.

No doubt, the series sounds very appealing to both young adult audiences and older enthusiasts, but you could easily ruin the entire experience if you fail to read the series in the perfect order, or at the very least not reading the main series in order.

And truth be told, you’re unlikely to understand what’s going on in the House of Night Other World series if you haven’t first read the House of Night series, which provides the basis for the central characters and world-building of the Other World series.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Books Are In The House Of Night Series?

There are 12 books in the main series, but if you wish to include the 4 novellas as well, this takes the total to 16. There is also an additional 4-book series that takes place at the end of the original, main series.

Is The House Of Night Series Complete?

Some people would argue that the 12-book House of Night series is complete, but then there are others that would argue that it is not because there is an additional 4-book series that takes place when the main series is finished.

There is no mention of any further books following the bonus 4-book series.

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