The Ultimate Guide To All 82 J.A. Jance Books In Order

J.A. Jance is a well known American mystery and thriller writer who is well respected in her field for the large number of novels she has produced during her writing career. For a lot of her fans, Jance is able to combine intriguing plots with great character development in all of her writing.

The Ultimate Guide To All 82 J.A. Jance Books In Order

This is what makes her writing so much fun to read. Although, with this being said, due to her popularity, Jance has written 82 books. Hence, it may be overwhelming knowing in what order this vast amount of work should be read in.

Thankfully, a lot of Jance books can be broken down into series, all of which are read in publication order. I have created this simple guide to help you navigate through all 82 of J.A Jance books and in what order they should be read in.

About J.A. Jance

Judith Anne Jance is one of the most well known names in the thriller and mystery genre.  She knew she wanted to be an author as soon as she finished reading The Wizard of Oz in second grade. Throughout her career, Jance has produced a number of noteworthy pieces.

Her most popular series are the J.P. Beaumont series, which follows the story of a detective and his career. Her other popular series, Joanna Brady, crosses over with her Beaumont series, but instead, we follow Joanna Brady, a sheriff in Arizona.

Jance’s works cover relationships, prejudice, and mistrust in her work. There are a lot of crossovers within her work. Thus, particular characters may show up in more than one series.

This is due to a lot of her work being set in Arizona, so at some point characters she has created come into contact with one another. As a result, this is another reason why it is important to read Jance’s work in publication order.

Her writing is praised for complex stories and thought-through characters. Below, I have given you the reading orders for all of J.A. Jance’s books.

J.P. Beaumont Books In Order

Until Proven Guilty (1985)

Until Proven Guilty (J. P. Beaumont Novel Book 1)

The young girl was a precious gem who ought to have been treasured rather than killed. She was too young to die at the age of five, and Seattle Police Department Homicide Detective J.P. Beaumont won’t stop hunting for her killer until he or she is made to pay terribly.

Yet, Beaumont’s own obsessions and demons prove to be hazardous allies in the tumultuous realm of blind faith and religious extremism. He will soon discover that he is a target, himself.


  • Good introduction to this world and characters.


  • Predictable in areas.

Injustice For All (1986)

Injustice for All (J. P. Beaumont Novel, 2)

A dead body is found on the beach and a woman screaming draws Beaumont into a case that becomes increasingly sinister as he looks into it. A deadly concoction of passion, insanity, and politics threatens to poison J.P. Beaumont’s sleep.

It pushes the devoted Seattle police officer into the path of a killer whose dark appetite is turning into an obsession.


  • Plot full of unexpected twists.


  • Slow beginning.

Trial By Fury (1986)

Trial By Fury (J. P. Beaumont Novel Book 3)

It was upsetting enough to find a dead body in the garbage in Seattle, but what was even more disturbing was how they had died. The victim, a high school coach, was killed by lynching. Now his heavily pregnant wife is left to mourn his loss and ponder what sinister secrets he carried to his grave.

J.P. Beaumont, a homicide investigator with twenty years of experience, is aware that this case is a potential explosive, and he is concerned about the direction his investigation will take.


  • Great character development and finely tuned plot.


  • The jokes aren’t enjoyable.

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Joanna Brady Books In Order

Desert Heat (1993)

Desert Heat (Joanna Brady Mysteries Book 1)

In the scorching Arizona sun, a law enforcement officer who might have become Cochise County’s future sheriff lies dying. Police officials assert that Andy Brady’s death was a suicide attempt.

His loving wife, Joanna Brady, can spot a lie when she hears one. Nevertheless, Joanna and her remaining family are in danger as a result of her desire to clear her husband’s name.


  • Great suspense and fast pace.


  • Outdated terms used.

Tombstone Courage (1995)

Tombstone Courage (Joanna Brady Mysteries Book 2)

Joanne successfully challenged the established quo, as she was elected sheriff of Cochise County in Arizona. She now has to contend with the prejudice and animosity of a distrusting, male-dominated police department.

As well as investigate a brutal double homicide that threatens to devastate the tranquil desert county.


  • Family relationships developed more.


  • Ending a slight letdown.

Shoot Don’t Shoot (1995)

Shoot Don't Shoot (Joanna Brady Mysteries Book 3)

In a Phoenix jail cell, a man is awaiting trial on the murder charges against his former wife. Joanna Brady is the only one who thinks the man is innocent. While, a cunning serial murderer is getting much too close to Brady, and even worse, closer to her young daughter.


  • Strong world-building.


  • Inconsistent character development.

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Ali Reynolds Books In Order

Edge Of Evil (2005)

Edge of Evil: A Novel of Suspense (Ali Reynolds Book 1)

Alison Reynolds believes there is nothing keeping her in Los Angeles anymore. Her ten-year marriage to a cheater is about to dissolve. While TV bosses who sought a “younger face” abruptly ended her high-profile broadcasting career.

Thus, she has reached a major crossroads in her life. Due to the passing of a childhood friend, she is forced to return to her hometown of Sedona, Arizona, where she starts a blog.  Ali soon learns she is a target herself.


  • Strong family dynamics.


  • Predictable ending.

Web Of Evil (2007)

Web of Evil: A Novel of Suspense (Ali Reynolds Book 2)

A man is awaiting news of his fate in the uncomfortable silence of a car trunk. Ali Reynolds has relocated from Los Angeles to Sedona, Arizona, where she can enjoy the comforts of home and a blog.

Later, she discovers the victim in the car is her cheating ex-husband. Ali soon finds herself the main suspect in the investigation.


  • The story keeps you guessing.


  • Pacing issues.

Hand Of Evil (2007)

Hand of Evil (Ali Reynolds Book 3)

Ali wonders what it might imply when a wealthy, distant family member unexpectedly requests a meeting with her. Then, Ali gets a phone call, informing her that a friend’s daughter has vanished.

Ali volunteers to assist, but by doing so, she unwittingly starts a mission that will unearth a dangerous circle of secrets. At the heart of which stand two uncaring killers.


  • An eye-opening plot and interesting characters.


  • Minor continuity errors from previous books and very sensitive subjects are explored.

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Walker Family Mysteries Books In Order

Hour Of The Hunter (1991)

Hour of the Hunter (Walker Family Mysteries Book 1)

The horrible murder of a little girl from the Tohono O’odham tribe by psychopath Andrew Carlisle resulted in only six years in prison.

Carlisle was imprisoned as a result of Diana Ladd’s testimony, and she is now unable to ignore the ominous warning signals that he has returned to roam the Arizona desert. For he will find Diana and her child no matter where they hide.


  • Plenty of suspense and flashbacks are fascinating.


  • Not all flashbacks drive the plot forward.

Kiss Of The Bees (1993)

Kiss of the Bees (Walker Family Mysteries Book 2)

Twenty years ago, a shadow arose and surrounded the Tucson family. They lived in fear when the serial killer, Andrew Carlisle, came close to killing Diana Ladd Walker and her son Davy. Brandon and Diana Walker think their long nightmare has finally ended now that the psychotic Carlisle is dead.


  • Characters are well described and thought through.


  • The inclusion of Indian legends becomes quite repetitive and long-winded.

Day Of The Dead (2004)

Day of the Dead (Walker Family Mysteries Book 3)

Will the Walker family escape the wrath of a new enemy whose aim is their beloved daughter, Lani? While little girls are being abducted from an orphanage located deep within Colonial Mexico who are being told they are going to a loving adoptive home in southern Arizona.

Nonetheless, their impending fate is genuinely horrifying. Death in the end is the best outcome.


  • Lots of twists and turns.


  • Slow beginning.

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World’s Finest Mystery and Crime Books In Order

The World’s Finest Mystery And Crime Stories 1 (2000)

The World's Finest Mystery and Crime Stories: First Annual Collection (World's Finest Mystery & Crime Stories)

The World’s Best Crime and Mystery Tales, First Annual Edition, satisfies those who have been craving the year’s best suspense and mystery tales. This collection includes work from bestselling authors like J.A. Jance, Jonathan Kellerman, Ruth Rendell, and Anne Perry.

The best mystery and suspense stories from around the world will be included in this comprehensive anthology.


  • Gives readers the opportunity to try out new authors.


  • You may not enjoy all the work included.

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Standalone Books In Order

After The Fire: A Memoir Of Poetry And Prose (1984)

After the Fire: A Memoir in Poetry and Prose

J. A. Jance’s poignant collection of poetry and essays describes a dark period in her own life. Her first marriage was to an alcoholic, and this book offers a searing examination of the psychological costs of addiction. As well as an uplifting tale of bravery and success after adversity.


  • Emotional and relatable subjects.


  • Some readers wished there was more poetry than biography.

Midnight Louie’s Pet Detectives (1998)

Midnight Louie's Pet Detectives

This book is a collection of short stories written by various authors. Within this collection of stories, they all feature and center around various animals. These mystery and murder analogies are written by notable authors such as J.A. Jance, Ed Gorman, and Nancy Pickard.


  • Easy stories to read.


  • These stories don’t connect with each other.

Other Books In This Series

Final Thoughts

J.A. Jance is loved for her mystery and murder books. As you can see, she has written over 80 books, so it can be overwhelming knowing where to start with all her work. It is important to break down Jance’s book into a series, as this will help you to know where to start.

Some books in particular do cross over with another series. However, it is essential you read her books in publication order. Her novels follow a range of themes, which are set in similar locations in Arizona.

What is constant in all her stories is her ability to create fully developed characters and relationships. I hope you have found this article helpful. Now you should have a clearer understanding of which order you should read all of J.A. Jance’s 82 books.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Of Jance’s Series Crossovers?

A couple of Jance’s series have certain books which can be read in multiple series, such as the Beaumont, Joanna Brady, and Walker Family series. This is why you should read her books in publication order.

Do You Have To Read Jance’s Books In Order?

The good thing about Jane’s work is that each book is like a standalone story. However, it is best to read her work in order, as it helps you to see how particular characters develop over time.

What Is J.A. Jance Most Popular Series?

Jance’s most popular work is the J.P. Beaumont series. This is the series that contains the most novels to read.

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